Hypnotist and his wild, wild hypnosis!!!! Deep Asleep

[Best Hypnotist Don’t Command Sleep | Touring Tricks] Take a nice deep breath of fresh air in. [Hypnotist audience breathe in] Breathe it out with a sigh. Focus on the sound of my voice. Breathe deeply and relax. Hypnotist: SLEEP! The best hypnotists don’t command sleep. It’s just a suggestion! Cause an instant state of rest and relaxation. Watch, I’ll show you what I’m talking about. [sound effect] [laughter] Hypnotist: Tell me what’s happening. Stop laughing! Stop it now! You tell me, what’s happening? -STOP LAUGHING! Yay– but what’s happening? What are they doing? Are they not suppose to laugh? No– they aren’t suppose to laugh! This is terrible! Sir tell me, what is happening? Tell me. -These people are laughing! They are even smiling! That’s aweful! No touching, because I don’t know if he put on “HAND SANITIZER” [guy] There are a lot of bloated stomachs around here. Hypnotist: There sure are. [Hysterics] It’s out of control! Stop them from laughing! Do we have any respirators in the room? Captain.. I want to find out. What is the third and final punishment if anyone is caught laughing? What is the third and final punishment? [“Captain”] From now on you have to take a Carnival Cruise. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND CLAPS] [Hypnotist]: 1, 2, 3 Wide awake! WIDE AWAKE! What are you doing? What are you doing with your shoe? Comeback up (to stage) and let’s give everyone a big hand. We have ten minutes until the show. I decided to sneak around and take a look from the pit. Which is where the sound room is. I don’t ever do this but I thought it would be fun. See how we are looking in the audience. This is Jason! [Audience Applause] [Cruise Director] Look at this. Did it start snowing outside? [audience laughs] This is great! This is FANTASTIC! Thrilled to see you all, thanks for coming in because Ryan Joyce who was here the other day Who was at Ryan’s show by a round of applause? [Applause] As you know he’s a very talented man. Multi, multi talented! So, today he is going to show you the other side of his persona his talent– today he will be performing as Ryan David and he’s going to have a great bit of fun with you. [Hypnotist Ryan David Joyce] : How’s everybody doing !! Wrap your legs around that person. Do what you gotta do to keep warm. Get in close. It is freezing cold! 1, 2, 3 WIDE AWAKE! WOW! Some of you are getting a little friendly I’d say.

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