Is medicine killing you? Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxFargo

Is medicine killing you? Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxFargo

Translator: Arvind Patil
Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Is modern medicine killing you? Or saving you? The very idea that we should
have to ask that kind of question is so upsetting to me as a doctor. I was called to medicine the way
many are called to the priesthood, as a sort of spiritual calling. My whole goal is to help you heal,
not to harm you. And yet, when you look
at the causes of death, preventable medical error
is the number three cause of death, according to
the Center for Disease Control and the Institute of Medicine. And it’s not just medical error, it’s the whole nature
of our pill-popping medical culture that’s been adopted
by patients and doctors alike. Now, we know, according
to the Center for Disease Control, that 90 percent of doctors visits
are the result of stress, and yet as a doctor I wasn’t taught
to help you deal with your stress. I was programmed to believe
that it was my job to medicate you or to operate on you, so that you could go back
to the status quo of your stressful lives. And yet I’ve started to rethink that in the research
that I’ve been doing lately. And what I’ve come to realize
is that as doctors, it is our job to help you address the fact that stress is one
of the biggest killers among us, and that maybe instead of medicating you
or operating on you solely, maybe we need to help you
address the issues that might be predisposing you
to illness or exacerbating your illness, like the toxic relationships in your life or a soul-sucking job
that’s draining your life force. (Laughter) Or financial worries, or social isolation and loneliness, or a pessimistic world view. All of these things
have been scientifically proven to predispose you to illness, and yet when was the last time
your doctor suggested that? Our healthcare system is so broken because we are in the business
of symptom relief, not symptom prevention. Dr. Andrew Weil says, “We have
a disease management system, not a healthcare system.” And we’re blind to this, we’re sort of turning
a blind eye to this, I think, because we think chronic stress
is just an inevitable part of life, it’s just how we have to live. And as doctors and patients
we are turning a blind eye to this because it’s too hard to face. We don’t want to realize
what it would take in order to alleviate our stress, to predispose us
to longer, healthier lives. So we’ve made this collective agreement: I won’t talk about it;
you won’t talk about it. You know stress is bad for your health. As a doctor, I know how many
of my patients are showing up in my office because of the stress in their lives. And yet we’ve sort of agreed
not to talk about it. But I’m here to illuminate that for us, because the idea that medicine
could be killing us is just anathema to me;
I can’t live with that. Because I have a dream
of a healed healthcare system – one in which we bring
the best of modern medicine, everything that we’ve learned
about pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions and such, and we marry it with what it means
to be a true healer, what I was called to do as a doctor, where not only am I putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms
that are the result of your stress, but I’m also putting a soul back in you. This ‘soul medicine,’ I think,
is so much of what we’ve lost in modern medicine today. I dream of being able to replace that,
of reclaiming the heart of medicine, and of reminding you what it means
to be a whole, healthy human being. This is essential because our current
healthcare system just isn’t working. We all know it. Doctors and patients alike. Yeah, it’s broken, people. This is breaking my heart, because when you look at the data, we spend more on healthcare
than any other country in the world, and yet 32 countries have longer
life expectancies than we do. Patient dissatisfaction is rising;
90 percent of hospital patients didn’t even know the name of their doctor
at the time of discharge. It’s not just patients
that are dissatisfied; doctors are just as dissatisfied. Nine out of ten doctors
would not recommend becoming a doctor. And 70 percent of Americans
take at least one prescription drug; 20 percent take five or more. So I want to show you something here. These pill bottles have a month’s
worth of medication in them. And I’m going to show you –
there’s approximately 500 of you here – I’m going to show you how much medication
it takes to medicate all of you for just one day,
based on these statistics. Now, we’ve been trained in our system
to think about medicine the way a doctor would think about
a football player in a football game. You know, the football player gets injured, so we bring the injured
football player out of the game, and we fix the ankle, and we set the bone
or we inject the joint, and we do everything we can to send the football player
back out into the game. But what a lot of people
aren’t talking about is perhaps the best thing
for the football player is to get the football player
out of the game. (Laughter) Right? And yet, it’s not just the doctor’s fault. What do we do when the star football
player says, “Doc, just do anything. Do anything you can
to get me back in the game, so we can win the Super Bowl.” That’s what many of you
as patients are doing. You are asking us as doctors
to fill you with pills so that you can go back to the game
of your stressful life. And I’m here because it’s breaking my heart
that we’re having to do that. And I want to change the game. I want to suggest that maybe
there’s a different way of doing this. So I wrote a book called
“Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof
That You Can Heal Yourself,” and it’s all about the scientific data
that proves how stress affects our bodies. This was really revolutionary
to me as a doctor. I didn’t know anything about this
four or five years ago, and it was shocking to me
to study the data because what I came to realize is that stress is not
what we think stress is. You know, I think in this culture we have this concept
that stress is like a badge of honor: “I’m stressed, therefore I’m busy,
and worthy, and important.” But to the body, stress is very different. Stress is anything that triggers
the amygdala in your brain to turn on what Walter Cannon at Harvard
called ‘the stress response,’ also known as
the ‘fight-or-flight response.’ So anything that turns on
your fight-or-flight response puts you into
the sympathetic nervous system, and fills your body
with cortisol, and epinephrine, and other very poisonous stress hormones. Now, this is good
if you’re getting chased by a tiger or about to be in a car accident
because it helps to protect your life. But your amygdala
doesn’t know the difference between getting chased by a tiger and negative thoughts,
beliefs, and feelings that originate in your mind
that turn on those stress responses. Now, what I didn’t realize,
and this was my my big aha, is that the nervous system
has two operating systems: there’s the fight-or-flight stress
response sympathetic nervous system, and there’s the parasympathetic
nervous system, or what Herbert Benson at Harvard
called ‘the relaxation response.’ And this was my big epiphany. Your body is beautifully equipped
with natural self-repair mechanisms. Your body knows how to fight cancer,
how to prevent heart disease, how to fight off infection. It does this every day. But those natural self-repair mechanisms are deactivated every time
your body’s in stress response. Now, what is stress? Stress, as I said,
is getting chased by a tiger. But stress is also social
isolation and loneliness. Stress is selling your soul
for a paycheck. Stress is a pessimistic worldview. Stress is fearful, anxious,
worried thoughts. Stress is toxic relationships. Stress is money worries. Stress is knowing that you have a song
within you that you have yet to sing. Stress is feeling out of touch
with your life’s purpose. Stress is negative beliefs
about your health. Stress is overwhelm. Stress is feeling like nobody
really gets the real you. Stress is pretending to be
something that you’re not. Stress is feeling
disconnected from Source. On average we have more
than 50 stress responses per day in modern culture. And every time the body
is in stress response, your body’s natural self-repair
mechanisms are disabled. And what kills me about this
is that as doctors, by not acknowledging that, by not helping you recognize that, by not identifying with you what might be activating
those stress responses in your body, we might be doing the unthinkable: we might actually be killing you. We might be reducing
your life expectancy, the quality of your life,
and your whole life span, and that is not okay. What we need to reclaim, is we need to reclaim the soul medicine
that medicine used to have. You know, several hundred years ago, we were much better
at the soul medicine part of this. We think that chronic stress
is an inevitable part of our lives, but we can learn from what scientists
call Blue Zones around the world. These parts of the world where people
have a greater than average percentage of people who lived to be over 100. These people know what soul medicine is. So what is the medicine
that we really need? Medicine is being loved just as you are. Medicine is helping those in need. Medicine is expressing
your creative genius. Medicine is always
seeing the glass half full. Medicine is the unconditional
love of animals. Medicine is laughing out loud. Medicine is speaking your truth. Medicine is knowing that you belong. Medicine is communing with nature. Medicine is nourishing
the body with real food. Medicine is tapping into Source. Medicine is being unapologetically you. (Audience member) Woo hoo! Lissa Rankin: Woo hoo! (Applause) Yeah! I’m not suggesting
that you won’t need other medicine. Thank God for modern medicine. Thank God for modern medicine. (Cheers) (Applause) Yeah! Over the past century
we extended our life expectancies by thirty years. Thirty years! That’s remarkable. Because of the advent of things
like antibiotics and vaccinations, and remarkable advances in pharmaceuticals
and surgical interventions. Thank God for modern medicine. My husband cut two fingers
off his left hand with a table saw. Yeah, so thank God for Dr. Jones, who spent eight hours
in surgery with a microscope putting those fingers back on
so that my husband has ten fingers today. And my friend, my 42-year-old friend
just had a stroke. Thank God for tPA, the clot buster, so that several days later
he was discharged from the hospital with almost no residual deficits. I’m not suggesting that we should
throw the baby out with the bathwater, but what I am suggesting
is that those remarkable advances that we’ve made in modern medicine – we’ve taken the biochemical
approach to medicine too far, and we’ve forgotten what it means
to be true healers. And this breaks my heart. Now, I know what I’m saying here – that you need to look
at the stress in your life, and you need to get
the medicine you really need – I know that this isn’t what
many of you want to hear. And honestly, I was having a meltdown
on the plane yesterday coming out here, because I was thinking I don’t want
people to misunderstand me, and this is, you know,
don’t kill the messenger. It’s not easy to look
at these parts of your life. I was thinking about this woman
Katie Smith, who I met on my book tour, and she’s a young mother
with brain cancer, and she just had surgery yesterday, and I’m thinking about this talk
and I’m thinking, “I don’t ever want Katie to think that I’m
blaming her for her brain cancer.” I’m not; I’m praying for Katie. And I think about my doctor, Kim,
who’s one of the best doctors that I know, and I know it hurts her
when I criticize medicine. If I even suggest
that medicine might be killing us, this breaks her heart,
she has a planet-sized heart and her intentions are so pure. And I think about Susan Mathison,
who’s one of the organizers here. (Cheers) (Applause) Susan’s one of the doctors
in a program that I’m leading called the Whole Health
Medicine Institute, where we’re teaching doctors
to practice this kind of medicine. These are some of the most
amazing doctors on the planet. I’m not trying to throw them
under the bus. What I’m saying is that – you know,
I was thinking about this and I thought, “This is my tough love TEDx Talk.” I’m saying this because
I love my profession so much, that it breaks my heart
what has become of us. And I love each of you so much
that I can’t bear to see you squander even one more day of this beautiful life
that you have the opportunity to live, and I don’t want to see you
accepting chronic stress as a natural part of our lives. We don’t have to live this way,
because life can be so beautiful. I mean, imagine this:
Every morning you wake up, and you’re so excited
about all the possibilities that lie ahead because anything could happen. And you’re surrounded by people
who love and know the real you, not the masks that you put on
to try to fit in, but the real you underneath. And you’re living your purpose, you’re finding
and fulfilling your calling, you’re expressing
the divine spark within you. And because you are, the bills are paid because the universe takes care of those who are living in alignment
with their divine nature. You laugh often, you love often, you get laid often. (Laughter) (Cheers) Yeah, things are good for your health. (Laughter) All of these things – You guys like that;
I should talk about sex more. (Laughter) All of those things
have been scientifically proven to reduce stress responses in the body
and activate relaxation responses, and help your body’s natural
self-repair mechanisms heal you, and that’s what I want for you. Now, I know this is hard
because I’m not just a doctor, I’m a patient. And by the time I was 33 years old,
I was taking seven medications in order to stay in the game in my life. And I have such a stressful life. But I was told
that those seven medications were something
I was going to have to take for the rest of my life. And I was a doctor, my doctor professors were
telling me this, so I believed them. I didn’t realize that what I had to do,
the medicine I really needed, was to get out of the game of my life. When I realized
what I was going to have to do, I was terrified because it meant I had to leave
my abusive marriage, and it meant I had
to quit my job in medicine, and I spent 12 years training
to do this work. And it meant I had to take
my entire life savings and invest it in following a dream so that I could be here talking to you
about things like this today. And I’m now down to half the dose
of one of my medications. And this is possible for you. I would love to be able to tell you
how you can have this for yourself, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to
write the prescription for yourself. But what I can offer is one question
that I’ve asked many patients that has helped many people heal, and it’s this: What does your body need in order to heal? Now, I know that the answer
that may come up can be very frightening, and change is so scary,
and uncertainty can be paralyzing, but what I’ve discovered
on my own personal journey is that the flip side of uncertainty is the possibility of anything
being able to happen. So I’ve discovered
that if you want big miracles, you have to take big risks. And if you’re looking for smaller risks, you have to be willing
to accept smaller miracles. And it’s okay if you’re not ready
to take those risks. But I encourage you to do
whatever you need to do in order to to give your body
the medicine that it really needs. So I ask this of you;
we are in this together. I have a dream of healing healthcare. And it’s going to take
a grassroots effort – you and me together. And I’m going to have to do this
with all of you – empowered patients and conscious
healthcare providers uniting together to reclaim what is rightfully ours. I want to close with a question
that Mary Oliver poses: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?” Let yourself give yourself
the medicine that you really need. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. Real health, and healing, begin in the mental body. Then proceeds to the emotional body and finally integrates into the physical body. Modern, Rockefeller based, orthodox medicine (Diseased based Western medicine) does not acknowledge the subtle bodies and their direct influence on the physical body. It's time Western medicine learned what has been known for thousands of years by Eastern cultures.

  2. No, never. Do NOT thank anyone for so-called 'Modern Medicine'!! That is what has destroyed so many lives for many years now. Modern, orthodox medicine is nothing but a Rockefeller based medical mafia system that makes healthy people sick, and sick people worse. All while filling the pockets of Big-Pharma. The Rockefeller empire hi-jacked the traditional medical system in the early 1900s and made it the mess that it is today. Time to get RID of modern medicine and bring back Holistic, Traditional Medicine, which addresses the root causes of dis-ease.

  3. I'd like to amend part of her closing comments. Because she's not quite exactly right. To embark on your path of healing, you must take steps, but baby ones. Just because you take smaller risks/steps, does in NO way equal smaller miracles. If you try to be a hero, and go from A to Z in 3 large leaps, you will fall far below your rock bottom. Take each tiny step with care, and be in that moment with joy. Don't be invested in the outcome. Just keep taking step, after step, after step, and before you even know it, you'll be there. This truth has manifested in my life, chronic and disabling illness; and unraveling the complexity of it, and the Herculean meds that accompany it. But she is right, placing implicit trust in any doctor is foolhardy; you must become your own advocate, and have them implement YOUR plan, your truth and path. This is possible. I am witness to its miraculous and divine possibility.

  4. You must ALL become your own health care advocates, do not place implicit trust in your practitioner. Not ever. Let me give you just one example of the kind of nonsense one of my specialists hands out. I have been his patient for SIX years. This MD is a physiatrist, a pain specialist. He is, by law, to ask EACH patient at EVERY appointment if they have had any suicidal ideation or thoughts/plans. In SIX years of going every 90 days, I have yet to be asked this even ONE TIME. Yet I have spent YEARS being held to this life by one; thin and wearing thread, which is this: I would not be the mother who's children had a mother who'd committed suicide. This LITERALLY is the SOLE reason I am alive today. Now this is not the case. I have many threads and they are strong and filled with power. But for YEARS I lived in a DEEP well and pit of despairing agony so awful; it was a monumental task to exist through the next minute, hour, day, week, with any modicum of my sanity intact. So sad.

  5. She is so wrong. I have high blood pressure and you know how many doctors talked to me about stress? 100% of them! They even delayed putting me on medication to see if I could get it down through diet and stress relief.

  6. Is medicine killing us………..our food nowadays is killing us with all the glyphosate in it….!
    We're dying in a polluted world…..!

  7. Doctor Rankin knows how stress triggers biological processes in the body, but she obviously never heard of dr. Hamer who wrote a post doctoral thesis about the cause for disease (he called his discovery 'German New Medicine'). The medical establishment refuses to (officially) test his thesis for more than 35, although it's been verified about 30 times already, mainly by other doctors. It explains why seemingly the so called 'immune system' attacks its own host for no reason, cells all of a sudden refuse to die (apoptosis) and even start to multiply endlessly and the body produces new blood vessels to support tumors (angiogenesis), etc. I've witnessed malignant cancer disappear within a few months after refusing mastectomy and chemotherapy, simply because the 'patient' became aware of the 'stressful event' that had triggered a biological emergency program that started the cell proliferation (forming of a tumor) in her breast. She also realized just in time that her body was already in the healing phase of this biological emergency program (which has a sympathetic and a parasympathetic phase – or a 'conflict active' and a 'healing' phase). Many of these stressful events/situations resolve automatically – for instance, when an abusive person dies or moves away from you, or your child gets better after an accident, etc. – which explains why, for instance, more than 50 percent of all breast cancer disappears by itself if never discovered in the first place. So doctor Rankin got it half right (which is already not bad, for a doctor), but when she went on about the blessings of antibiotics and vaccines, it showed how much she's still thinking in line with the 'germ theory' and other lucrative dogma's of 'modern medicine'. Being a doctor actually severely limits your chances of ever understanding the true nature of 'dis-ease'. How ironic…

  8. Yes, the AMA has failed ..
    Physicians have abandoned the nutritional approach to patient diagnostics and medicine, simply because they are not trained in nutrition. A key part of the Hippocratic Oath … “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure… “, has been forgotten … 70 Going On 100.

  9. Great comments! The pioneer Dr. Mark J. Sicherman published a great book on this topic in 2011, with real advice for promoting the healing powers of the body and mind. Here is the link:

  10. Excellant i totally agree with you ,i am also working in Mind power to heal the Anxiety related diseases.

  11. Thank u! But pls don't feel guilty and be apologetic bc u are being a real true healer a real doctor! Or for being a real human being! If there was more doctors and true healers like u in our country there would be less patients less drug addicts and less murmurs on the face of this earth! I wish u were my doctor! That's exactly what I've been looking for for the past 8/9 yrs of my life! A real doctor who's more about healing and less about money and power! If I find a do or like u I'm sure to get out of my damn wheelchair and this horrible bed back into my car and do what I love the most doing taking a long drive listening to my favorite music! Please keep up the good work and don't let any fucking government power or any other bitch doctor who's all about money make u feel guilty about your way of healing!!!! Thanks

  12. She talks about a time when doctors USED to actually do the caring, the attention, the "soul medicine" and so many people don't know how that went away.

    For a brief explanation of how, search YouTube for How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis

  13. The strongest medicine is in your SOUL the real you, the master of the whole body which can produce everything so you can initiate the magic invisible miracle powers that god gave you on your very first intake of breath, use them, do not let them die.

  14. If you want big miracles you have to take big risks.
    And if you're looking for smaller risks you have to be willing to accept smaller miracles.

  15. You are so feeling, it would be amazing to have a doctor like you. Your points about our continued stress is very valid, but it can actually be the effect instead of the cause. Poor health in my case was the stressor and the cause was diet and nutrition. The pain, doctor/medication/procedure treadmill, and feeling helpless was the stress. Without changing that, all the moral support in the world would have been futile because I was eating a standard American diet so deficient in real nutrition I was falling apart with every disease of western culture. Watching the movie "Forks Over Knives" was my wake up call to what I had always known but failed to implement. I gave it a 30 day trial out of desperation, and changing that changed everything! When in less than 2 weeks my blood sugar was normal for the first time in 5 years, my doctor refused to reduce my medication "just in case". I had done a lot of research about the cause of T2 diabetes and knew the drugs only treat symptoms not the cause and create their own problems, so I was determined to get off of them, and eventually weaned myself with my meter to guide me. I haven't been able to find a nutritionally educated doctor in years, but ironically I feel better than I ever have and haven't needed one after unproductive (for me) monthly visits for many years.

  16. What an amazing and inspiring transformative presentation!!A scientist, compassionate and a natural professional! You are a true professionalThank you for this convincing speech – with GRATITUDEDr Latha Hapugoda MBBS, MSc, MD, FFPH (UK)

  17. I'm very ill right now, hard tons of medication had weaken my body, doctor has made a few mistakes and what should had taken a few days to heal has become 4 weeks. I'm going to learn about natural medicine because i don't want to be a guinea pig anymore. Don't relay only on medication and doctors, sometimes they're clueless. I love this lovely lady speeches btw, i aploud her.

  18. The ones THEY called the Quacks years ago, were the real healers, using food, herbs, etc……its all in The History of Medicine….explains where things went tragically wrong……due to greed, power…..

  19. It is a sad thing to even have to ask the question of whether our modern medicine is helping or harming us. So much of our "conditions" can be solved without medication and without the help of specialists. Many of our problems could be solved if we allowed doctors to send us out of their office with just new knowledge on how to handle our stressors rather than a prescription and a pamphlet on what sorts of expensive procedures we have an option to have. If you were to take the time to read through all of the side effects of the medications people are commonly prescribed, you would see that many of the side effects are much worse than what the medication is treating. With the amount of new technology we have today, there is a medication for almost everything. That's unfortunate. Now, whenever we go to the doctor's office, we expect to come out with medication to make us feel better. What if we went to the doctor expecting to know how to help ourselves without the use of medication? Its safe to say that many of the common medical conditions can be treated with proper diet and exercise. These are the conditions that are now treated with loads of medication.
    I am not a doctor, but I feel like the use of medications is only prohibiting your body from being able to deal with things by itself. Using medications is making us more susceptible to disease and health conditions. We are not teaching our bodies to live and survive, we are teaching them to rely on outside sources. If all doctors were required to offer a "no-medication-no-procedure" alternative FIRST, before prescribing the medications, we would be a lot healthier species. This is not to say that there is no need for medication. Sometimes conditions require medication or they are completely debilitating to the patient, but not every case needs to be treated so heavily. We need to stop relying on the use of chemicals to strengthen our bodies, when they are doing the opposite in many cases.

  20. Medicine and the question of is it killing or helping you is scary.  However the fact that we have medicine should be enough in saying that we need it.  Having a dream of a healed health care system like Rankin says, I believe that can only happen with the physical medicine that we have today.  Looking at our healthcare system I agree that it is not performing to its best ability however,  it is this system that has impacted the minds of everyone.  It is this system that has convinced people that they need medicine to feel better which is something so important.  Saying that our soul is the only thing that we need is in my opinion looking far past the actual benefits of medicine. My argument is mainly focused towards the opinions and or mind set that has been provided by the healthcare system.  That we need medicine to feel better.  Swaying the opinion of so many that back the idea of having medicine and knowing that it does work is going to be tough.  Reclaiming the soul medicine would be great if it showed actual clinical results.  Medicine is for the benefit and the helping of others however, we need to have that physical contact with a pill or other medicine.  Modern medicine like she says had expanded life expectancy by 30 years.  Rankin does say that she is not suggesting to throw away modern medicine but I believe that her speech does draw many misunderstandings.  

    In my opinion, our health system has come too far in regards in the advancement in medicine and in the distribution of it to change.  It all comes down to statistics that the people want to see.  They want to know that there is a possibility of living through medicine.  Looking at the superficial things like laughing and loving have been proven to help heal us but I just don't think that is enough to convince people to forgo medicine.

  21. I agree with Rankin.  I believe that healthcare providers and patients are losing sight of what health really means.  They're just masking the symptoms with drugs and ignoring the real problem. Stress levels are at an astronomical high in the U.S. and most people feel like they have no time to stop.  I'm not saying that modern medicine isn't a valuable asset in today's fast paced, stressful lives.  I believe that there should be a smart balance between prescribing medicine and education.  There are numerous ways that people can de-stress
    that doesn't involve medication.  Rankin gives multiple examples in the presentation how people can de-stress including getting involved with nature, eating real food and being you.  Educating patients about the proper use of
    medication with the added benefit of lifestyle changes will bring about an optimal result.  The focus needs to be on preventative education including how to manage stress levels, keep them from reaching such dangerously high levels and alternative options to medication.  I believe that if doctors change the focus of their treatment from preventing symptoms to healing the individual and educating them on how to prevent high stress levels in the future our
    healthcare system will be much better off.

  22. I hardly doubt that there is any healthcare system in the world that actually deals in healing people because, we keep forgetting, this is a highly profitable industry. Big pharma will always be looking to make a profit and this often happens at the expense of the people. A few years ago, I had to have a full physical and, having been very rarely sick all my life, I did not have a personal doctor. The doctor I went to did give me a thorough physical but he kept on calling me back for appointments and prescribing medications for conditions that i am not even sure I had. He had me go for an echo and an MRI, tests that are all very expensive, and every time I went, i had to pay a consultation fee. It took me a while t realize that this doctor was not really concerned with treating me. He would treat any symptoms he saw, send me for expensive testing which meant I would have to come back for consultation. When I saw another doctor, I was told than my kidney issues were a result of drug reactions. I was lucky to have a very comprehensive health coverage but I shudder to imagine what would have happened if I did not. This has been my experience with healthcare and it is very stressful so even when you try to boost your health by minimizing stress, the system drags you back down.

  23. the reason no one is getting better these days, and disease is now out of control. is simple we have given all our power over to the chemical industry THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING from whats in your food, how your food is grown, how you clean your houses your cars your bodies and yes the so called medicines we swallow everyday , when are we going to wake up to the facts our bodies are designed to work with nature to be part of the natural world, a balance. chemical industry as no place in this system..well of course modern medicine is killing you every drug you swallow without exception goes straight to the liver as the body doesn't know what it is so it tried to deal with it by flushing it out via the liver. Cirrhosis of the liver was once known for alcohol abuse but now is being super ceded by drug reaction poisoning says it all

  24. My teeth have rotted due to years of antidepressants use. Not one doctor ever warned me of this side-effect. Now I am really depressed and stressed over the thousands of dollars I will have to invest for repairs and praying I won't need dentures.

  25. dentists say that fluoride is good for your teeth. They did't mention that it is poisonous…and they gave it to me when I was 8

  26. Do you think she has gummy bears in those pill bottles? Placebos? Live within your budget pills?

    I use Swiss Chocolate Almond ice cream and a Strawberry Smoothie with Healing Frequencies Music in place of dinner for a really bad day and never watch any TV. Recently I have stopped all News Magazines. After all the things you've seen in life when elderly they no longer have any news really. Do some Chi and/or breathing exercises around 9:00 PM and then go to bed early at 11:00 PM. Use your timer to start the Wake Up March* at 3/4 volume in the morning — No off switch close to bed! You HAVE TO GET UP SEE? And the coffee pot is starting automatically as well. Use the leftover Strawberry Smoothie in your coiffee, no cream, no sugar. This will cure lateness and depression both. Drink a LOT of water and do not eat breakfast. You are ready-to-go. *

  27. Western Medicine is in many ways killing you. Not all ways, but very many ways. Read the book: Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime. Western Medicine is needed, but not in the scale it's currently used. Western Medicine should be used only for about 30-40 % of what it's currently used.

  28. 10,000 years ago when we used to believed this, the average human life span was 35….let's go back to that time in our history .!! and that is why this is a TED-X , and not a TED talk..!!

  29. Dr Rankin is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this talk and bringing her teaching and findings closer to us all… what an incredible talk!! Thank you!

  30. This doctor is astounding. She is voicing what I know as a nurse. Luckily for me I work in a private setting where I can talk to my patients, where I can explain the changes she advocates. I send them to slimming classes, stop smoking, even send to meditation and gyms. I tell them to stop doing the extra work hours and re look at their lives. It works, they know it works and more they change their lives and I see them again in the car park for a chat, but they rarely come back to my office and they rarely take medication. I love this, it's what we've always known, but forgotten how to do. I consider myself lucky that I can spend as long as it needs to talk and sometimes that alone is all people need.

  31. We all need to spread this information my family Dr. always said we know our body better than he ever will trust yourself!

  32. the only reason it's a great speech.. is because MD's taught you to only listen to MD's…and not the numerous other more correct health care professions out there… realistically listening to MD's admit things like this is like listening to the slow kid in the room finally get it. Medical death stats have been in their journals since the late 90s.. but until an MD admits that you should reduce stress and create more naturally healthy lifestyle.. you only consider it hippy quackery from any other source.. it's why they are the 3rd leading cause of death… and yet.. you still consider them the "experts".. even though anyone else saying this you wouldn't pay any attention over the years

  33. I am just crying listening to this talk. I have learning the most I can to give my self the medicine I personally need. Thank you young lady, thank you doctor. I wish my well intentioned doctor who is prescribing me different cocktails to control hypertension, should listen and identify with the side effects I have been struggling with. Thank you for confirming my doubts, and inspiring my way.

  34. We don't know cos never use modern medications , we use plant base foods for as medication , example if stomachache we used ginger and garlic , raw and joint paints we use mango , melon and jackfruits juices , they work incredible for us

  35. I wish you would talk about Mental Health. I think that area is a lot worse than any other area in healthcare. But overall yeah it's terrible

  36. Some people don't ask for pills!! The doctors nowadays can't be arsed finding out what is wrong with us so they give us a prescription to shut us up!

  37. Thank you so very much Dr Rankin, although I am sure you wouldn't mind if I call you Lissa.Beautiful presentation in many ways. I hope I can spread your message further!

  38. Thank you so very much Dr Rankin, although I am sure you wouldn't mind if I call you Lissa.Beautiful presentation in many ways. I hope I can spread your message further!

  39. Thank you so very much Dr Rankin, although I am sure you wouldn't mind if I call you Lissa.Beautiful presentation in many ways. I hope I can spread your message further!

  40. "Thank god for modern medicine….*ahem* I said, Thank god for modern medicine!"

  41. Doctors should be paid no more than 75k a year….this would guarantee that the people who become doctors do it because they care.
    My experience with doctors is very bad…as well as administration. My experience is that they simply could care less.

  42. I'm so grateful to have found you through Sara Gottfried, MD. I'm not a physician, but a dietitian who loves to learn and think outside of the box. You're right on! Thanks!

  43. Is medicine killing me? I was given Cipro for what they thought was a UTI. After one pill I couldn't walk because of tendon pain and tingling throughout my body. Three months out and I'm still trying to heal.
    I was told later the UTI test was negative and I never needed to take it.

  44. My question to this doctor is ",Are you willing to take a pay cut in exchange for seeing your vision come to fruition?" Real medicine does not need to cost so much for the average peron who does not have significant health problems. I suggest this applies to Dentists as well.

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    التخليطة الطبيعيةو رائعة في علاج المشـاكل ضعف الإنتصاب و سرعة القذف وصغر الحجم قضيـــب للاستفادة من منتوج يرجى التواصــل مع مصطفى المالكي

  46. Polypills to make sure that elderly are DEMENTIA controlled and Owned. Mr Pharma is Happy with Tedx Talks.

  47. I can’t believe this is still up: get a YouTube subscription now, as I am doing, so you can upload all health-related videos that educate the public on the dangers of Big Pharma, because they are all going to be taken down by YouTube very shortly (or demonetized so that producers won’t have finances to continue to create investigative docs, as every 500K views earns them $1,000, which is used to create new content…) So censorship and information suppression is about to happen on Facebook and YouTube in a really big way. Snap up and save all related content. It may not be available tomorrow! Wikipedia’s already been taken over. All controversial medical articles that could alert people to the truth have been rewritten by one of the most notorious and sleazy shills on the planet who sits on their board of directors like a toad. The same is happening in all media outlets so that these villains can have their way with people.

  48. She endorses vaccines, but this video was from 6 years ago. I think that there is a good chance that she does not think that vaccines are the lifesavers that she thought back then. As bright as she is I bet she realizes vaccines as they currently exist are not worth the risk at the very least.

  49. yes…I avoid going to my doctor unless I am very sick. I think all this looking for disease in healthy people is bad really really bad. I see the nay sayers on here. Yes sometimes people need medications, but not to this level.

  50. The problem is that Big Pharma controls medical schools, and health care. They want ALL of us life long customers, popping their pills. Most doctors today just prescribe pills, and the only thing they know about the drugs they prescribe is what Big Pharma tells them. Hence the huge costs, but poor results.

  51. Wonderful. The system is "broke" from the perspective of the patient, but lucrative from the POV of the MIC. Life spans are longer because of #1 public health and sanitation – clean water, sewers … then the antibiotics and other "medicines".

  52. Great Talk
    I agree but some people need medicine, like Bi-Polar, in the past, they place insane people in an asylum today they tear them with Medicine

    Not many people have a doctor or therapy, they are homeless and can't afford a doctor so they walk around like living zombies, some are becoming killers, some are stealing
    And neuroscience need to work on

    Also, the Chemtrails which has all that heavy metal that can affect the brain
    I also Listen to Joe Dispenza " You Are the Placebo

  53. Wow! How more passionate can one be. I agree 100%. My biggest worry is all the money minded sharks that will be prepared to persecute this lovely lady for what she is saying.

  54. you say medicine might be killing us multiple times. I would like to know what your position is on the multitude of vaccines pushed today on Americans.

  55. I have noticed that for EVERY DRUG out there THERE ARE "side effects" that cause "more problems" that require MORE DRUGS that themselves have MORE "side effects", and it keeps going and going and….You get the idea! Not only that, SOME medicines really DO "work", BUT for a very certain few. No one has YET come out with a "side effect FREE" drug that NEVER needs other drugs that are needed to "overcome" those harmful, and sometimes DEADLY, "side effects". Oh, wait, ASPRIN, BUT some people have "allergic reactions" to that also, so WHAT is the answer? Seemingly "healthy" people DIE from Heart Attacks, Cancer, and many other "diseases". WHY blame "drugs" when the REAL problem IS ALL THE POISONS IN OUR FOOD SUPPLIES! Nature ALWAYS has an "antidote" for EVERYTHING so STOP using "POISONS" that are KILLING ALL of the POLLINIZING BEES AND BIRDS. No BEES, NO FOOD. No food, NO HUMAN RACE.

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