IFAK Individual First Aid Kit For Locksmiths | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

IFAK Individual First Aid Kit For Locksmiths | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

– Welcome back to my channel. Something a little different. First aid kit for locksmiths. (metal clanging) (zapping) We’re in our trucks, service trucks, service vehicles all day long. It’s smart to have a first
aid kit in your service truck. Also, you should have one in the house and you should have one
in your personal car. Now, everybody has their
own personal preferences and this is just a couple,
two that I’ve set up. This one’s my sort of camping one and it’s in the service truck. There’s different versions of this and actually, my son’s
happy Christmas is coming up because I’ve given each one of these. But I’ll just show you, you
should have a first aid kit, anything’s better than nothing. Everybody has their personal choices. This is mine. I like the little, you know I can hang this, I like the mollies ’cause I can put it through the cage to hold it on. I can screw it on somewhere. I can just rip it, rip it right off you know, if I have that on there, and then I can pull this out quickly. So I like these little rip off bags. Now on mine, again, this
one’s kind of one I like. I’ve got the glass break belt, seat belt cutter, on my little, I think that’s a Smith and Weston. I like having a little marker. You know sometimes you
write the person’s name on their forehead, if you give drugs, which we don’t give drugs, this is a first aid kit. This one is a little more trauma style ’cause that’s kinda what I like. Now what I have on here is a tourniquet. A lot of kits don’t have it. Yes, you can make it real quick. You know, they’re really inexpensive now and there’s a lot of good ones, there’s some clones out there. We know more on first
aid, we’re better at it and there’s better training. Get trained on this. This is not a how to be a first aid attendant thing, this is just my kit. I’m just showing what I like. I like a tourniquet. Some guys like a couple of them. On my secondary kit, I got another one. So like to have them, understand how to do it. Hey, do a first aid course ’cause it’s always good
to know what you’re doing, but this is my kit. I’ll show you what’s inside here. This one’s a little bit more
heavy duty than most people but the first thing I like to have, I call it, my boo boo kit. So the boo boo kit is basically, I just got in here a couple little kits. I got band aids, I got, some little, if I cut myself, it’s happened with a chisel, got some little butterfly
straps, butterfly bandaids, I’ve got in this kit, I’ve
got some alcohol wipes, some iodine wipes, just some antibiotics, I’m out of burn, I actually burnt myself camping
and I used up my burn stuff. The other thing I have here, you know, just some I like, my Tylenol, some Advil, some stomach upset stuff. Again, this is up to everybody
how they like to have it. I got some little pair of gloves here. Again, this is my kit,
everybody’s different. I got some gloves. Now, I like to have on this I like to wrap everything
up for one reason I just got one of these soaked and I was kind of upset
that everything got wet. So I got my little scissors, tweezers, I know locksmiths, we have tweezers, but these will pull out
those little splinters. These are just for the first aid kit. Forceps, a little bit of overkill, but I like to have one in. Now what I really like is, I got a space blanket too. A lot of people die of
shock, so if you’re there, so a little space blanket’s perfect. I got, these are great products, I got them originally on Amazon. I liked it so much I actually brought a box of over 100. These the Israeli bandages. So these are wound bandages,
gauze, wrap it around, it doesn’t have the
tension around this one. But these are great. It can also be used as
a tourniquet as well if you need more than
what you got in there. The bandages are really meant for gunshots, stab wounds, you can do anything you want with these. These are not expensive, when you buy them by the boxful. The box was a hundred. Again, a little bit of overkill. I just like, just cause, I like the, the emergency room doesn’t
like this that much but when you are on the road and it’s an emergency the quick clots, there are all sorts of kits, you’ve got that, just that
wound that just will not, no matter how you pack it, no matter what, the clot, the clotting
agents are fantastic and it’s a big bandage as well. And the clotting components. I think surgeons hate ’em too, but hey, if the person’s dying, and they’re going to bleed
to death on the road, this is a good thing to have. We’re lucky in North America
and most Western societies, we do have a Good Samaritan Act, as long as you’re trying to help, you’re not gonna get sued. You know, we’re not doctors,
we’re just trying to help. You know I still don’t
know how to use this, it seems to be the big thing
the nasal, to get a passageway, this is first aid, a little
bit beyond first aid, but there’s that kit there. Now these are puncture wounds. I know, hey, use the plastic bag. But these are all modern stuff. Go, open up, you just, you
got a bubbling puncture, these are fantastic. It’s good to have them,
but in an emergency, now what I’m missing on here because like I said, I went
camping and used my stuff so I gotta throw some tape in here. This is just, oh, and you
gotta have some gauze. This is actually a triangular, again from Israel,
there’s some really good, figures, doesn’t it? They’re in a lot of battles. I guess the Israelis has some good stuff. There’s a lot of well
made North American stuff. So that’s my kit. A lot goes in there. Hey, it’s good to have in your truck. This is another one I just sorta throw in, almost the same stuff, slightly different tourniquet. I like this one. I like the tear away. I like to put this on the
cage inside the truck, pull this off, and again I have this stuff in my camper and my personal vehicle, I got just sitting in the back. So, hey, show me what you
guys have got in your trucks. You know anything’s better than nothing. Just a boo boo kit. Just for the little stuff is great. A little bit of overkill here, maybe, but I like it. There’s always more stuff you can add but again only so much goes in here. In my camper, I actually have
almost like three mini kits. I got this one, this one, and another one with a lot of prescription drugs, and big bottles of aspirins, and stomach medication, and all that good, also car sickness because
I’m doing a lot of driving, not for me but you never
know who you’re with. So hope you enjoyed this. Post some pictures of what you got. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also, visit my website and you can see what online
locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry. (intense electronic music) (metal clanging)

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  1. I carry the IFAK ankle kit everyday plus a few add on's. I keep the big one in the truck. I wouldn't be caught without it. The chest seal saved my life. Lol

  2. Just remember to replenish them, and also check for expiry and replace before then. Extra on the small stuff for cuts and such is a good thing as well. add a roll of wide duct tape there as well, it has many uses, along with a few rolls of 3M no33 electrical tape. Chuck in a pair of small coin cell flashlights as emergency lights, they last 10 years if not used, and work quite well, just pack so they do not get switched on and go dead. With the car kit add a cheap reflective jacket, to be visible when you are around.

  3. Please get the TQ out of the plastic and open the time strip to the side now its ready for action
    Greetzz from Amsterdam the dutch LS

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