I’ll wash your mind with fresh fruit. ASMR

I’ll wash your mind with fresh fruit. ASMR

Oh, hello! It’s me The Cupcake And today I will eat some soft fresh fruits and you can join me Let’s start What should I pick first and some squeeze lemon What do you think about lemon? *wanna one?* can you eat it like this, without nothing? I mean, what can be better? you know and you? what is your preference? sweet? salty? or maybe just meat? I actually also like meat as much as I like vegetables and fruits so it doesn’t really matter for me But somethimes you just need more vitamins like in the season time without sunshine and don’t forget about your health eat more vitamins and what if we combine *lemon and grape* let’s see how it taste unexpected good combi really nice and here we eat some… in german it means Zwetschge (plum) got a bit dirty ah! let’s cut so juicy niceeee and i will enjoy this so juicy

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  1. Your description is so cute ? I like how fruits can be crunchy! Thanks for the crunchy juicy goodness, gorgeous!

  2. О, еще одна русская строит из себя иностранку. Давай пили видос на родном языке.

  3. that was amazingly refreshing and tingly thank you so much for doing what ya do new sub:) could you maybe do a request?

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