I Got Years Of Ear Wax Removed Holistically | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

I Got Years Of Ear Wax Removed Holistically | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

When I do ear candling, you start feeling
a sound of sizzling. I call it a bacon sizzling. My name is Kiah Jones, and I’m getting ear
candling done today. Since I was young, I’ve always had
a throbbing in my left ear. When I told my mom about it, she took me to the doctor, and they said that it was psycho-symptomatic. I do think I have trouble hearing due to this issue. Ever since then, I’ve always dealt with it. I went to the doctor recently and told them, “Look I need to have it figured out.” When they clean my ear out, I have
seen how much ear wax comes out, and it’s not pretty. I had heard about ear candling before and had
seen some YouTube videos on it, but I’ve never tried it. But I’m super excited to meet Polina and
to have my ears cleaned out. My name is Polina Bowler, and I am the owner
and head acupuncturist at the East Meets West Center for Holistic Medicine. The idea of East Meets West came when I was
studying in college. I do respect tremendously Western Medicine. I think it’s incredible, but I also love
Eastern medicine. And for me, always, the real medicine is in
conjunction with Eastern and Western methodologies because both have incredible things. That’s where East Meets West Was born. Ear candling is a bit of a mystery. Nobody really knows how it works. Scientifically, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s really hard to find where the tradition comes from. I’ve been doing it for 12, 13 years at least. And every single person feels a relief. I’m gonna light the candles. Since signing up for the video, I’ve done
some research on ear candling, and I’m excited for it. But again, just worried about the burning
flame near my head. Tell me what’s going on with your ears. So, I’ve always had a throbbing in this
left ear, like it always is like, “Boom boom, boom boom.” So it’s a pulsating, it’s not a sound? No, yeah, it’s pulsating. Pulsating. Let’s try and see what happens. You’re gonna hear sizzling. It’s the warm smoke that goes in and melts
whatever impurities that are there. It is a total of about 20 minutes on each side. Woah. I have not seen any patients that have had
bad experiences with ear candling. People come to get it when they have the beginning
of a cold or a flu, and it helps them. I think the best thing you can do is put a
drop of olive oil or coconut oil in your ear. It’s really gonna help you with health of your ears. Alright, you’re ready for the next one? Yes. I really want to see how much ear wax is coming
out, like will I be able to make my own candle? The pivotal point in the procedure is everyone
can’t wait to see what comes out of their ears. From what I look and tell, it’s not really
anything that’s coming out of a person’s ear because it doesn’t have the vacuum effect. For many years, I absolutely convinced that that is wax. Now that it’s become such a controversy,
and I started looking more into it, I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s what it is. Either way, I really don’t think it matters. What matters is that the person feels better, feels better immediately. I don’t really need any more proof than that. They look like little ear wax cigars. Well that’s a good one. That was your bad left ear. That’s about how much came out at the doctor’s. Really? Yeah. Cool! Gross, but cool. I just have to keep coming back, and when
I have a candle, then I’m a real member. There you go. Just a couple of years. Well, I mean, how big that is, I don’t think
it’ll take a few years. That’s pretty big, yeah. Well, two little bundles. I’m assuming the darker stuff is the ear
wax and maybe the lighter stuff is the beeswax? Maybe. Yeah, maybe. It felt like a really big headphone in my ear. I didn’t necessarily feel the heat. I more so heard the sizzling of my ear wax. As the fire came closer to my face, obviously,
I started feeling it a little more. Ready to part? Yeah, we’re parting. Get outta me. It’s been almost a month now since I’ve
had the procedure, and my ears definitely feel a lot less pressurized. They feel cleaner, which I’m kind of embarrassed
to say. I don’t necessarily know if I’m hearing
better, but I feel a difference. So, maybe I just don’t listen. Personally, I’m kind of a one or done type
of person. I just wanted to try ear candling, so since
I put that off my list, I feel I’m good. But I wouldn’t mind trying it again. There are good indications that it is already
happening, and that is for the Eastern and Western medicine to come together. Everything works together, everything is
connected, and that is what is holistic. I hope that people start taking their
health and the things that they’re feeling into their own hands. Get to the answer, because if it makes you
feel good, that’s all that matters. Thank you for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, click here. To subscribe, click here.

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  1. I never got that done you know why it is awful for you. I go to the ENT, and they suck all the ear wax out as you should.

  2. As long as it doesn't cause any physical harm, and the client feels better, then that's all that matters. I think however, when specialists perform or offer these scientifically unproven services, they have to say so to the client in a disclaimer.

  3. I think that the environment and the atmosphere is what makes her clients better. It seems very calm and soothing, I personally find the crackling sound of fire relaxing but I am not sure about having it really close to my face.

  4. I’ve done this since I was a kid, and it’s amazing. You can find them in the bigger cities usually, like Kansas City I think, for like 5-15 bucks each.

  5. Aw…. I love this procedure! So relaxing & I swear by it. Have been having this done since I was in my 20's and I'm in my 40's now.
    Love it 😊❤👍.

  6. Sorry to say this! This is mainly a placebo effect! I’m astonished as a channel like refinery 29 talking about this method which has been proven to be pseudoscience. And oiling your ear is a big no. We do have natural oil secreting glands in our external ear canal.

  7. i’m shook i’ve never seen the same person with my name my hole life and it’s even spelled right😮 your the only one who knows my struggle with people saying our name wrong it’s“KIAH”

  8. in the end, if she feel better, it's all good. Because when you ears are swollen, you feel it, and it's heavy and tired.

    so great for her !!!

  9. For years she was convinced it was genuine earwax. Now, after the tons of research that showed it not to be earwax. Well, now she's moved to "she's not so sure".
    Spoken like a true believer.

  10. I saw this yesterday and it caused me to look into it a little more.
    In the video I've linked, this doctor does an awesome experiment and shows how this doesnt work. The substance they are saying is ear wax, is not.

  11. That have been proven not to work and can be bad for you. Use peroxide it cleans it really well. Also if you have water in it. Use white distilled vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Let either times sit for a bit then drain. But be careful cleaning it to often can cause worse issues. I would just go once every two to three month to get the dr to clean. Also ty using a heating pad against your head. Or a hot bath/ shower and use some peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil and use it as an inhaler. Opening the sinus’s helps as well.

  12. Ya’ll are talking about how the procedure didn’t work, while I’m over here concerned about her tan line. Gurl, you should wear swimsuits more often.

    I’m sorry but that’s the only thing that I’m interested rn

  13. my observation is that the hot was is traveling down with gravity down the inter tube of the cone. and that hot wax is cause tempurature of the cone to increase. this is causing sebum musus that has accumulated inside the ear canal and on the hair insit the melt and become more liquidy.. and than that material will stick to the material of the cone. and as it cools it again hardens and than when you remove the cone, you remove all that material that was in the ear canal. there is also another benefit.. it warms of the inner ear which increases blood flow and softens or more liquifies the lymph fluids in that area. this then increase the rejuvinating capacity of that area. Another option is to regularily use hot sauna, also hot jacuzzi and to increase heat in that area.

  14. my great grandma used to do this to me when i was small. i would wake up with huge amount of pain in my ears and she would try this method i felt sooo much better even though you feel the heat but it’s good and IT DOES WORK

  15. People don't do this, this is actually very dangerous not to mention expensive and not available everywhere. Also, it's fake, so don't waste your time.

  16. Have you ever done this and had worse hearing?? The wax inside the candle goes inside your ears and makes them worse. Do it inside another object other then an ear and cut it open. You can see the after build up.

  17. this does not work, is counterproductive as it often leaves candle wax remnants inside your ear, and can be dangerous. the first video that comes up when you search ear candling on youtube is a professional "debunking" this. i know most of the comments say it's fake, which it is, but if you aren't sure: check out the FDA & USDA videos on this & the video i mentioned previously.
    placebo. the proof for this woman being that "people feel better immediately" is scary because someone could need desperate treatment but think they feel better & not go to a doctor

  18. Want a holistic way to get rid of earwax THAT ACTUALLY WORKS AND DOCTORS RECOMMEND? Put some slightly warmed olive oil in your ear before bed. Repeat nightly. The warm oil will soften and loosen the earwax and the natural hair in your ear will push it out. It feels AWFUL when you put the oil in, and it takes time, but it works

  19. It's the tiny maggots living in our heads that got burnt. In malay folklore it's called 'resdung'. You can get them out through your nostrils. They're responsive to a type of leaf and the shamans here just need to wipe it on your cheeks and the little worms frantically get out of your pores. It's disgusting yes but the less there is the healthier you'll be. They are what that eat your corpse in the grave. They don't eat you while you're still alive probably because they can still get nutrients from your body. When you die they need to get out. They are the root cause of sinus. They like the nose probably because of the oxygen supply there.

  20. Lol ear candling doesn’t actually work. The “wax” out of your ear is just candle residue. Burn the candle outside of your ear and you’ll have the same results.

  21. "I don't think it matters. What matters is the person feels better immediately, and I don't need any more proof than that…"
    Yeah well, you could say the same thing about heroin, but that doesn't make it good for you. Fact is ear candeling has been proven not only to NOT work, but to be more detrimental to the health of your ear than help.

  22. i think the way ear candling works is that the flame is heating up and slightly melting your ear wax, and [since fire can burn as long as there's oxygen and the flame rises with the heat] the flame's heat is rising and is pulling the ear wax out in the process.

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