Hypnotize yourself for love and Romance – with Hypnotist Bernie

Hypnotize yourself for love and Romance – with Hypnotist Bernie

hello welcome to the sabasaba over this
thirty-six assertion joining us now yes well she didn’t make it tonight so i
hope you your hosts of his furnace position in that this bernie and i would
host and so whenever robbed somebody called me into uh…
heavy traffic as they’re coming to boston at cambridge we got what you would call a point of view
hypnosis this what is happening tonight i am so for the next about twenty
minutes and i looked at the camera and in the recites what his colleague
knows the scripts or all what’s on your book like i did
meditation experience some people call itself the nosis experience and some people call it a set of hate it the nosis experience palm it’s all good com so for those of you who have called and
request that the session amended for small by saying thank you
for your support com so as far as loop enough history and how
we do things here into dallas and we became the first channeling the
united states and appreciate the world to do a point of view hypnosis sessions fruit live television arm now it’s on the latest chapter from sci-fi movie where any some dylan thomas camera style what happened what’s actually expecting
that that except that i’m not evil well not on camera anyway see them com and everybody can relate pretty happy about it all so as far as
cited in tow lol vessels on beach looking around at
all and for those of you who are afraid that
up you know and could be a seven fire haha that we are really afraid of that i think uh… you may have some other problems so justice spraying and now well in late spring or early summer pardon this look at our book will need a now a lot of people of wrote me and tell
me that com they have problems with the relationship over the last winter and some people have brought me and say
that at all you know that’s a hard time finding the
one they love so what we’re going to do tonight is
itself with those the success on his style where i’m going to help you production
line and opening up my conscious mind to
flying uh… goal of the romance or if you’re in the relationship looking
for more passion arm interconnect night that spark that have
been looking for also if you are not the above you can also use the session to help you
relax more com have become a more debated have you can be more confidence in
herself a home now as far as i know nobody could refutes that so for those of you who are joining us for
the first time for self hypnosis session you should know that papers this is not
sleep had no point given the feline pine
chiseled unconscious and all in case of an emergency intense do to come for the alerts and aware and go attend those emergency
immediately com for those of you who are less familiar at live how we do things
here excel i’m not gonna make you do anything com stranger interview with this is not a
stage missus exercise com you know if i may keep insecure chicken everything speed would not be seeing you then significant
sowed the entertainment value of fat is inside on the lower and of the spectrum what is good at what is going to feel
like it’s jess at the both twenty minutes of peace and quiet and a
minute uh… about twenty minutes of letting go
on the back it is for the time we had together and help if you reduce the native
refreshed and they need so instead of questions before we start no questions about this is great so
we’re going to do something different to makes com so about month ago a came on here and have
been ties to prop with a gordon’s bringing pocket watch uh… everybody loves that that was
great i guess on television people were prefer
more off the shores grassy if you’ve got to
see if there is uh… some of the wording is smaller boat com decomposition it’s more about listening it’s more about the language how to speak and man but the city i guess in television this kind of
point-of-view notices on thirty year and a system on the
ritual so if the person thing at the defense the first time ever and television history is that we have a spinning spiral span now of course if it would have seen
a spinning spiral television before but none oregon qualify catheters none
what’s use to activate the press people so this is going to be rudy fun tonight
spouse so want you to just sit back and relax executive tenants spirit and i think it breath in once you locked discreet but rights into my eyes one percent of the spiro whatever it’s your preference and taken a depressing expressed recounts backwards from trying to one when i reached the number one you find yourself critics already xd if i’m not explode and so happy you’ll find itself but accidents so profoundly you can’t just let it out at the back
seat and i think it buys close for every chance would not realize of which point i
thought clocks but it would just happen automatically so count you can’t respond itself relaxing more more through your body feeling heavier and
happier patriots day field one drifting further and for order often of the atmosphere site out twenty who wanted to be sure license though seeing they are beautiful carted waiting for
replies you can do this with the actual green puffy eyes close if you have cracks open just continued to stare spinning spiral markets in her marks to look discarded you can’t see some beautiful flowers what authority x it’s your flower it could be orchard it could be a roses it could be a wreck nineteen you feel the need to blink your eyes and feel free to do so felt a commission you don’t need to ask for permission to
apologize or to cover the depressed we certainly cannot beat me to tell you too relaxed even more at u_c_ disputed forgotten eighteen into smokers spew this relaxation played through the party and focused on your attention on the
color on the paddle this beautiful flower disc wonderful carted optimize yourself part of this flower field it’s life image fewest guilty phyllis color trolling into your mind and secure part of that flower sixteen and just feel yourself drifting into the wonderful color and fragrance and sensation of this flower you may have seen small part of dual at the top of the flower and even to slow it down slightly
cooling sensation will access to you for more you find yourself sinking even deeper into relaxation extract fifteen if you have conflicting lakes may find
that each time you close your eyes and re-open beach time you close your eyes stay
close loop that long define it just a little harder overnight
again resulted then i wouldn’t itself to relax you are lowered myself gold bead
hypnosis yes right hadfield self combining the part of energy discard she became part of this flower you find your body sinking deeper into the color that’s flower through your mind and body intertwined with the energy of the like
forces this flower and all of the country c feel your body sinking further for dirt down because softness of the
chair thinks so well peaks as you feel your body predicts overall
relaxed feel fingers crystal loose and and fueling opal’s lose made a wedge this fall sleight of hand there news and relax just relax that itself go night’s sleep the consultant if you guys are still open conclusion eyes and if you have been looking into my
eyes can continue to see right the judge close and if you have been staring into the
central thus far confine itself seats still seeing the center of this fire ticket gatekeeper the pre conscious relax that co max free remax sku relax pakka woh extract let go of all your fault all-new worries anything that might be pottery dislike
them and find itself relaxing and fifteen dis wonderful remax sku relax nako sleep now took a deep breath and sleep cheaper deeper and cheaper feel body to sink into the softness
district uscg all the way down deeper wing socal so that now i want you to go find i feel ustedes half negative energy diplomatically if you are looking for love romance and
relationship at some point in the past somebody i’ve
hurt you before somebody may have cost you two lost
trust lost faith he’d another significance it’s ok that us in the past and the past no longer need to bother
you it is what it was next time tobacco all that under mills is some fruit person could go and through it usually and able to release alternative
energy that they hold it is just something i cautious mine contrary able to do unusual unconscious mind flying all of that last that of managing you may vote too may be able to see them who may be able to understand may not immediacy that supported on something that is quoted in fact you don’t need to know what it is the judge just might know now fine last that negative energy emotions met that goal anecdote abstract doesn’t that feel wonderful thank you your children later the conf you the midst mound and more we couldn’t even for you your eyelashes jumping around because he feels so good almost how greatest fees passed through the cracks deeper into this mix age name place of those boyd confined love romantic energy soon in fact into drug conscious mind confuse us nothing energy lolz fruiting flows into your mind through the elbow to everyone after
thinkers him once again find that plus and faith and laugh back between of mine and really
promotions once again find that country thank you always or path who care for you power the flower that you have been imagining floyd fruit of mine and party is flower whitney but you once again
learned how to love this flower with fifteen to eighteen
feed to wish in to know except we walked to act how to act and if you have not already of somebody
and you have trying to find the person whom you’re looking for this flower and the power of all the life forces
talker scott that help you into little flee know who to talk to you nowhere to be and wait to be he will guide you unconsciously for the person take that people can afford wanted to be looking for you find it very easily able to open up
to that person people speak your mind and communicates who wishes to that person meantime define yourself much people much more april to communicate back and britain to do so you’ll find itself becoming more and more confident beach where the city h smug gift the each breath pic you find a self-esteem increasing
gradually daily the state you can come more
self-confidence the path more self-esteem extinct you pick up more self-assured you’ll find yourself being able project yourself in a very positive
manner and in turn your fine of the people we
see if we can do in a very positive matter everywhere you go to snipe people net freeway in everyday through prayer now feel your mind and body connecting with the flower and that garden and explained that you all the energy in
this world explaining into every trees in the
forest every class into savannah athey frisch at rupert and into the sky and mountain into the ocean define yourself becoming one all the light forces of this planet and into the troopers each and every way you become better better smile more more you’ll find itself much less other people’s opinion an intern frequent more more confident just take a moment at all gloves wonderful energy close frnd flee happier happier when it comes from one to ten languished around the time come back to this room fully aware three greats mason pre-med you can’t take off to work love life flav confidence wolf energy six kate’s depression whenever you’re ready and relax notice pretty drive me next week
seven-thirty cctv for other acts done with that

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  1. haha well next time you try to play a long video, start the video, press pause, and wait for the red bar to load all the way through, then press play. that way it will play even if your internet connection got cut off half way through.

  2. haha well next time you try to play a long video, start the video, press pause, and wait for the red bar to load all the way through, then press play. that way it will play even if your internet connection got cut off half way through.


  4. great! thanks for watchnig, buddy, feel free to check out our other videos in the collection! : )

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience, Selina, it is perfectly normal to experience what you've encountered, it is releasing negative energy you've been holding on. You may nor may not even realize you are holding on to so much emotions and negative energy, but after you've release them in tears, you'll feel much more refreshed and clear headed. Thank you for spending your time with us! ~Hugs~

  6. Thanks for this! I'm in a relationship at the moment, and I felt like I wasn't really giving much back to my boyfriend. But now I feel so much love for him, and it's thanks to you πŸ™‚ You're awesome

  7. thanks for sharing your experience, I am so glad you are able to feel the love! I am wishing you a wonderful journey ahead.

  8. Wow. This was AMAZING! I felt so amazing and smiled and giggled at the places you said before you said it!!! You are great. As a hypnotherapist myself, I really appreciate hearing & receiving such skilled empowering work. Thank you.

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