not to be stressed
ring telephone asana cycles of my
four cycles of Lies all around Oh I just keep it real something this is over the screen and yes again
I’m talking about HSV but this one is gonna be about HSV
foodless the good things you could be eating while you actually own a journey
to knock this out a lot of people ask for this and they can’t wait to the
seminar and speaking of the seminar the reason why I’m not doing it right now
this year you can tell that it’s you know got some holidays going on
Thanksgiving grace Christmas and whatnot New Year’s so it’s expensive finding a
location around these time that’s why I’m waiting until next year so on
location is key and once I get the location you guys know I’m gonna start
blasting it promoting it and you guys are actually know when to actually
opt-in and you like I said you can watch up for 30 days though that opportunity
can’t be there live or those that actually literally just gonna be there
live and hear what I’m about to say when I bring the sources and debunk how you
think about when it comes to HSV now back to this list I did this short list
it’s gonna be a short video to help you guys understand about what you should be
knows that kiddin wait you know those are doing your own regiment or whether
you got the irregular X or whether you got somebody else’s and you actually are
trying to make sure that you do this correctly okay so there’s a lot more to
it that’s why I sometimes been not a long time on the phones I have I kind of
like stopped doing that and what not because I have to veer off and I already
said that what talk already talked about but anyways let me get into this right
here you want to actually the good foods that you want to stick with you want to
stick to vegetables and fruits can make that clear okay now now that suppose you
you you want to be dealing with things that are high in amino acids and
oxidants so best most foods are vegetables and
fruits are your way to go okay so you don’t want to be eating no oranges and
citrus fruit lemons and whatnot when you have an outbreak because that will
actually and framing in siddik foods let me slow down and stick with the good
foods you need to be eating vegetables fruits high in zinc high in amino acids
high in super oxidants so there are vegetable fruit listeners out there yet
you guys can look up but that’s what you need to be dealing when you can cheat
and you can purchased somebody so you know the
synthetic form of suitable stuff and whatnot
stuff they’re coming like uh you know supplements you can get those if you
choose to and whatnot vitamin C it’s gonna be your friend goji
berry as high as the natural vitamin C goji berries a natural one but you also
can get one that is uh you can also get one that is a nun a synthetic one that’s
uh that would be you know people know where is the corporate assets and
whatnot that’s synthetic I got a lot of
controversy with that one i’ma have to do a video on that to break down what is
what but anyways um and vitamin D you want to make sure you had some vitamin D
and everything but I prefer you go out in the Sun at least 20 minutes a day
like I actually put on my post card when I people actually get my regiment
vitamin D you can go outside and get twenty minutes a day and that’s enough
alright and you just do that daily while you’re doing the regiment for about
thirty days you will get your clean test but it consists of clean water as well
clean water you can actually just get spring water reverse osmosis water you
know I wouldn’t mess with the tap water it’s almost better than depending the
way you add is better than someone who stole bought water and whatnot but you
don’t have to be breaking your bank buying Fiji water you just want to make
sure the water is not below seven point one or or seven or seven point zero so
um you know spring water I’ll do the job or reverse osmosis water you know so um
and you want to have 64 ounces at water a day 64 ounces of that water and those
are you that are worried about losing weight protein is key honest in this
deal to so him if you want to stay natural hemp is actually key for you
fish as well protein so you want to make sure that you having these per meal you
want to be getting at least uh per day try to get yourself a good solid yo-yo
when your weight whatever you weight get half of that of protein in your body so
if you weight say anywhere between let’s just use the one hundred and fifty you
gonna need seventy protein so that’s 17 grams yeah a protein they say right yeah
I believe but anyways that’s how much you’re gonna need a protein in your body
so what it just use your weight and you get half of that and you be straight if
you’re working out what you weigh whatever you weigh that’s
how much protein you advocate but but if you’re not working out like that just
half and you’re in you the end you’ll be fine and him is a natural protein and
it’s a complete protein so you can deal with that but if you’re stuck on meat
and you really have to have meat in your life you know stick with turkey and
chicken and fish ok don’t really you know fish is not collect Crips that are
a meat but don’t be going outside of chicken and turkey lean chicken and
turkey not process things like that just lean stuff that you kind of like you’re
going to bake yourself and whatnot because um Turk because beef it tears up
the lining of your gut you want to keep your luck your good kind of like in good
tack clean and also a pork raises your blood pressure and plus it’s just filthy
so you wanna on all of us filthy but that’s a real filthy one right there
so you want to make sure that you stay away from those two right there so if
you really stuck on meat and whatnot chicken and turkey won’t hurt if you
want to hurt you when it comes to this HSB and uh and and fish and whatnot ok
so and also uh so basically that’s what it is fruits vegetables you know nuts
you can get too high in zinc with nuts pumpkin seeds and whatnot you want to
stick with that but when you have an outbreak stay away from vinegar stay
working tomatoes stay away from anything that’s it and whatnot because and I’ll
break wool and we’ll keep it around you know when you’re having acidic things
and one night in the flaming now bad foods stay away from alcohol ok so if
you have an alcohol issue you can’t be messing with alcohol you uh is the
rapper it actually feeds it and actually um processed foods if you don’t
understand what processed food is it’s things that you get at the fast food
store stuff that’s in the store that comes in a box whose hand it comes in
little package stuff that you’re not actually preparing and cooking yourself
and putting your own seasoning and whatnot that’s processed food so you
want to be making your own food and your own stylist and whatnot and definitely
you have to stay away from carbs carbs carbs carbs is a problem so some of you
can almost really get away with an ethics diet or
not Kido so you don’t need to be on the Peters died or whatever but athletes
diet is almost like like idea for this right here because it it has no carbs
and whatnot so carbs if you don’t know what that is is rice white rice is pasta
for it definitely Brit and it’s almost everything’s and you know does it turn
verse to sugar so you got to stay away from sugar you people that like candy
bars you can’t be on sugar and stuff like that you got to refrain yourself
for at least 30 to 90 days it’s a hard task to do because sugar is a heavy
addiction but think about it to get a clean test and be done with it and you
can move on with your life and you can be with that woman you want to be with
or a man you want to be with and have not have to worry about that you got
this stigma hanging over you in a medical file oh yeah I will go six
months I will go a year for that right there so those are the bad foods you’re
gonna stay away from you want to stay away from coffee those you’ve got
caffeine issues you got to let it go so it’s a small price to pay thirty to
sixty to ninety days some people are very strict for thirty days and then go
get they test so it’s a little bit more than that like
I put in my videos before I didn’t done several videos on this topic so you guys
can just watch that over and you can understand but this is a food list that
you pretty much want to stick with so lean turkey in chicken if you stuck on
beat a meat midnight beef if you stuck on me lean chicken the turkey wild
salmon fish of course it hasn’t uh what is it called mercury and what not but
you are going to be doing the if you’re doing your own regiment you’re gonna be
doing the parsley so remove that and whatever it’s daily so that it remove
the actual heavy metals out of your body so don’t be getting hung up on all these
people gets been people have you in a box mess around with them oh my god you
can’t do this alkaline it out I line it out and we’re talking about a Pacific
actually virus here so this one right here this parasite it don’t like sugar I
mean it loves sugar it loves acidic foods so that’s this
Lane okay so if you stay away from acidic foods and poisonous things that
you put in your body like alcohol and uh heavy
caffeine you gonna be our heavy sugar you know bread that converts into sugar
so you’re liking pancakes and waffles you got to stay away from them is butter
worse and whatnot I ain’t your mama sir it’s a rappers over for you 30 to 60
days maybe 90 days you can get this over with so if you get one one test that’s
bad don’t stop continue going you will get that good clean test yes it’s got to
be serious about it but my seminar will be coming some around around February
and we’ll push for that if not first of March but definitely my push for
February you’ll have all the answers you need and then and then you’ll be
mentally ready you won’t be just like is it true is it real and those here that
are calling and asking about the individuals that actually day numbers
that is doing me a favor I can’t give their number out they’re coming to the
seminar and they’re doing me a favor coming to the seminar so I don’t want
people blowing them up making them Restless and I won’t even have my true
evidence and reviews for people that’s gonna keep you there real work give you
that information live and then after that y’all can be have any numbers get
the numbers yourself you want to see a real person come to the seminar
if you ain’t uh if you anywhere to worry about all that and you just want to stay
at home stay at home and watch it but I want it to give you guys a break
breakdown of good foods is actually uh protein lean meats if you stuck like I
said chicken a turkey fish hemp natural if you don’t want if you don’t make sure
that’s a complete natural way then you’re gonna get him doubt though but
put a zinc pumpkin seeds nuts spinach zinc amino acids you don’t mean
you want to deal with the fruits and vegetables so you can’t go wrong there
64 ounces of water all the time make sure you load up on some water you can
go more than that but I that’s the minimum 64 ounce water a day vitamin D
or actually going to Sun I prefer you go out in the Sun these 20 minutes a day
and actually vitamin C so you know vitamin C is it is it’s crucial it
actually boosts your immune system quick and it make your body like an alkaline
and whatnot so you don’t have to go hey I’m in the pain and be alkaline but if
you if you feel you can do that that actually is even
exceptional that’s very exceptional so you just want to make sure you don’t be
losing the strain strain weight because I’m going
just dropping like crazy but that’s it right there can we wanted to just give
you a actual breakdown of the things that you should be eating and that you
should be staying away from so you can be successful at knocking this out
anyways like I said mother nature so gift

86 Replies to “HSV BASIC FOOD LIST”

    Is smoking has any effect during this Detox?
    Please answer. I have to get rid of this from my body and just need to know if this will prevent me from getting my negative result test.
    Can you drink only the CLEAN water or can you drink also herbal teas and GREEN tea? I love green tea.

  2. 1) you said sugar is bad but what about eating dates? And fruit?
    2) could you please make a video showing us how to prepare the detox drink with parsley etc?

    I've collected info from other videos but I can't work out if it's to be boiled, blended, strained, do I eat the leaves? How much water do I have to put this in?

    Thank you so much for your videos they've already helped me so much! I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right now and the plan I've made is correct!

  3. Thank you for your information. Married and faithful and so is my husband, when I was diagnosed about nine months ago. I’m sixty-two years old and mortified and embarrassed by the title. I probably got it from a local hair salon that also did eyebrow tattoos. I still am stigmatized! So many doubts my so many people. I have many health problems already. I failed to eat right after my father died. He was the impetus to our families health because he was into natural healing. Now I’m trying to clean up the mess and regain my health. I appreciate your time and work you put into helping us learn.

  4. Hi 4CyclesofLife, I’m really determined to knock this out as I was recently diagnosed with this and will do anything to rid this of my system if there’s a way… my only concern is that I’m already a small person so the only reason I would consume meat is to maintain my weight.. and I would rather rid it completely from my diet if it inhibits my healing… but you mentioned hemp and I tried it for a while but was only discouraged because of the lysine:Arginine ratio… is there a way to maintain my body weight?

  5. Can anyone tell me what test would verify this , because if it's an antibodies test then don't your body hang on to antibodies even if you do rid the virus ? I'm very interested to have this clarified

  6. It’s true!! My boyfriend got his hsv 2 diagnostic sheets today and it came back negative. Being on a meatless diet, and drinking clean water, (Evian,starkey) and eating fruits and cooked veggies only off Dr Sebi’s list and taking herbal teas such as dandelion,burdock,sea moss and bladderwrack,worm wood,sarsaparilla, soursop And Kareem’s Oregano X & prayer to the most high got him a negative test after 8 months of this protocol.!!! ??

  7. Kareem you truly inspire me to change my life . I would love to come to one of the seminars any info an any dates?

  8. You are incorrect sir! However, fresh lemon juice is anionic, meaning it is made of negatively charged ions. Lemon water made from fresh lemons will become alkaline as your body reacts with the lemons' anions during the digestive process. Just like when you combine sodium chlorite and citric acid 50% sol. (or hydrochloride acid 4% sol.) you have chlorine dioxide or cl02. Similarly, this reaction creates an acidic substance but, when mixed with water it now becomes ionic. During digestion the reaction can become alkaline in the 'right' environment (based on your current acidic state). Your blood type also plays a huge factor in healing as it directly correlates (genetically) on how much acid your stomach produces. "These foods have different lectin that affect the efficiency of the metabolic process. The interference of these lectins causes stress to the metabolism, and creates imbalances in the body’s NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) stress response, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia." (Dr. Lam). You can check out his food charts on his website. I know you're feeling good about helping people but, be careful about posting certain remedies because people are gullible and do stupid things and will try anything. You seem like a good man and would not want to see you get sued or given a bad rep for giving the wrong advice.

  9. Can you eat pickled vegetables? Trying to make sure I stay on the right path and can’t seem to find anything I can stick with

  10. If the test is based on the presence of antibodies.

    How can it ever be negative?
    I thought once out immune system made antibodies for a virus. We keep those antibodies forever.

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  12. I new and I've looked at several videos trying to find your website to see your inventory to buy products, but hadn't seen a video giving me that info. Please provide that information. Thanks. And what do you meaning by being hemped out, because I head that hemp oil is good for all kinds of pain?

  13. ? studies have shown that foods high in arginine feed the “virus” such as nuts citrus etc thoughts comments?

  14. I started this yesterday, January 24th 2019, today will be my 2nd day, I hope this works, I'm hopeful, God fearing, and praying that this works…I came at 1.63 IGG for HSV2, I need to get under 0.90

  15. Kareem! Brotha I cannot find cold pressed, unrefined olive oil from Greece anywhere! Can you please point me in the right direction?

  16. I was told if u couldn't handle it eat grass fed beef… Chicken Turkey & Pork there pretty much feed anything… not going against your grain. Jus looking for clairty.
    but u are absolutely right get it out the way

  17. I ate some damn sweet potatoes and it had sugar in it ?‍♀️ I'm pissed I was doing so good with my fruits and nuts

  18. Body needs to be alkaline. It helps if you “pre cleanse” your body. Raw vegan if possible. All “parasites” love sugar and acid. Lol..

  19. I’m just confused on one thing. When he says stay away from sugar I know he is definitely referring to sugar from sugar cane and high fructose corn syrup. But does that also include agave nectar, stevia, dates and the other natural sweeteners. Fructose are the natural sugars that all fruits contain (hence the word “fructose” meaning fruit sugar). So when he says no sugar does that mean stay away from the sugars in fruits also and the plants that naturally produce their own fructose?… that’s where I’m lost lol

  20. If not for DR JUDE herbal remedies I would still been living with this virus HERPES today and the worse part is I never knew how I got it. I never had unprotected sex with anyone but nevertheless I'm much grateful to Dr Jude who cured me with his herbal natural medicine after getting to him through his email [email protected]
    I got to know him through someone in Facebook on a testimonial page whom he also cured from this virus and today I'm completely free from this virus HSV

  21. Thanks for the clear info. I was avoiding tomatoes until I learned they had high levels of lysine and quercetin which inhibits the lsd-1 protein of the virus from spreading. Good to know to avoid them in a breakout…. I was eating hemp seeds until I thought they had too high of levels of arginine ( all nuts do, including seeds such as chia) …. avoiding blueberries is key too… there's alot of websites out there with contradictory statements, the key i've found is to look up the self nutrition sites and compare them and look for levels of arganine vs lysine. What foods to eat during a breakout and while menstruating? Also.. lemons turn alkaline in the body, correct? I can understand how they could aggravate the body ina breakout but im just curious about this..

  22. I pressed like because of the Intro song. Ive played that 1st min of the vid like 10 times in a row lol Where can I find the whole song??

  23. Greetings to you all, i am here today on this forum giving a life testimony on how Dr.Wonder has cured me from HERPES VIRUS, i have been stocked in bondage with this virus for almost 4 years now, i have tried different means to get this sickness out of my body i also heard there was no cure to the virus, all the possible ways i tried did not work out for me, i do have the faith that i was going to be cured one day, as i was a strong believer in God and also in miracles, One day as i was on the internet i came across some amazing testimonies concerning how Dr Wonder has cured different people from various sickness with his Herbal Herbs Medicine, they all advised we contact Dr Wonder for any problem, with that i had the courage and i contacted Dr.Wonder i told him about my Sickness, He told me not to worry that he was going to prepare some Herbal Medicine for me, after some time in communication with Dr.Wonder, he finally prepared for me some herbs which he sent to me and he also gave me prescriptions on how to take the herbal medicine , My good friends after taking Dr.Wonder Herbs for some weeks i started to experience changes in me and from there, I noticed my HERPES VIRUS was no longer in my body, as i have also gone for test, Today i am fit and healthy to live life again, I am so happy for the good work of Dr.Wonder in my life, Friends if you are having any time of disease problem kindly email Dr.Wonder on { [email protected]} or call him on +2349073364485}for help God Bless you Sir.

  24. Chicken
    Wild Salmon or Wild Buffalo
    Baked or Grilled on natural wood
    Parsley or Cilantro w lime and water blended
    All vegetables raw or steamed all except potatoes and corn
    64oz water
    32oz wild herb tea that cleanse blood

  25. I want to do this but I didnt hear what oils he said in video 1. Its gone be hard because I love sugar but im not a big carb eatter (bread or pasta) Im try it.

  26. @Simon Martinez
    Come on people. Get with it! do your homework.
    I have gone RAW VEGAN. I don’t heat Food at high temperatures. I don’t use a microwave either. I use a food to dehydrator to gently warm my food. Under 115 degrees is considered RAW.
    Please do not fail to make a distinction between “RAW FOODS” AND green “LIVING FOODS”. Raw= heated under 115 degrees. Beneficial Enzymes are still intact. Living = raw green salad, sprouts, fruit, raw sprouted/ germinated nuts/seeds and the like.
    Raw vegan is now my permanent lifestyle. ALL illnesses be DAMNED!! Why change diet to heal a specific illness and then go back to doing what you’ve done that perpetuated your illness to begin with?
    The disease you are targeting might leave but then you have risk of diabetes and other stuff because you went back to the SAD diet.
    Pancakes, processed food with no nutritional content and low fiber, breaking a fast by stuffing yourself with heavy foods in the morning. “Breakfast” = break- fast. You would Never break a fast by eating pancakes and eggs. Protein carbs combined create mucus, acid and putrefaction. See the rules for food combining.
    Treating yourself and your body like a trash can. That’s just CRAZY.

  27. So whats a high test result and a low test result the Dr's don't tell you whats your score do you get it from the lab that performed it

  28. Does it really work? I would like to know if adding mushrooms supplement can help, like shiitake or astragalus herb ? Thanks

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