Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | Ayurvedic Treatment – Real Testimonial

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | Ayurvedic Treatment – Real Testimonial

Ok. You tell what is your name? Shailesh Tiwari From where you have come? I belong to Mumbai only ! I have come from Bhandup, Mumbai So today I am in Mumbai, I was seeing patients and Shailesh ji have come to see me and he lives here in Bhandup. He was suffering from some diseases of Gastrointestinal tract, which was very chronic and now it’s cured. So let’s ask him what his problem was. So please you tell me what was the problem and since when you were suffering from the problem. I was suffering from IBS and constipation from last 5-6 years. Ok.. IBS from last 6-7 years. I came to you in February 2017. I completed the course of 3 months medicine. 2nd time I came to you in the month of May then I again did another course of 3 months i.e. total 6 months. After 6 months of taking medicines, I am feeling so relaxed that I feel that I never suffered from any disease. IBS basically causes many problems among people. What were the symptoms you were facing? It was Gastric.. Severe gastric, acidity, severe acidity, hyper acidity. Yes Burning too. I could not pass the stool. You felt like going to toilet again and again?? No..No.. It won’t come. I was constipated. Whatever I would eat, I would feel nausea and feel like throwing up.. This was my condition. Then which medicine you took and you felt that this is a good medicine? The Sanjivani vati (the one which you have given me in the prescription), Sanjivani Vati, Kutazghan Vati, Amalaki Rasayana, Digestion Support, all these in the prescription for 6 months… Yes, Pitta balance also. So I took them all for 6 months. Basically vata and Pitta imbalance is the cause of IBS. This causes formation of air, gas in the abdomen. Sometimes the patient feels constipation and sometimes the urge to go to toilet again and again. Whatever he eats, he feels like going to toilet, or feels that he has not completely evacuated yet. His Agni (Digestive Fire) gets disturbed. There is fire imbalance. To restore the balance of pitta, We give Pitta Balance which contains Praval, jahar mohra, mukta, Akik, giloy. The combination of all of these is Pitta Balance Capsule. Other than this is Sanjivani vati, which improves the digestive fire and prevents formation of Ama i.e. toxis. What happens in this is that whatever a person eats or heavy food, it doesn’t get digested and remains as uncooked juice or Aamras (endotoxins). To digest this AamRas, we give Ayurvedic herbal formula Sanjivani Vati. It contains 8-10 herbs. We give Sanjivani Vati, Kutazghan Vati, Pitta Balance. Kutazghan vati stops the urge to go to toilet again and again and also good for Ama (toxins) digestion. The Digestion Support also helps in improving the Digestive fire and prevents formation of undigested juice from food. Usually People suffering from IBS also get depressed and they are told that you will need Psychiatric treatment. Yes, I was also referred for Psychiatric treatment but I didn’t go. Then they start depression medicines and also sleeping pills. Don’t take those sleeping pills and don’t go into depression. It’s possible to treat it in Ayurveda. If you keep taking depression medicines, then what will happen your disease will continue for years. What changes I asked you to make in Diet. Dairy products completely stop. Milk and milk products. I just consumed Dal, Roti, Sabji (pulses, Indian bread, vegetables, rice, Salad) whatever I maintained all these. Any packaged food for example biscuit, chips, salty snacks should all be avoided. Anything which comes out of the packets should not be eaten. Milk and milk products should be avoided. Cow gives milk but never consumes milk. Cow only gives milk and doesn’t drink. All the animals-the female part of the species of the mammals gives milk, which is only for the baby of the mother. What we do, we bring cow’s milk. In Rajasthan state, you also get camel’s milk. Similarly in all different parts of the world, people drink milk of various animals. Some drink milk of goat and some of sheep. The characteristics of all types of milk are mentioned in Ayurveda but, they’re good for the sick. But, daily use of milk on a regular basis is not good. Some are lactose intolerant where as some have casein intolerance and some are intolerant to other proteins in the milk which give rise to various autoimmune disorders. Moreover, since, cow is a female she is given injections to increase the quantity of milk and they are the same injections which are given to a girl to increase the quantity of milk and we consume that milk and start developing traits of a girl. By the effect of this milk males turn in to a girl and male impotency increases and the count of male hormones decreases. People say drinking milk will give you strength and provides calcium. Instead of drinking milk, if you eat the grass (greens) the cow eats. The cow might be getting her calcium from somewhere. Similarly, if you eat a little coriander leaves, mint leaves. Eating natural foods will curb all the problems like gastric, acidity, burning effect and IBS. With this, all I want to say to the viewers is that please give priority to natural food and natural lifestyle and stay away from artificial drugs and foods. You treated my Kidney stones along with IBS. Ok, you had Kidney Stone also? What was the size of stone in mm? I had 3.5 mm stones in my left kidney and 2.5mm in the right kidney. I am totally cured from kidney stone also. With IBS my kidney stones are also cured. That’s good. Basically when there is excess calcium, by drinking milk excessive amounts of calcium gets accumulated that also turn into kidney stones and the packed foods we eat also turn into kidney stones. The stones of 3-5 mm and in Ayurveda, the stones of 1.5 cm or more can be dissolved and flushed out. 3-4 mm sized stones can be flushed out with the consumption of ample amounts of water. Even if the stone is bigger that than 1.5cm -2cm Ayurveda has such herbs which dissolve the stone and it is then, flushed out. It is really good that his kidney stone also got flushed out and IBS is also treated. I am feeling relaxed that in these six months I have got my IBS and Kidney stone cured. That’s a very good news. I wish you a healthy life and in future also, you always remain healthy. Thanks a lot.

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  1. My Question is as He said He is feeling completely fine So now can he eat milk products, sweets & other things which were not allowed during this course?? If not then from when??
    Request you to give me a genuine answer..

  2. sir alcohol lik akut cronies pancreatitis elaaj batavoo piiij or video banavo piij herbal treatments batavoo piiij

  3. Sir i am suffering from i.b.s since last 2 years.
    I have tried many allopathic medicines but no result.
    I have lost 20 kg of my weight. I have alternate daiherria with constipation. I have also semi-digested stool. Always i feel bloated, loss of appetite, pain in stomach in morning.
    I am in big problem please help me.???

  4. I got stomach pain everyday I feel like something in stuck in my stomach doctor saying is ibs and anxiety but I'm worried why I got stomach pain everyday day I'm so worried

  5. sir mujhe ibs ki peoblem hai 4-5 year se aur mujhe stool patla aata hai aur baar baar jana padta mai dard marod aur jalan bahut hoti hai aur gas bahut jyada banti hai.rectum mai hamesha pressure feel hota rahta hai.motion laga laga sa feel hota hai.mai kafi dawa le chuki hu but aaram nahi mila homyopathy mai bhi try kar rahi hu but relief nahi ho raha.plz suggest kare mujhe ayurvedic mai kya treatment leni chahiye.

  6. सर मेरा उम्र 22 साल है, मुझे 16 महीने से आंव और चिकनाई जाता है शुरुआत में 3 महीने तक ब्लड भी गया और बंद हो गया और तब से आंव और चिकनाई जाने लगा खाना बिल्कुल नहीं पचता है

  7. सर मुझे मल बंध के नहिं आता हे सुबह एक हि मोशन बनता है मल किचङ ओर चिकना आता है पूरा पेट साफ नहीं हुवा ऐसा लगता हे लगभग 8 महीने से प्रोब्लम हे मदद करे उम्र 34

  8. सर ulcerative colites पूरी तरह से ठीक हो सकता है l आपका दवाई online कर चुका हूं l इस दवाई का साइड इफेक्ट भी हो सकता है

  9. सर गेंदे के फूल को कैसे ले सकते हैं ulcerative colitis मे आपका madicien चल रहा है

  10. Sir.. I was diagonised with IBS 10 years back. There is always gas in my stomach and always feel like fire burning inside my guts. I always feel movement of some fizzy substance in my whole abdomen and have a constant urge for toilet throghout the day .. after my banking job m I never go anywhere else. I have lost my weight and my eyes are damaged.. my social life is totally ruined. I want to meet you but it's difficult for me and also having problem for taking leave..I beg you to help if you want. I will pay your fees online.. I don't want to live this life anymore. I m 32 years old. Lives in LOHARDAGA district of jharkhand. Whatever I eat it produces a lot of lot of gas and inflammation. I have stopped walking and always use vehicles. My immunity is very weak. I have became a mere skeleton. I beg you to help me.

  11. Sir mai Nepal SE hu mujay avi avi malum huwa hai mere doctor Kai through se 4 years Kai bad so main bahut jada parisan hu sir agar Nepal mai yai roge ki Kogi illage nahi hai sir Mera Nepal SE India aana difficult hai so mai kya karu sir give me ur advice sir plz plz plz

  12. sir Maine endoscopy bioscopey CT scan saare chek up Kara liye Sab normal hai lekin kuch bhi hagam nahi hota doctor IBS bataye hai plz help me

  13. Sir aap ke number dijiye mujhe aapse milna hai please mein pichle 12 saalo se pet ki bimari se bahut jyada pareshaan hoon please aap ke number dijiye sir I need your help

  14. Sir the dosage is mentioned as 2+2+2+1 all after meals twice daily. So do we take 7 tablets together after lunch and rest 7 after dinner or there should be a break in taking tablets ?

  15. Sir mere ultrasound report mein gas shadow ++ and mild gut wall changes dikha raha hai . Iska matlab muje is hai ya nahi ?

  16. hello sir mujhe 3 saal se ibs ki problem 1 month ka ibs care pack lene se meri problem thik ho jaegi.ya chandigarh ana padega. plz reply sir

  17. I m suffering from ibs since 2015. I hv loosed about 11-12 kgs since. I m 5'7 and my weight is now 56-57 kgs which was about 68-69 kgs. After diagnosing my issue i tried my allopathic, homeopathic, and ayurvedic treatment as well but nothing works for me. Now i am totally hopeless. Symptoms are loss of appetite, bowl not clean in one motion have to visit 5-6 times a day, sticky and small pieces stool. Stool not passes properly. After eating i feel uncomfortable in my stomach, feels like urge to visit toilet. But when i goto toilet nothing passes sometimes only little amount of mucus passes. And i always feel tired. I cant focus at anything else. My health and mental condition is decreasing day by day.

  18. What is inflammatory bowel disease ??I have been suffered from this disease according to CECT of my abdomin.weight loss ,anemia,vomit,dairiya,constupation,stomach pain,fatigue,black eye circle,lost sleepness,want sucide, these are my current problems after this ibs.

  19. ibs cure ke testimonials videos aur dikho jis tarah ulcerative colitis cure ke bahut saare dikhye h phir trust hoga ki ibs is cureble

  20. Hello sir. mize din me tool pass karne je liya 5-6 bar jana padta. gas bahut hoti hai. kabj (cough) hai.

  21. Sir mujhe ibs 3 sal se hai…dava khane se theek ho jata h aur bad me fir se ho jata h ….medical periods me bhi 7 me pet kharab hota rhta h…constipation jyada rahta h aur dirria bhi ho jati h…sir iska ek month ka charge kitna hoga..meri arthik sthiti theek nhi hai ..plz sir reply kar dijiye

  22. Sir I am suffering from IBS since 10 years with sever cough and lots of complications .all the tests carried out nothing find out but every time find cryptosporidium.

  23. 2009 से आज दिनांक 26/10/2018 को मेरी पेट की स्थति इस प्रकार है – पेट पूरा साफ नहीं हो रहा है केवल 2 बार लैट्रीन जा रहा हूं पर जैसा खा रहा हूं वैसा ही बदहजमी वाला निकाल रहा है,पर अगर कोई दवाई लेता हूं पेट साफ करने की तो लैट्रिन में झाग ओर आंव जाने लगता है,ओर बार बार लैट्रिन जाना पड़ता है आंत में नीचे गुदा से उपर छाती तक जलन ओर सूजन है ,पेट में गैस बहुत बन रही है जिससे सर में दर्द ओर भारीपन है, पूरे पेट में कुछ चुभन कर रहा है जैसे चने खा लिए हो, छाती में तेजाब बहुत बन रहा है जिससे छाती में ओर गले में बहुत बहुत जलन है ,उल्टी आ रही है हाथो , पैरो में आग जल रही है, ओर खाना खाने के बाद पेट में उपर दर्द होने लगता है,भूख प्यास बिल्कुल भी नहीं लग रही है,बॉडी का वजन 65kg से 48 kg गया है,
    ओर पेशाब पीला आ रहा है, पेशाब में जलन हो रही है, ओर पेशाब में चिकना लार सी जा रही है। ओर स्वपनदोष २ बार हो रहा है 1ही रात में।।।।।।।। दिमाग भी कमजोर हो रहा है नींद नहीं आती है

  24. I am suffering from ibs diarrhoea and going to bathroom many times after the meal . I have anxiety and depression.Iam more concentrated towards the stomach .How it can be cured

  25. Dear, sir,
    I am ibs problem face(stomach pain, discomfort diarrhea and constipation or both) last one year suffering.plz suggestions help me

  26. Sir mujhe bhi ibs ka problem 7-8 saal se hain.stomach phoola phoola rehta hain,aur stomach main kafi dard hota hain.please help me.

  27. Kya aap gyyarantee leker tretment kar sakte heinn jab yeii cure hosakta hein towww bataiyein sirr

  28. Sir mere ko ibs hai khana khane ke baad pet me gudd gudd hoti kya ye gass hai subah puri tarah pet bhi saaf nahi hota back daccar aati hai bahut tension me hu please help me kya ye sab theek ho sakta hai ayurved me Iska ilaaj hai

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