iPhone 7 – Now Shatter Proof?

iPhone 7 – Now Shatter Proof?

The iPhone 7. It’s a hot phone. Right?! A hot device. Everybody is talking about it, everybody wants one. They wanna get a fresh, smooth, nice looking new phone. But here’s a thing you DON’T think about. You don’t think about shattering that brand new device, do you? You don’t think about the what the screen is gonna look like when little shards of glass getting up underneath your skin. There’s something you can do, to avoid that from ever happening. Or at least, that’s what Rhinoshield has told me. They reached out, they said, “Lew, we would love to sponsor an episode and we want to send you the iPhones.” There’s one here on the table, TWO more right here! They’re like, “Do whatever you want, beat them up, slam them with a hammer!”. But, assuming that we have success here, I’m just going to give these away because I don’t think anything is about to get destroyed right now. So, Rhinoshield – who are they? They make various accessories for smartphones. iPhone, iPhone 7 as I mentioned. But also even the new Pixel phone. According to Jack they put 4000lbs of weight on top of this screen protector. I feel like I want to test that too, so I don’t know, maybe in an upcoming video. But anyways, that’s been pre-installed on this iPhone 7, but they also have this product right: the bumper case. This is the new thing right here. It exceeds military drop test standards, it’s easy to grip, light-weight… This is kind of important, because the iPhone 7 is super slippery. Especially the color I like best, which is the matte black. It’s one thing to be able to grip onto it to avoid those drops in the first place. They claim you can drop this from 11 feet. Do we have 11 feet in here? Custom formulated polymer, honeycomb structure… Pretty slim, pretty sleek…let’s see what it looks like Just like that. Okay, so now we have something to grip onto here. Now, it is raised up a little bit, so when you put it down on a flat surface, Your device is not touching that surface, even though it’s exposed. Cutouts for all the necessary areas… If you do end up using this with the screen protector as well, you can see that it fits in there perfectly. It’s not like it’s getting all squished up against the bumpers. They are made to work together, alright. Now before we get to the… (Nearly uses hammer) I`m going to get up higher than before in this show. Look, I`m taking the phone with me. This is unprecedented! Guy`s, we are up higher than ever before. Probably about 6 feet up here. Or I could go higher… Ok, never mind. Now that`s probably like 8 feet. I just want the perfect drop to get through here. Are you ready Jack? 3.2.1. (Phone drops) Ohhh! Hah! Would you look at that! Complete and utter survival. A lot of the time you end up with a smashed screen. It hits on the corner. And you get those little cracks from the entire display. From the amount of pressure, that has to be absorbed in the glass itself. You are getting some drop protection and it’s a huge improvement over just having the bare phone. That`s all fine and dandy. Fun and Games. You came here to see if it can hold up. To a hammer. Now of course we have the screen protector on there So this is the moment of truth. I`m going to take a hammer to it. Cross your fingers. Let`s see what happens. Maybe just start lets just give her a few… Ahh, right! Alright alright alright! It kind of bounces off it Is it time to step it up a notch?! It`s time to get crazy! Here we go! Ohhh! Woo! Woo! Wow! Come on! That is shocking! I don`t know if i can hit it harder. Do you want me to hit it harder again? About to mess up something. Wow! Can you show the people what`s happening here? That`s full blast man! Even the screen protector after that beating is in still pretty good shape. I don`t know if people know… How easily things smash. iPhone 5S here… Does not work. Did you water damage it? Ohh! Rest in Peace to Jack`s old iPhone 5S. So before I take off… I just want to remind you guys… Cool people at Rhino Shield. They send a bunch of stuff. Look at this! It`s all for you. I have the details in the description.. But follow me on twitter… and I’ll be sending this stuff out to… maybe you!

100 Replies to “iPhone 7 – Now Shatter Proof?”

  1. This company is no good. No phone number to call. If you have an issue with the product, good luck! You will get a bunch of polite emails that will get you no where!

  2. This dude below me….. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
    Military grade does not mean the military has standards. My father is in the armed forces. ‘Military Grade’ just means it is a tough hrade

  3. He takes his hammer to the phone (keep in mind it is same exact phone as mine ), no cracks. Me 6 months after I buy mine, drops from car door to the street, shatters into a million pieces. But this was entertaining

  4. I got a question: IF there is a VERY LITTLE TINY fracture on the perimetre of the bumper cover, is the whole structure compromised?

  5. Try those tests again on a tile floor, not a bouncy desk and see what happens. That was still pretty impressive though.

  6. Not a correct test. The phones casing is absorbing the hammer against the table but try smacking the hammer against the phone only and the screen will smash. That would be a realistic test. That's what tempered glass is designed to do crack before your actual phone screen is cracked, if the screen makes contact with the ground first. So no not a correct test of what would happen to your phones screen in real life. However smacking the hammer against the screen with that case on is still impressive.

  7. If you really want to crack it, drop it from your pocket on a hard carpet floor and you'll get your wish haha

  8. to me i think its a waste of money but hey its their money or I think. who would want to drop their phone unless its accidentally. people never seem to amaze me just how dumb they are. please give my message to them saying you fucking retards. like seriously who give a shit if the phone break jam up so be it why be a cry baby bitch about it grow the fuck up

  9. Ugh
    Bought like 5 glass screen protectors
    Most of them got like a halo around the edges with my case on might be to tight so it squeezes the edges and I’m on my fifth screen and 4 extras I’m saving for friends and family to use but this one I have on has a bubble on the corners only and I can’t squeeze them out or anything so I’m looking for the perfect screen protector or might just get another case….I don’t much like the big bulky ones the one I have has full protection but it’s slim and tough so yeah lol

  10. I stabbed my iPhone 7 plus it didn't work at first and then I gave up and dropped it AND THE WHOLE FUGGING SCREEN CRACKED I WAS LIKE SLFLALLFLF WTFF

  11. I drop my phone a lot and so I have tiny cracks all over my screen protector I really need to stop dropping my phone

  12. lol that smash test was a pussy test…. and then you smash the other phone you did use allot more momentum hahaha crap test and i normal like your videos bro xD you can do better then this ! dont hold your self back for your audiense 😉
    hmm i still give you thumbs up in hope of you do a better test this this silly one 🙂 test it to maximum till it craks 😉

  13. Shoulda put the protector on the old iPhone and see how it did and hit the new phone without the protector as well. Coulda made this at least a little bit scientific as well if you’re risking a brand new phone. Worst testing methods possible.

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