Intro to Homeopathy – Dr. Frank King || Homeopathy 101 | How does Homeopathy work

Intro to Homeopathy – Dr. Frank King || Homeopathy 101 | How does Homeopathy work

Charlene Bollinger: When asked what homeopathy
is, most people have a difficult time defining this unique form of treatment. Ty Bollinger: Dr. Frank King, who specializes
in homeopathy and who wrote “The Healing Revolution”, gave a great explanation about
homeopathy in his presentation called “Cancer Prevention and Correction with Homeopathy”
at last year’s Truth About Cancer Live Event in Orlando. Charlene Bollinger: Here’s a little excerpt
from this presentation which anyone who is new to homeopathy should watch. Enjoy. Dr. Frank King: I want to give you the most
vital information that you could most powerfully use, so I have some questions for you so I
can zero this talk right in to your personal needs. We’re here to empower you. We’re here to equip you with tools to take
your health much higher. So, with that, we’re going to—this is
what we’re talking about. We’ve been doing homeopathy and all sorts
of natural healing for over 40 years, and in those 40 years we’ve been searching diligently
to develop better ways—how to integrate specific different
techniques and products to really take care of many of the health problems that are plaguing
our society today. And in this process, we have found this unique
thing called homeopathy. Can you say homeopathy? “Homeopathy!” How many people have never taken a homeopathic
remedy before? Just show me. I have a very smart and experienced crowd
here. How many people have taken a homeopathic remedy? Okay. How many people have had a wonderful healing
experience taking a homeopathic remedy? Just about the same number. How many people have taken a homeopathic remedy
and nothing happened? Come on be honest. Why? Cause if that happens, because homeopathy
is very detailed in getting to the underlying causes with any type of symptom, weakness,
or ailment that you might have. And whenever you’re very specific in addressing
the underlying cause, you will also need to be very individualized. The key to the great success of homeopathy
is finding the right remedies. And what we have done is to make this once
complex elusive healing art of homeopathy—and turn into something that everyone can experience
its many, many benefits. Homeopathy addresses and deals and will correct
problems that nothing else will address. We’ll talk about that today, and why homeopathy
is such an essential part for everybody’s lives. It is something– Homeopathy offers solutions to you that nothing
else will address, and not to put anything down—we use it all—but homeopathy addresses
dimensions within the body that only homeopathy can address. And so that is one of the unique things about
homeopathy. We’ve been doing this again for over 40
years and in this process, we’ve learned—we’ve been healing maniacs. How many people just love studying natural
health/love always seeking more knowledge? Come on, holds those hands up. You’re healing revolutionists. High five. And how many people are practitioners here? I just like to see a hand of practitioners. How many people are patients or are actually
lay people utilizing natural health care? About equal, pretty close to equal, that’s
very nice. So here we have developed different specific
homeopathic products for specific cancers. These are only available to practitioners,
so we can help you find a practitioner, or if you know a practitioner that’s interested
but doesn’t understand homeopathy yet, we can actually make the connection and help
equip your doctor positively and effectively using homeopathy. So, homeopathy is a very unique thing. When most people are asked what is homeopathy,
they have a difficult time sometimes defining this unique thing called homeopathy. You will be able to define homeopathy today
and understand its uniquenesses and how you can implement those both in your lives and
in other’s lives as well. So, I wrote a book called The Healing Revolution. This book is really all about empowering people. The word doctor means—it’s a Latin word,
it means to teach. And we were all about having been committed
since the late 70s actually it started in the early 70s converting our family farm to
organic; 450 acres, and in that process learned about natural healing, and been hooked ever
since. And so, when we went into practice in the
late 70s we were always committed to teaching our patients. Giving classes, a series of 10 classes, one
evening a week and then they graduated from these classes. And in that, we taught our patients everything
we could possibly teach them about natural healing techniques, how they can implement
them in their lives, and for their families…help their friends. And we find about one in every 10 people,
maybe one in 12 people actually have what we call the heart of the healer inside of
them. And I can tell when I asked that question
earlier you have that heart of a healer within you and I am so honored to stand before other
healing revolutionists. Ty Bollinger: Great information. Thank you so much Dr. King. I hope you learned a little bit about homeopathy
from that presentation. Charlene Bollinger: That was good. Thank you so much. And thank you for joining us. Buh-bye.
Ty Bollinger: See you next time.

5 Replies to “Intro to Homeopathy – Dr. Frank King || Homeopathy 101 | How does Homeopathy work”

  1. Sorry but, this short video contained only promotional infomration, not any introduction to what it actually is.

  2. That doesn't even qualify as a teaser, not even the slightest…I am becoming disillusioned with this whole campaign. What is the title above? "Intro to Homeopathy – Dr. Frank King || Homeopathy 101 | How does Homeopathy work" I wouldn't call that an intro to Homeopathy. He just said the word a few times. Didn't explain, define, expound in the slightest. And then the last four words of the deceptive title…"How does Homeopathy work"…did I miss that description of how Homeopathy works? Oh….it wasn't in there? Even though that is clearly stated in the title? Imagine that.

    I initially had a lot of hope with regard to Ty and all this information. Now it seems downright deceitful. Again the only part of that presentation we were shown that had anything to do with homeopathy was that he said the word several times. That was it. Laughing and shaking my head here. Getting pathetic. Shame on you Mr. Bollinger.

  3. This man is so pathetic that he just makes me laugh. He is not even clear what he means by homeopathy.

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