Indian Healing Traditions : Yoga & Ayurvedic Practices in Indian Healing

This is Eileen Day on behalf of Expert Village
and in this segment we’ll talk about yoga. Yoga comes out of the ayurvedic principle
of wellness in Indian medicine. Yoga means union, or coming together, and so there are
various forms of yoga. From the more Western, popular, physical aspects of yoga of bending
and stretching and getting into positions that can allow an individual to come to balance
and harmony with their breath, to breathing yoga, which focuses solely on the breath,
to yoga in everyday existence. The practice of yoga, similar to also the practice of qigong
in Chinese tradition, the practice of reiki in Japanese tradition, is a form of coming
to mindful awareness and healthy existence in one’s own life. In this next section, we’ll
talk about the science of life: ayurveda.

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