Is It Good To Take Probiotics DURING Antibiotic Treatment?

Is It Good To Take Probiotics DURING Antibiotic Treatment?

Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thank you for coming back to my channel and
looking at another video. A question I’ve been asked at least three
times in the last week is, is it okay and beneficial to take probiotics during or whilst
I’m taking an antibiotic? Well, to me, that’s dumb logic. That’s like spraying live glyphosate around
a plant that you’ve just … you know, you’re spraying weedkiller somewhere and then you’re
putting fertilizer on at the same time. Okay? It just doesn’t make sense. It’s dumb, it’s illogical. It’s a stupid idea. Medical people seem to think that it’s okay. I just read on a well known medical website
where it said that you can take probiotics advantageously two hours after you take an
antibiotic. Well, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s a stupid idea. What’s that based on? You know? There are many studies that actually show
that it’s illogical and it doesn’t work. Some studied show for, some studies show against. But common sense says it’s a dumb thing to
do, so don’t do it. In my opinion, just wait. If you’re going to take an antibiotic, give
yourself a period of a few days after that for the dust to settle in the gut and the
gut to calm down a bit, and then take a probiotic. Even better still, take a little bit of yogurt,
sour Greek yogurt without fruit or special sugars in it is a good idea. Don’t go putting lots and lots of Kefir and
Sauerkraut and bone broth and all this stuff in there really quickly to try and restore
function. Doesn’t work like that. Once you take an antibiotic, you create a
massive amount of disarray in the gut. You’re creating huge problems, because you’re
not just killing beneficial bacteria and dysbionic bacteria, you’re also pushing large groups
of bacteria like prevotella, bacteritic, firmicutes. You’re pushing all these things all around
into different quadrants. It’s a little bit like you get a whole gang
of new guys coming into town and they’re punching everybody up, they’re shooting people. Everybody starts taking different types of
territories. Okay? You can’t just walk in there like being the
good sheriff and trying to get everybody back again. It doesn’t work like that. Eating a healthy diet after antibiotics is
a very smart idea. Check out two of my videos on prebiotic foods. So, when you’ve taken an antibiotic, smart
eating really well, particularly well after the antibiotic, because this allows the larger,
the three main groups of bacteria to come back into their own line again. Make sense. Don’t automatically immediately put probiotics
back in there. The day after you take the antibiotics, when
it’s finished, I would not jump right into a probiotic at that stage. I would wait a few more days. Eat well. Sleep well, because it’s a huge big onslaught
to the gut. So, the logic isn’t there. It’s totally an illogical thing to do, so
don’t think you can quickly reverse things around like that. I did a video, I think it was in 2015, where
I spoke about the human marker bonnet being like a very complex ecosystem like the Amazon
rainforest, where you’ve got thousands of species of insects and birds and reptiles
and amphibians and all sorts of creatures living in amongst these trees. So, you come along there and you basically
flame the whole thing. You just napalm the whole forest. That’s what an antibiotic does, is it just
flames everything in the gut. Then, of course, it can take years, sometimes
a lifetime to build that forest back again. But if you came back into that deforested
area and you started planting things carefully and watering it and nurturing it, it would
slowly come back. The planting, meaning the good foods. Foods and medicines. The priority is to get the eating right after
antibiotic therapy. Excuse me. Then if you want to really put things right,
on top of that, you take a probiotic. Try and take a probiotic that’s got enzymes
in it, because a lot of the beneficial bacteria that you wipe out produce enzymes that help
really the gut to improve. So, my using an enzyme probiotic combination
after an antibiotic, you’re going to restore the gut a lot faster than just by taking a
probiotic alone. That’s my experience based on seeing a lot
of people. Anyway, there you have it. That’s my opinion. Thanks for tuning it.

11 Replies to “Is It Good To Take Probiotics DURING Antibiotic Treatment?”

  1. Hey doc I was exposed to black mold in a new house I bought my sinuses hurt and my vision is blurry due to my eyes being dry. Is treating mold the same as Candida

  2. HI, I have SIBO from an extreme change in diet, (carnivore) coupled with stress. I am ordering your range of supplements. My question is that I have changed diet to essentially FODMAP at the moment (as I can't tolerate a lot of foods that bring back the symptons horrificly) to starve them out. I have heard that bacteria can go dormant or spore like. Will the product be able to deal with the ones that are essentially hiding? Or is there some diet changes that will help while I am taking your supplements. I am eager to hear from you and have been watching so many vids, regards, Tania. ps. My diet will change to normal healthy eating once I clear up:)

  3. Thanks a million!!! It is exactly what my logic was telling me, but the doctor and my pharmacist told me to use them together. What’s the point, if the antibiotics kill it ALL, so after your course you are left with “Tsjernobyl” anyway, eider you used probiotics or not.
    Thank you Eric! So – healthy diet of course as a basis, Greek yoghurt, sauerkraut en after a few days probiotics.
    I hope people will watch this video, because it’s a such a shame that even doctors don’t use a common sense. Parrots!
    Very grateful for this information! 💐💐💐

  4. Just wondering: do you still believe in Candida as a diagnosis? I mean, I read a diet book called The Hormone Reset diet, after reading that it makes a lot of sense why the Candida diet would make people feel better, it's an extreme hormone balancing elimination diet. Doesn't follow that they had a disease called Candida, just that they eliminated junk food and felt better.

  5. I had taken a very hard round of antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection that never ended. Two out of seven days I took a probiotic then I stopped. Once I ended the 7 days of antibiotic therapy, I have not been able to get back to my normal way of eating. I am having food intolerances to everything. Histamine intolerance seems to be the worst. Now, I am taking a ultra high probiotic but I know I need to do a lot more. Maybe you can do a video on histamine intolerances. I know I have a overgrowth of candida. I am getting help finally 4 months later.

  6. This it’s the current thinking now, after recent studies and I have to agree.
    Taking a probiotic during antibiotics with favour the bacteria in the probiotic.
    And will take longer for your own personal good bacteria to recover naturally

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