ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura)- Ayurvedic Treatment | Real Testimonial

ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura)- Ayurvedic Treatment | Real Testimonial

Greetings, sir! Greetings! I welcome you both to Planet Ayurveda. First of all, I would like to know your names. I am Praveen Upadhyay. My name is Sumit Upadhyay. Thank you sir. Where are you from? We’re from Agra. Who’s seeking treatment at Planet Ayurveda? My four year old nephew. What was he suffering from? His platelets would form and destroy. We took him to a doctor in Agra when his platelets were 13,000 and they referred him to Delhi, Sir Ganga Ram. They admitted him there and his treatment continued for 2 – 3 days. They performed a bone marrow test and it said that he’s suffering from a disease called ITP. We spent Rs. 30,000 to 35,000 in two days. They put him on medications but those steroids made our kid fat, also he had a moustache and started developing facial hair. If they would increase his dosage his platelet count would shoot up and vice versa. His treatment continued for a year and a half. Someone told us that if this treatment is continued for a long time, it would harm him in the long run. It could damage his kidneys also as he was just three year old that time. Absolutely, steroids have a lot of side effects. We got to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan through internet. One of our relative’s daughter is also getting treated for ITP from Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He suggested us to go to Chandigarh and seek treatment from Planet Ayurveda. We brought our kid when his platelet count was 35,000. Sir, please show me the reports. We met Dr. Chauhan, he assured us that he will treat our child. We got his tests done every week after taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda. After a week his platelet count was 52,000 then 68,000. Slowly and gradually he started improving. Once he had fever and we gave him allopathic medicines without consulting Dr. Vikram and his platelet dropped down to 50,000. Sir made a few changes and his platelet count came out to be 85,000. His recent tests say that his platelet count is 3,49,000 and this is just three months after the treatment whereas in allopathic we consulted doctors in Agra but they said it is incurable. They said, spend as much money you wish to and our child got injected every day in Sir Ganga Ram. One injection would cost Rs. 50,000 and the bottom line is that they said he can’t be treated. But Dr. Vikram cured our child in just three months. What kind of medicines were prescribed to your child? Here it is! Your treatment started from the seventh month and this is of the ninth month! Yes! Sir has told us that it’s not required now but we want to continue this treatment for another month to be on the safer side but our child is absolutely fit now. What kind of problems did your child suffer from? He was a little kid and he had to be pricked after every eight days for tests, we took him to Delhi very frequently. The doctor also never gave any satisfactory response, they were just concerned about the fees and wrote the prescription and they were done! We were told that they’ll cure him in 6 months which turned to a year and a year and a half. At the end they said it can’t be cured. Dr. Vikram said I’ll cure him, we thought it would take 6-7 months but he was cured in just 3 months. Where allopath could do nothing in a year and a half, Ayurveda successfully cured your child in three months. Yes! In the end, the allopath doctors simply denied. Your child is too little and he had to go through so much. He was in so much pain because of the frequent blood tests. Was he undergoing Platelet transfusion? No, just the oral medications and injections. There are a lot of patients who are suffering from ITP. What would you like to say to them? I would like to say that come to Planet Ayurveda and meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan and they’ll be 100% cured. They are not just sitting to earn money. We thought we’ll have to seek treatment for a year but he is fine in just three months. A madam from Delhi had also called, we told her to keep faith and Dr. Vikram will treat your child. I hope your video will be helpful for other people too. I just told the truth. We were worried since two years but now we’re happy and I would like to thank Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Our child is absolutely fine now and we hope he’ll be fine in the future too. Thank you for coming to Planet Ayurveda centre and giving such valuable information to the viewers. Thank you!

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  1. so glad to hear that Dr Chauhan cured that kid in just 3 months. My sister who is in the US and her
    6 month old baby is seriously suffering from kidney disease has ordered medicines from Planet Ayurveda. We are so much Hopeful that Chauhan's medicines and guidance would turn out to be miracle to us !

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