Infant nearly killed by homeopathy

Infant nearly killed by homeopathy

“Infant Nearly Killed by Homeopathy” Americans spend about three billion
dollars on homeopathy every year. I’ve talked previously about
the near total lack of scientific evidence
supporting homeopathy, but maybe I was wrong to dismiss it
as just a waste of money. Maybe it can be even worse. I was surprised to read this
new case report published in the European Journal of Pediatrics: A young girl almost
killed by homeopathy. An overdose of a homeopathic remedy
might seem a contradiction in terms, but just because they’re
no better than a sugar pill doesn’t mean you can
stuff babies full of sugar pills. Many homeopathic pills are made of
xylitol, which can have a laxative effect, and cause diarrhea—
which, if untreated in an infant, can turn into severe
life-threatening metabolic acidosis, and land her in the ICU. Hence the title:
“Too much of too little.” High-dose homeopathy
is also something you might want to keep
away from Fido.

2 Replies to “Infant nearly killed by homeopathy”

  1. You might also want to keep away from conventional medicine. "One infant nearly killed" is hard to compare to 5000,000 deaths yearly (3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.) from conventional medical care. Really? Why doesn't anyone want to talk about this? Conspiracy maybe?

  2. Non sense homeopathy works great and very safe, but big pharma. Always on the attack. Greger please wake up , try them and see damn it

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