Indian Ayurvedic Treatment

Indian Ayurvedic Treatment

Hey guys, Trudi here from It’s the TruStory, and today you may be wondering what I’m doing. I’m here in India – that’s right, I think I mentioned to you when I was telling you all about how I meditate that I was going to India
on a meditation retreat but really what it is it’s like a big spa vacation because of
Ayurveda. I’m getting Ayurvedic treatment for my
glamorous and gorgeous eczema by these two glamorous gorgeous woman. Pankaj, c’mon in – Pankaj… These are my peeps over here in India – you’re my peeps out there – so I’m going to put some information in the description. I’m at Veda Life, which is amazing and in the foothills of the Himalayas – I’ve been corrected, it’s not “Him-ah-lay-yahs” – it’s Himalayas – I know it’s funny, right? YouTube. Anyways, these put some things on my skin to fix my eczema because why because Western medicine is full of shit, and Eastern medicine is where it’s at. So, what’s happening now probably like a soft porn kind of a dream… although I’m so old this is more like people preparing a body for death So it’s not that porny, but what’s happening is that I’m getting medicated oil put all over my body And so this whole thing, it’s all about health, blood flow, and in my case, my scaly nasty skin getting deeply hydrated and right now it’s highly uncomfortable because they are rubbing my whole body and we haven’t even had a date yet. Now the ladies are working on a part of body that we can actually film, which is my feet Although, to any of you who’ve written in
to ask me to show my feet on Instagram like, seriously, just shut the film off right now, it’s making me very, very upset to think about So I don’t know what your massages look like, but the Ayurvedic massage, like when they say full-body, they’re really not kidding. And I’m wearing a scary mask, and a scary hair thing, because they’re using a special herbal medicated oil That really smells like, uhm, strongly of something mystical, and magical, that better get rid of my eczema. uhm, yah, this is, uhm, uh huh….yah, I’m just gonna relax now actually. This feels really good. So, now happening is now that I’ve been completely oiled down, I’m in a – what’s this called? Panchakarra? Panchakarma. Panchakarma. Ayurveda. It’s an Ayurvedic Panchakarma. I’m not sure if I’m saying that right but what’s happening in this box – no it’s not a magic trick – no one’s gonna cut me in half – it’s steam. So now they’re gonna steam the shit out of me. I did a video about boiling live lobsters and now I will never do that again. This is what it feels like, and it’s hot as… you know what I’m saying. So this Ayurvedic steam is what is happening right now. It’s medicated. And it’s very hot. And I’m very sweaty. And I’m sweating like * in the oil, slash sliming around in there slash, feels sort of good and also it’s like
I might be getting 3rd degree burns, I’m not sure! But you know what? It’s an Ayurvedic treatment. Alright you guys, so now I’m looking really fresh and I’m super smooth you can’t feel me
but I can feel me okay nobody wants that to really happen on camera all we’re saying is I want to thank my girls who are amazing at
Ayurvedic treatments and medicine Pinky – Parru and Veda Life, where I am right now
links in the description telling you where I am and all I can say is I can
do Ayurvedic treatments till the cows come home and they’re sacred y’all – till the
cows come home but you should do too it’s just my opinion I want to thank you
for being so funky fresh and open to new experiences and that’s all we got right
now so, Bye!

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  1. Sooooo from what I saw… you were naked & that means the treatment covers every part of the body, that's awesome! most spas don't even do that ?

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