How to Treat Edema Naturally

Have you ever experienced having excess
fluid accumulate in different parts of your body? This could be due to injury
insect bites, traveling on an airplane where you notice some swelling in your
feet or your ankles, or perhaps you’re a woman who’s pregnant. However, this could
also be due to more serious conditions, like heart failure, liver disease, or
kidney issues, as well as cancer. What I’m going to show you in this video are five
natural ways that you can use to naturally drain the excess fluids out of
your body. Hi everyone, I’m Deanna Won. I’m the
Founder of Keynotes to Life. I’m an international best-selling author,
speaker, leadership consultant, and holistic health coach. I focus on helping
people take personal leadership over their lives and over their health so
that they can heal holistically from cancer, or other chronic health
conditions. Now you may be wondering how I got into doing this. Well, I was working
as a physicist and colonel in the Air Force and I thought everything was great…
until I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I actually ended up in
hospice, being told that I had four weeks left to live. By God’s grace, I
miraculously survived and that is what fills me with so much passion to share
my message and to share with you all the research that I’ve done so that you
don’t have to suffer like I did. In this channel, I share tips on holistic ways of
healing from cancer. If you’re new here, please subscribe to receive notice
of my new videos. Now I’m going to share with you the five different ways that
you can use to naturally help drain the excess fluid out of your body. At any
point along this video, feel free to check out the show notes below with the
links and I will list out everything that I mention in this video so that you
can find them. So, first of all, I want to talk about edema. Edema is a swelling
that is caused by the accumulation of excess fluids in the body’s soft tissues.
How does it happen? Well, basically, it can be caused by different health issues.
Some of the more common ones that can lead to edema include heart failure,
kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and if the swelling occurs in
the arms and legs, then it’s called peripheral edema. If it occurs in the
peritoneal or abdominal cavity, then it’s called ascites. The most common cause for
ascites is from liver cirrhosis, but it can also be due to various cancers, like
colon cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast
cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and lymphoma. So, if you notice this
developing, you definitely want to take action to resolve these issues as
quickly as possible because they can lead to additional complications to
further down the road. How do you know if you have edema? First of all, you’re going
to notice some swelling that could occur in your feet, legs, hands, arms, or abdomen.
There are two kinds of edema: there’s pitting edema and non-pitting. With pitting edema, what you’re going to notice is when you press down on your
skin for a few seconds, your skin is not going to rebound like it normally does,
and it’s going to remain indented. Here’s an image that you’ll see when I put my
left foot on my right leg where it created this indentation and imprint of
my foot that actually stayed there. I know it’s crazy, but I want you to be
able to recognize this. Next, there’s non -pitting edema where it’s in the later
stages, and in this image you’ll see my legs are extremely swollen and it’s very
painful. I want you to be aware of this so that you can actually learn
about natural ways that you can use to help drain this excess fluid out of your
body. Lymphedema occurs when there’s damage to the lymphatic system. This
could be due to perhaps having a tumor press up against the lymphatic pathway where
lymph fluid can back up. This can also be due to treatment where, for example, if
you have certain lymph nodes removed, this actually disrupts the lymphatic
pathway. When I was in hospice, this became probelmatic for me because both of my
lungs actually collapsed and filled with fluid and so it was really hard for me
to breathe. I had to be put on oxygen, and even then it came to a point in time
where I was literally gasping for air. This is really a frightening
experience because no matter how hard I tried to inhale there just wasn’t enough
air getting into my lungs and into my body, and this can be very distressing,
and so I don’t want you to have to experience this. So that’s why I am wanting
to share this information with you. Know that you don’t have to go through this
alone, so be sure to check out my website where you can actually request a
consultation with me so that you can have my support and advice on resolving
this, or other health issues. So what can you do when you’re in this situation? Five
things: Number one is you can take some natural diuretics. What are diuretics?
Diuretics are things that actually increase the flow of urine from your
body so you’ll actually end up having to use the bathroom more frequently. One
that I like to use, and liked a lot, was actually something called corn silk
tea ,and yes, this is the silky white threads that you see on the end of a
corn stalk, like when you eat corn on the cob, and so you can actually save some of
this and I would recommend using organic corn since most of the corn in this
country is genetically modified. Or, you can also go to your natural health
market where you can actually purchase corn silk, and it comes dried up. It’s
brown color, and you can basically just add this to your cup, and add I would
fill it to like about a third cup full of the corn silk, and then you would add
boiling water to this, and steep it for three minutes, and drink it three times a
day. You can also use something like dandelion where, yes, that’s the weed that
grows outside in your backyard, but I like to actually use dandelion leaves in
my salad, I juice dandelion leaves, and I also like to drink
roasted dandelion root tea. So this is something that you can actually
purchase also in your natural or organic market, which is very helpful to help
encourage just the flow of the fluids out of your body. Something else is
called black cumin seed. If you’re not familiar with that, it looks a lot
like black sesame seeds, so they’re very tiny. They actually come out of the
middle-east and, unlike sesame seeds, they actually have a very pungent
kind of a flavor and aroma, and so if you’re not used to it it might be a bit
strong for you, but I actually like it and I actually incorporate black cumin
seeds into my salad dressings, and I like to sprinkle it on my foods, and so that’s
something that you can definitely try. Hawthorne berry is another one, along
with hibiscus flower. Both of these are very high in Vitamin C and hibiscus
flower, in particular, is very helpful for actually improving your kidney
filtration. So, if you’re dealing with any kind of kidney issues I would definitely
recommend that you incorporate this into your regimen. Horsetail plant is another
one. It’s a plant and it’s really super high in silica, which would be very
beneficial for your teeth, your nails, your bones, and your hair, but it’s also a
really great diuretic. Green tea is another natural diuretic, which can also
fight cancer because of something that it has in it, called ECGC. I’m not going
to cover that now, but I’m looking at it more for the form of caffeine that it
has in there that basically can cause your body to release excess fluids, but I
do want to caution you because it does have this form of caffeine, and so if you
drink too much of it, it can overstimulate your adrenal glands which
you don’t want. The second thing that you can do is actually to incorporate lots
of different vegetables into your diet. Some of the very helpful ones would
be ones like asparagus, things like onion and garlic, and also there’s something
called turmeric root, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with, but in case
you’re not, turmeric root is actually in the same family as ginger, and ginger is
actually another helpful thing that you can incorporate into your diet, but
getting back to the turmeric it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, and I
actually created another video on that, so please be sure to check out that
video on turmeric root. The third thing that you can do is to use essential oils.
Some of my favorites are lavender essential oil,
and you made me more familiar with this from an aromatherapy perspective, where
you’re inhaling the lavender which can be very calming and soothing to your
nerves, but it’s also a very powerful anti-inflammatory. So if your legs or
your feet, or your ankles are swollen with the fluid, you can actually use some
of this lavender essential oil, and just rub it on topically. Another essential
oil would be juniper berry essential oil. Now, juniper berry essential oil can
actually extract fluid from your skin and research has shown that it’s very
effective in fighting infection, and this is very important because, for example,
when half of my right lung was filled with fluid and 1/3 of my left lung was
filled with fluid that made it very easy for there to be just an oxygen depletion
within my lungs, where bacteria could overgrow and that could lead to a
condition called sepsis, which is a systemic-wide infection in your body
that could kill you. So this is not something you want to play with. As soon
as you notice that there is some fluid or if you’re feeling shortness of breath
from the fluid seeping into your lungs, you definitely want to start
implementing some of these items into your regimen. The third essential oil
that I just want to mention is cypress essential oil. This is very helpful at
improving circulation and therefore that can actually help to reduce edema as
well. The first three things that we covered, just to review very quickly, are
natural diuretics, natural foods that you can use to help, natural essential oils
that you can incorporate into your regimen, and now the fourth thing that
I’m going to cover is exercise. The lymphatic system in our body is actually
how our immune system is able to work. A lot of our white blood cells are within
this lymphatic fluid and so anytime you have bacteria, viruses, or fungus, it
actually needs to be neutralized through the immune system. To rid your body
of these toxins, it has to flow through your
lymphatic system, and so you definitely want to be sure that you’re exercising. This is really super important because the lymphatic system, unlike the
cardiovascular system, which has its own pump with the heart, the lymphatic system
doesn’t have that, and so the only way this fluid is going to move is if you
move, and so this involves contracting your muscles, it involves walking, running,
jogging, if you’re able to, but if you’re not able to do that I would highly
recommend using a rebounder, which is like a mini trampoline where you can
just–you don’t even have to have your feet leave the rebounder; you can
actually just keep your feet on there and just gently bounce, and this bouncing
motion will actually help to stimulate the flow of the lymphatic fluid. And the
fifth thing that you can do, if you’re struggling with edema is to look for a
manual lymph drainage therapist. This is someone who is skilled at very gently
manipulating areas in your body where there’s actually congestion to help
move some of this lymphatic fluid out so that it can flow again. And now, I’ve
got a question for you. From this video, which the five tips that I shared jumped
out at you, or grabbed you, or maybe, you have some other tips that you would like
to share, and if so please share that in the comments below. Some of the best tips
can actually show up in the comments and so please become a part of this growing
community of people who are healing naturally and holistically. Thanks so
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much for watching until next time, please put into practice some of these tips you
heard, so that you can love your life and live in health! Thank you so much!
Take care.

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