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– Ayurveda is definitely not a fad diet. It’s an ancient medical science of India, a healing system that teaches us to live in harmony with nature. (lively music) The first Ayurvedic text dates
back at least 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest
healing systems humans have. Following an Ayurvedic
diet will help us balance the very parts of our
existence, the emotional, the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and it’s not just about food. There are three pillars of
health, according to Ayurveda, and the first is about food;
but not just what you eat; it’s also about how you eat it. The second is our routine;
how often we work, rest, play, exercise. And the third pillar is
the environment we live in, the weather, the air, stuff like that. To improve our health, Ayurveda says that we need
to focus on all three. According to the science, each of us are comprised of three doshas, which are energies that
make up who we are. There’s Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and each of us usually has
one that’s more dominant. As the pillars of our lives ebb and flow, so do our doshas and they
can become out of balance. Ayurveda helps us keep
them in equilibrium. – Two soups to go. – Divya Alter is the
chef at Divya’s Kitchen, an entirely Ayurvedic restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village. Divya herself isn’t a doctor, but she’s trained in pulse reading, which is how she, and Ayurvedic doctors, are able to asses the
energies in your body, and determine the state of your doshas. – You have the pulse of
somebody who needs to slow down. – That doesn’t surprise me. (laughing) Divya asked me some questions to confirm what she noticed during my pulse reading, like if my feet are ever cold, or if I’m gassy. I’m very gassy, I burp a lot, which really just started
over the last couple of years. Like the weirdest thing,
uncontrollable burping, and I never burped ever growing up, and then the last couple
years, burping all the time. And then she explained
what’s up with my doshas. – Vata governs circulation, and your Vata is all over the place. This is the main dosha
that’s out of balance, and remember the Vata dosha is called the king of doshas. – Since my Vata is
overcharged and out of balance Divya told me that I need to avoid foods that are light, airy, or dry. That’s because like increases like, and Vatas are already airy and dry, so I don’t need anymore of that. I should be eating all cooked
foods and healthy fats, like ghee, which is clarified butter, or extra virgin olive oil. I should be avoiding hot
sauce or chili flakes and raw foods like carrots or apples. It smells delicious. – She showed me some things I can make on my own at home, too. We also spoke about some changes that I could make in my lifestyle. And for starters, I need to slow down. So instead of running
to work, I can stroll. I can also just focus on
chewing my food slowly. So after the consultation
and cooking session, I decided that I was
gonna try this for a week. So I’m at Whole Foods now looking for a lot of these spices, like curry leaves,
ground turmeric, cloves, even pepper, and
having trouble finding it. So this is the jackpot for all of the yellow mung dal, and the
lentils, farro, barley, all of the legumes that I’m going to be eating. Found the spices. So making the baked apple
for breakfast, pre-breakfast. It’s delicious, and it only
took like five minutes to make. Took a minute to peel,
five minutes to boil. Okay so this is my first real day of trying to follow the
Ayurvedic diet while at work. And since there’s no leftovers, I’m cooking everything right now. So I usually eat sprouted almonds at work, but Divya told me that I should be soaking them before I eat them because the skin of an
almond is hard to digest for my doshas, so I
soaked the almonds today for a bunch of hours and now the skin is
super easy to peel off. Oh my god, it looks so good. Okay so everyone is very impressed with my curry dish, and let’s see what they think. – I love it. – It’s so good. – And I’m Indian. – And she’s Indian. Farro is not in the actual dish, but she said I could add stuff like that, some grounding wheats. I keep using the phrase
like grounding recipes, grounding food. Grounding
food is basically just a comforting food. And some of us crave
that more than others. Like for me, if you asked
me what my favorite food was I would probably say toast or pasta, because those are things that
are really comforting to me. And they leave me feeling really full. And if that resonates with you, if that sounds like you are somebody who is always craving grounding foods, then this recipe is really great for you. – And you can picture
yourself like being full? – 100%. – [Alex] Right, it’s really grounding. – I will be full. – Yay. If you wanna try this diet for yourself, I’d recommend finding an
Ayurvedic doctor in your area so that you can determine
the state of your doshas. And on a smaller scale there
are tons of great cookbooks, and you an experiment with recipes. As for me, I’ll keep in mind
everything I’ve learned. I’ll continue to prioritize rest, and I’ll ease up on the spicy foods. Even if I only implement
the small changes, I know it’s enough to make a difference. (upbeat music)

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