Is Your Baby Constipated? It’s a Cause of Colic – Two Solutions! ❤️

Is Your Baby Constipated? It’s a Cause of Colic – Two Solutions! ❤️

Oh, morning. I hope you’ve had a good weekend. Christian Bates here from The Perrymount Clinic. Today, I want to have a quick chat about
if your baby is constipated, and it’s one of the most common reasons that babies
are in pain, and are windy, and you can get confused with colic, but colic is wind pain and tummy pain, so it can be one of the causes that I write about in
my book. So, it’s a cause of colic, and what’s interesting is mums come in and I
ask them always how many times a day is your baby having a poo. And the answers I get are so varied… and the amount of times. But also, that the mums have always been told that it’s normal. Whatever their baby is doing seems to be normal, so if the baby
is going ten times a day “…don’t worry, babies go ten times day…” but, babies going once a week then again “…don’t worry, babies go once a week….” and I also hear that “….don’t worry, formula fed babies go once a week…” and then the
next parent I have in says: “…the way I’ve been told is that breastfed babies go once
a week…”. So, it’s all very varied and conflicting! This is my kind of benchmark
as to whether your baby’ going to have some trouble from being constipated, and
that is: are they in pain as they’re running up to needing a poo? So, for
example, if they go once every three days on that day – two and three – are they then
really grouchy and in pain? Have they got wind? Are they scrunching their legs up? Are they arching stiff? Not sleeping and are they in pain? If that’s the case, then
that three days is a bit too long for the baby and then probably what you’ll
find is the baby has a ginormous poo usually, and is then happy again. So then,
for this day one, you have this baby that you would like to have all the time, but
then the poo builds up and they get grumpier and grumpier. Then you get all the colic, they have a poo and then they’re happy again. So that will be my benchmark, really. It’s
that if they’re in pain because of the constipation, then you want to try and
have them going more often. I would always aim to have a baby, hopefully, going at least once a day, and we can do that with the cranial osteopathy, because by working on their spine – in actual fact,
that loosens off all the digestive system and gets that working
better, because the nerves from the spine go to the bowel, so some babies are all scrunched up like this, or arching very stiffly. If you can
get them all softened off then the bowel works better. Also, we use a probiotic and
this is amazing! This gets their bowel going. So we got one way of going in
through the bowel with the probiotic and helping what might be going on in there,
and so we have a physical way of just gently loosening the baby off. Can you
imagine if the baby’s all scrunched up like this after a c-section? Where’s that
food going to go? Where’s that wind going to go? So, if they produce a bit of food – sorry,
produce some wind – or they’ve eaten their food but they’re all scrunched up
like this, how’s that going to go through nicely? So, we unfold them like this and
then the bowel is nice and straight and the food can come through. So, just a tip
on constipation: if your baby is being bothered by the constipation, you’ll see
them get worse, have a poo, and then get better. In that case, you want to do
something to make them go more regularly. Okay, hope this helps and see
you again soon. Bye!

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  1. If your baby is constipated on a regular basis and colicky as well, have you noticed a pattern in its behaviour emerging? Please share a comment or leave a question below and I'll respond as quickly as possible. Thank you.

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