Is your dentist ripping you off? Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Is your dentist ripping you off? Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

♪ [theme]>>Erica Johnson: This week onmarketplace…we drill down on dentists.>>I would definitely suggest doing a customised night guard, the filling, and root canal.>>Erica: Are you getting what’s good for you… or what might be good for your dentist?>>I can do a complete smile makeover.>>Erica: One mouth. 20 dentists. No consensus.>>Some of it I found quite frightening.>>If you have coverage, they’re going to bill to the maximum of your coverage.>>Erica: Dentists, dollars, and disagreement. Shouldn’t all the dentists have seen that if there was a need? [♪]>>Erica: We’re off to the dentist for a check-up, and to do some checking of our own. Not just at one dentist, we’re visiting 20 of them in Toronto and Vancouver. Our researcher, Theresa, is going to show them her teeth, a set of x-rays, and ask what work needs to be done. She’s got a hidden camera to put you in the chair for every exam. Think these high-priced experts will be on the same page?>>I don’t see anything that requires any immediate attention, ok? Just a cleaning.>>You do have a small cavity on your wisdom tooth on the upper right.>>So I would definitely suggest doing a customized night guard, the filling and the root canal.>>Erica: Makes you wonder who’s right? As we’re about to find out, there’s nothing black and white when it comes to your pearly whites. [♪]>>Erica: For a little word of mouth, we haul this dentist’s chair out on to the street.>>It’s a lot less painful than going to the actual dentist. We’ve got a little dentist chair over here.>>Oh, and I get to sit in the chair?>>Absolutely.>>We’re going to put a little bib on you.>>How’s it feel to be back in the dentist’s chair?>>No, but It feels weird but it reminds me I should probably go.>>Erica: Do you like going to the dentist?>>No, but it’s a necessary evil.>>Erica: We hear a lot about that dreaded dental check-up. Some of it, kinda questionable.>>I had one little thing to fix and then over the next eight months, I was there pretty well every other month.>>Every time I would go, I’d need fillings replaced until every filling in my mouth was replaced.>>Erica: And do you think you needed that?>>Retrospectively, no.>>Erica: Hmmm. Time to probe what goes on at the dentist? A little deeper. First, though, we send Theresa to check in with two experts. Both dentist profs here at the University of Toronto. Dr. Dorothy McComb’s specialty is restorative dentistry. Her colleague, Dr. Laura Tam, is co-director of the faculty’s Comprehensive Care Program. We ask them both to have a good look around, and come up with some kind of baseline.>>I’m going to have a quick look.>>Erica: Our experts poke and prod.>>Mesial of that molar is a four.>>Erica: Measure pockets. Make careful notes.>>She has a 1-7 that’s a fixed bridge abutment.>>Erica: Together they figure out a treatment plan.>>The good news is you have no decay at all.>>Erica: Our experts agree that Theresa has no cavities whatsoever. They say she should get several cleanings to fight gum disease. So, we mark that on our tooth chart. And they say she should probably get a crown.>>I would get the periodontal gum problems under control and then consider doing the crown.>>Erica: The bill for the cleanings? Will be about 500 bucks. If Theresa adds in that crown, the cost will be between $1800 and $2000. Geez, where’s the tooth fairy when you need her? [♪]>>Erica: Armed with the expert info, and a fresh set of x-rays, we’re ready to start dialling for dentists. We pick a mix of small offices and big group practices. And throw in a few we’ve identified through our research.>>Hello, I’m calling to book an appointment.>>Erica: About three out of every four Canadians have gone to the dentist in the past 12 months. [♪]>>Ok, here we go.>>Erica: At her very first appointment, just one day after her visit with our experts at the U of T, Theresa gets a very different diagnosis.>>What we’re going to have to do here is one root canal, to relieve the bite and make you a night guard.>>Erica: Remember our experts recommend a couple of cleanings and maybe a crown. Dr. Gunjan Goel agrees, but says Theresa also needs a root canal. Then a filling to top it off. And she recommends a night guard because Theresa MAY be clenching her teeth. The cost – for things our experts don’t even mention? About $1100. And listen to this…>>Eventually, just so you’re prepared, you’re going to lose that tooth.>>Erica: Goel says Theresa’s suffering severe bone loss, will definitely lose a tooth, eventually need implants.>>You’re probably looking at least $7 or $8,000.>>Wow!>>Erica: Quite the prognosis. But get this – during a free 11-minute consult, Dr. Gunjan Goel never looks inside Theresa’s mouth. Not once. Her office tells us that’s company policy. It’s a whole other story at Theresa’s second appointment later that day.>>How are you doing Theresa?>>I’m good, how are you?>>Me too.>>Erica: Within minutes, Dr. Amanpreet Chopra is also talking about a possible root canal – but on a different tooth altogether! And then suddenly, she starts talking cosmetics.>>When I look at you basically from a cosmetic point of view …>>Uh-huh.>>Your mid-line has a shift.>>I know.>>You have a very pretty face, but the shift –>>You don’t like that.>>it doesn’t look nice to me, to me. Because I do cosmetics a lot so if I can do something easier and more financially easier, maybe we can do it.>>Okay.>>Erica: Chopra spends the next 10 minutes pushing Theresa to consider veneers. ultra thin porcelain, bonded to the front of the teeth. Six in total.>>Okay.>>I can do a complete smile makeover.>>Erica: A complete smile makeover. Plus a root canal and crown. she also spots three cavities. Recommends a couple of cast metal onlays. Oh, and some whitening on the lower teeth. The total cost for all that? More than $8600. We ask to talk to Dr. Chopra, but don’t hear back. [♪]>>Erica: Perfect smiles are all the rage in Hollywood of course — part of the magic of movie-making. But it’s not just in Tinseltown – cosmetic dentistry is in every town these days. The use of veneers so common, some critics call it a “venereal disease”. To learn more, we head from the Red Carpet to Red Deer, Alberta. We track down a dentist who’s got something to confess. Dr. Michael Zuk made a lot of money on makeovers. Maybe that’s why his office is filled with all kinds of pricey paraphernalia. I understand you bought a famous tooth about a year ago.>>John Lennon’s tooth.>>Erica: You bought John Lennon’s tooth.>>It was given to his housekeeper from John Lennon.>>Erica: How much did you pay for it?>>It was over $30,000.>>Erica: 30,000 for John Lennon’s tooth?>>But I was offered more right away.>>Erica: Now he’s written a book called, “Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist”, targeting a certain kind of dentist.>>Cosmetic dentists that are a little too focused on the option of using veneers as a cure-all.>>Erica: I’m just going to show you some of the hidden camera that we shot.>>Sure.>>Erica: We show Zuk the dentist you just saw. Dr. Amanpreet Chopra. She talked about veneers a lot.>>You have a very pretty face, but the shift it doesn’t look nice to me.>>She was definitely using a sales technique there.>>Erica: You have concerns about veneers?>>My concern is mostly the cost is huge. The teeth are often mutilated in the process and then once they are done, the patient is stuck with that treatment. And they will have to have it redone over the period of their lifetime.>>Erica: Zuk gives a warning, if your dentist recommends expensive treatments. He says some dentists have high overhead, and big debts to match.>>We have a business. we’re independent. we could easily go bankrupt if we don’t do enough work. [♪]>>Erica: As we’re in Zuk’s office, a mother and daughter arrive, in search of a second opinion. You won’t believe what their first dentist told them. She needed crowns on every single tooth except three of them? And our most surprising dental check up ahead! [♪] [♪]>>Erica: We’re testing what sound happens when you go to the dentist. How do you know the work they want to do is the work you need done? That’s what Angela Drok and her daughter Cassie are asking today, too.>>Your teeth look really good. It’s a little bit of a mystery why you’ve got so much sensitivity.>>Erica: They’ve come to Dr. Michael Zuk for a second opinion on what to do about Cassie’s sensitive teeth. Just listen to what another dentist told them.>>Erica: What did the first dentist say who saw Cassie?>>Cassie has extensive enamel loss on all her teeth except three, and had mentioned the only alternative to fix the problem is going to be either full caps, so I guess crowns, or implants.>>Erica: She needed crowns on every single tooth except three of them?>>Yes.>>Erica: That’s a lot.>>Yes, it is.>>Erica: But when Zuk takes a look, he sees it pretty differently!>>We talked about the idea of making a fluoride tray or bleaching tray and using toothpaste to reduce the sensitivity.>>Erica: That’s it. At a cost of about $200. The other dentist’s price tag… $18,000 minimum. What do you think of that, that you can have two such different treatment recommendations?>>It’s a little unnerving. It’s a lot of money and most people, when you have a medical dental plan they only cover a percentage or up to a certain dollar value per year. I mean I, personally, don’t have $18,000 minimum to just drop.>>Erica: And according to Zuk, this kind of variation is common and perfectly acceptable.>>Between different dentists, unfortunately, you’re going to find all kinds of different stories. So it’s not that they’re basically trying to tell you something different to make more money, but they have different ideas, and different trainings. And they see things differently. But it’s extremely variable.>>Erica: Exactly what we’re finding as we test dental treatment plans. Our researcher Theresa is at another Toronto dentist testing 20 dentists in all. Remember, our experts at the University of Toronto say all she needs are a few cleanings and maybe a crown. But so far, we’ve heard a range of other treatments, and a whole bunch of other teeth targeted. This isn’t the first time MP has looked at dentists. 15 years ago we did a similar story.>>Checking up or cashing in?>>Erica: Back then, all of the dentists we tested?>>The highest estimate came sound from this dentist, Dr. Salim Kamani of Surrey, British Columbia. He wanted $9337 for work on 17 teeth.>>Erica: As we reported back then, this wasn’t the first time Kamani had been questioned about his treatment estimates. So we decide to pay him another visit. When we get into the chair, our camera stops recording. We just get audio. Sure enough, he’s got all kinds of recommendations our experts never mention.>>27 you need a root canal.>>Erica: A root canal on a tooth that hasn’t been targeted yet. And the same six veneers another dentist has already recommended.>>And each veneer is $1500.>>Erica: The bottom line for this treatment plan? Nearly $12,000. Just like last time, Dr. Salim Kamani gives the highest estimate of anyone we visit. We ask him for an interview, but never hear back. Our next visit raises another question about dental insurance. Vancouver area dentist, Dr. Alnoor Somji says Theresa needs three fillings on three different teeth. It’s not clear which teeth because Somji won’t give her a treatment plan. He wants to see Theresa’s insurance information first. What’s up with that? For answers, we meet up with an expert who deciphers all those dental codes assigned to treatments. Dr. Rick Beyers was a dentist for more than four decades. Now, he works as a consultant, investigating insurance abuse by dentists.>>It’s pretty easy to abuse dental plans.>>Erica: One way, he says? Dentists see what your insurance covers, and suddenly, you need that treatment!>>The joke we make in some cases, they’re not treating the patient they’re treating the dental plan.>>Erica: Treating the Plan NOT the patient.>>Yeah, in other words, they’re reading up on the plan, finding out what it covers and making sure you need those services.>>Erica: That doesn’t sound right.>>Well, it shouldn’t, it isn’t right but it happens.>>Erica: Case in point? Beyers shows us a file he’s been working on. You brought a couple of slides in with you. Tell me about these teeth.>>This youngster is about 11 years old and these are bicuspids. None of her baby teeth required fillings, but now at 11 years of age, after just growing in four teeth, all four need fillings.>>Erica: What’s the likelihood that an 11 year old with new teeth, that have just come in, would need 4 fillings?>>Zero. Probability is zero.>>Erica: It’s a clear case, he says, of a dentist putting his own financial interests ahead of a patient’s best interests. [♪]>>Erica: The next five dentists we visit say close to what our experts recommend. One mentions a cavity on Theresa’s wisdom tooth, another says she needs a night guard. No big deal, says Dr. Dorothy McComb.>>I would have to say those are relatively innocuous differences.>>Erica: So we’ll target that one and also 3-4. And we’ll put a sticker on 3-5. We’re back at the. U of T showing our expert the results of our test. McComb doesn’t know which dentist recommended what treatment. We keep it anonymous. For the most part, she’s not too concerned about the differences we’re uncovering in treatment plans — says it’s a matter of interpretation.>>Unfortunately, in dentistry more than in medicine, things are not absolutely black and white. there’s a hot of shades of grey. And it depends very much on the dentist’s personal experience.>>Erica: Ironically, there aren’t too many shades of grey when we visit the next handful of dentists. They seem to pretty much agree with our experts treatment recommendations. But then we encounter Dr. Joe Radice near Toronto. He wants to do little fillings on teeth 3-4 and 3-5, which we’ve already marked.>>Which we’ve already marked, yeah.>>Erica: And then on 4-4, So we’ll add a sticker there. And 4-7 which is already marked. What’s going on there? There are some new fillings being recommended.>>These are bonded restorations and it’s meant to be protective.>>Erica: Shouldn’t all the dentists have seen that, if there was a need?>>I would agree, you know, that 1 out of 20 is the only one saying it. It raises some issues.>>Erica: Our next dentist raises some issues for McComb, too. Big ones.>>I would say it has puzzled me.>>Erica: The thing that’s so puzzling?>>Which one is older, this bridge or that bridge?>>I think the one on the right is older.>>Erica: Vancouver area dentist, Dr. Hossein Sarrafan, suggests replacing both bridges in Theresa’s mouth. The cost — more than $7,000. And the most invasive treatment recommended. He’s the only dentist proposing such a radical move. Did you see any evidence of that?>>Bridges, we don’t usually replace unless there’s a real, a real overt reason for it. I’m not sure what the problem was that the dentist saw with that.>>Erica: In fact, other dentists we test even compliment Theresa’s bridgework.>>Bridges both look like they’re in great shape. Everything looks fine.>>Erica: We try repeatedly set up an interview with Dr. Sarrafan. No luck. So many treatments — all so different. Retired dentist Dr. Rick Beyers can’t get over our test results.>>Some of it I found quite frightening. I mean, based on the information you showed me. It was actually quite scary that invasive procedures like root canals and bridge replacement would be offered.>>Erica: Frightening but it’s variation that experts, like McComb, say is why dentistry is as much of an art as it is a science. It’s a little unnerving.>>I agree that’s how it comes across, and it is true that it is hard to explain. I’ve spent years trying to fathom why there’s so much variation.>>Erica: As we zip around this chart, we hear teeth may have been targeted for reasons you wouldn’t expect. Like this treatment may have been suggested because of where and when a dentist was trained. This treatment? The dentist’s approach may be more aggressive than wait and see.>>There’s a lot of variation here – is that fair to a patient?>>They have to approach it perhaps a little bit like you might approach, you know, buying a used car. You have to have your critical judgment in place, and you certainly have to suppress the notion of doctor knows best. [♪]>>Erica: After the break, we look for answers. We’re just trying to figure out why there’s such variation among treatment plans for dentists. [♪] [♪]>>Erica: We tested 20 dentists Toronto and Vancouver. The treatments they recommend target 19 teeth! And yet our experts only recommended cleanings and maybe one crown. The cost for these differences of opinion? From as low as $144 to nearly $12,000. So what’s our tester, Theresa, make of her 20 checkups?>>To be honest, Erica I’m confused. There was such a variety of responses – everything from just getting a cleaning to getting my bridges replaced.>>Erica: And even though that kind of variation is apparently standard practice, none of the major groups representing dentists in this country wants to talk about it. Hi. it’s Erica Johnson calling. We try the Canadian Dental Association. The Ontario Dental Association. The B.C. Dental Association. Even the Ontario and B.C. Dental Colleges. None of them will answer our questions on camera. [♪]>>Erica: Maybe they’ll answer yours. Why not shoot an e-mail to the Canadian Dental Association at [email protected] Meantime, Theresa says she’s taking away a valuable lesson from all these different treatment plans. ask questions.>>I did discover there are dentists out there who will recommend things I might not necessarily need.>>Erica: Something to chew on, the next time you’re asked to put your money where your mouth is. For tips on how to check your check-up, go to our website. Plus, read “Tales from the Dentist’s Chair,” and share your own.

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  1. When I was a teen my mom took me to a dentist for a regular cleaning, that dentist told her I had bone disease and that I would lose all my teeth by the time I was 21 if he didnt give me a "deep cleaning". He told my mom she could pay with her credit card….only 3,000. Needless to say my mom got a different opinion and they did not mention any issue. I'm 31….my teeth are fine.

  2. Scammers make phone call from india and scam people in America and Europe but indian dentists r in America and Europe and scamming citizens here.

  3. Dentistry is a art? Clearly not. Only a art in cosmetic dentistry. Health come first. That should be the training in Dentistry. Cosmetic second. They are covering each other all the way to the top.

  4. We should be able to trust our doctors-but we cannot- they aren't working in the patience best interests. They are frauds.

  5. Wouldn't you think the dentist would remove all your teeth and not leave in one impacted wisdom tooth before they put in your implants?

  6. Oh I know they are! It’s what they do, it’s a business. They could care less about your health! I’ve had my fair share of dishonest dentists telling me I need all kinds of procedures that I know I don’t need!!

  7. My son was told the only way to fix his bite was braces. I told the dentist I would rather wait till he gets more of his adult teeth and of course this mama was right and I saved myself thousands of dollars. His bite corrected itself when more of his teeth came in. I don’t know why parents rush to get braces at such young age when their teeth aren’t all in.

  8. I went to one of the worst dentists ever. He is in Clinton, SC! I went to have a bad tooth removed and a new tooth made. He ground on my other teeth for no reason. I was in a lot of pain and called to complain and was hung up on. I called a lawyer in Clinton and was told they could not talk to me as they were already hired by him. I have suffered many days and this guy is a crook but try to get help against a Dr! You have to get another Dr to side with you and they are like cops…they all stick together!!

  9. i’ve never changed on how i brushed my teeth and suddenly i’ve gotten a “little” cavity that needs a crown?? my dad literally yelled at me the other day saying i “don’t” brush my teeth.

  10. Not all dentists are like that of course. My orthodontist did my teeth which clearly needed it lol. After My treatment had finished, everytime I go for checkup or when something goes wrong he does it for free and I needed new retainers because my old ones broke and he also gave it for free!

  11. over 12 dentists I had been with, 90% of them want to fill up their bank account. The honest dentist I met is during my college year at University

  12. My most recent trip to the dentist, he ground half of two of my teeth away to "stop me from grinding" without consulting me about that at all when I went in for two fillings right next to eachother.

    Aching now, fearing I'll need a rootcanal.

  13. One of the worst scams is Veterinarians giving our dogs to many vaccinations. Many Vets who disagree, now are recommending only a fraction of those shots for our pets!
    Same goes for giving our babies to many shots at to early an age!

  14. Sounds like my dentist, butchered a root canal that he swore he was experienced to do AND cut half of my other molar off and now im being told that tooth is going to need to be pulled smh

  15. The only thing true in dentistry is Orthotropics, search it. To maintain the pressure in the mouth via the use of tongue is what defines the shape and quality of the teeth. PERIOD. Hats off to Dr. Mew.

  16. Same here in the untited states. I didnot know better believed my dentist and ended up with a deep gum cleaning when all I needed was a infected wisdom tooth out! The worst pain of my life! I was in my early 20's. I ended up with dry socket. I didnot eat for a month. Then they called me to ask when I was coming to get the rest of my wisdom teeth out! For no reason. I said I was never going back! They tortured my soul.

  17. Orthodontist are terrible as well. Was told my daughter needed her molars out. Not sure how many. It was to get braces. We did it. Then the orthodontist comes in with x rays says since these molars havenot came in its going to change the treatment plan. I said "you told us to have them removed"! He moved on with nothing to say! I was ticked!!

  18. I agree with many dentists overcharging for cleanings, crowns etc. I used to go with a female dentist who had the more ridiculous prices. I never went back, I just left!!

  19. I would love to run into a doctor or a dentist that still feel vibrant about his work.. I have not yet witness that.

    I am so glad that someone finally exposing the medical field or the dental.

    I started off with 12 teeth being filled with Mercury and seven years later I had the most health life-threatening challenges.. because of the Mercury not only that it ate up my gum and it Branch to other teeth to where it got infected so bad when in my bloodstream, my organs were compromised.
    and during this time because I didn't have the financial support or the insurance I was left with aching infected mouth for years and years…
    So not fair!

  20. Been in the business 30+ years and 80% of them are completely unscrupulous and have terrible hand skills to boots, mutilation of teeth is very common…

  21. I wanted my two front teeth straightened. The first dentist I saw said I need all my wisdom teeth removed. Two other teeth removed and full braces. Final cost £10,000. I went to get a second opinion. Next dentist 1 tooth removed to make room and braces on top. Final cost £2000. So glad I got a second opinion.


  23. This makes me so glad we have the National Health Service here in the UK. I got a checkup, x rays, and cleaning for £22 today.

  24. You will always get 11 opinions from 10 dentists and they can all be right. However, way too many dentists treat patients like cash cows! I am ashamed at what my profession has become. I'm in the UK.

  25. God damn. Im so glad the dentist we go to is a man who actually cares about our dental hygiene. He did his best to avoid doing a root canal for me, but sadly, the tooth was too far gone.
    We've never had this kind of thing shoved onto us.

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  27. No surprise. I hate going to the Dentist. They're rip-offs. I go to in-network dentist. I always submit their treatment recommendation prices to my insurance company. No surprise, the dentist prices are much higher than insurance rates. I inform the dentist office of the discrepancy. They then reduce their prices to match the insurance prices.

  28. Yeah…my dentist in Mississauga did major fundraising on my teeth…she said I might as well get all 6 crowns done while still on insurance so she proceeded to remove old fillings that were perfectly fine and now those crowns are having trouble….The dental industry was self regulating…a very bad situation.

  29. I had the 4 wisdom teeth extracted in California while I was in my 20s–he didn't say why I needed it. He gave me sedation and it was done. My husband was in the Marines at the time and I had to have him drive me home. I should have never gotten that done. My siblings didn't and they didn't hurt and were straight. I believe he was trying to cash in now that I think of it.

  30. I’m 99.9% sure Dr.Chopra worked on me and my mom. I needed 15k in work, mom needed 20k-30k of work. This was in the midwestern U.S. We didn’t go back to her.

  31. The only profession where someone can look into your mouth and literally see a down payment on a Lamborghini…

  32. I had a rough edge on my front tooth. The dentist filed it down, then without asking or telling me he drilled out the back of both front teeth and put fillings in them so big I couldn’t close my mouth, 3mo later the fillings fell out and the dentist said I needed 2 crowns @ $3,000 and then told me I have a collapsed bite that needs to be fixed. To say the least He screwed me so hard he apologized to me and now he will getting sued; make sure you fill out YELP reviews on these crooked dentists

  33. I went to Tijuana with my girlfriend as we went to one place that asked for 6000 in care or 4500 after insurance helped. We got a second opinion and then took off. When we got back we called around for the crowns. One place wanting 1800 per and another 900. If insurance covers half the 900 or 450 per was the no brainer. At the end of the day we paid 1800 out of pocket. She ended up with a wisdom tooth taken out, two root canals, two crowns, and a few cavities filled. A lot better care in Mexico.

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  37. Scammers. So sad even medical and dental practices scam. These are the people we go to when we need care. No wonder people are afraid to go to the dentist. I went to mine and she said I need $11,000 worth of work and my mouth dropped. I left with estimate and went to the dental school to see what they say. Then I’ll present them with the quote my dentist gave me of repairs without the cost next to it.

  38. Excuse me why are you people now surprised were YOU asleep all this time we have done our own research on this see subjects with our own family friends and associates since 1982 but you are only now seeing the true extent of this ongoing issue of greed and competition and a much higher up motivation in the administration and CEO after observing the registering procedures with the forms application consent to have them basically over bill you while destroying your health and you the patient has given permission by your signing the forms within their agreement contract this comes as no surprise to our own personal research ..

  39. 7 years ago a dentist told me I needed to have they very back upper molar pulled because it was gray and "rotting". Grandpa took me to his old school dentist who dropped some dye on it and said basically if it was decay it would turn a color or something. It's been so long the specifics have escaped me. But either way he said just because a tooth has gray or any color, doesn't always mean decay or major issues.. he said my back molars were a little weak and enamel worn, but not anywhere need pulled. I am SO glad I kept my tooth. 7 years later and its totally intact and not causing ANY issues. The 2nd option said having that tooth removed would have eventually cause my teeth to shift, and then would need a handful of other alterations to keep my teeth inline and not loose. So long story short is I almost did something that would have majorly effected me.

  40. And then I had another experience from the same dentist that tried to convince me to have my back tooth pulled. I do grind and clench at night, no questions. My jaw is misaligned and I should have it fixed but can't bring myself to jaw surgery at the moment. But I do grind my teeth down. Instead of recommending a night guard he mostly ignored it for a few months and then, THEN "filled" all of them. He actually ground all my bite surfaces down even more, to put filling on all the surfaces basically. Now had I gotten a night guard immediately, I would still be good. But instead I now have to go 1-2 times a year to have my teeth re-done as I literally just grind the stuff right off. I mean originally they were ground, but NOT past the enamel. Now I have all that enamel removed and my teeth are basically exposed till they're re done! And now I can't afford a bite guard at $500-1,000 a piece. So I wear store bought bite guard, but have to do off a few days then on, or I end up with SEVERE jaw pain, tooth, and gum pain. He took a problem that was like a 3-4 on a scale of 1-10, and took my issues to being 8-9. The last dentist I saw asked why I was nervous so explained my history, including several other bad ones like messing up a filling 3 times that I've now decided to live with. He got mad at me and said he wouldnt treat me if I was gonna talk like that about dentist and basically "black balling" them. That is NOT why I told him this stuff. He told me to get over it and check my bad experiences at the door. He was also VERY dismissive of pain I experience. And now because of that last one on top of all the others, I've refused to go for 2 years and clean them myself. Ignoring a few cavities cause I'm so terrified. I HATE 90% of dentists, but I do applaud and appreciate the 10% or so who actually care!

  41. maybe it's better if you've actually sent an actual dentist to be an undercover patient so she can understand everything that is going on.

  42. Variation is because of greed , just say it, Dentist’s are doing it for pay so the more they find wrong the more they make , I had it happen , you need a crown and other dentist a filling , always get a second opinion or 6

  43. My dentist said I had no cavities waited until it got worse than said I needed expensive surgery

  44. The bridges??? Seriously. With new CADCAM in office milling machines where zirconia porcelain blocks used cost only $20 individually to mill, and 10 or 15 minutes in a glazing oven and you have 2 new bridges they will charge over 3k a piece for? Ya we are all getting fckd.

  45. A radiologist told me years ago that those full scan x rays dentists always want to give you are high dose radiation. Why in the hell do you need to x ray your mouth and head every 6 months

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  47. I just switched Dentists and saved $30,000. My new dentist said my teeth are fine. See you in six months.

  48. Western Dental? they are the worst~ they do a half @ss job so you have to keep coming back~ eventually they all fail~

  49. These Indian doctors in this video are not being honest to their customers and try to cheat them of their money.

  50. This treatment palns they propose goes againts one of the most basic principle which is presrvation of sound tooth structure

  51. I Just hate going to the dentist.they cheat you and lie about ur tooth ,since we trust them they take undew advantage of it and even spoil our good teeth .they charge a hell of amount to you .

  52. I was told by a dentist I needed 8 fillings, I didn't have the money so I never went back. 4 years later a different dentist told me I needed 2 fillings. I wasn't in pain so I told them I wanted the cleaning and of course was told they MUST do the work before the cleaning. I was annoyed and never went back for my scheduled appointment. 6 years later now married my wife made me go to the dentist. I was told I was fine and didn't need anything! I explained to the dentist what other dentist had been telling me. The dentist told me cavities are opinions!

    This made me not trust any dentist. You only have one set of teeth for life! That's just wrong

  53. i haven't been to the dentist in years and have not had any cavities since the time i decided not to pay into dentist they are rip offs and the cleaning are painful. I make sure i clean my teeth at home and not go through the pain.

  54. I have a huge fear of dentist from several horror experiences. I finally took my son at age 8. They said he had one cavity and we made arrangements to return the following week for the "pediatric" dentist to do the work. She said he needed a ROOT canal! Then they took us to an enclosed room, my son would be put into a pappos to tie him down and I couldn't be in the room! My gut reaction was to RUN! And so we did! He NEVER complained about pain in his teeth, and I didn't want him to have a horror experience. He's 18 now and no cavities so far. Dentistry is a quakery business!

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