Improve your digestion Now | Rules of Ayurveda for Eating | Learn Ayurvedic Medicine | Dr. Sashina

Improve your digestion Now | Rules of Ayurveda for Eating | Learn Ayurvedic Medicine | Dr. Sashina

Namaste and welcome! This is Dr. Sashina and you are watching Doctor Sashina TV thank you so much for joining me on
this fine beautiful day here in Florida if you’re watching this from anywhere
else in the world I really want to know where you are watching this video from
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section below I am so glad to join you today and I’m gonna be talking about
something that I love and that is food I love food I love eating but what I’m
gonna be talking about in today’s video is about the Ayurvedic perspective on
eating and digestion and food and the rules of eating so it’s gonna be a quick
video but it’s something that I decided to talk to you guys about because I see
so many people around me doing this wrong and it has an impact on your body
when you eat improperly at the wrong times in the wrong way and this is
something I definitely want to correct because I want you guys to feel healthy
and happy and amazing after eating and not feel you know just completely
lethargic and tired and exhausted so we’re gonna get into that with today’s
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enough chitchat let’s get started with this video
so digestion in Ayurveda digestion is the most important segment I cannot put
enough emphasis on digestion and how important it is in Ayurveda it is given
the utmost importance our Agni or digestive fire is the mother
of the body it is considered the mother of the body and without the mother of
the body functioning we will die it’s as simple as that we will die
so digestion is very very important in Ayurveda our food is our medicine we
don’t believe in having to take medicines and poles and all kinds of
things because our food is supposed to be our medicine our food and our diet
and our lifestyle is what sustains us here on earth so I know that eating for
some people is very enjoyable and for some people it’s just like oh I just
have to do this so that I can get on with my life because I have other things
to do and for those people who don’t respect the time that they eat and how
they eat and what they eat I need to tell you guys that you have to change
okay because eating is going to either heal you or it’s going to kill you it’s
going to heal you or is going to kill you what you eat and how you eat is very
very important so there are many rules in Ayurveda there’s a whole chapter in
one of our our texts our classical texts known as Ashtanga Hridayam – on digestion
and the rules of eating there’s a whole chapter on that and that’s because it’s
so so important so one of the I’m not going to go into all the rules of eating
that’s gonna be for my my lectures or my classes but I’m gonna just touch on it a
little bit with you guys so one of the first and foremost rules of eating is
you eat when you are hungry now we live in a corporate world that’s not always
possible we have this thing called a lunch break or tea break or just a snack
break and those at set times in a day when we are supposed to go and eat and
our body does not always correlate our digestion does not correlate with those
times of the day because sometimes we’re just not feeling hungry at those times
it really depends on our digestion there are three types of digestion
based on the dosha so each person is very different and how they digest food
is very different the times at which they’re arguing is the strongest is also
very different a general rule is that between 12 o’clock 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. is
when Agni is the strongest because that is when the Sun is the strongest so we
go with what you know happens on earth also happens inside our bodies so when
the Sun is at its peak and it’s at its highest it is believed that our
digestion is supposed to be at its highest but this is not always the case
and it’s also very difficult to abide by this because not everybody gets their
lunch break between those hours so it is very important to eat when you are
hungry if you are not hungry if you don’t feel the call to eat food
at a particular time you should not eat why because the food is not going to get
digested okay that is you you you do not underestimate the intelligence of your
body your body will tell you when something is wrong and when something
feels right okay and when you are hungry your body is gonna show you hey hey I’m
hungry I need food please feed me but when you are not hungry and your body’s
gonna show you that like hey sure okay I don’t need food right now I’ll let you
know so don’t underestimate your intelligence of your body every cell
inside your body has intelligence okay that’s a topic for another day but every
cell in your body has intelligence so your body’s gonna tell you when you need
to eat so don’t eat unless you are hungry and if you are feeling oh I am
not eating the whole day is going by I haven’t felt hungry then it is
essential that your body gets nutrition so we start just to stimulate that Agni
and how do we do that we do that with our digestive spices ginger black pepper
a little bit of salt you know just eating a piece of raw
ginger with a little bit of lemon juice if you can put on there is gonna
stimulate that digestion you can also put just a
teeny tiny bit of salt because what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna stimulate
your enzymes which is going to which is actually your acne and it’s going to
help you to start to feel hungry so that you can digest that food of course if
you have you know things like hyper acidity and things like that then that’s
a different story and for that you need to consult me but in general if you are
not feeling hungry and you have not eaten for a long time and your body is
taking really long to burn up whatever it is that you have eaten previously
that is how you do it with some of those digestive spices and digestive foods
okay another rule that is very important while eating is to eat in silence eat in
silence eating is kind of like a spiritual experience in Ayurveda eating
your food is the spiritual experience because it’s given so much respect your
Agni in your and your digestion is given so much respect so when you feed that
Agni you are respecting it and you respect it in silence now how often do
we go to busy restaurants with so much of noise so many people talking all the
time you know playing loud music in certain restaurants and it’s just it has
a negative effect a negative impact on the digestion of your food so if it is
at all possible eat in silence and eat alone okay eat alone it’s always good to
eat alone because it’s kind of a meditative process if you want to eat
with someone that person needs to be respectful and you know too much talking
is not necessary while eating you should not be talking to someone while you are
eating in it’s not it’s not that you should be rude or anything like that
it’s a matter of having respect okay and that definitely is a rule from Ayurveda
is to be quiet when you eat to respect that time because it’s sacred it’s a
very sacred time another rule a very important rule that
I want you guys to definitely include is to avoid ice-cold drinks or anything
like sodas and things like that while you are eating this hampers your
digestion the food you are going to eat is not going to get digested especially
with ice in anything whether it’s a soda whether it is just ice water or anything
with ice it’s gonna hamper the digestion okay imagine you know flooding a fire
throwing a whole bunch of water on top of a fire what happens to the fire it’s
gonna go out what happens to anything that you are trying to burn in that fire
mm-hmm it’s just gonna sit there it’s just gonna accumulate it’s not gonna
burn nothing’s gonna burn so that’s what
happens to your digestion when you you know flood yourself with ice water what
do you need to do instead you need to have digestive drinks you can have a
warm tea tea is not always advisable while you are eating but I mean after
after your food or before your food I would suggest before your food if you’re
going to have a digestive tea to go ahead and do that while you are eating
your food it is important to drink room-temperature water you always need a
liquid substance while you’re eating to help moisten the food and help your
the kapha dosha inside and the pitta dosha inside in your agni to break down
that food okay you cannot just you that’s why in Ayurveda we have different
sections of this the stomach is divided into four sections okay it’s divided
into the space for just air two parts of solid food and one part of liquids so
that liquid is mostly water it should be water at least if you’re going to drink
any other juices or things like that make sure it’s naturally prepared and it
is at room temperature please do not drink anything
iced okay it’s also very very important to include all six tastes in your food
that is very important now a lot of people don’t like to have the
bitter taste or the astringent taste everyone goes for sweet food
everybody loves sweet food and combining foods that brings me to the next rule is
not to combine opposites with food that is a very very big rule such as hot and
cold sweet and salty sweet and sour and I know that you know I’m not pointing it
out but I mean Chinese food is a lot of these incompatible combinations that we
put together Chinese food tastes amazing trust me I
love Chinese food but but please have it in limitation because it does have those
combinations that’s not to say that any other food does not because there are a
lot of other people who you know combine all kinds of things in their food which
is very incompatible so it is important to to follow that rule as well okay so
those are kind of the basic rules for digestion there are so so many other
rules as well I’m not going to get into that in this video but those are the
ones that I really really wanted to touch on is to be very mindful of where
you’re eating and when you are eating eat when you are hungry do not include
the frozen drinks the cold drinks the ice drinks while you are eating do not
have incompatible foods for example fish and milk or any kind of combination of
dairy and fish it’s a no-no sweet and sour it’s a no-no hot and cold
definitely not okay so please be aware of that there are certain combinations
in Ayurveda if you don’t know any of these I am going to be writing an
article on this I’m gonna be posting more videos and content on that you can
definitely check out my website for that or if you have any questions just post
them in the comments and I will definitely try and apply to you if you
have questions about your digestion or how to improve that your digestion then
please leave them in the comment section below I’ll definitely respond to that
but guys those are my rules for digestion I love eating
I love food I don’t eat a lot of food but God
when I eat I eat I love food it’s you know people eats to live no no no
sometimes I love to eat that’s what I think so I know that you guys should be
enjoying food food is amazing it’s our nutrition it is you know it is it’s a
mother basically food is our mother food gives us that nutrition gives us our
health and it’s so important to respect our body is what we eat what we put into
it and to respect our digestion in our Agni so make sure you start doing that
if you have not I want you to get on that because it’s so important to to
live healthy and you know once you digest everything you get the nutrition
and you also feel so alive because food is supposed to make you feel alive
you’re not supposed to feel completely lethargic and tired and exhausted after
eating then that means that you’re not doing something right you’re supposed to
have energy after eating and this is how you do it okay it’s all about respecting
the rules of digestion and the rules of eating if you guys have any questions
post them in the comment section below or you can visit my website and shoot me an email at [email protected] until tomorrow
guys I shall be back. Live consciously and love always! Namaste

7 Replies to “Improve your digestion Now | Rules of Ayurveda for Eating | Learn Ayurvedic Medicine | Dr. Sashina”

  1. Everything I eat seems to bloat me. I do the ginger lemon tea and use digestive spices. I try to follow this. Wht is causing my bloating?

  2. Dr. Sashina,
    I am predominantly Pitta, but also Vata. I just woke up 30 minutes ago to a heavy stomach. It’s 3:40am! I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep and I think it is because, as I learn more about Ayurveda, my mind starts to awaken, but it’s also difficult for me to silence it sometimes. I had a late dinner last night: a small spinach salad with Greek yogurt and chicken soup (not home made). I need to start learning how to cook the foods that best suit my current composition. I do realize that the best way to balance the doshas is through meditation. However, I have always struggled with that because I love to move around a lot! I can’t really stay still, which is part of the reason why I hate going to the movie theatre! It’s so constraining for me. So I am not even sure how to meditate and what will work for me, yet I know it is a fundamental part of maintaining balance. I am currently working on creating a meditation corner in my apartment, so that I can start the process, but the kapha in me is very sloooooooooooowwwww in making this happen.
    I definitely have to consult an Ayurvedic doctor, and it’s so difficult to keep up with eating well in the WEST (I’m in Los Angeles, CA) because everything is so processed; even the so-called healthy foods have lost a lot of their life force due to export and import. I will look into famer’s markets because those fruits and vegetables have a higher life force.
    I currently feel so bloated, but hungry at the same time. Very uncomfortable. I hope you read my email. I wrote you sometime last week. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge.
    In natural health,
    Sophia Gonzalez, MPH

  3. I really got a lot out of your talk?
    But the bright high contrast lipstick and the centering of your mouth in the frame distracts from your message.

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