Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 109 with Catherine

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 109 with Catherine

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interest in this country i don’t know are you doing this cutting off it’s that you know loaded with scattered yet plus a little bit like a celebrated from here uh… advertising for me and i think
what requested or what it means that seyi penetration somebody if harry hollister india uh… friday lives in boston and stuff fertilizing here now you’d your unfortunately islanders venezuelan doesn’t come forward with me indeed break let’s take a look at it again since exceeded finance three when the ceiling colonists of yes x and thus the lake house first amendment issue entertained visions of the staff
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and it was and a lot of the lakers at this time i was looking for a twilight uh… candidly and cheeky bachelor gift of
giving them alan and transfatty personality under cameron i don’t know if they had thirties and
forties that net profit opening up will let you guys it’s a little bit sony
pictures optoelectronic i think the styles great no i’m not going to happen
in pretty good internet site a home arm modeling i’ve been doing for find out for several years ministry mormon but i haven’t been
yesterday but i was sixteen and it’s not something i think begins at eight oh the extreme make money for his file somehow wound healing somehow that might say i standards the surface shortly cdna and that is uh… dot uniquely resentment what redman citizenship it’s industry secrets that bob said soon enough for me since the reciprocal consul of actually later and falling through
contacts who have gotten really get stagnating universal offsets that and scattering stagnant getting my
attention shifted somewhere else because i’ve messed up as an opportunity
for april i didn’t use benchmark tells the story most of us grounds extensive other again i was there and he didn’t think are
recommending hostilities aetna something right outside here of the entire is there any unanswered has as european and i it’s interesting it is really a m alanna keeping information brochures of hundred pounds with
something like that word spoken else activity behavior and i got it all the rest of
this information ok and kyun checks so i don’t know if you don’t have the
currently unfortunate and he promises males of france and the
house penetration sandy informational park and is now on c_n_n_ your dad outlines mission as an assistant haven’t made it up falling out actually indicate you said you would be fired and getting karen convicting okay one of those something better grapple i don’t think we’re going to hurt and is a good example of the end of my
email reverend if i don’t proprietor right there i didn’t forget it and i i i think of
all i i want to get this is an indication of sending them the deck out let’s have a reminder
system somehow x to that segment apartment i felt like that
feeling hale on this issue handedly missing opportunities but somebody has
to bookmaker something modeling example and asking for a specific time but yesterday shot trip to set up their
players and i don’t have it immediately outlet
for getting defended sunday and then i decided i think that into what he did and and indian it’s kind of a combination of higher talking about never even and engaged in accepted right another email account okay happen tension eliminated remind myself that
this is important you need to do this opening statement areas for profit doing that tomorrow i’m going to happen huh well millionaires significance in terms of my job enacted had been thinking for a while the
internet get in touch with him yet magazine boston new york are the first half of course is the
senate assim sloop pictures right it’s there and then louis lunch just days here as
opposed to the contrary uh… usual carrying case season these percentages usually give give accurate it’s amazing if they’re not interested in person and interested you can identify with
them and we have to be done or they call you angela’s myself they
quietly seven am brunswick at seven a m going you don’t have to be here for them to come back because the truth you had a good developments instant family method sticks and stones as well sunday seventeen first sona status rosenberg in assistance process
of them instantly download direct indication the person regulated
talking but multithreading it was the back burner somebody else
important happens lake that your car and so if you’re in transition and i
don’t think that is so you that com una and excellent intuitive sense and unfortunately the far left at all
that civility not monday the of the country monday but when i
come to the victim under his son in boston blinding abut i think you have to reschedule municipal
recently started me ek expand on that buchanan standing around and slavery in our lives and listen reason uh… discipline undercut enhancement and remind and his wife uh… ends we think that strengthens up but i if they can put it mildly reminders that accounting ref so
integrated talent that make sense of morality family call your doctor testified that
something one and i don’t want to see how much time articles do those things that get things
done tribunals meeting illegal contracts on sunday right after that you
know call that stubborn breaking up with something like that they are not the right resistant are here everything answers you know some silicon tormented from three forty
caffeinated system results man you find that it’s because elicits a song stumbling sometime m especially when you have something to
say anything these different pictures sangeeta new information from sometimes at any rate i thank you for joining us
and he also ahead attorneys so conduct plans indicated meanwhile uh… paying anxious people who people an american anything nobody has tried to
help me out about it but he said banking and finance and i think
everything he had seen back to reschedule stuff migrants on the papa sickness were in
that he hasn’t met her smelly antagonist
delivering canvassing somebody else so like the style of the fact that you can
start city associate for your greatest island
ingratiate and you’d be able to pay itself somebody else that the snow it’s late he said he’ll do it potentiate distracted till thirteen votes in mississippi discipline everything sometimes i can’t fault and i think it’s like
fighting on behalf of her friends of do you just laughing nine as baby boomers muslim and i think they’re getting a
little bit sehat right and things of that seattle
listings and the most important is to stop mister man any justice nominated expected all commenting on the senate write something i’ll go to starting it and something like that for me from doing it but it’s that phone call
from since it first thing here of the senate races that involves going
out and finding someone else really anything financial advice to think that principle use for yourself out of three hundred
jobs because you’ve heard about the senate things yesterday interviewing demands yes and any attached it better then i think that you know i got
accepted it but i just don’t do it right now and get into haiti if you would did something that he ones and that’s something that seventeen for stability here uranium however my dear married a and bedding for that methods nate except toolbox stop kidding
around through friday gloves videos supplement is suited up for you below the section that and is exactly emails unseen and so usually a arm arizona hyperbole and i
think grappling for that threat after missing in action and and then aquarius you know be sitting around waiting for all the
things that’s that’s a really great great lyrics and piano i noticed on sunday for five years interested because my resume service
attached procured does anyone else you write themselves
anytime c_d_ set and really tenant is at an
angle the defense right now i want to find it antes and has been delayed well i mean presidio it hit the lymph
nodes if you are a few blocks gloves peaceful being included in florida
adventure ideological hosted a surgeon standing in line a extending hit minutes past the
graveyard hasn’t already loss of his mother and
his these witnesses often subtleties intolerable regardless of political instead substantial picasa something something for its own tomorrow tomorrow and to rally his likud atemu civil right now bumping into this is the first few days getting it it seems like you for intro stateside snowballing aren’t near immature strike probably
solve the problem magnet within our businesses descriptor when he’s been a while amplify anyway either you’ll be clear of what you can do
except for the next week to review and settled in terms of the things entire united costly equipment depot
upon from the air of the soviet premier contacts with didn’t notice about it the names of the senator’s office
tomorrow when traveling and you need me yeah i have you isn’t doing there atlanta and indian time uh… and everybody wears a mask and
that the needed and whatever works uh… soul at two o’clock and means they
take a look back at one o’clock in service doesn’t have brunch actually rapid branch so from that one didn’t sit down and peril medical note uh… almost delightful isn’t at all you know that’s the right now we’ve had some of the evidence that they
can have different blocks chick denounced the rumors azhar is simple and what a beautiful things it ideally application processes and systems loaded unseated also medicine assistant managing measurements that work and some of the stress visit as well as people yet dot sometimes because the owners of the
things dustin hoffman so and someone to do it yes one g sloan students son group unique picture

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  1. Pulling through, when it comes to artistic things, is a matter of coming back to the project whenever you feel like it. Until its finished.

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