How to Use the Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System

How to Use the Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System

Please follow these simple
instructions when using Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory
Pressure therapy system or Oscillating PEP device. The proper
resistance setting is key to effective PEP treatments. Your
health care professional will determine what resistance setting is right for you.
Always ensure the resistance indicator is set as prescribed by your
healthcare professional. The Aerobika* Oscillating PEP device
can be used right out of the package. Before use
ensure you have read the instructions for use included with your device. First look at the device and make sure it is
not damaged. if it is damaged replace it immediately. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth closing
your lips around it forming a good seal. Make sure your hand
does not block the exhalation path on the back of the device. With your lips still sealed around the
mouthpiece inhale deeply then hold your breath for
2 to 3 seconds before exhaling actively but not
forcefully through the device. Active exhalation should last 3 to
4 times longer than inhalation. Keep your cheeks flat and
firm for the most effective treatment.
Continue taking deep breaths and long exhalations for
10 to 20 breaths or as instructed by your healthcare
professional after which you will perform 2 to 3 huff coughs to clear your airways. Your
health care professional will instruct you on the proper huff cough technique. Continue this cycle for 10 to 20
minutes or again as prescribed by your healthcare
professional. Treatment should be performed twice each day and increased to 3 to 4
times per day if you’re coughing produces a lot of
mucus. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded or if
you have any discomfort stop your treatment and contact your
health care provider. Your Aerobika* Oscillating PEP therapy system can also be combined with your nebulizer treatment. We recommend the use of the AeroEclipse* XL Breath Actuated Nebulizer and Ombra* Compressors. Ensure you have read the instructions provided with your nebulizer before starting your treatment. Set up
your nebulizer and ensure your prescribed medication
has been added to the nebulizer cup. Ensure the nebulizer is set to breath actuated mode. Remove the mouthpiece
from the nebulizer and attach it to the nebulizer port on the Aerobika* Oscillating PEP device. Switch on the compressed air source and complete your combined treatment using the breathing technique from the previous section. The Aerobika* Oscillating PEP device
disassembles in to four parts for cleaning. To
disassemble press the tabs on either side of the
device and gently pull the top and bottom case apart. Then remove the valve cartridge and
mouthpiece. Do not disassemble any part of the valve
cartridge. Wash the four parts in warm soapy water allowing the parts to soak for 15
minutes. Agitate gently. Rinse in warm
distilled water and shake out any excess water. Allow
parts to air dry thoroughly before you reassemble the device. The device is also dishwasher safe. Secure the device in a basket on the top
rack and run through a light or normal cycle.
Shake out any excess water and always allow the
device to air dry thoroughly before reassembly. To reassemble the
device slip the valve cartridge in to the bottom
case. If it does not fit rotate the cartridge
and try again. Re-attach the top and bottom cases until
you hear the tabs click in to place. Ensure they are securely
engaged by firmly pressing the two halves together. Re-attach the
mouthpiece. The Aerobika* Oscillating PEP device should be disinfected once
each treatment day using any of these methods. If you have any questions please ask your health care provider

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  2. a respiratory therapist gave this to me when I was in the hospital for 6 days last week and OMG it works great ! it's breaking up the phelgm big time and my cough is now productive ! coughing up all that toxic phelghm now. my RT told me to use it 10-12x after every breathing treatments ! works great $ 25 on e bay !

  3. my son was in a medical facility for a long time and used this device. He was to take a deep breath, put his mouth over the device and blow out. not according to instructions. i called their attention to this but no change. my sister is in a different facility and given the same instructions. What is correct and why do they do it incorrectly?

  4. I never seem to have any phflem. the doctors do not seem concerned. i am very severe stage 4 for eleven years now. I only see the pulm doc every six months and have not asked about his. Nor have i read when anyone else seems to have no mucus. Please let know what your thoughts are . thank you

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