Inside Amy Schumer – Mom Computer Therapy

Inside Amy Schumer – Mom Computer Therapy

I can do this. It’s too hard. In order for you to
move forward with your life, you need to confront
this issue. Okay. (breathes out) (sighs) Hi, Mom.
Hi, darling. Hi, welcome.
Hi, how do you do? Please sit down. It’ll be very important
that you’re here for Amy’s progress. Amy? Mom… What’s the issue you’ve been
having with your computer? Oh, I just wanted to e-mail
that cute picture of you and your
sister to your uncle… It’s this way.
…Pat, but the photos just
disappeared. I just think that
machines don’t work around me. They don’t. Okay, well, let’s just turn
on your computer. Isn’t it on already? No, wait, no– I pushed the
little button thingy. Mom, you know how to turn
on your computer. Don’t talk to
me in that tone, honey. I didn’t grow up with
these things. Amy, what are you hearing your
mother say to you? I hear her saying that she
doesn’t know how to turn on her computer when
I know for a fact… Yeah, easy.
… that she does know
how to turn. Easy, easy–
Let’s just take it easy. I knew yesterday,
but I don’t know today. Can you see how that doesn’t
make sense? You forget. All right… How can
you accept her request in a spirit of generosity
and maturity? Okay. Mom? You press the “on” button. (startup sound) There you go, it’s on. All right, now where’s
your photo folder? If I knew that, I wouldn’t
be asking for help. I don’t have all day to
stare at computer screens. I think I’m done. I don’t think I can do
this, actually. Obviously,
that triggered you, but it’s because you
allowed it. And you
will not allow it. Well, here. Here it is. Why do you have all these
photos of the TV? Oh– I wanted to
show you the hangers that I just ordered
from HSN. These are cedar
and they smell like wood. Just. Let’s take a look
at ’em. No, no, no,
I’m good, I’m good. You said
you needed hangers. I said
that five years ago and you’ve bought me several
sets of them. Now here’s the picture
of me and Kim you wanted. Will you
just drag it to your desktop? It’s like a shadow of…
It’s okay? Yeah, just–
(alert tone) Ugh.
Just hold it
down and drag it. Hold the left down? Yeah, and then just. Just anywhere in the desktop.
(alert tone) Desktop meaning
the whole screen? Anywhere on the screen. (alert tone)
Hold the left,
roll the right. (alert tone)
It’s holding, it’s
holding. (alert tone) Desktop. There you go–
Okay, now open your browser. You mean my AOL? Let’s just attach
the photo. To the computer. No, to the e-mail. Well, I didn’t bring
a cord. Mom, there’s no possible
logical reason that you would
need a cord for this. Just let
me do it, all right? (sighing)
Okay, here. I did it, it’s done, you can
send it now. I click “send”? Yes. (mouthing words) (whoosh)
Wow, okay,
I figured it out. Huh! Mrs. Schumer, thank
you so much for coming in. Thank you. I believe you both had a
breakthrough today. Breakthrough.
Be very proud of yourself. These are cute. They go
like that, right? No, they go how
they are– They are already. Swashbuckling.
(buzzer) Sorry. My next
patient’s buzzing in. it’s the new system
we have. (buzzing)
Gosh darn this thing, I just don’t know how
this works. I just press this
and what’s happening?
Well, what. And I press where it says
press, P-R-E-S-S, nothing’s happening.
Yeah, well,
what’s that thing? Try that one.
(buzzing) See that.
See what I mean?
No. Did you just see it go
on and off? I know!
And now it’s beeping at us. See, this is
supposed to say “enter.”
I know. What have we
done to deserve this?
I don’t care. I don’t understand.
(laughing) Amy, could you please come
help, uh, with this?

100 Replies to “Inside Amy Schumer – Mom Computer Therapy”

  1. After almost 16 years of working on a computer with internet my dad asked me what an internet browser is. I just got a stroke.

  2. Once I was showing my mom how to do something on her iPhone and I said, “Press the round, circular button in the bottom center of the phone,” and she couldn’t figure that out. TRUE STORY

  3. My mom thought the touch pad was the computer screen, she was finger painting on the screen for 30 mins until she screamed for me help. Dose anyone have this therapists number?

  4. My father is an engineer who worked on CAD programs the last 25 years, and still has no idea about anything which is outside that program (doesn't know how to use browser, email etc), it's just fascinating and frustrating on a whole new level, because he uses a more advanced program and still cant grasp anything else.

  5. Had to ask my mom to find an essay worth 40% on her laptop because the original file I uploaded was corrupted. Having to call her from a different city and tell her step by step how to search for a file in documents made me want to set myself on fire

  6. We just bought my mom her first ever laptop yesterday (she's 64) and has only used an Ipad before. She's had the Ipad for 10 years and still doesn't know how to use it, and she's had a smartphone for about the same time, she still comes up asking if she should accept updates on it. "what should i do? Just click yes?" its INCREDIBLY hard not to get annoyed. But she's my sweet, sweet mom. Kindest mom you'll ever meet, so I shall help her without getting angry.

  7. My mom is petrified of somehow hitting the “wrong button” and watching her device spontaneously combust. I try to help her “LOOK AT THE SCREEN, MAKE CLEARLY VISIBLE OBSERVATIONS”, but she just can’t do that for some reason. I eventually just try to do it for her and my hand gets swiped away. “ I have to do it myself,” she says…my “inner Dexter” thrashing wildly in the back of my subconscious…lol!


  9. Oh I'm so glad I found this, my mom asks me for help with her computer but PANICS whenever I click on anything or even move the mouse. She's TERRIFIED that I'm going to send lots of people all of her pictures or that I'm going to close any tabs. Literally while I'm helping her with simple things like googling, she sits next to me screaming and shouting and trying to take the computer away from me. Sometimes I say "fuck it" and walk away and sometimes I get really irritated and scream right back at her while also helping her..

  10. Buy your Mom an ipad, there is no desktop, no folders, no usb ports, no mouse, no printer – I'm telling you, I bought one a few years ago, and my Mom doesn't need any help since then!

  11. My mum, used to put 'Post-It' notes ACTUALLY ON her desk top screen, with arrows pointing to different things, and arrows with descriptions saying things like, "Photos", "Intranet", "Off-Button", "Volume!

  12. I once had to buy my dad a mouse for his laptop as he couldn't get his head round the idea of the double tap on the keypad ?‍♂️

  13. “I don’t have all day to stare at computer screens.” That is my mom 100%. Holy shit, that was triggering.

  14. This is amazing and amys acting is soooooo good here. Omgsh i love it!!! & the mom too & counsler..but amys facial expressions are absolutley amazing lol i love it!

  15. It IS true that older people don't want to learn modern technology because of the old, dog new tricks mantra.. BUT young people are also fucking clueless.. they think that THEY are computer savvy simply because they have an Instagram and a Facebook.. it's overly arrogant of them and even more dangerous because they don't know how naive they are. They are getting their private photos and bank information hacked as much as anybody else. Let's all get off our high horse and realize most of us, no matter the age, are retarded when it comes to modern technology.

  16. I can teach quantum physics to kids with enough patience but teaching my parents how to send an email is impossible.

  17. Knows how to turn on the tv, toaster, dishwasher, iron, oven, stove, blender, mixer, stereo . . . why do older people freeze up with computers. They think it's some magical wizard machine.

  18. As tempted as I am to send this video via text to my Mom, I fear she won't know how to open it and get it to play. She'll be confused as to why I texted her a picture of Amy Schumer. Lord. Help. Us.

  19. S T O P. RA P E I N G. B a B I E S
    Educating stupidity ,…/ true / /_ but here how bout we look zt it like this // i have one ???/ // and why dod people get off of Facebook / that what they said they needed // how the hot dlburnt hell do i need Facebook ,if i aint already on it // that dont make no damn sense / if im not try to talk to you on Facebook i wouldn't trt to talk to her / // no you keep sniffing her ass // really yall wanted her out /she just proved to hzrd to dog / ….?cheese grater

  20. My mother used to get really mad at me for not automatically knowing how her electronics worked, particularly things like Word programs or features I never had to use.

    I learned just to let her struggle and swim on her own. She eventually got a smartphone and stopped having those issues as she does the most basic of things and calmly assesses the situation or googles it. Like, before it was just an easy answer to yell at someone else to do it. (like the on button in the beginning, lady wasn't even looking for an answer)

    Reminds me of how videogames were harder when I was a kid, but I never complained.

  21. My dad acts this way with a t.v. remote. .. A TV REMOTE! I've written down on paper step for step process in order to watch movies (vcr of course) then to get to and from cable tv. .. I came back by after a few weeks, and he had almost immediately lost the paper.

  22. This is my mother with All technology! ? I felt so proud years ago when she converted from a flip phone to an iPhone but after all these years she still calls me like, “Can you come over? I’m trying to post a picture to Facebook & it won’t work!” And her pc’s desktop has over 50 Icons because even though she’s had a computer since the 90’s she doesn’t understand what a folder is! And yes, it’s 2019 & she still uses AOL, and PAYS FOR IT! ??

  23. I had a full-fledged meltdown dealing with my mother and her computer issues because it never stops, and my mom doesn't even ”try.”

  24. It's a generational thing. We'll get ours when we're older and all the young people are using technology we can't understand and don't want to deal with.

  25. I don't get why people hate Amy so much. Yes her Netflix special was horrible, but she has talent, Inside Amy was great, she does not deserve the hate she gets

  26. My mother once called me in a panic because their satellite service was temporarily out. Explaining to her how to turn her receiver off and then back on was like solving a crime. She also wondered aloud if the outage was due to a terrorist attack.

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