Hypnotist is controlled by two women on stage!

Hypnotist is controlled by two women on stage!

Marc Savard: Person I’m touching right now,
whenever I shake your hand like this instantly you’ll realize I’m the most disgusting
human being you’ve ever seen in the entire world. Your first name? Shahara. Marc Savard: Shahara. Nice to have you here Shahara. Good to meet you.
Nice to have you here. Oh! Marc Savard: Okay. Okay. I was just introducing myself. I was just…I was just introducing.
I was just. No! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Marc Savard: Okay. Don’t what? Don’t! Don’t! Just don’t touch me.
It’s okay if you introduce yourself but don’t touch me. Marc Savard: Don’t touch you, oh I’m sorry. It was a common American gesture of shaking hands. I’m just not feeling that way. Marc Savard: You’re not feeling that right now. It was just I was just trying not to be rude. I was just… Let’s start over. I feel like… See? I tried! I tried and you touch me and… Marc Savard: I apologize. I…I feel like… alright. Are these stonewash? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I feel like we just kind of
started off on the wrong foot there. It’s okay. Marc Savard: I apologize. I’m sorry. Fist bump? Ow! Marc Savard: I felt like when we met there was this… No! No! No! Marc Savard: I felt like there was this connection between us. Did you feel that connection? No, I don’t feel anything. I just
want you to stop touching me. Marc Savard: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m French Canadian. I’m very touchy. I’m very touchy. Check it out. It’s what we call a sleep gun. We’re talking some real gangster shit. Just the two of you ladies left. Who should I shoot next? Just you and I left. Just you and I left. Just you and I left. You didn’t think that through, did you? Listen, we could… we could get to know each other a little better or I could… or i could shoot you. Just shoot me. Just shoot me! Just shoot me! Just shoot me please! Oh stop! Marc Savard: The way I feel about you… the way I feel about you,
I just don’t think I could pull the trigger. So I’m going to give you the sleep gun with one bullet left. Go ahead and do yourself. Or we could get to know each other. That’s entirely up to you. Okay fine I’ll do it. Thanks for watching.
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46 Replies to “Hypnotist is controlled by two women on stage!”

  1. Just learning hypnosis myself, your vids are absolutely amazing! And the rapid induction videos had been rather stunning to see. Keep up the good work!

  2. Very funny.  The sleep gun ending always makes for funny stuff.  Keep them videos coming out.  I enjoy watching them.

  3. I wish i could make my Army reuinon but times are tuogh. I hope some of the guys get into your show. It would be a riot of fun to see them.

  4. M. Savard you're the king and I will vote for you
    By the way the video of your daughter magic tooth
    Is an instant classic
    You are the best show on YouTube that category is missing at the pole!!!

  5. Hey Marc, what if you had a bit on there where you made one of the guys think he found his long lost sister or brother and the "long lost brother or sister" didn't want anything to do with them.  This would be kind of like your despised bit, but with a twist.

  6. did anyone notice the lady all the way to the left w/ the stripes wasnt shot by the sleep gun? like bruh funny vid tho 😛

  7. Good one Marc! She said just shoot me, Sooo funny. I wanted to know though when you gave her the suggestion that you were repulsive when touched did you tell her what was wrong with the way you look? Like festering boils on your face or something to that nature? Thanks,
    SteveO in AZ

  8. Remember when Marc shot the lady with the sleep gun that pointed to the girl who think he was disgusting, there was another women at the side of the women that got shot! But this was still so funny! 🙂

  9. May 29, 2018—-Thanks for the videos as this is the 5th(?) one I've watched. Wonder if you have a full show….that is, where the people volunteer to come up onto the stage and you put them under hypnosis. Years ago, went to a Pat Collins show in Reno and that was interesting/entertaining….glad to see the tradition is being carried on.

  10. I sure hope I'm wrong cause I like these videos. But look at the black lady and Marc. She hollers and moves back before he touches her hand . I watched it over and over she screams before he shakes her hand

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