INSULIN PLANT – MAGIC treatment for Diabetes claimed by Ayurvedic Medicine

INSULIN PLANT – MAGIC treatment for Diabetes claimed by Ayurvedic Medicine

Hi everyone! Today will look into an interesting herbal
plant known as the Insulin Plant or Keukand Plant or kostum plant in hindi � which is
believed to be a magic plant used in the herbal treatment of diabetes mellitus. In the end we also talk on all its beneficial
effects, the dosage and how to use it in diabetes. Stay tuned.. Chamaecostus cuspidatus or Costus igneus commonly
name fiery costus or spiral flag, is a herbaceous plant in the Costaceae family native to eastern
Brazil and also south east Asia. In India, it is popularly known as insulin
plant because of its use in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-diabetic properties. So in India its cultivated mainly for this
purpose, but elsewhere its grown as an ornamental plant. This is a herb and the maximum height achieved
by this plants is about two feet. It even gets flowers in summer which are usually
orange in color. Its called spiral flag because its leaves
are arranged in a spiral fashion around the stem. Now few points on the growth and propagation
of insulin plant. The plant grows very quickly and easily and
again this is also a zero maintenance plant. It does well in some sunshine or partly shady
areas. Perhaps about 2 to 3 hours direct sunlight
is sufficient for this plant. Regarding Water and Soil requirements: Just
requires regular watering and a well drained soil � the regular soil what we make is
about 40 percent garden soil, 30 % sand or cocopeat or even perlite plus about 10 to
20 percent vermicompost or any compost . And the propagation is easy by stem cutting. Will make a separate video on this once this
present plant grows bigger and large enough to fetch some cuttings. Now lastly few points on its Benefits:
– In Ayurvedic Medicine, its leaves are believed to increase the production of insulin from
pancreas. – So the consumption of its leaves is believed
to lower the blood glucose levels. – According to Ayurvedic research and studies,
diabetics were found to lower their sugar levels after oral ingestion of leaves of insulin
plant. – Its also believed to have Anti � hypolipidemic
property � meaning it can lower your bad cholesterol and triglycerides (that�s body
fat). – Its also believed to have some Anti-Cancer
effect, Anti-Oxidant effect and also Anti-inflammatory effect � like anti microbial effect as claimed
by Ayurveda. The Prescribed regime for Diabetics is like
this: The patient has to chew 2 leaves in the morning
and again in evening for 1 week daily. Then for another 3 weeks, one leaf in the
morning and one in evening daily. So total 30 days therapy. So if you or your loved ones have diabetes,
do try this at home and let us know in comments section. And if you like the video please click a Thumbs
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episode and Happy Gardening.

21 Replies to “INSULIN PLANT – MAGIC treatment for Diabetes claimed by Ayurvedic Medicine”

  1. GKVK is a renowned Research Organization. It is important to provide references when you claim that the "Insulin Plant" cures diabetes. By just saying Ayurvedic research has shown to reduce Sugar levels is NOT a Scientific statement. Please publish the data from research, where there is CLEAR evidence of improvement / cure. Thank you and look forward to more Professional advice from GKVK.

  2. I want to know. What size leaves are you using for dosage of 2 or 3 leaves . I have my plants… many are 5 feet high with leaves they are 10 inches long! Do you have a measure of grams or other advice for dosage?

  3. hi This treatment is helpful in all typed of Diabetes ( Type 1)? As there is no authentic test for body creating insulin or not . it is just referred only.

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