How to Treat a Jammed Finger. Not Getting Better? Try This.

How to Treat a Jammed Finger. Not Getting Better? Try This.

hi I’m Bob short physical therapist Brad hanok physical therapy because we have the most famous physical therapist on internet and our pity of course Bob Loni hit me oh now that happens quite often doesn’t it Brad you Jam a finger because you allow you burn that past yeah like a real corner that’s my shake so um like that except for the Bob Mikey yeah I know you like that a lot of times it happens in basketball he’s doing basketball it’s a jam a finger and we’re going to tell you how to treat this day we’re going to tell you how to treat it immediately and we’re also going to show you what to do in case it doesn’t get better like three to five days that’s going to be more of an advanced technique but I think you guys can do it you’re smart out there oh yeah good hi first thing you Jam your finger you want to take a look at it if there’s a lot of bruising immediately that’s that’s kind of a bad sign that mean you tore something or broke something especially if you can’t move it at all then you’re going to need to go and see the doctor right we’re generally it’s this bigger joint right here is it not the biggest joint but the the second joint right here one that people jam but regardless even if you think you need to go to the doctor you’re still going to put it on any yeah exactly that’s the first thing you do is you’re going to ice it no matter what and it want to be a little careful if you’re putting ice right on it because you don’t want to get any frostbite sure you can you know the ice patches you are fine because that is bad you could take a bowl of water with ice and water what yep and submerse it can I’d say good you know 15 minutes right up to 20 minutes right and and then you can take a break and another hour later you could do it again but don’t drink the water ion that’s right Brad I would that’s good advice so after you ice it and now at this point what you’re going to do is probably want to make sure that it’s it’s going to be protected sure so what you can do is I hate to say this a lot when I found this is a used popsicle stick and when you’re at home and you need something it’s going to be okay I think they also call them craft sticks sure I don’t know what else you could use but you could anything that you could use to splint it so this if this is the finger I’d go ahead and just put it right on there and Andale and you could just take some medical tape and wrap it around it or the other thing which a lot of people do even if they don’t have a board like this they might buddy splint it to another finger go around like that right now you’re gonna really want to make sure you don’t wrap it too tight just enough to be comfortable because if it does swell it’s going to make it very uncomfortable and you’re going to get numbness and tingling in right you want to maintain circulation right but you know if you’re all picnicking which is where you’re doing a lot of these activities this may be what you’re going to find you exactly find what you can make it work I just blinked it up to make it protective so you’re going to protect it and then you know for the next three to five days you do the the rice or the price protection rest ice compression which you’ve done with the taping and elevation so you kind of want to keep it above your heart if you can as much as possible right so you want the fluid to gather in there after the three to five days you know you may have to rewrap it every every day obviously and because you’re going to want to ice and such but after the three to five days you want to take a look at it and you want to start moving it and if it’s still really really sore at that point you might need to see the doctor and if he clears it or if it’s not that sore but still just a little sore this is the thing that you might try this is kind of an advanced movement over but I think you guys are capable of just what you’re doing we’re taking the Boleyn’s hand here is you’re going to be holding on to one part of the finger here right if you consider that above the joint or below the joint going to be this is where you talk about this knuckle yeah right there we’re going to hold up your hand more like your there you go Fred like that you’re going to we’re working on this knuckle so on I’m going to grab right here or right here and then right on the other side of it so we’re on each side of it and what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to move this little bowl here that direction or this direction one of them is going to feel better one of them is going to hurt and one of them going to feel better if it doesn’t feel better either direction you can’t do it right so all right let’s say I move it this way oh that hurts I move it this way ah no pain it doesn’t feel bad all right then you can go and have the person bend it so let’s do it again it’s the ear spreads finger this is the problem joint I’m grasping pretty firmly here on one side of the joint I grasp firmly here I’m moving it this way does that hurt bread yes okay now I’m going this way does that hurt that’s better okay so now that I’m in this direction he’s going to take his other hand and he’s going to bend the joint while I’m doing that I’m the whole time I’m bending it I mean I’m pushing the whole time he’s maintaining that I maintain that pressure this really works well if you’re not getting full Bend at the joint this will help you get full bend at the joint and again this would all be painless if this hurts you can’t do it I realized if this hurts you can’t do it right so you try that and in a lot of times miracle of miracles it just seems like it helps put the joint kind of back in place and and you know you’re functioning back to functioning quicker again a sports quicker so and then after that you know you want to start off you can just do some general and grip strengthening their stuff like that but but that should do it right right okay all right again we don’t expect anybody to live in pain unless you live in pain Minnesota right Brad that’s our one today that’s right you bet Jeff so take care

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  1. I just destroyed my finger and I got practice on Monday today is Friday but Ik it’s not gonna heal that quick?‍♂️?‍♂️?

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