It is Possible To Cure Ulcerative Colitis Through Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines – Real Testimonial

It is Possible To Cure Ulcerative Colitis Through Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines – Real Testimonial

Greetings, ma’am! Greetings! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda center. Thank you so much. Regarding which health issue were you seeking treatment from Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Ulcerative colitis. When was it diagnosed? It was diagnosed in 2013. After which, I took allopathic treatment for 3 and a half years. I was really fed-up after taking mesacol suppositories and steroids which resulted in acne and other health issues. Then, I searched on YouTube and got to know about Planet Ayurveda. What is your opinion on allopathic treatment? Allopathic is fine if you have to take it for a month or two. But, when it crosses 2 years it gets really difficult. If I was travelling, I had to carry all my medicines and I faced a problem with the melting of the medicines too. The availability a refrigerator was a must at all times to keep the medicines. Apart from that, once we leave allopathic, the problem would relapse and in a much worsened condition. When did you consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I consulted him last year, in 2017. He told me that I would’ve to follow a course of 6 months. But, fortunately, I was completely cured in 2 and a half months. After that I totally stopped the medicines and Dr. Vikram just asked me to follow a diet chart. I would like to see it. Sure. I followed this diet chart for 6 months. This is the general diet chart which is given to all Ulcerative colitis patients by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I strictly followed these for 6 months. You took the medicines for just 2 and a half months? Yes, just 2 and a half months. After that all my medicines were totally stopped. In which year did you start your medicines from Planet Ayurveda? I started it in February, 2017 and my treatment had finished in April, 2017. And what is your health condition like since then? It’s absolutely fine. If I see my reports, I can’t believe I had this problem. Now, I eat everything, no precautions. There are no medicines in my purse and I can live my life freely. It’s almost been 1 year. Yes, almost 1 year and I’m totally fine now. I can enjoy my life properly and I’m really thankful to Planet Ayurveda. Do you remember the medicines that were prescribed to you by Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Yes. I just had 4 medicines which were Pitta Balance, Praval Panchamrit, Kutajghan Vati and Vatsakadi churna. You’re almost cured now and it’s almost been 1 year and there is very nice improvement in your health. Yes, my health is a lot better now. Earlier, I had pimples and poor digestion. But, everything is absolutely fine now. Ma’am, our viewers need a ray of hope from you. There are numerous viewers who’re watching this video and there are many of them affected by Ulcerative colitis. What message would you like to give them? I would just like to say that instead of allopathic treatment give Ayurveda a chance. Get a consultation at Planet Ayurveda once. Try taking the medicines once. Give three months of your life, who knows you might get an entire lifetime without medicines. Thank you ma’am, for sparing your precious time and coming to Planet Ayurveda and giving such valuable information to our viewers. Thank you. Thank you ma’am.

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  1. I have sent you a patient name kuldeep Singh. He is not cured. He did call many times. Always he got answer that doctor is in meeting. Doctor is away. He is very poor person. He spent much money on treatment. Because you gave him bulk of medicines (like bag full same medicine in 4 no’s).

    His mother passed away seven years ago. His father took loan of 30,000 for kiryakarm and for treatment but he failed to return so he did suicide

    Now he is the only person in the home. I payed his loan including interest.

    Please help kuldeep Singh. He is handicapped. He visited in bad condition to your clinic. It took many hours from bathinda to your clinic.

    Thank you

  2. Give me detail about parkinson also….is it curable under ayurvedic treatment….please explain ….. highly thankful to u

  3. roti kha skte kya colits m dr shahab gehu ki m 4 month s medicon l raha hu aap ki but boled aata h ab bhi pls btaana

  4. can i take honey in ibs and raw yoghurt and raw buttermilk becoz i hear pasteurized cow yoghurt and buttermilk is not good

  5. Mam please give me ur number. I also take a Yurvedic medicine but mucus is present. U really OK. I don't believe. Is planet ayurveda is really very good.

  6. Hello sir I hv ulcerative colitis for 4YRS.I take a Yurvedic medicine but mucus is present first I take a Yurvedic medicine from vaidya Bhagwan das then taking two yes medicine he was expired then I take medicine from jiva ayurveda but mucus is still present. Doctor say there was no ulcer but still mucus is present. U suggest me. How much time I will take ur medicine to cure

  7. Does this treatment really works I was recently diagnosed this disease, iam following extensive healthy diet chart and fasting for 24 hr in a week and taking no medicine. I go toilet once or twice in a day but the I see blood in my stool.

  8. Without any Report symptoms k adhar pe ye medicine Liya ja skata he ? Agar koi colonoscopy nahi karbane chahe or ussko ye symptoms ho to kya app ye medicine provide karte hne . I don't want to do colonoscopy but these symptoms I face from last 3 months . I done Alopath , hemeopathy .. and running ayurvedic from a local doctor but no improvement .. plz replie ..

  9. Meri wife bhi ulcerative colitis bimari se paresan hai. Allopathic dawa kha rahi hai. Ek mahine pahle ayurbedic doctor ko dikhaya mohali mey . Doctor ne tin dawa di ek mahine ke liye. Dawa ka naam hai Regenerol, visbest, aur sampurnava. Lekin ek saptah khane ke baad . Gale mey dard aur halak mey chale per gaye . Do dawa ayurbedic wala ban ker diye . Abhi planets ayurbedic daya kerta hai ki ulcerative colitis cure hai. Mujhe sahi guide lines de ker wife thik kare

  10. Sir mere ko na Charon's diseases ha mane avi avi elopathy khana suru Kia ha ,sir ma na kya is bimarise thik ho sokta hu

  11. Sir my self vishal from dehradun iam suffering alcurative colitis last 4 year sir pls suggest to me r ls

  12. सर मुझे टमक अल्सर ओर अलसरेटीवकोलाइटीस दोनों है मुझे मल मे खुन नही आताहै ओर मुझे कबज बनी रहेती हे कोइबार मल मे चीकना पन आताहे सर मेरे लीये डाईटचारट कया है 9586397154 ये मेरा बोटसफ नंबर है सर डाईटचारट की तस्वीर भेज ना मेरे खान पान मे सुधार हो सके

  13. Sir mujha colotise kee problem haa but maina colonoscopy nahi krwayi tao kyaa maa without colonoscopy report consult karr skta hoo. Please rply

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