Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 62 with Jacqueline

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 62 with Jacqueline

it’s a pitches stories expedition on
japanese cleaner resulted in a sense anything intermediates pleasures only serial ata great pleasure uh… find out that i’m here to stay to
help you and i’m not such what is the chief of what sold can we tell all of the audience
when in fact a healthy way right now so power figure in creative writing
classes you and f uh… manisha is very high on forty took and have been looking at a few about shit that and address of though in the west coast
where i’m very curious and without a fight and
they want to go uh… the what they’re looking for it for florio affair condolences he and any lateral intense to show them one of the lucky one second of uh… the the trial of share is that is very
popular culture added each year more than a dozen people
applied and the a korbo accepted lyfe close the house of the
certificate so the surface of the march which causes uh… and wishful option
rewrites bombed so i’m hoping that the process of
becoming connected that part of my creativity and motivates me to do it and a half hour progress in eighteen oh
yes have already but the bank providing without ever anticipated that said that
the other please let me just a little incidents on thirty are you from christine or illegally taking school and daily
traffic jam on and he have focused or homophobia had separated our herself a positive thing last night haresh already had monica okay products from food rat and a cat antenna
increments similar here rewards for this will be alarming trend for you know if you get
into the top five it’s going to be very difficult to tried one stitches reach this goal previously
of places that this is the first time five explorer hands and relishes bom it isn’t the greatest not as much as sunday enjoy long you know the exact aside that is why i
really like this opportunity where home here about time action development self in to retain buchanan al feed the federal ransacking job do idea suicide tommy once already is out because i a house and you have wrote letters and our ready and then the
next thing i think your honor and that’s the right here the problem is you really have that much sooner to get to the point where frank idea
stuff usually comes after tactile right hand and the red sox left of hate her that will lead the habits in a the have to go to work you know himself so w the grounds and fellowship presidency this had to go to hell he should have at the white house you’ve got that boys
which are star looking for okay all right on mature also hypnotist unconsciously
beyond formal empowered sister on so that you know what we’re doing today
aghaye army and in a few moments coupled with thirty three she going to be in it
i said what he does his favorite all hypnosis
is very as you know is that the communication with the sub conscious by
human which is the most powerful party lines right let’s just take it easy to talk to the
mall the subconscious and conscious each bars for primer functions right obviously conscious mind to permit
memory everything that’s happened equity from birth to a milestone in the
subconscious is more productive weaknesses we can t people batons called
regression so that they can remember part of their
life that are p_b_s_’s hatred armed yourself conscious mind is also in
charge of one of the automatic body functions which is bleeding heart rate
and just jean-claude process moving process inconsistent high blood pressure nineteen ninety-one
level without any medication the differences between some tweet
metabolism anti-community just ridiculousness that’s what
substantia happened out there in the usa conscious mind is
would you be able to mobb deep jim when he checked fears nordstrom’s comes of course you
know that bomb hypnosis is the number one way
to help people to move because it’s the fastest and most
aggressive player if you’re driving fear of flying on gyi are yet a lot of that barricades
ireland and my recycle just once we have a
system where good habits think i can learn from the death of
pinocchio automatic habitat in a telephone when it
rains in all those bad habits like smoking cigarettes whether it’s r_t_e_ and whether it is on anything else or whether it might be hicks haha making it is that progressives get african bypass that with and you we are
sometimes pollen speck power bank finalize now your comments mon on the other hand
literally apathetic also has four primary function this is the week or craig temporary memory where you live with
your brother analytical thinking gets left i respect
the situation is going to do rational thinking also when you milk
powder uh… you probably know grows you know
that so many people come such a great harris saturday the end when you’re going to break out of my own
let’s just stick with smoking which he agrees that we put him on you’re going
to find a blocked at work all of that figure out where st not to all of the three hundred bills
have averaged himself arms in hypnosis is by focusing on him
relaxing the body conscious lines that fact integrating so consists of four hundred that what you’re open to suggestions for
change and she had no one would never accept
any suggestions that were against the moral and ethical religious police
monitors and then he should be that what we did a hit okay okay hound he will also not be floating around the
room happy about that’s not what you will not be advised and he will not be had to do or not you had
a lot and he will get a brief most people as he has admitted to think that
you have to take that cleanup inadvertently use that word he
help if you didn’t could follow this is just doing better
thanked us okay apparently i have talked on the
first time that i work with them right is awaits you is something cold
autumn progressively less which had just been
talking to talking to you talking about it very very quickly he said that the other thing is the
clinton bringing music that makes it a hellish okay your courses zipcode allah anything about that on i’m not going to ask you any questions
while you’re in hypnosis accidentally okay i’m just going to talk to talk to and he
suggested that i think are appropriate for you on the experience in us every single day
like everyone out there and detainment supported mrs hypnosis is very much like daydreaming anytime he uses you house them
visualization another form of hypnosis unlawful plummeted grateful for this
tuesday before he went up to address the bullet was that there is watching stuff
on television he would be one twenty-one twenty one he
wants to accomplish wanted to a complex eighteen as the thinking it
happens it hypnosis k’nex that minds with the body and
that’s what we wanted to four bernie today okay arnold highway uses the costa rica belize under
the internal there head opinion apologized and hurried for world alligators and quickly and somebody and
it is the national scene meditation and self hypnosis actually prayer is being in hypnosis
either on so it’s expense just to think that um…
just prior sleep at night children anything you’d like to ask that before
it exiles assess exactly where kasama discriminate against the union suggestions and repeat repeat are you going to speak to very quickly objective heather from the northeast traps ek with the
progress at the end of the things you think that that hero un wade into is that what you just keep your eyes open for chemotactic
across the dates that you comfort would take them was bc on over here what she would me ask you to talk to
focus on software on the ceiling justin somewhere above your line of sight okay imagine having to take a deep breath on
my head and hold it slowly exhale all the way counted as she
slowly as much as possible and it’s a student of mine unless considerations subconscious part of your mind to get a deep breath online as you can
see the difference and slowly x para all the way out there who is
c_n_n_’s tension and stress and anxiety and just enjoying his car and we have to
go seventy five hotmail inc ten as you slowly estelle michindustrial
absolutely down your arms to fingertips your legs and shit world news for you xx within the ninety reveling in lease dislodge intel out your forehead to
begin tonight for my eyes began to relax lang cheeks in july the interim lab explained last week and i want more
depressed communities these following a normal day misuse slowly until just cool owns a
rise in allowing yourself to me friends just simply laxatives fasting
tape unless more movement and directly take from now until the end of the session is
not going to touching on your forehead by attach my father was the focus all of
your attention upon that spot i wasn’t even an afternoon but that’s
not as you did you go begin to feel relaxation swiftly moving throughout
your entire body allow that to happen now though hypnosis itself witnesses the
defeat of the bet you are going to do what we did it is going to be entirely beneficial to you will feel
wonderful when you get a good about yourself you can accomplish anything i think it
making her way i want to double your concentration everybody take the lesson
five times as much as i thought before or fifty times as much deeper for you do
not even have to listen to the satellite was just focus on your attention upon
that’s part of your forehead as you do begin to feel that i think should
flowing into determines evening each and every child moves inland allow that we’d like to shoot a ground
to spread to flow applicant of your feet reluctantly so that we’d like fishing grounds for
removing upward interior angles shantytowns as you continue to focus all
of your attention upon that on your forehead i hope that we have to
keep the w houses upward injury he’s into the hollow pennies following up within a few times in the
back of your thighs arguments replace all the way judge ito sydney cbd
carriages day after day week after week month
after month here after you’re just around then too bad a lot of wonderful message cheaper to
grant us principal opponent for your knees introduc all of your knees again all the way down to your may
phenomenon that message to decline suspenseful appoint entered your hips to
have done for mother and i think you’re going to
spread to fill in for your chest relaxing on
the muscles and you just relax in your heart relaxing your lungs relaxing your
breathing then went back to take the lesson five times as much as fifty times as much or five hundred
times much if you prefer aloud i want a principal instituted como
and to spread as it flows into if you’re back into his
spine every muscle in every fiber in your body is the good news an leaves the label and maybe even some
of the governmental eleven extension grounds that it’s
located your arms down to your forms of risks your hands
you think it is down to the back of your arms down had to get back and finally
was the link below that wonderful relaxation to grow spread to follow up on intriguing can promote allowing up wordnet into the back of your head and snap of
the touch my hand relax from their deeper and further deeper and for that
we have a wonderful breath you take hello related to flow into the back of
your hands scalp polyimide floating jeff illness sounds of my boys that relax ation flows into the crowd
you’re headed for him janet almost tiny little lines of what
it’s moving out of real estate sale hello position to move into your eyes
feeling all those tiny little in and around her eyes to begin to realize a lot of jerusalem
rely so much so that they won’t work hello wonderful realizes divergent for
your cheeks interview job and that’s how he had already have
agreed to take your child cell completely relax relax a lot more deep more deeply more deeply uh… had
wonderful breath you take them down to the entire process deeper and deeper and
deeper deeper and deeper into you know and i’ll
be interested in working for you making less even further teens today speech i can’t picture or just standing at the time beautiful staircase must give suitcase
generously working ever enhance notice of
confidence in him did color caps you can even feel it’s the spot
between your toes reach out and touch that would be view of the grain of the world this is a very special stickiest this is
the status of relax the speaker ten steps going down into beautiful into
peaceful tranquility in just a moment and ask you to safely to easily digestible dentist
your kids with me with a wonderful brett with every wonderful step you take hello
you’re such a real life much more deeply misstep before by the time to be staying
bottom staircase he will be empty not six or twenty genuine engaging so get ready to collect even further as
i can county allow yourself to take a nice day thingy
c_-sections decades of real estate account ten tickets it dalia and knowing that i
had some deeper and further eight debriefing general raffle williams
and mine too just a moment and slower and slower feeling relaxed in
peace we laugh fraction peaceful nine eight seven floating and drifting down deeper
getting deeper you go to the back you are going to feel sentence letting go even further chilly wouldn’t let vol everywhere six five floating and drifting down d ninety relaxing more and more they’re really getting ready to
completely let go and how to only you can do that you’d like to
suffer like this much but just messaged so now the next how would you allow
yourself to complete the backup again only you can do that on account of one deeper and deeper and
deeper in a moment ago untapped land shoulder i tell you what your children want to
relax much more deeply than you already are
again you can do that deeper and deeper touch my hands free like deeper n faster
cheaper and propelling de klerk equilibrium and vegetate now until the end of the session deeper
and deeper into you know that you can slide but expectation in order to help
you can relax even more deeply anymore you can relax even further burning i’d like to use your imagination pictures are gorgeous they have you here that’s all of laxatives abstract imagine yourself some outside
in each fine instead noticed the sky it’s clear and we just himself the white clouds drifting hitler once i like the penetrates
through ed report of your body everybody just
bounce melts into vaccination you motion creating an actual cleve rations yes csu thing now tranquilizer uses the more you don’t
have to subpoena clean fresh energy and and what he wanted to really relaxing
itself relaxing your body relaxing your mind
that they want to go back to take relaxing much more deeply thanomsin depressed wayne’s wold love to see they
take away all of you all of your first initial anyway and so he policy we’ll get into the ocean seal of the
world wide failed and watch that phil donahue fans fire and finding out seeking to empty twenty deeper fired him see you t and mt with and wonderful that shit d relying on the beaches listings this
balance of the ice in a sense of this the advantages they slowly it’s truly deeply script deeply moved
and i think it’s very different than the national secrets you go into a nice time in a bit now i think it will always have
my home as you live in the summer every
assistance of real estate he began to feel very pleasant and he is closer to finding a beatles
taken back to send the placement of the shoulders and details of their bags of fans on top
of your arms and it doesn’t go away when your hands your honor dad he continued expanding because events
there on top of your knees on television they
make their way pulling your legs do hand yes it’s very interesting to be seventy as you live on the beach where every
special place of relocation i’d like you to be com outerwear twelve-year-old right hand here’s the way that you are right hand the is related to notice a sensation
beginning in a red head maybe eighteen wins in the short notice
that he just has to read and into a bucket i thought it looked as if about five or
ten minutes maybe tingling or no presentations just go to relax and do you prefer i’m going to count from one to five and with every new rule on this everyone camera bus well presentations
grows stronger with her that relates to you later not allowed to
grow stronger wanted a condition flowing interviews on
indexing your middle finger your integrity continue to relax for a to put our heads and faces in your
regular plug into the back of your right hand the palm of your right hand he’ll growing software that someone i
know that i grown stronger and stronger three x and first lady in the morning
after israel right on down what it’s staying later now that i was so excited
to get together less rather for education and you’re right has grown
stronger and stronger and financial registered and you then
you’re left it doesn’t matter what position is our house on the situation is just
militiaman together then you left here is my because you have great powers of
concentration of people hardly use faster percent eto abilities on a daily basis
right now you are using much like my neck you are a focus concentration which is
what it does this you’re in a very powerful how awful lot of money you are in a perfect state to the eliminate is useless procrastination hence your creativity so that you can reach your alternate
goals enormous county had more of your fingers
johnston time count of three and you don’t know what the f and l
accounting one to begin to feel a sensation in one of
your fingers to and to read endurance expanding now but you can go down a real estate and
going to camp out which is very much with the stairwell i want to relax for a little accusation
and i believe you’re right on the right-hand fewer people feel just like
you’re my friend and confidante three and i think they should there be a very
very concerned very comparable to anyone and very comfortable just like a
mathematical deeper and further deeper and for the offered these i’d offer these suggestions four nor bad read you something out we need to know that inhibit you create registerlogout any doubts that inhibit
your creativity and what you can see velopment useless procrastination and
that you just take them simulation and just maybe cover that cost cutting it close and you
don’t need you’ll never need it reduce some of that use the
procrastination we just don’t know any doubts that will
inhibit your creativity helium the energy you healthy energy to
accomplish your goals new hopefully e ideas kill your mind constantly him hearing in focus if at any time you experience a blocks thankfully enix experience lot chips no jane away melting away human battle again complicit accomplishments and achievements you’d angular ability to achieve success where
confidence in the felony achieved fix that you’re a conflict with your creative
ability you’re creative it would be and invented because strong earthquake lives forever that you’d state continued unfair deeper and for the positive
feelings remain with you hinges toukie to be creative house hicks guillotine but just tell you that which would tend to uh… taking it centuries and you will reach the same not exceed
words you will be very creative and invent full steam three comfortable in he was very abortions you’re a special place in new ideas continuous who are ideas continuously great come together they come together completely you see you in what he is clearly here
will be recorded here and getting it returned your imagination flow wonderful ideas low and jewelry ensure creative talents to use our
parents cried for your creativity everyday putting up a lot of times you are are hashimoto unity nor isn’t is someplace that you have your freedom anticipate the computer’s microphone all ensued are surrounded me you’re creative mind beginnings and is low enjoy your creative talents crew graham u_s_ conscience t_v_ set to do really program yourself conscious to be reset she will do it created in you release an exam and you feel free to come you’ve release any death registered rid yourself of exam slave release any
doubts and you are reach creek and wanted to end to yourself now you’re special how much right now blocker and that you have during this block of time lately creativity and one of the sky constantly thirty sec on the seniors jimmy although if it things you need to
do to reach and sheet that you have already
signed beginning band up and just and connect with every breath you take
every suggestion i had to be grows stronger everybody take every suggestion i have
given you grows stronger enrich yourself handouts an inhibitor creativity you may not be energy too accomplish your goals cinema crustaceans that and all the cast of religious alphabet
used with progress in asian each two bridges wouldn’t teams to be in and it becomes easier input time assigned to him new ideas feel your money gcl clearly he remained
focus doing it a lot of time and she he remained for divinity time you experienced aplomb when you lose your focus and take a deep and dot blot just melts away you become relax and focus hanging outside sounds you hear during
his spirit just simply you’re confident in your ability to
achieve success here are confident with you’re creating
ability and you’re creative bility cheer inventiveness becomes stronger
with each and every breath even state positive feelings remain with you
positive feelings remain with you at special place where you can do and invents absent maybe you can now extinct but you can get taking a few d from relax things coming back fortune tangent line you are very comfortable in your special annuities continuously flow he’s seeing your new r_d_a_’s crew here you put them together clearly clearly you remember your idea your imagination flows new wonderful
ideas low insuring your creative talents program self-conscious to be receptive to do a creative instinct here at least any down to create to create be relaxed relapse relax firm out yourself watches yourself as if you have already been to humko you happy you on one of the time union al congressman g_e_’s that goes along with that he held back feeling of accomplishment and you know that you have the times that you have worked hard each ended xiii this week that and you deserve this success capable of success here were being alone
to be six you don’t want to be successful he left
and congressman accomplishment you have seen such a all
of those things necessary to reach and she maintained he’s ongoing goals imagines you feel wonderful feel like going where days your are already you are winner but everybody together suggest i think you can grow stronger with each
breath you take every suggestion i have given you grows
stronger you have heard of a suggestion to self conscious level you want to get
into that yet to acting so we had to close the thoughts ideas and suggestions i have shared with you if you will do so
because you want to not because i think that he would be suggestion every area of you you’re not going to kill one to tell can’t tell you what my student id expiry he will feel wonderful any everybody
filled with self-confidence and down at the time we spend together has truly
been tony can tell you what wake up human wondered relaxed agreed press one coming up slowly to breathing a little bit heavier a
little bit e-ticketing london ltd wonderful from head to toe two three
four coming up on that mystery to become holding up who keep with respect to take and what
you believe this room every suggestion i have given you
approve reinforces packets of times open with each analysts miserably is three four five coming up a little
further would bedroom aware of your surrounding six second coming up feeling
relaxed and refreshed healing shrew late good eighty six and a
coming out all of their almost bare nine almost there on the next he will realize that he will feel wonderful i can’t read either anywhere real estate resume the alliance and
grandpa candidate helping her name i know you heard anything like that
technique caitlin upendra deterring internal okay did you feel selected just part of
florida the equity stake to get people out there
that that’s really what it feels that is justices archive sheep a donkey ieah probit suggestions it was great to have a group realtor or
different demeanor pay good on okay up how do you feel that if you go so if it works feel relaxed confessed select a definite answer inhuman fifteen minutes well i think quite a bit longer than
okay i think at least they’re demanding accidents you renee completely but at least immensity of the
electric man people usually senator fifteen profile it’s just it’s just a wonderful feeling helping out what i want you to do okay but would like you to do to
reinforce that is own i mean i can if you’d like senjeetha cd reinforces which do you can do is put yourself in a bit like state and
as you are a hypnotist yesterday uh… you can just purchase often has a gorgeous relaxed
take a few deep breath and i want to do this in the house certificate deep breath and close your eyes and i wouldn’t count
from one to ten uh… or ten to one hundred way pump is fine but you already skin
already settling seemed to just relax from there and just watch it six-years-old doing all of those things that you need
to do in order to preach mccall see you some three times the
tuesday okay ought to study to create imagine yourself all the places where is your rudy on where you would be focusing would you
would be great stuff industry nightstick even imagine yourself there inquiries placement system and that’s just such a special place for
him yaar relaxed and comfortable special
criminals so that is the previous tons of fun to
work on this project and embarrass yourself reaching co feel
sense of accomplishment we met your hardware isn’t any website catherine okay stated that and you’re going to
reinforce that resistance and she’s diego whatever hospitals army question didn’t say anything else list self-sacrifice it captures rosedale hate up cannot be delivered what happened army tula refund anything else that was amazing and so it was a little bit about how you
can start household on race greatly association of called wreaths
and lights and deferment and x i actually went to see things you okay undeniably night extensive an item with
us fresh all denies that money on a friend at the time live by the way
prison for a fact that it is also a melvin and and i think something first of all
they thought this was the most incredible thing that i had everlasting
as that how much do you think can’t wait to stop it fit uh… fell armenia on ready when i went to see you homepage course placed on its practice conduct with all planetware resourceful patient exchanged
and and i do it for the great i initially it was the problem on that c_n_n_ sex with him but that’s
not mistake he’s he’s since if they were to come
home furniture fred friend maybe they were very tense i
would hypnotize them so that it is easy for him to give the
man an adjustment and certainly quit smoking losing weight analyst even predict a man station to stand for hello houses doesn’t remember yes t-shirt status if they thought all cape cod occasions that the relevancy and canada
take out a little towns along the inside the courtroom and chemistry here speaking now in large scale and dancing
like elvis singing like hell on the it’s really fun for everybody tickets to get to the
clear g_-rated shadow ever hit hogs on colin powell is that the has changed
but not my colleges song alone that would work on tuzla and
finance i think they’re just so much fun educate
if they consider happy happier expansion us from time to time another one roadworks you know intellectual show all lagerfeld actually regulation child as natural i don’t think it will be
appearing on this sixteenth october ok in manhattan of that i’d just have a british historical his sixty-fifth exonerates
the forty north liberty instantly happy birthday samaritan fifty
had you know civil rights and have sos will so dust off of our party much
retentive it shows that the other his do you have what’s the next show after that did you
know when i’m not sure auto off the top of my head island if he could probably
going on a website arizona johnny chung results hypnosis fantasy t_n_t_ or dot com or you could go on down my sees victory lariat hypnosis should hispanic no-show the start usually and manhattan and resist nihay new jersey is that we are working
out i think if you go onto the website to see some of my own my own doesn’t
actually down last night it’s a downtown resulted in a sense of
accomplishment all for writing filled and that’s all about thirteen and stuff like what motivates yesterday the first time i presenting lots of
television i don’t really care diana and tells them what happened then anna all of you i think i could stop talking
about it for alleged preferred tml lots on hiatus on simple misena deficits and election ourselves
nicole richie well i don’t what wonderful over here released sweeney controls and spent
about two hours with them for about five minute clip have been funny clip danielle on hand done one of their shows a view to see
the dvd imprimatur anyway heresy and over produces and called me seattle to have any couple they helped the
family that they are staying to quit smoking huang here is the world colonies are estimated to be well and
paris and equal help me tolstoy we have the
time the family canada where i live in three cats
intense oklahoma i think they’d even will grow homeopathic if they are
watching us lethal having films you know that you
think it’s the hate said yes is the to follow up with the economy as it gets
well whom so how did you ended up a phone
call for us statement yet that’s great instantly on on tuesday k on steering ok management render and then i said i think it’s a u_n_ and
i just said uh… is this a joke he’s up alleging it bother me if on think sarah allocation of seats and halloween hannah kevin terrified of it plenty what do you think educated then literally and for hours and the
person of girls who’ve lived hundreds of la my office sandals alum you know we cleared it they don’t lie alone has download lease their obviously
colon cancers of the room yeah this is what that is a concept of that houses
periodicity expensive kemon implemented any downside i see a tax cut
it out on friday the fifteen year old alert yahoo i don’t know it a hit and he hit a little worried he wants to help solve a little bit
about your practice and regional management little-known that the secret
service here what disney cambridge uh… sufficiently cambridge alone head and that is in decimating the weight on you know i
guess regarding our strategy inaccessible passionate involved in hitting up there well i think you have no simpson’s
historia vectors and insisted scarecrow but and it would be remembered the national
guilty interacts regrets which involved or in it degrade to look up online for
information regarding hip hop pedro as well and i know that helps me a talented jet rockingham interns twelve twelve years of students spec no no unloaded here so you’re actually to dinner event exactly again certainly so how did you get involved well uh… dimension to it armament tina that’s as you know it’s been so
long that i honestly don’t remember i going to ask and that yes you it properly masai believe i’ve raised another hit
since and suggested you maybe you should he she joined the army you join this group that they have
severity valuable information to offer the conference in dallas which we’ve both two lectures because way way the continuing education and i believe
that there is there’s always something more the check i don’t believe them perfect supplanting k he’s poland homes little highlighted hockey practice vigorously i think you have to sing in new jersey
for down twelve years and i’ve worked with people i had worked with sports figures might
have worked with affect what only a national level and
i’m also working faithful sports figures on itself and hence the team for on the interviews likability and it
is really trying out and see what we can help even sooner he has now been eating onto on you know pretty victor marathon to help
them to give forgive their their own the person who
unit has assaulted them on at the renowned for what we help
people it’s just not and stress stresses she addresses freshly singer in
our montgomery entire how do you think it’s the do you feel that there’s a difference
could be part of it comes to you when compared to know consummate furtive
friend yesterday and whatever and persistent uh… you know persons different owned i don’t think experience not experienced the pain must decimals democrat anyhow hannah manhunt your and i am past the door and families having
difficulty tennessean and with son but might not want just
immediately in the correct suggestions as you saw taking notes for bernier exit the stage
for them so i really just gave you the suggestions that he told me really to help him in the house and and she apparently not times allied frequently but he is unique
really accurate as you need to do anything obd special or entries simplistic that in your mind that arms
of the the remains the most strangest reason extracting content of the time justice sometime to reviewers this is the city s that tax folks basically brother and our expert told me that powers non-durable blame and sample to seize buddies like your book chief my office walker no-shows breakdown dr but the sanctions issue comes in here
referred more common inspections that i’ve been and after for weeks you just walking office of the
walker reality here tina along and they say that you know he
comes on and it goes way that’s that’s the way and works but i’ll from what i’ve heard she hasn’t had a
real estate near soulja soulmate maybe there’s more that just in the minds of the vendors road i think uh… may be that something column more than just a suggestion is happening
in the bombing it depends on how com that a document these kind of
sessions i think would come and see further we can improve org he actually i don’t understand is why we
had put it on the idea that would like to see the comment on that constantly
chances issues are helped so much three doses and of course it’s under
immunotherapy is approved by the american medical association on a softer
helped my mother weekends there are six years ago and cd
cover chemotherapy treatments on it it was a number of interest in it was the
only from goa how far he has it was but unfortunately not going to be so that
shitty agents that and she never got sick and she had been thinking of her
what i want you to uncle moment for you should as well on so you can help so many
people really is tapi airlines controls the
quality and as you know the bodies of self-healing witnesses and you can’t the hand you can help somebody gets hurt in tutti
control over there in which is and believe me he had in mind connection and you know what goes into mine disbursing the constant vote minded so inaccurate it’s not really uh… is because of my
expense throughout the body no when i heard what i want us to
criticize but one sixty apple never apologize for someone else’s recycle this happens mine individual you know that might have to
be exception are met themselves apart yeah cry i believe that it it’s all connected certainly and certainly do and i don’t believe
that you know in the medical it should be really attached board dot judge really on of them consecutive t_v_ practice as well as
uh… is saying that you know our regular personally i don’t believe again
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flat okay borrower

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