Is there a CPAP alternative for Sleep Apnea treatment?

Is there a CPAP alternative for Sleep Apnea treatment?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is commonly treated
with CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and while this is effective therapy not all
patients can tolerate it. It definitely was a struggle. Took some getting used to. Just having this thing on you when I was used
to turning and when you turn and you got this mask and hose! The thing is it limits you at night! You can’t sleep on your stomach and he sleeps
on his right side – away from me – so if I want to spoon and get under him and I am behind
him, he can’t turn because he has the machine. And, if he does it’s because his machine isn’t
on. And then he’s like OK, I got to go to sleep
and he turns around and put the machine on. Or if I am facing her the air – I know it
feels like I am breathing! [Blows on wife] It’s horrible! So, I don’t like doing that and feel bad so
I turn away. Sometimes at night it readjusts on its own
because of the pillow. So, I have to grab his nose and try to fix
it! To stop hearing the noise because it keeps
me up! If we educate patient’s about alternatives
to CPAP, they’re actually more likely to stick with therapy. When a patient is unable to tolerate CPAP,
we talk to them about Continuous Open Airway therapy which achieves the same goal as CPAP
just through a different mechanism. So, CPAP pressurizes the upper airway and
moves the tissues apart. COAT actually moves the lower jaw forward,
opens up the airway mechanically and allows the airway to remain open through the night. COAT is extremely effective for patient’s
diagnosed with mild-to-moderate OSA and can also be used as first-line therapy. Woke up the other day and was just like “WOW! I’ve kind of forgotten what this was like. Just to be truly at peace. Truly resting at night.

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