Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 196 with Kristin (Energy Block / Spirtual Awakening)

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 196 with Kristin (Energy Block / Spirtual Awakening)

hello welcome to this episode of
hypnotist bernice exposition joining us tonight is Kristen how are you doing tell us a little bit about yourself
where are you from I’m from a ok and I’m a boat is that it is the hand okay Lake
Michigan and it’s about five hours northwest of Detroit okay nice there are
farms there’s a lot of agriculture cherries okay where the cherry capital
of the world oh really yes and there is a lot of
outdoor water activities so really like sailing there’s a lot of vacationers in
the summer nice yeah I love the non saltwater at
Clearwater yeah definitely yes I grew up there and I’ve moved around a lot okay
to San Francisco I’ve lived in New York City and now I’m here in the Boston area
okay so uh so you ate in New York I was for just over two years and then you
moved to Boston yeah I did Yankees I’m not but I went no good to go okay I went
to a game with my friend when I visited that’s that’s fine you know they’re
they’re not as evolved as a boss on the sports fan died you paid your time you
know I haven’t really watched much football in general okay so the Red Sox
I like the red side okay there you go you’re getting an echo made it to foster
I am I am I bought three hats when I moved here of course I needed the fitted
hat okay I got the one with just the B I got one with the socks okay
I have a Jimmy Fund one oh yeah you’re you’re getting your Boston fix yeah
getting my Boston fax so what makes you move to Boston I thought the places in
the world my story yeah tell us my story it was I believe a
little messenger sent Boston signs to me okay and that messenger being my grandpa
okay which is kind of a silly story but Boston just kept coming up over and over
and I came to Boston once when I lived in New York in 2015 and that was
actually the weekend of one of the huge storms okay winter storm good 2015 and
the snow was up – okay building so I came that weekend and I liked it okay
and I didn’t think anything of it I didn’t think oh that scene at the first
sign the next time next time then the sign was pretty clear when I spent some
time in Mississippi and I met someone with a name very similar to my grandpa’s
okay who was a mailman like my grandfather okay and he liked baseball
I’m a big baseball fan and I thought Boston’s a good idea because I was in a
transition period of my life oh good so I’ve had a lot of those transition
periods in my time and I’m really tired of it I’d really like just kind of to
smooth there another time when you move where all the signs are clear to you oh
this is the first time this was the first time okay I think has to do with
my consciousness and just being more aware and opened what do you think your
grandfather is trying to tell you what’s trying to tell you oh gosh I think well
one sign that is very apparent is I live on the Mystic River no-cook and over the
river and through the woods was written in Medford near my house right and it’s
really neat because I used to sing over the river and through the woods when I
walk next door to my grandparents house when we lived on a river and look
Traverse City so I grew up next door to my grandparents and I think that he
thought this would be a good city because it’s a nice balance between my
hometown okay and New York where there’s enough culture and enough city life
where I you know work and feel fulfilled but
also a lot of nature so every morning I go down to the mystic with my coffee and
my notebook and I write so so when to come to Boston how do you see your life
has changed so much I really purged a lot in my life when I came to Boston
okay physical objects as well as well as you know old thought patterns thank you
for some examples some examples um start with the things that you have purged
gosh so I when I when I packed up to leave New York it was chaos oh really oh
boy and I was a fashion blogger in New York so I have a lot of items I did have
a lot of items and I moved here with three bags oh well I had two big pieces
of luggage another big piece of luggage and I just had my basics I had tons of
little black dresses new tons meaning maybe six well and and my essentials so
I’m really big into quality over quantity you know got rid of all the
extra stuff picked what I like kind of created the capsule wardrobe and I
started writing about it when I moved here and I started a blog
called mindful in style and so I merged my mindfulness practice and my
spirituality okay with my old life of a fashion blogger and a fashion market are
in New York do you have you always been mindful and spiritual or was his part of
the new it was I was always a bit spiritual okay but I was more self
centered I didn’t notice those you know little
signs around me yes there are points where you realize that do you want to
explore more of his spirituality and your mindfulness based lifestyle yes it
started the beginning of 2016 oh good and a friend actually maybe 2015
it started a bit when I met an artist in New York good his name was Mike okay
yeah I like hi Mike Mike Falcon he’s great anyway he has you know graffiti
and art outside of his apartment and he has notes thing you know and things
written all over his wall of his apartment and he works and he
does his art in that studio and a lot of it is geared toward money and positive
affirmations and success and I’m young I am beautiful I am abundant
okay I’m health and I thought what is this crazy guy doing this crazy artist
did good and it was probably some of the most valuable advice I received in 2015
that I wasn’t ready to hear I didn’t take it until the following year okay
when so you didn’t accept stay you didn’t open up to that flow I didn’t
open up to the flower okay and so tell us more keep going with the story yeah
so 2015 was a really rough year where I was trying to find my footing and figure
out where I fit in that big city because there’s so much there’s so many options
there are so many opportunities that I was like an atom where I was all over
the place but I wasn’t focused on anything just kind of buzzing around and
so I needed to slow down and it started when I was doing photography and I
deleted my fashion blog on accident oh no the last day of 2015
did you recover no no so I tried to look I tried to log in to my Tumblr account
it was just on tumblr I didn’t want to because I was trying to shed that image
of myself I was trying to kind of get into something a little bit more
substantial because I was in the fashion blogging community in New York and I saw
how superficial it was good and I met a lot of the people and it wasn’t
authentic and I thought why would someone want to
purchase an item or look at that person and say I want to be like that when
their lifestyle is just you know a curated curated photo that you know they
were paid to post and that’s not really something I wanted to be a part of
anymore because my blog started with thrift store items okay and me mixing
high and low you know I’d get it a shirt from Target but I’d have you know a nice
bagger or something like that do you feel that I accidentally deleted that
blog have enable you yes I think that because I I thought about it and I wrote
something on my Facebook account that a friend of mine son read and it was funny
because I said well I was first shocked and upset and then I realized wow I’ve
been wanting to move out of this face for a while now and I think that whether
it was I don’t know how I did it I don’t know what happened maybe I was drinking
too much I think that might be the case I don’t know I saw a solution to all the
life’s problem yeah and I do not drink alcohol anymore okay so that’s another
part of my shift of consciousness where I’ve been sober and it does save a lot
of money I don’t wake up and wonder where did that money go I have you know
100 in my bag totally so yeah so it was an interesting shift so I think that’s
when it really started when that went away and I realize wow that happened for
a reason in Adrienne my friend Ronny son said you
know I’m really impressed by Kristen’s perspective on that because she could
have you know that was really a big part of her life and that was really cool
after what he do year old guy thought that was cool and that kind of made me
think wow okay and then I started writing for another friends website okay
called kind of kind okay and she writes about kindness and that it’s not a
weakness to be a good person and kind of spread good acts so I started writing
some messages there are some people I’m inspired by it such as David Foster
Wallace okay in his speech this is water and it’s all about awareness and
choosing the way you want to think you know you’re standing in a line at a
grocery store and someone’s talking on their phone and you’re hungry and
everyone’s an annoyance but you can change that default setting to you know
use those moments as meaningful moment so you use those moments of you know
annoyance as lessons okay I suppose to be a more compassionate person so a lot
of components have come into this shift okay
in my life and uh so and and let and that lead us to the
subject of tonight right what would you like to work on hypnosis so since I’ve
been through so many changes in my life and have rebuilt myself I think despite
the things I’ve accomplished I solve a really hard time with being confident in
my creations okay and as a creative person and a writer oftentimes you’re
called flaky or or people don’t expect a lot from you and and that was just from
some work experience as I’ve had okay where I’ve worked with people who have
put me in a box or a stereotype and it’s it’s kind of affected it’s very much
affected my self-esteem where I wonder and I second-guess myself and even when
I write some of my posts I wonder should I press you know publish or will people
not like it and I’m worried too much about what people think and I don’t
focus on the message sometime I’m focused on the outcome and to me it’s
more important to reach one person and help them you know but do you think that
is based on evidence that people may or may not like your post what do you mean
is there something in the past that I showed you or told you that I mean like
if so you talked about when you click publish some people may not like it and
that’s it yeah that’s what holding you back based on evidence it is because
I’ve had criticism from people and it’s not necessarily people readers that come
to my blog but it’s people I know or thinking about being bullied in school
or made fun of for being artistic when I was younger because believe it or not I
was really shy growing up I was really shy introvert and I was artistic and so
does that often come up when you or thus those thoughts come to you when you were
writing or trying to pull just push yourself oh yes this this occur as a gay
the way you feel or is it like a inner dialogue
that prevents you from or let go like a like a dialogue that you have with
yourself but backwards and definitely employed yes is a dialogue with myself
and some negative self-talk and negative messages and so messages in my head okay
and even though like I mentioned the big purge of 2016 when I started shedding
layers I saw those layers to shed and I have
things to work on when it comes to self-confidence and not worrying about
the feedback I receive to just stand in my truth and continue and feel confident
as a woman okay and and not feel I have to be aggressive with male colleagues or
you know what’s used by needing to be aggressive defensive defensive when I
mean there’s no such who are a different word right I do okay well they actually
opposite difference of an aggressive I can be both I can be defensive when
someone makes a comment about my work or I feel I’m talked down to by some you
know men okay anything for example in an old job that I had okay when they would
not mention what that is we’re not we can talk about without mentioning the
corporation sure sure well for example this this person was sending me text and
being flirty on the weekends and at night meanwhile belittling me in the
office and and not allowing me to do the free creative freedom like good you know
I know how to tweet okay but he was trying to make me look like he knew
everything and and that and this is that male-female power struggle I think a
little bit if your boss were to be female
now obviously without the flirting well maybe the first in my life but if your
boss were to be female and give you the same kind of criticism do you feel the
same way about being defensive or aggressive yes they are female bosses a little
aggressive okay I’m a little aggressive yeah oh definitely because I had a
female boss in New York who was a jewelry designer okay I consulted for
her but she was my boss yes so we are still good friends but I can’t work with
her because they’re worth more of an alpha strong-willed type give me example
of aggressive then maybe I mean maybe I’m not aggressive maybe that’s wrong I
don’t know well we’re still trying to I guess like help you bring out the word
aggressive because you you you just I don’t know was there like an occasion
can you describe I just situation this isn’t work related but I have a
situation at a luncheon Cambridge oh good about a year a little over a year
ago with somebody who was trying to talk over the group okay and I got loud and I
got angry and I got heated and I lashed out at him and that’s aggressive okay
instead of just having an exchange I can get heated
do you remember what point the in their word aggressive look restiveness I guess
what prompted it yeah so many things with a sky this guy and I had some spats
before and he’s a lecturer at one of the schools here and he thinks he knows
everything and he was trying to say that female tennis players would never be a
male tennis player and then he was saying that men and women can’t be
friends then he saying women can’t be friends with women and he’s saying all
these outlandish things and I’m sitting next to my female friend and I was kind
of calling him out on things and so I can’t just let things like that go
when I could have just eaten my lunch and let him go off on his soapbox do you
feel that it is precisely him or it it’s like a compilation of fixing the past
that him being there was like a tipping point for it was totally the tipping
point for sure and it’s it’s not uncommon because
amongst the group right he does I mean he annoyed everyone okay however just
from my past from relationships maybe childhood trauma or messages I’ve heard
you know as a young girl from then about how they speak of women it’s made me
less confident as being female thinking am i an object or does this person like
me for me or I’m a little bit more aggressive or defensive defensive I
guess okay still trying to figure out your the difference between my actions
and when I’m aggressive and when it comes up and when when you were go back
to a few minutes ago when you said you were going to click publish and then
that’s like in a dialogue I guess using your word like feeling and
confidence do you think you feel the people in your head that is putting it
down a set of male voice or what sort of thing those please does it matter it
doesn’t have a male or female or does it come to you from male figure in the past
yes okay so so it’s it’s the gender conflict that is more pronounced is that
what you say mm-hmm and how else do you think this
particular could we use the work voltage blockage yes absolutely influence
I guess we’re talking about your creativity and and your new life new
line of work so how does this like this this gender
conflict blockage influencing you today in your professional life hmm
how is it today affecting me well that’s hard to answer because right now I’m
painting I’m working on painting and a brand and and I’m writing and I’m making
videos so I’m trying I don’t really know how the blockage is affecting me
necessarily today but I look at what other people do and how they live their
lives and I almost feel I don’t know like I I just have a low self-esteem
when it term in terms of success okay and I look at everyone else who’s been
at a certain job for an X you know X amount of years or they wrote a book or
they’ve done this or they’ve done that and I think why not me and so I think it
prevents me from moving forward sometimes because I think Y you know but
I’ve been trying to take steps every day but sometimes I think it seems
impossible will be an example of when you try to move forward but for some
reason you’re unable to do you see what we’re doing we’re just trying to to pin
some of your your feelings into we become we can work with benchmark and
reality and as as you improve yourself you can look at all this benchmark and
see how you’re progressing forward rather than two separate fall off of you
know self-criticism and emotions and feelin’s yeah an example would be I
posted like I’ll post something and then I’ll delete it mm-hmm and so that’s kind
of counterproductive so I’ll post something and then no one likes it on
Instagram or someone specific sees it and then I take it down or nothing took
down your post more than I should yes okay definitely do you think that is
a hinderance well I’m here if you wrote a very impulsive soul to say something
and I think why did I say that so sometimes I don’t think about my message
so I want to get more grounded as well where you feel that you were more
confidence when you don’t think about your message
yes would that be something that you aspire to or you said you want more
confidence and you say you wanted to just create repelled criticism so when
you solve criticism well when you said you said when you click publish you stop
yourself from doing so I guess why don’t necessarily really I second-guess myself
I don’t necessarily self okay so so do you think that you would like to not
sell critters sorry what was the second guest yourself
sorry anything yourself word and at the same time I guess I get so so did you so
I feel that’s like a a contradiction here first you want you feel second
guessing yourself it’s bad but also once you don’t second-guess yourself in your
publish something you take it back well I mean I’m talking about Facebook when
it’s friends local family and then there’s my blog where I really don’t
care that’s what I mean but there needs to be is I’m not in alignment you’ll see
that’s the difference so if I were just to speak my truth every single day on
every single area of my life from professional to friendships to people
that don’t know me look I need to just be confident in my message
I think tell me what you mean by the word alignment what does it mean to you
oh gosh I mean so many things alignment move so uh aligning with my truth
aligning with people that are I think values and purpose I think that’s a huge
part so if I’m saying that I’m a spiritual person and that I like being
conscious and I like being aware of my surroundings but
I go out and get blackout drunk that’s not being an alignment you know that’s
not you know aligning with my values in my purpose that’s a contradiction and
I’ve been contradicting myself a little bit until last week when I started
writing more truthful things that I might only tell someone I know and
because I used to be afraid that if a boss saw or if someone I know saw they
would judge me for it and even if they do judge me for it that’s I’m that’s
fine today because I feel confident in the empowerment or the inspiration I’m
trying to share okay so if everything works out today you have a magic wand
and like bling and then by 9 o clock everything will be perfect
could you describe the difference between the new you and how do you see
yourself improved I changed the new me would speak with more heart okay and be
confident about it okay and she would be abundant okay in just in peace I suppose
be in peace in monetary and friendships and love I love is the number one not
romantic love but just love self love spreading love and being able to share
and give light because even walking down the street sometime if someone does
something you know that bothers me or if someone shoves you out of the way to act
you know not with aggression or being defensive but act with more love and
compassion should be could you give me an example of how I would change like
like something you did in the past and then like a new you how to handle that
differently sure so alright I was walking down the
street and I was looking at my phone and someone like shoved me and made a rude
comment to me okay and so me you know this goes with confidence too
I knew I mean I I would think oh gosh I’m terrible or I shouldn’t have done
that or and I don’t like the word should but I would have taken it personal right
you know instead of just okay that girl needed to get to work it was a bad day
right you know so I think the new me it would take things with a grain of salt
and kind of be more of the twig in the river going down the stream not like
trying to control everything and worried about the outcome right just have more
faith and confidence that okay and how would that new confidence
affect your life it would affect it with my relationships it would come it would
make an impact on my financial situation it would make an impact on my stability
okay and you know like I said earlier my life has not been stable you know where
I have a home base and I have a home you know like a group of friends and job and
you know my employment not being played by someone else but being able to build
on my own great well we have to take a break right now we’ll be back in like
three minutes and we’ll do the hypnosis part then okay see you soon
all right welcome back to this episode of a hypnotist Bernie six position we
are back with Christine and so tell us again if everything works out today I’m
the best therapist in the world and we all know that SFX and what would well
would your life be different I will be more peaceful and confident okay and
successful in my writing yeah my in the brand that I’m working on okay and
describe T now we use the work blockage before can you describe how your life
will be different once all the politicians have been cleared yes I will
have more work no I will have no work or have more money have more money but I
also have more work because my my writing is great but I want to
collaborate with other you know organizations and and people brands and
how would you describe your life once everything is once you’re in alignment
compared to yesterday I will be free I will feel free from the
voices in my head okay I will be able to pick up and take a flight and go visit
someone or go to the beach and sit with my laptop okay and I’ll have more
freedom okay it’s the goal okay I want you to uncross your legs please okay and
just maybe man your back of a hue on to the rest like that yes that’s good now
we’re just going to do a little test here I want you to hold up your hands
like this and can I touch you yes I want you to sperm to be facing the
ceiling just turn it this way oh then this one too sleeve right okay I want
you to just find a spot on the ceiling and just focus on this part and the
ceiling yes yeah I’m just gonna count backwards in
three two one when in Richmond I just want you to
gently close your eyes I want you to imagine one of your hand is getting
heavier and heavier and heavier and the other hand is getting lighter and
lighter as if that’s a person of helium balloon tied to your thumb right here
and you can just feel that arm gently lifting up into the hair lighter and
lighter and light and you can feel the other hand getting heavier and heavier
and heavier and it’s if there’s a bulk right on the back of your palm right
there weighing it down getting heavier and heavier and heavier and you can just
feel the other hand getting lighter and lighter and lighter as if the helium
balloon is lifting that arm further and further up into the air that’s right and
just feel the lighter arm getting lighter and lighter and lighter floating
further and further and further they can feel the heavier hand getting
heavier and heavier and heavier asset and just feel the lighter hand getting
lighter and lighter and lighter as if the helium balloon is getting bigger and
bigger and bigger and getting more and more powerful floating your lighter hand
further and further up into the air and you have your hand getting heavier and
heavier and I want you to open your eyes and see
the difference between your hair yeah how do you feel do you feel one of your
hand getting later I did I did but I didn’t feel it move I don’t I felt it
like I felt no pressure okay but I didn’t know okay that’s fine now I want
you to hold up your hands like this again and with your palm facing each
other mm-hmm I want you to imagine that
there’s a magnet between two of your hand and it’s a opposite side magnets
they’re attracting each other I just want you to imagine this matter is
getting stronger and stronger and stronger and you can feel both of your
hands getting closer and closer and closer together that’s right I just want
you to just stare right in front of the television right there and just use your
imagination is this whew both of your palm getting closer and closer to each
other just feel the magnetic pull pulling closer and closer you’re
checking yourself on the deal you’re not okay just imagine that magnet getting
stronger and stronger and stronger at some point you can just feel the palm
touching each other that’s okay this allowed yourself to experience this
force between your hand getting tighter and closer and closer that’s right you can just feel your
hands moving moving automatically now getting closer and closer and closer I
said get closer and closer you can just feel this force getting stronger and
stronger and stronger that’s right that’s right
fantasy let go of the thoughts let go of all the resistance at some point a part
of the mind is telling you that this may or may not be happening just let that
part of your mind dog I just feel the force allow yourself to just feel the
force that is pulling your hand together that’s right just go of that feeling and
let go what resistance that’s right that’s right as you let go of more more
the resistance you can feel the blockages that is clearing out as you
feel the resistance you’re also feeling the blockage right whatever that is not
flowing through you is the same feeling of resistance I should let go of that
blockage as you open up that blockage you can just allow yourself to feel this
magnetic force it’s allowing yourself to feel and just
go of there feeling that’s right that’s right just feel this force pulling your
hand closer and closer and closer together and soon didn’t even feel your
finger touching each other that’s right that’s right that’s it does you can just
allow yourself maybe feel how it feels you just let the energy flow through you
without any resistance that’s right you’re feeling it aren’t you mm-hmm and
it’s different from when you’re resisting from before
that’s right you have to allow yourself to let go
anybody can resist that you know anybody could say no to the force anybody could
say no to this feeling but as you allow yourself to feel it you
can also feel the package is opening up can’t you
that’s right school with the fuelling just let the magnets getting stronger
and stronger that’s wrong this is a natural way to view it’s natural way to
go if the fool can I touch you just have had it pressed together closer and
closer and closer I want to just push your arm as far out as possible
push it up as far as possible to push it as far as Hospital I want you to feel
that your joint is locked locked low block a joint lock your joint on the
shoulder and just feel your arm stiffer and stiffer and stiffer stiff like a bar
of steel like a bar of Steel like a bar Steve look up here
just close your eyes just let your arms relax you can feel the relaxation
tension just let yourself go and just feel this energy flows through you from
the top of the head all the way down opening up all the chakras in the body
and just feel this energy flowing both ways from your feet through the center
of your body and through the top of you how can I touch the spot yeah right here
from the bottom of your feet but you’re resting on tier on the seat and just
feel that point and just feel this flow of bright light going up to the center
of the body and on to the top of your head and just feel another currents of
white light flowing from the top of your head right here all the way through to
the neck down the spine and through to the bottom of your toes
and how much of this go through your mind and part is up to
you but just take this moments that we’re together and allow yourself to
have the maximum of the fractal this flow whatever that is holding you back
you can open that up right now that’s right an every twitch and every tingly
feeling that you feel it’s a part of the nerves relaxing and you can just feel
all the energy that you have been holding back all the knots started you
have tied up maybe for your own self doubting or it could be something that
you feel could have done onto you but whatever that knot or whatever that is
holding you back this is the chance for me to let go and just you’re feeling
this light flowing from the top of your head down to your toes and your toes all
the way up to your hand as you open up the blockage yes you allow this light to
flow through you without any resistance without any doubt you can just feel this
white lights and fell open more and more MORE
you can just feel this white light countenance of flows enveloping your
skin and wherever it touches just use all the wounds whenever it touches it
just washes away all the tension that’s right the feels good doesn’t matter now with
your eyes closed I want you to imagine yourself and I call quiet
age it may have been a beach that you visited before or somewhere you wanted
to go what kept you just a fantasy Beach where
you just made up all the signs and houses in the water and even the color
it could be blue or turquoise would be green but whatever it is is in your mind
sign that’s right you can just feel yourself fully immersed in this
beautiful scenery before the warm ray of the Sun to the moist cool water
underneath your feet you can even feel your feet in the warm coast and then you
can feel every grain of the sand and now your feet that’s right just let yourself
go just slap all that yourself fully emerge
and this beautiful scenery let overall resistance let go of anything that may
be blocking you don’t have to consciously know what it is that you’re
resisting you don’t have to consciously know what is walking in it may be taken
in a form of high energy there’s no good or bad energy it’s just an energy and
whatever that is blocking me more causing me to resist it and let it go
right now first commit to lucky undersized it just
feels good to let go of all that that’s right I’m going to count from one
to three an original of three you can open your eyes you feel great but
whenever you hear my voice and only like what I say sleep now
you’ll find your eyelids getting very heavy you’ll find yourself letting go of
all resistance you’ll find yourself going back into hypnosis ten times as
deep before feeling ten times as comfortable ten times as relaxed ten
times and lights as lights and as we immerse in this beautiful each whenever
you hear my voice only my voice they sleep now find yourself closing your
eyes and relaxing ten times as deep ten times as common one two three eyes open
great so did you drive here or you detect the train you take the chain okay good let yourself go and just let
yourself sink time times I sleep I love yourself this thing through the chair as
if they’re sinking all the way down to the floor with each number I count you
sink deeper and deeper hmm their accounts you’ll find yourself
sinking all the way through the four to one and sleep just I don’t know I told
that is how I look just let your mind float like up on your float – that’s
right that feels good doesn’t it just let go before any packages and the various
things just let it all go I just remember dad what like
continually flowing from the top of the head down to your toes now you can just
feel this white light and fellow him the entire body whichever way the current
flow he thinks s go with the flow kitchen and if the white light was so
flow of growth in the fingertips all the way out is fine and if there’s white
light where to enter from the back of the body or the front of the body or
through your eyes and your forehead whichever way flows you can just allow
it to flow away flows as it does it washes away all the negativity that is
you know any event whether it is something that’s people said in the past
or something that you’re think people have said to you in the past or
something that you wish people have said to you but you’re still hoping that they
say that you whatever it is that is holding you back you can just let that
go right now and just feel the resistance to your success just melting
away as their futures letting go on ton of retirees who than
you bad as if you have a backpack full of bricks and you’ve been hearing that
around and right now you can just gently lay
down that ton of bricks and just feel how light your shoulder feels can’t you
see that and just feel as if there’s a whole group of helium balloon this is
holding your shoulder lifting you up and just feel like the whole back and your
fingers and your back up and bring to mind this beam lift up by a ton of
helium balloon doesn’t that feel great as if your entire body and your body and
your mind is feeling lighter and light and like dressed because you’re letting
go of all the weight that is holding your back from now on I want you to see
yourself as this new person this new Kristin with smooth life and
full of energy I want you to imagine yourself as it’s near you imagine
yourself being more confident and take a moment right now and just imagine how
you look differently the postures difference your body
language is different you may even trust her the way you see
the various difference the wage of grief is different and this is this new you nothing could hold you back there’s no
resistance and all the blockages just like a minute ago when you allow this
free free flow of energy that is flowing from the bottom to the top and down to
the bottom this free flow of energy is flowing from every one of you on the
back of you you can just allow yourself to see this new you then take a moment
right now and just allow yourself to merge with just new you right now
whatever that is solution whatever that person is in front of you right now just
feel yourself walking into her skin steal that energy feel that confidence
feel this new you maybe your brief differently maybe you
talk differently maybe with each step you take you feel more confident each
breath that you take just one more shirt of each word that you type will feel
more assured and you can allow yourself to continue to feel this long after this
session is over you’ll continue to have this white light flowing through you
long after this session is over and whenever you feel that at the point
where you feel that you are running low energy just close your eyes and just
allow this feeling this allowed this energy to flow through you it’s allow
yourself to imagine yourself as it’s new confidence even when nothing could hold
you back there’s no more resistance that’s right and now I want you to feel
yourself fully aligned with the source energy this is the word that you used in
this is a word that you really comfortable just imagine yourself is
esteem you fully aligned with the universal energy and whatever chakra that has been
blocked before just filled up opening up right now just feel all the notes and
nerve we’re already fully aligned with this source energy that every
circumstances that you meet are the one that is destined for you and everyone
you need everything that you do and other conditions that comes to you you
open and accept it because you worked confidently to fully align with the
source energy now I want you to just feel yourself reconnecting with all the
powerful energy in the world right now all the life forces and just feel your
feet in the ocean and just allow all the life forces in the oceans its flows
through from tomatoes I just have all the life forces the tidal waves the
whale stuff fishes and every living being in the ocean and all the life
energy just flows through your body right and all the energy of the forest
every living tree or the birds in the sky and just feel the energy of just
flows through you right now and whether very touches your mind and your
conscious mind you will just flows away even that is negative you replace it
with the life energy of the universe and just feel the mind and your body
expanding expanding and expanding and human develops entire planets all the
eyes and all the heat and all the grain of sand and the beaches
and just feel the mind and body expanding far beyond this planet right
now and into the universe and reconnecting for the planets and the
moon and the Sun just feel yourself merging this is one full energy that’s
right just allow yourself to be free throw and expand your mind and your body
through to the entire universe and you can always tap back into this
energy because this energy is always inside you you can carry this energy and
continue and continue to allow this energy to flow through you this new you
this new expanded you you continue to flow for ever and ever and ever and I
was lonely gonna count from 1 to 10 when I reached number time you can come
back to this room you feel great you feel rested if you just feel like you
just slept the last 12 hours it’s the best sleep you ever had when you come
back to this room you feel recharged confidence assured both life energy one
– reconnecting with all the energy organic or machine feel yourself
grounded in Boston in wherever you live and all the cities that you have
experienced self connecting to all the positive energy of that’s flowing
through you from your past and the future four five six seven eight nine
whenever you’re ready take a deep breath and how does it feel that’s great
this is all the time we have thank you for coming
this is hypnotist Bernie joins us next week on CCTV channel 9 Cambridge

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