I Have Taken Antibiotics Do I Need To Start Over Again?

Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We got the question here from a subscriber. A very interesting question regarding taking
strong medications and a recurrence of candida. I’ve been watching your videos for a year
now and purchased the Candida crusher book which is like my Bible. Thank you so much for all your valuable information. I would like to ask you for your advice now
to go further. I’ve had a candida infection which I think
has been there for five years. From January the 1st 2017 I’ve been on a very
strict diet, gluten free, sugar free, yeast free, starch free, milk free, et cetera, vegetarian. I have taken probiotics, antifungals like
Pau d’Arco and grapefruit seed extract every day. I do yoga, exercise, sleep well and follow
a very healthy diet and lifestyle. I haven’t had any alcohol for seven years. It seemed to be clearing up however with an
occasional flareup. I’m a Dutch national living in India and recently
got malaria which meant heavy, strong medication for two weeks. I just got off the medication and found myself
with yet another strong flareup of yeast infection. Does this mean I have to start from scratch
again? How do you suggest to take it forward? I thought that after a year of following all
this it would be over by now but it seems like it’s not. I’m very sad. Really sincerely seeking some advice and help
in India they are not very aware of candida and will only prescribe over the counter medication. Well you don’t have to start from scratch
at all. What you need to focus on is probably a change
in lifestyle again. To recover from malaria can take a long, long
time so if you’ve taken antimalarial medications, they can affect your gut and liver quite a
lot. I’d probably start off taking some Swedish
bitters. I’ve spoken about that many times before in
this channel. I would take those for a period of four weeks
at the rate of five millimeters, probably about 3/4 of a teaspoon, twice per day in
a little bit of water, probably before breakfast and maybe before evening meal for at least
four weeks. I recommend that really to further clean up
any malarial residues in the body. To work on other parasite problems that you
might potentially have and also especially to clean the liver up from the malarial medications
’cause Swedish bitters is a great liver restorative. I had a friend also who’d had malaria and
he was not so fortunate. He’d had a rare case of cerebral malaria. Passed away when I was only in my 20s. It was quite sad. He spent some time in Indonesia. I think he was just sleeping out in the open
and roughing it and wasn’t a very good idea. So probiotics are what you probably want to
do. Then I would just get whatever you can get
in India. You just have to just try and grin and bear
it. You can get hold of some good yogurt in India,
good sour yogurt. I know they make great yogurt in India so
that could be an option for you too would be to take a small bowl of yogurt every single
day after your evening meal at night is a good time to take a bit of yogurt. You don’t have to start from scratch again
at all. I wouldn’t recommend any antimicrobials after
the probiotics, after the strong medication. I would first recommend to see if you can
keep the diet quite clean as you’re doing. Incorporate yogurt and maybe some additional
probiotics in there to see if you can get that bowel working in a better state. If it’s not going to work for you after several
weeks and you’re feeling bad and you always have digestive problems, you’ll probably want
to do a stool test. It’s a shame that you’re living in India ’cause
their healthcare is pretty crappy there from what I gather unless you’re living in a big
city. That would be like Mumbai or something. You’re not really going to get access to excellent
medical care. So to be perfectly honest, in my situation
if I were in this situation I would leave India and I would probably go back to Holland
or a European country, fully recover and then go back again into India. I wouldn’t stay in India if I was sick expecting
a really excellent recovery on their healthcare system. That would be my recommendation. If it were me, I would do that anyway. But for you, being a Hollander in India, you
need to be careful. I don’t think you need to go down the road
of GIC anymore until proven that you need to take that medication. So see how you go with yogurt and probiotics
first. See if you can get back on track with that. If after a period of time you can’t, consider
going somewhere where you can do a proper comprehensive stool analysis and really analyze
the whole gut and then take it from there and then treat accordingly. That’s my advice. That’s what I would recommend you do. But don’t freak out. There’s a big chance after 14 days on the
antimalarial medication that you will have cleaned up the malaria certainly and now you
just need to restore liver function and gut function. So don’t freak out too much. There’s a big chance that you’ll fully recover
no problem at all. And thanks for the question. I appreciate it. Appreciate it very much. Thank you very much.

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