How to Use Medicinal Muscle Testing : Muscle Testing for Allergies

How to Use Medicinal Muscle Testing : Muscle Testing for Allergies

Ok another great thing you can do with muscle
testing and this is especially good with people with allergies, is you can tell what things
are good for you or not good for you. Now if your looking for your best herb and you
got maybe three or four and your not sure, well this is what you can do. You can take
it and hold it in your hand, ok, thats a little garlic there and if thats good for him, he’ll
be strong and if its not hes gonna be weak or the muscle won’t lock. Ready? Thats pretty
good. So this is something he could eat that would be good for him. Ok, how about an Apple?
Lets try that. Apple good for you? Ok, that feels pretty good. That works. Heres our little
bread ball, lets see how that works. Oops. Now you can see, I am just barely really touching,
hes trying so hard. So were not gonna eat breadballs. How about Lysol, would this be
good if you sprayed this all over you? Would it be good if you sprayed it on the floor?
No. Ok, Lysol not good for him, that doesn’t mean its not going to be good for me or you
or somebody else. But its not good. How about this watch? Ah, so whats wrong with this watch?
No strength to this. Any kind of watch or a pager or a beeper or a cell phone or anything
like that has its own energy, and when you have it on your body all day long it sucks
the vitality right out of you. I actually saw a woman come in with a purple hand saying
” oh my gosh,I don’t know what am I gonna do, I don’t know why; ” and I said take your
watch off” and she took it off and within like twenty minutes it was, now that doesn’t
happen to everybody , obviously she was sensitive to it. But it just shows what it can do. Also
any kind of Jewelry, that you wear, especially around your neck , a necklace. You know never
wear the necklace all the time. People put it on and sleep with them, because you remember
I talked about the energy flowing up, well it flows up to about here ( the nose )and
if you have metal going across here , it stops right there so the energy doesn’t flow. So
never wear your jewelry all the time.

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  1. According to practitioners using Applied Kinesiology techniques, it provides feedback on the functional status of the body. AK is a practice within the realm of alternative medicine. AK has been criticized on theoretical and empirical grounds, and characterized as pseudoscience and quackery.In Britain, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence recently ruled that it is unproven and advised against its use in allergy diagnosis.

  2. I go to an Herb lady here in NC she's been one for 40. Years she helped me and told me stuff docters never could And things like plants,Herbs,oils,trees are Natural and cure things,verses Man made Drugs at the Pharmacy..Think about it

  3. Cheap Mickey mouse watches made in china and sold at walmart make you weak! Buy a rolex and then test his strength!

  4. Funny, I've been wearing a watch for decades and I've never had my muscles fail me. I can run, walk, do martial arts, do push-ups, lift boxes, etc. Whatever I need to do with my body, I'm fully capable of doing with a watch on.

  5. She's testing HIM not you! It may be fine for you, just not him!!! Why don't you read up on what she's doing instead of making smart comments on things you don't understand.

  6. I'm hoping this of the "Edward Current", type genre, where the satire is so close to what the "nut job" actually believes, it only becomes funny when the fact it was a piss-take is exposed.  Up to that point,it is accepted as "serious" by said "Nut-job".  Those that have not seen Edward Current, You Tube him – Brilliant.

  7. There is no proof that these techniques work any better than a placebo – but obviously a placebos effectiveness is related to how much you pay 
    The BMJ article (Garrow JS. Kinesiology and food allergy. Br Med J 1988; 296:1573-1574)
    clearly demonstrated how useless they are. It is available at:

  8. my friends mom is a nutritionest and when she found out about my hive problem and how the 6 allergist I've been to wouldn't do allergy testing, she brought me in when I had hives and did this test on me with the water viles with energy. I'm slightly allergic to all nuts except peanuts and I have too much radiation in my body from xrays from a knee surgery. I thought she was wackjob when she started the testing and then it worked. she put the radiation energy vile in my lap, put one hand on my scar tissue, the other one the hives I had on my hand, and as soon as she put a tiny amount of pressure, my arm just swung down and I had no control. definitely cool.

  9. Sorry but that is not how any of this works. Holding a piece of garlic in one hand and pushing against a persons other arm in no way can determine if that garlic is good for him. That is completely absurd. like what the actual fuck.

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