Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 189 with Tallie (confidence and self esteem)

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 189 with Tallie (confidence and self esteem)

hello welcome this episode of
hypnotist Bernie’s exposition joining us tonight is telly how are you doing I’m doing
pretty good there good that’s great um so tell us a little bit about
yourself where you’re from I’m from Fall River originally from Middleborough
okay family in Massachusetts so what line of work that you do these things
right now it’s just a couple of little side jobs I work at Kohl’s retail so do
you sell toys so I like clothing clothing okay so you know your kit size
pretty good yes what else do you do I’m also a server but when I aspire to be as
a model okay nice nice well before we get into that
um what kind of what kind of restaurant do you work in um it’s it’s a chain
restaurant for right now but I’d like to get into a bigger restaurant industry
okay it’s a nice place though so so what kind of crazy story do you get you want
a crazy good story a crazy bad story we do one age yeah all right well crazy
good story I’ve had a I had a really nice couple of guys they came in super
sweethearts they had me laughing the whole time that they were there and when
they left like they are like I have a great it was like around Christmas
season have a great Christmas and they left me a hundred dollar check oh well
the best best nights I had super seat and everything but one of the crazy
stories is I felt like I was being interrogated I had someone come in yeah
I had a family come in and the dad just really didn’t like me I don’t know what
it was that I did but he just kept no matter what I said we had on the menu or
was recommending for drinks it nothing could please him couldn’t make him happy
that’s what I did just recommended drinks like oh we’ve
got a nice margarita we’ve got new beers on tap and us talking to him and he just
he’s like no I don’t want that I don’t want that any of this okay just sittin
here Christmas um no I think it’s summertime okay yeah we caught him on a
bad day yeah so what oke so what what what else do
you do you said you wouldn’t get it to model how long have you been doing that
um I’ve been doing it for about a year now I worked with mainly a body pager
he’s really good does a lot of diverse art anything from like comic book
characters to doing like horror shoots so it’s it’s a lot of fun doing it I
just I love being able to portray or someone’s art and I love a little to be
a center oh wow that’s great so what would you like to work on today with
hypnosis um I’d like to work on my self-confidence okay tell me what you
mean by that I feel like a lot of times especially when I’m modeling I feel like
I’m not good enough I could do better I feel like I’m not achieving what they
want me to achieve and no matter how many times so says oh no you look
beautiful or oh no that’s exactly the pose I want I just I feel like I’m not
getting that point I feel like I’m there just kissing up to me to make me feel
better okay and what what makes you think they
were doing that I don’t know no voice in my head and what does the voice a voice
says I’m not good enough okay how long have you been doing modeling a
couple of years now okay so so you’re not new to this I’ve done a few shots
yeah a few shots so how did you get into modeling a a couple of friends that were
photographers needed a volunteer for a model so I okay yes
modeling for them and then realized I loved it what was the I just uh I think
it was there call it a college product that they had so they just needed a
model to do a couple of shoots did you have a good time
yeah ahead of last oh yeah and and did you feel confident ah yes but it was cuz
I have people I knew okay so I think that might come into play with why I’m
not confident around people I’m unfamiliar with so if this is only apply
to by your modeling you know what does it feel the same team that the similar
boys have been in your head for our day I feel like it’s a it’s a constant like
even when I know maybe I’m baking at home or like it no matter what I’m doing
the task that I’m doing I feel like I could do it better like I’m a
perfectionist when it comes to getting something done so if I baked a cake and
maybe the frosting is like like cakes lopsided or there’s frosting sorry is
off and then I just I feel like I gotta start all over from scratch so you ever
done yeah okay so when was the last time where competence was a big issue for you
where you feel you could be more confidence actually the last shoot I did
okay look uh screw what happened just as I met the photographers and your
photographer and worked with him before and I you know he’s like alright we’re
gonna start with this outfit we’re gonna do this while you’re going through the
steps and he started taking shots he was like I watched you tried this and he
kept giving me suggestions but I felt like they are more like corrections or
like orders and I felt like I wasn’t doing what he was asking
is why he had to keep asking more of me so I just felt like I wasn’t hitting the
mark what what what other things was going on
inside your mind that’s basically it it was just a little voice saying you know
you’re not what he wants he doesn’t actually like you he doesn’t actually
think you look good oh yeah and what other times does this voice come to you
all time Simlish okay tell us another story babe maybe another story that it’s
not really due tomorrow um when I was a dancer okay I go I used
to dance when I was younger and any time that I went onstage like I’d do the
performance I get offstage and of course the teachers are all there you did a
wonderful job but it’s like in your head you know when you didn’t you know I
didn’t point my foot on that step or I didn’t turn as many times as I could
have so I’m my own the world’s worst critic of myself okay you know that is
very common so you’re not the only person who who is confronting this issue
right do you feel that the voice is louder when people compliment in you or
or do you do you keep that voice in your head and kill somebody I think it’s
definitely louder when people are complimenting me so the more compliment
you get the louder the louder the negative voices yes okay and so when the
photographer I’m using yogurt so I wasn’t there I can only picture it from
what you’ve described to me was was I guess they’re giving you like like
firmer instructions to start how does that voice sounds in your head um angry
sounds angry to me your own voice my own voice that it it sounds like it’s
telling me that it’s like a teacher giving a very strict
remark like you could have done better on this Chester whatever so and and did
you receive compliments from him afterwards yeah he said yeah I did
wonderful I was exactly what he was looking for so and and how did you feel
I I wanted to feel good about myself and like I still try to fight the voice if I
can you know it’s a struggle when was the last time you actually feel good
without the voice if that ever I mean I I have a wonderful fiance who makes me
feel good about myself yeah hey he tries to like tell me that
you know don’t listen to the voice it’s just gonna pass to you you know so do
you feel that you spend more time so like when the voice comes to you what do
you do um try to shove it back in its little hole trying to get rid of it tell
it that I can receive compliments and feel good about myself so when was the
last time have you ever had a joint type of time where people give you
compliments and you just um no no it’s just it’s a cup a no not really
would you would you could you see yourself accepting the compliments I I
can see myself accepting compliments I’m just being polite you know like um yeah
I can I I would like to see myself accepting compliments and taking it to
heart and not taking it negatively anybody ever it’s there was there ever a
time where people give you a compliment and you know for sure that that you
didn’t perform to the level of the cop that I did or didn’t do that no okay so
it is something in a way Jesus it is it’s something that you’ve created for
yourself yeah it’s like my own little monster okay so I’m just so we’re just
you know poking around so so it wasn’t based on a really fancy it was I feel
like it’s it’s like when I when I grew up it’s you know how I run says you know
if you try your hardest you’ll succeed okay so it’s like no matter how much I
try there’s like statistically speaking there’s like you know you say I’m gonna
be the best but then you are you’ll see on TV or you’ll see someone that’s
better than how you are or who you are so it’s like trying to achieve the
impossible so let’s say everything works out perfectly how would you be different
I think I’d be a much more relaxed person not not trying to achieve an
impossible standard that my little monster has made for itself when people
give you a compliment so you feel not relaxed I how does it actually feel
without the voice without the voice the times when I can like shut it down it it
feels nice it’s nice to know that someone sees something special in me no
no but like at the moments where you have that voice right mm-hmm
just picture it without the voice how does your body for you relax no no okay
so with the voice right with the voice it feels tense okay and then and then
the voice comes in mm-hmm okay it certainly sounded more like it is not
so so do you feel due to other things where you feel confident without the
compliment the thought needs work we felt in a situation in their words that
no compliments did you still perform yourself find yourself performing when
I’m alone when I don’t have like anyone watching I’m more confident like when I
practice dancing or when I’m talking to my friends like texting to them it’s
better than talking in person kind of thing and when people use when people
give you like feedback on anything do you feel tense yeah I feel like I take
the feedback kind of negatively like even though it’s like alright well next
time you could try doing this instead it’s I’m not sure if it’s a suggestion
or like you really didn’t do well you should do this better next time so so
you feel turns yes and then and and your voice so do you feel that you are using
your self deprecating yes like it wasn’t it wasn’t the confidence that we’re
looking at it’s more like you trying to do something to alleviate that tightness
or the tension and the first thing that that you hang on to this to maybe if I
dissipate this compliment or this criticism I will feel less tense right I
it’s yeah so which is a which is not a bad strategy until it interrupts your
life right so a lot of people would use a thinking thoughts to substitute the
feeling so in a way when you tell yourself that you’re not against reality when you tell yourself
that you’re Jewish you cannot take that compliment in when you stop recuit
yourself it alleviates the tension right do you feel less tense when when you
tell yourself no I feel less tense one if I can shut down the voice and tell
myself you can receive compliments it’s okay to feel good about yourself and I
feel like a lot less tense okay so okay so so if everything works out perfectly
tonight how would your life be different I would definitely be more relaxed okay
little little more happy – okay so I guess relaxation is a big part so you
want to be relaxed as you’re performing noise you want to be more relaxed like
you after the performance all of it okay it’s just checking the time sorry I’m we
have little things blocking the clock so okay so what we’re gonna do is hypnosis
okay so hypnosis is not sleep you still be aware of what’s happening around you
but don’t try to go into hypnosis sometimes some people are very eager to
experience hypnosis and they try to go into hypnosis we stick falling asleep
the harder you try to fall asleep the hard for you go to sleep right yeah so
I’m not gonna do anything to harm you and everything idea would be for the
benefits of you and you help you achieve the goal that you’ve set up for yourself
and in return I would like your cooperation is that okay yeah okay I
want you to uncross your legs please and just hold out your hands like this
and face the camera please and I want you to just focus all your
attention on the motion of this pocket watch I’m gonna count backwards from
three to one when I reached the number one I’m gonna find your eye that’s
become so heavy that you will want you close your eyes you’ll feel the weight
of your eyelids pulling your eye shut seconds backwards in three two one
as soon as I reach number one just like you to close your eyes and let your mind
drift as soon as you close your eyes I want you to imagine yourself Nicole
quite each you can still imagine yourself staring at this pocket watch if
your eyes closed you will also experience the warmth of
the Sun on your cheek on the back of your eyelids on your forehead your
shoulders tip your fingers as soon as you close your eyes you can
just allow all your senses to drift into this perfect beautiful age you can
experience and enjoy all the happy warm sensation free – right it’s getting it
here just let yourself go still imagining yourself on this calm quiet
beach that’s right and through your eyelids you can see the
Sun setting in the far far off into the ocean this is just one glowing orange
light that is very comfortable to look at you can see the wings slowly
caressing against the shore slowly washing away all the debris and it comes
a wave of white foam in the ocean and you can even feel the warm moist sand
underneath the toes that’s right I want you to just allow yourself to be fully
immerse in this call beautiful beach you can hear the sound of the seagulls and the children you can visualize all the
clothing we just feel so relaxed is laying there
nothing to worry about nothing to think about just like
yourself max just like to avoid attention that’s right select all loose
limp relaxed just just let go of want attention just like your arms do something you’re
perfectly safe in this room in this chair I’m gonna count backwards from 5
to 100 feet remember accounts you’ll find yourself thinking choice of
sleeping diagnosis feeling twice as good 5 just feel yourself sinking and get the
back of this chair for that’s right free just feeling yourself sinking Frutiger
all the way down to the floor 3 to just feel yourself sinking into the
floor melting through the floor into the perfect blissful sense to just help to
let go completely different I’m feeling so good so calm so relaxed and what
accounts for one two three and I reached number three I want you to open your
eyes you feel great will you refresh as soon as you hear my
voice and only my voice a sleep you know I want you to just feel your eyelids
because I’m very happy your eyes slowly roll to the top of your head and as soon
as you hear my voice it only my voice a sleep now it’ll close your eyes and make
yourself go back into hypnosis and every time you go back into hypnosis you feel
ten times this time times less blissful ten times less relaxed so where are you
from again oh yeah how long was the drive is it to come here hour and twenty
minutes no traffic today little bit of traffic one two three eyes open so how do you
find parking over here it’s pretty rough wasn’t too bad this time
oh yeah where did you park um right don’t you just let yourself go deeper just let go deeper one two three I so
think so what are you doing for Thanksgiving um eating with family
oh nice do you usually have Turkey yes oh it’s turkey sometimes just feel all
the tension leaving leaving and you might find yourself smelling me find
yourself I think this sensation of tinkling or
sometimes it could be a nerve just letting go of some tension that’s
perfectly fine whatever your body is telling you to feel just
allow that to happen just let yourself go and just relax and just feel all the tension and all
the stress and all the negativity leaving your body later in the palace
there could be an occasion where what you taught yourself and it was
successful and at some weight that may have imprinted in the unconscious mind
but it’s time to let that go there you’re moving forward into the new you
keep thanks and gratitude is a part of your mind you may or may not even know
when it started you may or may not even able to articulate how it began but
that’s okay just let it go right now let it send it back to the universe and as
you do it you’ll find a shoulders become much more lighter you’ll find a ton of
bricks being lifted from your back they find it on a brick being lifted from the
back of your hand at the front of your brains and you can just feel this
lightness just flows over and you’re feeling like a bunch of balloon is being
tied in your back and shoulders and when we are finished with me today you will
just walk around the street and walk down the street like you’ve just
floating you have so much weight lifted from your body you just being so light
like you’re just as light as a feather from now on whenever you in a situation
where you are required to perform yeah that’s waitressing or modeling or
if you have to perform and dance you just find yourself performing as you as
perfectly as you can do it there will be not being able to have any voice that
interfere with your performance I would just like you to just imagine yourself
just performing at the best you can possibly again before any distraction
just completely focus on what you want to do and what you have to do
and as soon as it is over when it’s time to feed back you’re just like your
barriers down just allow the compliments that come to you just allow yourself to
feel good just allow yourself to enjoy the moments and feel happy relaxed and
comfortable that’s right and I’m gonna count from one to ten when I reach
number time I would like you to come back to this room feel great feel like
you’ve just left the last 12 hours fully alert amazing and energized
1 2 3 6 7 8 feels great doesn’t it yeah we’re actually running out of time this
is hypnotist fairness exposition thank you for coming
join us next week on CCTV China 9 Cambridge hello will we’ve telly here after the
show how are you doing that’s great that’s great
I’m telling us what is your experience with going into hypnosis very free
floating okay do you remember looking at into the spinning pocket watch yes
okay how does that make you for you about the watch or or how does your body
feel when you were watching okay and how does it feel when you find and close
your eyes and and you were picturing do you remember picturing a beach yes okay
and and how does that feel to you okay do you actually feel the warmth on your
body yes and as you were going deeper into hypnosis right how does how do you
describe that sensation it was like sinking into a deeper level of
relaxation it’s like when you’re falling asleep and you feel yourself just
getting more comfortable warm cozy feeling this great and and as you go
deeper into hypnosis oh do you remember opening your eyes and then going back
into hypnosis not too much okay and and near the end right could you describe
the feeling as you were I guess deeper into hypnosis what when I
got even deeper and do notice it was like every tension and
it’s just like releasing what you’re able to hear my voice or or would you
just find yourself automatically doing thank you I could hear your voices like
from a distance okay so compared to slightly earlier in this session to the
later part where you’re deeper in heaviness could you
I still like a difference in how you feel between like the lights hypnosis
state and a deeper hypnosis state I felt like I was semi aware of my surroundings as I slip deeper I was able like let go
more and more it’s like those strings are letting go okay and and when you’re
coming when we were coming here and you were thinking about a hypnosis session
today it’s just what you have been expecting what was the difference
between what you expected to be hypnotized and actually coming on the
show and getting hypnotized I didn’t expect it to impact me expect to
actually achieve okay that’s great how do you feel right
now relaxed like weights are lifting oh yeah
would you recommend this to a friend yes okay this is great hopefully i’m let’s
get the handshaking here join us in a few weeks and tell us how you’re doing
yeah this is tele everybody hey you

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