Is Homeopathy Just Placebo?

Is Homeopathy Just Placebo?

“Is Homeopathy Just Placebo?” What about homeopathy? Not for canker sores— but for ADHD, asthma, cancer, dementia,
influenza, and the induction of labor? A meta-analysis of all the best
studies was published this year covering all those conditions. Homeopathy: good, bad,
or a waste of money? According to the best science we have: useless. Homeopathy advocates claim that the medical establishment’s
campaign against them is no more than a witch hunt. It didn’t help matters this year, when the British Medical Association
declared homeopathy is “witchcraft.”

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  1. I used homeopathic remedies for the last thirty years and used them with my children, family members, and friends for most common acutes and some mild chronic diseases and they worked great, sometimes the healing is so fast and complete it still fascinate me

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