Is The Future Of Antibiotics At The Bottom Of The Ocean?

Is The Future Of Antibiotics At The Bottom Of The Ocean?

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  1. Bacteriophage therapy might be an alternative solution to our antibiitic crisis as we can always bioengineer new viral strains

  2. It's really disgusting that new antibiotics aren't being made because they're not profitable enough for pharmaceutical companies.

  3. There has been a new antibiotic discovered that can be used against G- called "Teixobactin." Eventually, bacteria will become resistant to it as well, but it will save lives in the near future.

  4. Damn this is bad. So you could simply die from a small cut if an antibiotic-resistent bacteria would get in the wound?

  5. Wow, now I get it why FDA approves overuse of anti-biotics in food, especially milk.

    (once people get resistant on all known anti-biotics, they will start dying from simple infections and population control takes place. they will have this new anti-biotic to save NWO supporter slaves and others can only get shot by police, in almost completely build up, police state. and guess what, I am not even from American continent) 😀

  6. The University of Hawaii is also looking for new antibiotics to develop from sealife. John A. Burns School of Medicine has many researchers in this investigation. You could collaborate with those researchers and their database which could produce results.

  7. Thank you for the knowledge! This channel need more views! =D Spread the story of Seeker stories 😛 Love this channel keep making episodes ^^

  8. Without wars, they would not be cures or better technologies.
    Never thought in saying this but..
    Thanks wars

  9. Scientists are systematically searching the sea floor for natural compounds that may help in the fight against antibiotic resistant superbugs.

  10. you guys are forgetting one place to look for antibiotics

    Islands untouched by human contact
    and the Mountain air (Clouds in high altitudes)
    Natural  Springs and Water sources

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  12. And then some ignorant bastard with strep throat uses it for two days and stops, and more bugs resistant to the new stuff appear . Ingenious

  13. In the US  the meat and dairy industry uses about 80% of the antibiotics sold each year, and  this has been going up. Animals are kept in small spaces and feed that is meant to make them grow fast, not feed that makes them thrive. Animals are sick and antibiotics help keep them alive until slaughter. You are what you eat, the human body is designed for a plant based diet, aside from other ailments such as cancer and diabetes you are also at risk for exposure to superbugs. An est 23.000 Americans die each year due to these superbugs and this number is rising. Another nations ban the use of human antibiotics on their animals. There is so much money in the meat and dairy industry working hand in hand with the medical industry that this practice keeps on going. Meat nor dairy are good for your heath, switch to a plant based (raw) diet.

  14. Antibiotics kill good as well as bad bacterial. If, as a last resort, you end up taking antibiotics, be sure to repopulate the good bacteria back into your gut (from all the bacteria you decimated). If you take antibiotics without rebuilding healthy gut bacteria, you are conditioning your body to get sick again … and again. Any doctor that prescribes antibiotics without facilitating probiotics should lose their medical license on the first offense and be held personally liable for potential civil lawsuits IMO. A good probiotic to start with is homemade organic sauerkraut. It should be a staple in every home; easy to make also. There are natural antibiotics also; look it up. Eat for nutritional value and states of health and food will be your medicine; as it should be.

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