Is Doctor Mike the Sexiest Doctor in America?

Is Doctor Mike the Sexiest Doctor in America?

as doctors the term going viral can mean so many things that can mean running a fever maybe you’ve got some cooties or you’re an internet sensation turns out dr. macabre Chomsky knows about both his name is McAllen he’s a medical doctor but millions know him by his face he’s dr. Mike otherwise known as the hottest doctor on social media in 2015 People magazine diagnosed sexiest stock alive and since then he’s gone viral with 2.6 million followers on Instagram and his own YouTube channel this week I’d love to share with you my evening or night routine I’d love to rest but I can’t just yet because it’s gym time because it’s gym time and now the ladies of the internet are asking does dr. Mike make house calls [Applause] house calls to our stage please welcome dr. Mike back to the show wait really real quick so dr. Mike 10 years hosting show dr. Ordon I come out here and never once ever have we received that kind of reception so [Music] [Applause] that last name bar Chomsky your polish right I’m Russian bored actually not it’s mine okay Eastern Europe yes yes so the female fans I’m curious this last time we saw you are they recognizing you more you’re clearly out and about yeah I’m the city I’m in the community I’m trying to run around and do some medicine on the street which is not something that you traditionally see a doctor do but we have fun with it a lot of people recognize me more people now more than ever are coming to see me and because I’m a doctor that focuses on prevention we can catch cancers early because of these selfies it’s pretty amazing actually so people come up to you on the street asking for medical advice sir so I do something a segment called street medicine where I run around the streets of New York City and just say hey I’m a doctor what question do you have and you’d be surprised of stuff that we hear where does that where does that error YouTube YouTube is a it’s on the Internet and you want to see how many things I have up on YouTube go check it out [Music] by the way dr. Bober you’ve been speechless a little bit I feel like the luckiest woman on earth I understand congratulations are in order you just missed your residency yes just this July family medicine I’m officially official in New York and New Jersey now licensed invokes diagnosed People’s Sexiest doctor alive corrected November 2015 since last you came yep any tips for these two incredible doctor I don’t know about tips for these guys but how about a tip for all this paddle to be on the next People magazine’s sexiest doctors on hey real quickly news on the street you have a girlfriend since we saw you lie I do have a girlfriend she’s a beautiful lady she helps me a lot she’s actually in the business she is an anchor for a good day wake up in New York and she teaches me a lot of what I know and how to be comfortable in front of the camera so if I mess up today blame her about the limitless tomorrow foundation because I know that’s a charitable organization absolutely I’m so passionate about giving back to the community because of all the fame that I’ve gotten and all of the reception I’ve gotten on social media I said what’s the best way I can give back right away and that was by starting this foundation that gives back to people that are just like me had financial issues came to this country with nothing but worked hard to achieve what they want so I don’t look at strictly GPAs I look at them as if they were a patient I look at them as a whole I don’t see a disease I see a whole person in front of me so we interview people we see who’s going to be the next leader of tomorrow and we give them some money to overcome their financial challenges and meet their goals you

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  1. The sexiest thing about him is his knowledge. He seems to really know his stuff, I so much enjoy his video's. And sure he's super cute and lovely. ❤

  2. I love his YouTube channel if I had him as a doctor man I'd be sick with everything in the book 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  3. I love his YouTube ! He’s so adorable! I like he actually answers your comments and talks to you . Wish all doctors were like this ! He seems like such a nice man and I’d have a problem trying to not blush around him

  4. When I first read the title I thought it said "Is Doctor Mike the Sexist Doctor in America?" and I was like "waIT WHAT"

  5. Wow…??? So many people don’t have lives that they have to follow someone else’s???How fukin 😢 was that

  6. Nono no no no I'm not joking my uncle is he is a er sergin and I die when I see him and he revives me

  7. I feel like whenever someone is appreciated for something, people feel the need to put them down. If the title had been "Doctor Mike is a good looking doctor" or "Is Doctor Mike the most average looking Doctor in America?", the comments would have been "Good looking/average? HE'S SEXY AS HELL!", but since the title is "Is doctor Mike the sexiest doctor in America", the comments are all like "He's not special" and "He's not even cute, he's average". Why do people have to be put down in order to be complimented, and will be put down and called overrated as soon as someone says something positive? I feel like the reactions from the people calling him average aren't quite genuine and just want to put him down because of the title.
    DISCLAIMER, I'm not a butthurt fan of Dr Mike. He's not even my type, but I do see why people would call him the sexiest doctor as he undoubtedly is very attractive. This rant I just did just comes from the experience of ALWAYS seeing people be put down as soon as someone appreciates something about them, or calls them the best at something. The reaction is always "Eh, not that great".

  8. No offence to Dr Mike but I get the impression he's a workaholic. He works long shifts at the hospital, he does a YouTube show, he works out, travels the world, now is the Sexiest Doctor Alive, does photo shots, starting a foundation, saves lives – he's friggin Superman. I hope he has time for his his girlfriend and family, and his girlfriend does the same.

  9. Hi! I be from Finland. I dreaming living in to USA. But What I need to know before it? And What I need before moving to USA. some I dreaming? I think about mine health.. ?

  10. Google voisi käyttää 'oletusjärkeä' käyttäessään tietokoneita kääntäessään tekstejä ja ottaa opikseen seuraten tekstejä, joita Google kuitenkin seuraa! Hiukan kansallisseurantaa enem- män,


  12. Beauty is subjective #
    Dr. Travis Stork is truly handsome compare to Dr. Mike, his personality is very much attractive, Dr. Travis Stork makes me nervous 😊

  13. Hello Doctors I like your show, I have a question? I have a problem with my nose, and my nose is clean I have no problem with my breathing, But I do have a problem with my nasal drainage, is going into my throat and my ears, instead of my nose constantly, and there is nothing coming out from my nose. is this normal ? and I have a problem with my Voice too. I went to so many doctors They don’t know what’s going on. Please help me I need help. I am tired of my situation.🙏🙏🙏

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