Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 101 with Meghan

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 101 with Meghan

bcd this man okay how are you going to have you been
one of the phyllis of movable deserve and finally resolve an issue and you
have started when i receive a psychology major administrative i’m on the competitive
cheerleading team what i’m just going to be and member of the united nations some
kind of man decisions passing definition uh… you have a full schedule yet so what what got you interested in circles when i was going to have that kind of
this new exactly when i went to atlanta i’d like
to know how people sab medium without the people’s descriptive screwing what got you miss you food collins k right when i come back just got team popping up on the night below was looking at most of the the this is a sport of competitive advantage
to mention high school passions histo in the first amendment man and that connection where you have we
are getting ultrastructural favorite of the few out so i went to connecticut sunday anthony artsy scott burgess since that’s great arm so what would you like to work on
tonight i’d like to become more and what i want to be afraid system
elan’s do different things that you know
include myself in my last year agency com medicine at cedars myself concurrent
or doing anything wrong as might be able to
go out and do it without second guessing myself slow down a little bit so what happened i have renee’s response was i think my
angels at his head after destined some and that’s a little bit of it neither
into some snow unpleasantness this is a procedures happens over time with
someone specific it’s you know i was just over time and sometimes little girl from stars
party hello meaning that every time you
religious continent sandy tilson who c_s_x_ me since when that this become a problem family messianic excellence about four
years now and now it is fifteen years ago when someone bring
some snow document producing a doctor yeah i don’t want to do anything about
it can’t help but chic but one of the three sets of it if i have something to president
clinton arm so what other things to you on attention i do a lot of lesbian apple that’s ahead
of that when it is just fine winds an extremely
helpful to something i mean i have a lot processing relayforlife
anything that we can really in our hands on just a tad caring enough there’s a story in the
news myself i discrimination somethings how would you describe yourself i think he cannot and there is something i really
appreciate our client and times of london ec four cell adventure untruthful so could lead to a cheerleader com plus the visit contacts the last time he
find that including psychological there yes the loss of income for this period how is about actually sunday night then came back in sanskrit we’re totally doing running passes and i
just couldn’t get myself to pushed forward with the skill legis stop myself so school are not familiar issued could
you explain the what i was doing was reluctant in spring
backed up your hands on the ground and then you
put yourself in the air and what i did i want to do is around out back
handspring fall twisted my top and i cant acting out myself get laid out
which is on your body says flatly flip or annually with the following attrition ideal thank
you dick wallace reversal you were at which point the your brain after an intense pain with the system but couldn’t bring something just doesn’t know so i just don’t get it basilica boys i guess i just think how how is it manifest it just sounds like me in my body just stops all started
twisting after stops on the air me out festivals less a slowdown frontline so
when focusing that particular moment what kind of feeling school frnd of mine really anxious i’d exit this it start but but moments or
society in developing and rambunctious tax-writing you know so do you feel that is the sum of all premiums are paid for but so it’s not really at that point no
et cetera even meeting and i think i sent so we can considerably we should probably work on the run up to it i mean i think you know my sleep that part okay digs out and started if there is a perfect world on another issue the analyst cartoonist
united on a with this season of com an appropriate but the routine tumbling at that time yet the most important is it always and anxious nationsbank act prep so is there a specific with that
particular how would you rate that mr but it made a comment rating scale insulin australia’s constantly so it’s one of the harness but you have successfully that moved into it do you think about this often they were talking about what’s on the floor school from just when i can’t do it my body just won’t let you do it just one and hockey do you do anything to do fluidity dot well you know we’re going to be a and
thinking so in a perfect world lesson decor aam you know i think that do this and if it works up her in how with you c_s_o_ excellent powerful myself cocktail parties but what i mean it is in relations to tumbling alistair khalidi in a perfect run how what you’d who different atlantans agresti and i need to do w_c_ just thinking about it without the fear getting her me myself what makes you think that they
disappeared i don’t know i think it’s because i haven’t done it
so long because everytime i use re-entry
vehicles in the back burner action is set do you think about that actually run up
to do what do you have to do that i no i did not have sometimes not
everytime but dozens of others so it is that there were three or four
thank you mr innocent so i think it will be unethical to because as you can send and actually
harvest of so you may want to see a doctor in american and you can see a doctor in regard to your personal injury lesson of the sportster got the same feeling lessig motive as fortunate do you get the same feeling that ignited what do you think is the difference they really has managed to sneak time is up now you know i know right now i know that i will take when i go to do and thomas so now my body just forgets how to do so much practice today is there something you can’t practice on
with um… actually who would yahoo oms queues what kind of fusco food and wine as you move on and unit engines technician him michael kinsley well i’m going to stop the hurt here could you describe to me what you mean by the fear i think that’s more here are proud of me
not remembering how to do it that’s my hearing getting her because if i don’t know how
to do it and i don’t trust myself gec that’s what i’m thinking too is not
everyone for your dinners no i think of that if you’re a serious repeat danger he will be able to develop
the other things leading so i’m not officer disclaimer ability to medical advisory so within safety’s sake that it is not merely a fear of getting hurt it is folks who go back to what i’m talking
about before doing this they accept those on this the level so pullback is there anything you can do
in your practice anything more you do in the packers are
administering limited seeking line benjamin but the next step is apple so it’s i was like emery damages eqn trampoline do not believe its
mission unicom suggest or intimate for right i’ll get in trouble on the line so we can use hypnosis to this hope u imagine the move slow it down this little athletes is still blessings of it but there’s a good mood by so they want
to be able to slow down to afterward step-by-step so another shooting culture so i do not
know precisely what goes into op that particular move at the top of it uh… he will have to use your own imagination do-it-yourself disrupted visualize
better manner when’s the next time he will be disruptive okay incident fifty fifty different citizens that uh… alright so we’re going to
incidences com so who knows this is an on heroes it’s not like a marco kind of things on
my surgery song you’ll still be where our what’s happening around you another and i think you would need to know where
office that just just let things happen and do not try to any of those things islay people trying to force in the heart
rifles and archivist could before sleep so don’t try to go differences and do everything united steel and power too bring positive results anne mcdermott corporations okay okay disinfect fifty-five this sort of yesterday’s just push um… my interest let me ask possible britain assumed masterful touch destinies just looking for clues times and stuff legitimate disbursements suit of clothes let him answer yes or no breakfast doesn’t join just let this war it’s up to seven after election nancy at this time happy face-saving partners budget surplus unconsciousness once used to be used in consciousness freehold distress orenstein about two and a precondition we could you do it now with media maybe motion of that making some things that you have to go network bowman before spores it could be we could be some three itself to smoking once you get it to picture picture that view all of the box cd itself speeds up afs before institute p stevenson it’s too selected maquita si muscles work on the cell phone call ancient which is perfect one sickness tomorrow lines absolutely full all destruction you all trust in god statement itself and trust execute absolute perfection with incomes vision all stress we’ll talk a little bit more dollars oakley right now time is up watching this evidence that points this
week is an acceptable

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