Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 195 with Jennifer (Anxiety after a break up)

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 195 with Jennifer (Anxiety after a break up)

hello welcome this episode’s overhead
with the Spanish Succession joining us today is Jan how are you doing good
so Jenna the last time you were here when was that it was not mm it’s been 10
years yeah so Jen was here 10 years ago yeah was a long time ago back then with
dinosaurs yeah yeah ulis back in Prospect it was different studio all
together yeah we met so what have you been up to lately
well right now I’m a psychology major UMass okay and now I have which are you
– no are you mad yeah so close to the New Hampshire border yeah yeah you go
shopping across the border yeah I do well for those of you who are watching
us on YouTube they don’t pay sales tax but there’s a
lot of good like outlets out there too like the Merrimack outlet I know famous
New Hampshire liquor store yeah it’s like like a state law they can’t no one
can privately okay so they are all just well
how’d the prices there’s I got a day like boy track gifted Massachusetts I
think so yeah I think so but I know like taxes you know like real estate taxes
are I think higher but a lot of stuff is cheaper but you know they make up for like areas are like you can get you know
cheaper places to live and stuff like that
okay but I guess like you know the whole thing is not bad more everything like
Massachusetts like I guess like the price I guess like this show it’s more than I
have noses raised like that showcase of how people in New England actually so
what else have you been up to so what got you into psychology how long have
you been well I’ve been I got my associate degree last year and then now
I’m working towards my bachelor’s and ultimately I would like to work towards
my master’s with nobody at Salem State okay and so that’s my ultimate goal I’d
like to help people with substance abuse and domestic violence and things along
those lines and I got into it just from dealing with my personal and personal
experiences and dealing with clothes people that are addicts and alcoholics
that have been abused and so it’s just a combination of that that kind of got me
into it my own life experiences that kind of compelled me to move forward
with wanting to help people and being passionate about that subject and kind
of just want to learn more about it more about like the mindset of just
everything and everyone around me so I guess we were trying to specialize in
like addiction yes yes anything like you know like rehab detox recovery even like
something like like like life coach or like even domestic violence is important
to me to help with you know in children of domestic violence like a silicon
internship program like I said like a practicing program I said I got very
like scholar scientific program that you I would love to do something like that I
know there’s all different types of classes and specific prison you can get
into there’s so many different Proctor come yeah yeah that’s right the
practicum yeah the clinical on the practicum I know the master’s program
they have things like that and I know if you
want something in particular if you specify something certain they have like
certain seminars or certain practicums for for certain areas but you have to
like speak talk it over with your adviser once you hit a certain amount of
classes you can kind of specialize in one particular area because they usually
like you to specialize in a specific area do you know what I mean so that’s
that’s kind of like the area where I want to would want to be in like
community involved and earlier you know we had a discussion that were a
prestigious restaurant and you said you were got it too we’re interested in in
addiction because there are some Avengers and some of your friends have
difficulty yeah yeah like I’ve had a story
well I found on friends and family members that have struggled with
addiction and alcoholism and you know you try so hard to help that person but
once it gets too it gets to a point where you have to let go of them you
know like they tell people in al-anon it gets I guess the point if you try so
hard like you do everything to help them you close the background sorry first
well I know you know a close friend of mine she was struggling with you know
alcoholism and and it’s just that she you know she was you know sectioned and
all of this stuff and just went through a lot of stuff with our family and and
basically you know people and her family it’s they just give up they just have to
let go because there’s only so much you can do you know what I mean even like
with my ex he was the same way like his family had him sectioned and he you know
was to rehab and sober houses and things along those lines but there’s only so
much you can do like if a person doesn’t want to be helped then it gets to that
point where you just have to let them go and let them hit rock bottom
so that they can come to the realization that oh well I really need to be helped
you know what I mean but the person has to want to be helped okay what was it
that you did – I know I know you probably have done your best but I was
the things that you did to try to help your friend well I know with you know
try go to like a meetings trying to do this and that and like I know with my ex
in particular I had got him certain you know therapists psychiatrist I got him
into detox got him different doctors that can prescribe
medications to help and then you know you know when his family had him
sectioned he was in rehabs but there’s only so much you can do you know like
you know went to meetings and stuff like that to be support you know to be as a
support system and about when it comes to that breaking point that the person
just doesn’t want to be out do they keep going back into the same cycle it’s like
you get to a point we almost have to cut that person off as much as you want to
still be there for that person to remain in that person’s life if they ever need
you but at the same time you can’t let them take you down with them you can’t
let them like you were saying you know sink or swim it’s like you can’t let
them drown you with them like they’re drowning they want to pull you under
with them and you just can’t and also you know you’re playing the role it’s
hard to play the role of a friend and a therapist at the same time it is friends
they’re things that friends cannot do and there are things that Ferris cannot
do yeah exactly therapy you don’t I mean you have to
want to be helped want to take the advice only so much you can do you know
but it’s tough you know even when you’re even like we were talking about actually
you know what’s funny is you know how we were talking about the the breakup that
I recently went through and that’s they say that it affects your mind the same
way as an addiction withdrawal do you know that I don’t know if you’ve
learned about that with nervous but you know that’s actually a fact they they’ve
proven in studies that going through a breakup and going
through a loss of a person that grieving process it’s the same as going through
with Charl from a substance like okay cocaine or whatever they say it’s
actually has the same effects in your brain as if you were literally going
through which raro from the addiction so that’s why I was saying how tough it’s
been going through this and breakup in particular you know okay well I guess
like that’s that’s where we were SEC waiting into what was it that I would
you like to work on tonight I just want to remind watching here we have a luxury
of a full hour to do our show I know in the past well have 27 minutes but thanks
to CCTV and our programming coordinator studying this week we have a four hour
to do our show so we can spend more time talking to our guests here and we
probably do a background assessment until you know 847 27 and then and then
a for me pretty we will do the hypnosis parts so what would you like to work on
tonight I would say I guess along the same lines of what we were talking about
with addiction the same thing that I would like to kind of get past my
anxiety over this breakup that’s kind of taking a toll on me the last couple of
months even though it was a fairly short relationship it was just the dynamic of
it I think that was so upsetting to me that it just kind of tells the story
beginning well what happened was there was this guy that I met on my birthday
last year right through friends we had mutual friends and things like that I
was out celebrating my birthday and he hadn’t noticed me but I hadn’t really
noticed him very much but he had pursued me through the course of like through
ways of social social media right through a period of like seven months
and at the time I wasn’t really ready to date and I didn’t know if he was like
what I was looking for you know was my time but and I wasn’t really
ready to open up just somebody in general at that point I was still kind
of like getting over my my ex who put me through hell for five years so I was
kind of getting through that and so I was just kind of trying to focus on my
schoolwork and my kids and just like hanging out with my friends and things
like that just trying to maintain focus so I wouldn’t have any like distractions
to stress me out and make me anxious because that relationships can be
stressful you know as we know and so I seven months later I finally gave in to
meet with him and you know things like that and and we we connected we hit it
off I felt like you know a connection and chemistry and things like that and
you know I thought he was a really sweet guy and even though he didn’t have
everything that I was looking for from somebody or from out of a relationship
in general I still decided to give him a chance cuz I thought oh maybe this guy
will be you know would treat me that it will treat me better than like people
that I normally go for would appreciate me because you know of the circumstances
you figure like if somebody is somebody that you normally wouldn’t go for you
figure like oh well maybe this person will appreciate me will really you love
me unconditionally whatever maybe you know and it just happened to be that we
turn out to almost be not as compatible as I had initially thought and I think
obviously he felt the same and just not as compatible and not as I don’t know
not as deep a connection as I would have initially thought like it right out of
the gate he like had thought he was in love with me and wanted to marry me want
to move in together but I think it was more of like an infatuation but whereas
I actually did get attached and do you know fall for him in a sense again it’s
at you know I got he grew on me and I really did fall for him so it was so it
made a tough because he’s actually the only person that I can honestly say that
I loved that that that broke up with me right because in my previous
relationships where long relationships you know a lot longer
than five months man you know the trip before you had Tom five years okay you
know and then in so but I I left that relationship you know because again
because he was problems and things like that and so um so I didn’t think that
was good for my children for obvious reasons and so so what happened was this
is the first person I’ve been in love with that has actually broken up with me
so I think it kind of triggered certain like abandonment issues rejection issues
like you know that really upset me because I had not expected that from him
and I felt that he gave up very easily because he’s kind of like an avoidant
type of person where he kind of runs away from conflict okay you know what I
mean we’re kind of instead of resolving it he just walked away like he can’t
handle any conflict at all which is tough because in any relationship it’s
work its work any relationship has work and every relationship has a level of
conflict you know it so it’s it’s healthy to argue and resolve things and
learn about each other and it’s you know it’s normal to have a certain amount of
arguments maybe not every day but it is normal to have some arguments and but I
feel like you have to really be willing to work through things with that person
to be on the same page you both have to be equally invested you both have to be
just equally have the same amount of effort put in like 50/50 compromise both
have to be equally in love and both really have to be invested to make it
work and to wanna resolve those problems because if you go through an argument
with somebody and they just give up then you know okay then he must have not been
that in love with me to begin with are you obviously wasn’t as invested as me
as I was because there were times towards the beginning stages of the
relationship where I had wanted to give up you know I wanted wasn’t sure if
that’s what I wanted so but I I didn’t you know what I mean because I was like
well I’m going still try and make this work because I
just if I care about somebody I try not to give up so easily so let’s talk about
you now what what is it that um so so the breakup is over it’s over we still
trying to remain friends right so like we want to work on you today how do you
feel about that what I guess that fall to the emotions or like lifestyle you
would like to change about yourself I think that as where I stand right now
with how this has been affecting my life and it has completely it’s been a quite
a distraction it’s been quite a distraction so I feel
like a Segway dab it I feel like it’s been kind of sidetracking me derailed me
in a sense where I want to get back on track to where I was before we were
together so I want to get back to where I was like you know seven months ago you
know what I’m saying like back where I was fine being single and being able to
focus and do well on my schoolwork and do well and focusing on my kids in my
eBay business and whatever else I have going on my work and I just want to be
like a guy working out like I want to I just want to relieve the anxiety okay so
what does that mean to you use the word and then I how to start translating to dress okay like what is distress mean to
you well it just like it makes it more difficult for you to function as a human
being well you can’t focus on things that are more important like schoolwork
and like your kids and like your work where you you know can’t sleep well or
you can’t eat well like you know my appetite isn’t a hundred percent the
same as it was two months ago or like you know for sleep it’s it’s
tough to like sleep well if you have when you’re alone at night and you have
your thoughts running through you how would you know when you’re not anxious
how would I know when I’m not anxious my golly I have such high anxiety as it
is but um how would I know what I’m not well
well I like it when my mind is occupied like if I’m exercising or from really
delving into my schoolwork if I’m like if I’m really focused on something and
okay and I’m able to focus on it so let’s say that tomorrow what would it
if if let’s say tomorrow you can have a like a window with absolutely no anxiety
what would happen in Dallas you know keep it at three hour window what would
you do and how will we know that so like if you can do that three hours tomorrow
that is anxiety free and and – what are your body tell me that you do then they
will mean that you you are able to do that you can prove to yourself you it
will be like a wage for you to prove to yourself that you are you have
everything that you need to go over this hump I guess that’s what I need to do I
need to be able to like not have the temptation to contact this person that
has clearly made the decision for like what you know what I mean about what he
wants and I would like to spare often do you think about contacting Oh God every
day of course but I mean you know sometimes he does contact me too but but
every day I mean we really haven’t lost touch since the breakup would you like
to say to him like right now if you said you won the contacting like um if I had
to contact him like right now I mean I’ve talked to him recently you
know but I would I mean I’ve said pretty much everything I needed to say to him
just he knows how I feel about him he knows that I love him he knows that I
miss him he know was that I would want to give the
relationship another try he knows that I just had what you really
want I mean see that’s the thing like I feel that he just gave up too easily but
at the same time when I when I think back I think to myself like well I
wasn’t really 100% happy so like maybe he’s right you know what I mean
and like I I feel that our argument stemmed a lot from not I mean some of
them were probably from my unhappiness you know and reaching out and I felt
like a little bit of a disconnect and then like there were a few lies that I
caught him in like minor things you know but there were a few lies that he got
what what do you have to say to you for you to so first why do you want this to
be over I don’t really want it to be over but at the same time I don’t really
have a say in the matter you know and at the same time even if we
got back together would I be happy is this really what I want is this really
what I’m looking for he doesn’t exactly have everything that I’m looking for at
this stage in the game you know and in this stage in my life
so is that would I be happy in even if we did get back together oh and I end up
breaking up with him six months from now like if we did get back together and
then if we got into another argument in two weeks
okay so so those those spots are in itself you know not unusual but those
spots are are in their way from I guess like performing your daily tasks and and
you you are now I don’t want to put put this and you can disagree with me if you
want but uh well first of all this is taking up more mental resources and
you’re also trying to stop this from happening and the way you you try to
resist these natural thoughts are also draining
it’s very so like it’s draining that you’re thinking about it is also more
training to nothing about it it’s a challenge it’s a challenge because it
may be good like dedicate like 15 minutes
to think about it yeah after that you don’t think you do other things because
you’ve already fought about it before yeah exactly it’s repetitive it’s the
same thing over and over and over again we’ve discussed the same thing over and
over wealthy but this is just my philosophy of approaching these kind of
things it’s not to try to extinguish these thoughts if you make an effort
into this you will just keep in in my experience it were just no I won’t say
the point about it would just keep keep the cycle the fourth cycle now I’m not
commenting on the relationship I’m just commenting on you wishing to spend more
time yes and once you stop focusing on other things and once you stop moving to
words you know moving on with your life then these thoughts will in my
experience will start to dissipate and now and then you have a choice no I
don’t want to tell you two what relationships you get into you or not
get into but then you will make a clear choice and not have these thoughts push
you around you know well that’s the thing is I want
to also take with me this learning experience I want to be able to take
with me what I what do you have to write these things I do actually I write in a
journal I’ve been journaling since I was seven so I actually do write these
things down and I want to take with me this learning experience and you know
when every person that comes and goes in your life you take a part of that person
with you you take a piece of that person with you throughout your life and and
you learn from each experience but I want to be able to learn from and be
able to learn from my mistakes from the relationship to not not just his because
obviously he had his faults and flaws as well but we all do you know what I mean
we all can you sell movement but as you were saying if I had
three hours with no anxiety I would like to spend you know portion of that time
focus on my schoolwork a portion of that time maybe exercising and maybe like
some meditation and a portion of that spending like time my kids like playing
or taking the car painting with them those are the three things the three
facets I’d like to work on you know okay so so if that’s the metric one today and
I can like tap you on the shoulder with this magic woman and and everything will
come true how would you see yourself differently done like to see myself I
would like to really know my self-worth more not feel so not have such a lack of
confidence and feel like I’m worthy of love because he broke up with me I want
to like you know my self-worth know that I should be giving my love to someone
who is more deserving of of it are more compatible with me you know and I mean
like somebody who is more on my same wavelength who’s looking for the same
things and there is somebody out there for everybody and that person should
accept your flaws regardless cuz we all have them you know what I mean and in
like as I accepted his flaws and as I would accept anyone’s flaws that I love
you know and I think that’s important like you have to be willing to work with
somebody and I just know my self-worth I think no be more confident well I guess
I could say be more confident would you would you like to carry all that this is
I guess I guess this I don’t know if you can disagree with me but it sounded like
on one hand you have for this for very freely but on the other hand this is
also like a cross to bear it’s a heavy and you wrote this thing down right oh
yeah I cross it well you don’t have to think about it is already written down
right yeah this is something like I have to like
I’ve been trying to listen to like positive affirmations and like
motivational videos just to try to like boost my confidence and understand my
self-worth and know that just because this relationship doesn’t work out it
doesn’t mean I’m like defective you know what I’m saying so I kind of just need
to kind of get that in my head so drilling in my head we are approaching
827 and we the station will correct for three minutes and then we’ll come back
on your decided break and then we’ll use hypnosis to help Jen to join me see you
in three minutes hello welcome back to this episode of we’re having this very
successful session yeah so we’re back onto a new format that go from runs from
8 to 9 we just had a free minute community service brick and you know for
those of you who are just joining it’s on YouTube yeah so this is what we’re
doing I guess in real time in there in our station right here so Jen it was
actually a big star not too long ago you were on experience well my brother
recently had a book published called the shot cross letters he recently had
published with his co-author Brian Whitney and he was pen pals with a
serial killer named at the Shawcross for two years okay they actually were in
business together still alive my brother stole the show and you know discussed
the poet’s portions in the book also that had to do with my brother and his
fascination with serial killers okay his
and urges when he was younger and his certain you know obsessions with serial
killers and these you know objects he used to sell like murder like
memorabilia serial killer memorabilia or on eBay and that’s how these two
connected because he was the serial killer
like did they have like a few cards yeah like it would be drawings and things
like that or whatever they had I used to sell like shrunken heads like fake fake
shrunken has an you smell like serious yeah seriously they did yeah for years
he did that and then they never took it down they did sometimes yeah they did
they did I think they more strict about it now okay but back then they weren’t
like 10 years ago it was different you know and these are these like real items
yeah no these were authentic drawings and stuff from these serial killers and
things like that just have their like how did they find how does your brother
find these items um I don’t know I think he would come across a lot of these
things on eBay and things like that and resell them are times attendee the
convicted killer does not have any pros can I have any pro Cee’d
well I think there was some situation that they had going on where I think he
was allowed to send him some portion of money from the profits I think they had
some kind of collaboration going on with a serial killer
out the chakras had reached out to him and said had noticed that he was selling
some of his things on eBay okay and said that he basically wanted to be a part of
it and and then they had talked about writing a book together they were in
collaboration with a New York publishing company how does this your killer like
you they help you pay in prison I think they do have access to Internet there
they pay like today because I know they can I caught peace in they do have in make this Amazon deliver like a drone
I think they must have access but then he was uh he reached out to Hermann and
they ended up becoming pen pals cuz I guess he doesn’t trust you know well he
didn’t trust a lot of people to write back to him then he was sad to send him
like quite right in post yeah they wrote to each other about that
that’s what these were like this guy off the internet um well I mean he must have
had access to some kind of internet but they actually but then they wrote
physical ladder codes and that’s what the name of the book is the Shawcross
folks that’s like they wrote physical that’s very interesting we need to
invite a young man over definitely I actually gave him the idea I said people
love true-crime stuff I said you know you want to write a book why don’t you
write about the correspondence between yourself and other chakras all right so
I guess like join us next week when they shall get really crazy okay those of you who don’t know have
this obsession of beating doctor filters topics even though nobody watch my show
but I like to I like to publish like I like to like put out like here’s a fine
man it’s an inspiration he was very much very professional he was a lot less
intimidating than I thought I was very scared what’s really tall he is he is
fairly tall but he was very you know it’s it was intimidating you nosy so do
you understand what he’s saying yeah yeah you can yeah he’s pretty
straightforward pretty professional and and a lot less intimidating than I
thought like a huge audience it was just like a normal decent sized audience not
overwhelmingly intimidating like I’ve been in front of bigger audiences when I
did when I participated in pageants I’ve been several pageants okay so I was in
front of really large audiences knew reacts to to things you see they do they
do react yeah they definitely do so it’s kind of funny too okay no way that’s
like easier to have like some kind of like a gauge on house I think so I think
so they were a little appalled by some of the things my brother was saying okay
but uh but you know cuz they had the serial killers daughter
Maggie she was nice yep and then they had a on skype one of the victims
sisters so was interesting as those – what kind of surprise guests they took
us by surprise okay so I didn’t expect that as they
basically said the would not really be many surprises in regards to discuss but
it’s just a minor surprises it’s okay it wasn’t bad as it went well everybody was
very like professional and like you know I think we compose ourselves very well
but yeah just supposed to hear the end of August so if I let you too many
psychologists are well any case this is a hypnosis show let’s just do something
else with you so let’s let’s review a little bit so like in simple in simple
terms I’d like I if everything could happen in this hypnosis session that
goes perfectly how would you be different tomorrow then from today I
guess they I guess we could just focus on anxiety yes the operative word I
think so I think that’s the main word that’s a major stressor so if we could
kind of relieve some of my anxiousness and Jenny the opposite of anxiety ease
of mind peace of mind something to bring me at a place where I can be do you have
any schoolwork outstanding I am behind on a couple of assignments because okay
so so if we can pick what what would be like a good like free our profile you to
let take care of some of the paperwork I think I think at this point I need to
reach a level of acceptance I need to be able to be at okay okay let lets know we
want to test this in real time right so if we can take a block of time tomorrow
and like a specific time during oh so that way we can test how how far I would
say like 12 to 3 okay and then we can take this block of time and
and so I don’t know your workload but let what would be like one thing that
you have to do one thing I would have to do is my you know my psychology quiz my
Spanish quiz you know discussion posts to do okay and you know reflection
questions okay so I guess like you can organize is also a big thing yes just
having a peace of mind yes but like you see you seems like I
start student so you cannot at least like take like the first like 15 minutes
to get all your ducks in a row and right yeah you may or may not finish
everything but uh but this is small it’s not like a it is it’s not a test of your
academic ability but but you know see if you can focus enough to take care of the
task so from from noon to three we will have this own setup but and once you’re
able to do that you can it’s proven to yourself that you can do that you can
just expand on that feeling and work towards you know what you wish so I
guess like today once again we’re not trying to make you forget anybody or get
over anything it’s just to to you know help you work piece yeah you see you can
still think about whatever you want to fix opposed yeah and if that’s alright
so I’m just tracking the clock here so you’ve never been hypnotized before
well yes never met before yeah alright so uncross your legs please okay can you okay you can rest you like on
the oh okay that’s that’s good that’s good you don’t just leave it like that
yeah all right I want you to hold out your hands like this and now can I touch
you I want you to focus your attention here and here and I want you to imagine
that there’s a magnet in between your palm and it’s attracting magnets that is
slowly pulling your palm closer now I want you to just stare in right through
your palm and into this final spot on the wall over there
and just focus all your attention on this spot while you’re the magnets enjoy
inside your hand are getting stronger and stronger and will just happen
naturally and easily I just want you to push up on tight together
feel this I’m a magnetic force becoming stronger and stronger and stronger just
push your hand all the way out when I count to free no matter how hard you try
you will not be able to pull your hands apart one two three try and you cannot
try and that’s okay look up you look at the center of my palm with the counts
backwards from three to one and the original number one I want you to close
your eyes and let your mind drift okay free to relax just relax relax
max max let go of all the tension that you’re holding on in your judgment
that’s right so slightly hang loose in there relax you’re still
holding on to some tension here don’t you just relax relax all the tension
here just like a hang there that’s right just let it hang loose relaxed loose just like a wet cloth just like a word
loose then reacts that’s right can you feel the tension in joints right here
mm-hmm it’s just let go of the tension right
here that’s right that’s right you don’t have to put any force into it just let
it go let it go that’s right isn’t that feel more relaxed and you can feel the
tension here right now that you mm-hmm I just want you to just consciously let go
let go let go that’s right doesn’t that feel better
mm-hmm more relaxed now so just relax your shoulder right here that’s right
this you send conscious mind you just let go
that part of your mind is still trying to pull the shoulder together but you
don’t have to do that your shoulder will still be there
you still be together that’s right just let go you don’t have to consciously
force your shoulder together it’s in that flow better more relaxed more free
mm-hmm now just let go of the tension that you’re holding on you don’t have to consciously move
through my salty so just let it go let go of the control that’s right it
stressful that’s right there doesn’t that feel better
no you don’t have to control your muscles you can always have your control
back I’m not taking control away from you you
see you’re still trying to move your muscles when you still have this ounce
of energy that you’re holding on there you know very tense yes could you just
uh just try your best to just pretend ugh it is a spirit limp like a ragdoll
just like a puppet before the string just imagine that for a second you can
go back to a brooder controlling laughter that’s why but I just want to
show you what it is like to to just be free from this like a sea otters a
goober just package that you’re holding on and you know once you know what it
feels like to be free then you can always revisit this you have a choice to
come back here right mm-hmm there okay there you go
did you feel that mm-hmm when I when I believe it just let it swing again it’s
not gonna hurt you there you go that feel better it is okay now now try to
your fingers okay just just relax your finger ready okay you don’t just let it
hang here don’t do anything okay okay you’re still using your mind to control
on your finger it just let the gravity do its work okay okay let’s try this
again doesn’t that feel better listener feel
more free mm-hmm okay you’re still holding on it’s not right or wrong I’m
just showing you what it’s like to be completely accessories just pretend
you’re in a flotation tank mm-hm and there’s no gravity and everything could
just drop so hey I’m holding onto your wrist right here okay doesn’t it feel different I’m just showing you what it is like to
just let go of all the tension just let it swing go all the way back yeah
they’re taking a few that you didn’t just let it go something you don’t have
to do anything I’m just testing how far you can let go of your attention now
this is what it feels like okay just relax this is what it feels like to you
just release all the tension right transverse is that your unconscious –
holding onto a lot of tension from a lot of things that you don’t even know from
before right so they don’t want to intrude that I’m sure you know when
you’re conscious might know that you are holding onto a lot I guess from
relationship or whatnot you know we don’t have to get into that I want to
respect your privacy but this is how you let it go okay this is what it feels
like to let go this is what it feels like a day without thinking about it we
don’t have to think about this okay see you don’t need your brain to do this you
can just either hand you do this you know you get your friend to do this for
you you don’t need to bring yeah the sons that feel good doesn’t a few last
hands I guess lifted from the Jones mm-hmm now don’t
control your muscles okay whatever happens happens a day where for your
handful wasn’t going to fall waiting free to one that there you go three two
one let it go there we go there we go see see how different that feels still
holding on to everything yeah trust reticent just relax
just let just let all the weight hang on to my two fingers ready
just hang all your weight there doesn’t that feel different
that’s another difference than holding on to everything nothing bad is
happening right the world is not over you don’t have to have complete control
here right but you know it’s fine isn’t that for different for different
I’m just showing you what is how it feels okay because I guess I it’s hard
to explain how it feels and if we explain it and you just keep thinking
about it and it makes it harder to just put all your weight on my fingers okay
let’s put all your weight there you don’t have to control you know you don’t
have to control anything if it’s dropped the worst the biggest thing is gonna
happen it’s gonna hit your lap okay nothing bad ever happens when your hand
okay now just once you okay let go for the control on your shoulder let go of
all the tension I just want you to just fool I’m gonna
let it go and just let your hand drop okay you’re holding on tight go let it
go very good very good very cool
at some point I’m going to drop your arm you don’t know why okay mm-hmm there you
go there you go listen there’s no difference mm-hmm listen now that your
body knows how it feels to actually relax and like okay I want you to I’m
gonna touch your forehead right here I want you to focus all your attention on
this spot right here with your eyes closed I just want you to just roll your
eyes all the way up here and just picture your forehead as a movie screen
that’s right if your attention focus all the way to the spot right there just
imagine yourself fully relax study traveling even more relax them and just
feel this free flowing and hanging feeling throughout your body and on this
picture screen right on your forehead right here I want you to imagine the
most pleasant scenery it could be a day on the beach or it could be a day at the
park or somewhere by the lake or a place that you’ve never been before and I soon
focus all your attention there and seeing all delivered colors hearing all
the rivets sounds that’s right and as you do it just immerse your entire
sensory experience there movies you don’t want to think about anything you
don’t have to ask why you’re there you don’t need to know when you just be
there and as you do I want you to just feel your entire body as relaxed as
you’re hanging arm just a minute if it is possible that you know your
knees and the toes could just be held by I don’t know somebody else or I a or
something it just like floating and just let go that’s right and just feel a warm
ray of light from the top of your head just flows all the way down your spine
and into your legs and everywhere you touch you can experience that I didn’t
go through it that letting gravity take its course feeling that you experienced
a minute ago and whatever you thought you’re holding on we may have to talk
about it or maybe we have not whatever that is you’re holding on you know at
some point in the past it may have helped you but right now this is damage
just feel or this package even look bad does it dissipate in the atmosphere
right now staff like a hiker having a backpack full of rocks
each step that you take just feel the sprawls leaving your
backpack just place it on the floor one by one at some point these objects we
have some value to you but right now they’re just rocks say thank you I let
it back in the universe at the rock where Kopacz to now with each step that you take with
you more and more free that’s right of each step that you take if you’re later
and like and like as if your entire shoulders just been lifting by dozens of
balloons and tomorrow you’ll find it a focus peace of mind time from noon to
free and at that point you’ll find yourself getting organized getting focus
on your schoolwork you’ll finish all the assignments and can I think everything
ready together and as you finish all your assignments you’ll feel this sense
of confidence this sense of belief this sense of cognitive joy over overwhelming
and you feel confident that moving forward you can tap into this source
energy anytime you want if you focus on whatever you want to do and whatever
thoughts that may or may not disturb you you can just leave it and go back to
that later if ever that’s the father to structure
you can just leave it and go back to it later and I’m going to count from one to
ten and I reach it on my time you can come back to this feeling great feeling
fully refreshed feeling like you just left with the last 12 hours fully
energized 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 whenever you’re ready welcome back so that’s all the time we
have today I’m surprised I felt very relaxed at ease I wish that I could have
you in my house every day to do that we do something different today but do
you feel you understand I do yeah it made me feel a lot more relaxed like I
felt like I’m not like that I do and that’s I kind of need to have that drill
in my head so yeah yes so do you you you know do you first of all quick tip would
you agree with me that you did literally get in touch with the feeling yes yes I
do yep well I guess like how do you describe your experience today I would
describe it as very inspiring uplifting relieving relaxing and I feel like
hopeful well I think that today it’s a lot more impactful for me because of the
circumstances in situation that I’m currently in so it’s very like
compelling and their impacts me in a much more effective manner because of
the fact that I’ve been going through so much anxiety and so so many different
scenarios as of recently that I feel that this is something that I really
needed today thank you

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