ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) treatment in Ayurveda – Testimonial

ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) treatment in Ayurveda – Testimonial

Hello sir, ma’am I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center Ma’am I would like to know about patient Mother – It’s my baby Ma’am what problem he had actually? When he was 4 years old, his platelets were down. Like 7000 per microliter. We got treatment, bone marrow tests and all for him but there were no results. After blood and platelets transfusion though platelets were around 2 lacks per microliter but they went down again. What was his diagnosis? He had some red spots on his tongue, we had consultation with doctor and after blood tests we came to know that he has only 7000 platelets per microliter. Doctor advised us for the treatment. What treatment they recommended? Mother – we were advised for blood and platelets transfusion. Father – we met different doctors at Faridabad and according to them treatment was costly and we were told that there is no any successful treatment for his problem. Though there was improvement with platelets count but all of sudden they were falling down again. He was admitted in hospital also for 2 days. Within a week his platelets were 48k from 2 lacks per microliter. I would like to know that how you diverted to words Ayurveda, I mean how did you come in contact with Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Father – I would like to say that doctor where we consulted said there is no treatment. And when we shifted to some other doctor, there we were asked to repeat all the blood tests including bone marrow again. Baby used to cry all the night and we started searching on net. Came to know about Dr. Vikram chauhan then. Was he tested with bone marrow? Mother – Yes but there was no problem with that. You mean to say that there was no diagnosis for his problem but platelets were low. Mother – Yes What was his lowest platelets count? 7000 per microliter. Platelets were not stable though they were going up after treatment but again used to fell down. It all cost us around 1.5 lacks. Well, then you came to Ayurveda. Yes sir, we had discussion with you on phone and started with medicines. Within 2 days we saw the positive results. Platelets increased from 48 to 50 per microliter. Now for how long you gave medicines. We gave for 2 months Had you come earlier also at Planet Ayurveda Center? Yes this is second time we are coming here to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Dr. Vikram Chauhan – Tejas, child had ITP problem. There is not much in allopathic science for this but Ayurveda has very good results. Ayurveda calls it Pitta Janit Vikar which is due to imbalance of pitta dosha in body that is fire element of body. I have crossed his prescription today as he has no need to have these ayurvedic medicines again. I gave him – Rajat bhasm, prawal pisti, mukta pisti etc with other ayurvedic medicines like G plat. Also I gave an herbal combination to his mother as baby is very small. I gave her all cooling herbs with natural compounds. She also need not to take them. Child’s platelets were 2 lakh 77 thousand on 27th Feb after treatment and 3 lakh 44 thousand per microliter on 25th march Means after 2 months course platelets are enough as we wanted and he doesn’t need any treatment further. You (child’s mother) keep taking Shatavari. I am happy that because of Ayurveda this small child is all cured. Mother – sir we are happier and for us you are like god. As we consulted different doctors over Faridabad, but got relief here from Dr. Vikram chauhan only. I hope whatever you explained in video, will be helpful for people. Any message for people, those who are watching this video? Mother – I will say that people are less interested to wards Ayurveda and have no awareness, so please trust Ayurveda. Father – I would say that Dr. Vikram Chauhan has treatment for all the diseases. It’s all god’s grace, thank you!

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  1. sir my aunty Is suffered from itp on last one year, all tests is over no results on bon marrow, 3keemo injections already over, but plate plates some times down, pls SMS ur hospital address I will come to us pls sir pls replay to me

  2. Sir my niece was diagnosed with chronic ITP 8 months ago. She is 4 years old . Doctors have tried every possible treatment from platelets infusion to rituximab to Iv IG (3 times) to Win Rho to revolate (25 mg). Her lowest count has been 2500 . The first two times Iv IG was used we got results her platelets boosted up to 300000(1st time) , 250000(2nd time) and 90000(3rd time). But now her count has again dropped to 5000 n we are helpless now …please help us

  3. sir me itp k marz me kafi arsay sy mobtla hon aur ab duaiyan khany k bawjod b koi farak nai par rha me bouht pray shan hon pleas btaye k me kia kron from pakistan

  4. Sir wife was Itp Problem For 4 years its very problem but SMS Jaipur Doctor Asst. Professor Dr. Sandip Jasuja Is very nice docter Give me a some tablet Omnacortill With Iron Regular And now is very fine for 1 years sir koi iska permanenttreatment hoto batayiye

  5. sir my niece fo 3 year is facing same problem from 6 month plz advice and suggest of treatment for closure currently he is taking medicin for same plz suggest for treatment

  6. sir my son itp thrombocytopenic patient my son age 3 year old bone marrow itp thrombocytopenic doctocr advis medician ,tab detacoril 5mg and iron please send email id my and i am back send medical test and repats thanks my nadir khan pakistani my email id [email protected] thanks

  7. Sir , My son is ITP thrombocytopenia this age 3 year old send me waasap my email i am verary thankful to NADIR KPK BANNU PAKISTAN 03329805510

  8. hello mr chauhan sir mere papa ki age 58+ hai hmlog allahabad up me rehte hai and papa ko mere itp hua hai last 8 month se wysolone tabt chal rhi hai abhi 18000 hai and sugar kahfi hi rehta hai 370 ke aas pas and insolin bhi lehr 22m 2 time sir plz kariye or help kariye or unka trement PGI locknow mai chal rha hai 8957065275 this is no plz help us

  9. Hi
    hope u r fine
    we are from pakistan and living in saudi Arabia
    i have only one sone age 6 years 7 months(6.7 years old)
    when my son reached at 3years he diagnosed ITP
    ( bruises, nasal bleed 3,4 times in a day and patchy) 18 Mar 2013 my son has 18 Platelets and admitted in hospital they gave him IVIG and after that continuously they gave him IVIG on weekly basis. meanwhile they gave Steroids but NO USE
    now he received 4 doses of Rituximab. but no USE today he has 5,… PLT count.
    If u have any whatsapp/Email please share i want to contact with u,
    Thanks & Regards!

  10. sir my aunty is also sufring from itp she is admit at sir ganga Ram hospital Delhi. last 4 days Aaj he pata chala hai ki unko itp hai Pl. suggest me. ki hum kya Kare. kindly help me.

  11. Sir meri beti 2 sal ki hai aur uska platles 7000 hai aur 2 bar bournmero ho chuka lekin report me kuch nahi sir mai mumbai k.e.m. hospital me ilaj kara chuka hu lekin koi faida nahi sir plz plz plz mujh ko aap ka number cha hiye mujhko aap se bat karni hai aur aap se tritmen karana hai sir mai bahut pareshan ho my mibil no.7020842176 sir mai marashtra dhule se ho sir plz plz plz giv me help

  12. sir ma pakistan say ap k vido youtube pay dakhi ha mari bati itp ha abi 1 maha he howa ha ma jinah hospetal lahore ma addmit ha sir ap say requst ha k itp k ilaj kar day ma ap k pas to nahi aa sakta ap mujay dasi dawi likh k baj day ta k ma apni bati k ilaj kara sakho 03004799436

  13. My brother has this problem. His platelets count become zero and than we got treatment from normal.medicine and they diagnosis ITP and they treated with steroids. He was treated well and now ITP came back . They injected platelets and done bone marrow also. He is in dubai please guide us how to treat this .

  14. Hi sir, i m suffering same problem of low platelets, since 3-4 months now, doc give me steroids, but within 2 months it goes up only 144 lack, how can i properly cure from this problem bcz i want baby, plz suggest

  15. Is bimari se toh bhgwan bachaye ye meri bcchi ko kha gyi 22 November ko khoob tritment liya hmne alopethik bhi or or aaurwedik bhi bt koi fayeda nhi hua …. Bhgwan. Dusman ko bhi mt do ye bimari or kmse km chote bccho ko toh bilkul nhi

  16. Sir mere bête nirmay ko last 6months se itp hai aur 22-02-18 ki report mai 18000 platelets hai Maine apko reports send kar de hai dr. Plz plz sir reply soon.thanku mera email address hai ( [email protected])

  17. Dear sir my 1.5year baby boy is suffering from itp and undergone treatment with ivig and steroids like prednisone and dexamethasone but still his platelets are very very low with just 2400, even bone marrow test done and confirmed for itp but still not improving kindly suggest in ayurveda please

  18. Sir, my friend is have very low platelet count, less than than 40k. She is pregnant for 7months. Her age is 40 and haemoglobin is 14. How much is it going to affect mother and baby? please advice sir…

  19. hello.sir,.,.
    mere beteko chronic itp hai kbse pta nhi pichl sal diagnosw,,hua

    ayurvedic dwa dene se 3lakh44 hjr ho gyi bt fir jb bn ki gyi to wo dwnhoke ab 19000 ho gyi phle ki conditon

    mtlb dwa se platlts boostto huin bt destroy hone ki process cure nhi hui jisse platlts fir se down ho gyi,,
    sir isska illaajbtai ya possible hai

  20. Hello sir Mera naam aamna h hmko ek saal pahle pata chala ki hmko ovarian cyst h left side me 3.7cm ka Mera pletless pahle report me 1 lakh 4 hajaar Tha phir do month baad 98000 hogaya phir six month baad karaya to 135000 hogaya phir is month karaya to 98000 hogaya aisa kyu horaha h sir mai bahut pareshan hun plz Meri madat kijye??????

  21. dr mujhe itp huwa do sal pahle mera platelate bohat kam ho raha hai aur mujhe bohat taklip ho rahihai maine hospital me bhi dikhaya but unhone mujhe sirf steroid diya to tab mera platelate bada tha but abhi phir se platelate down ho rahai aur kya papite ka juice aur patnajlai ka giloy le sakti hu plz reply

  22. Sir.. My daughter is 14years.. She is diagnose as itp 1year ago… Please suggest me something or give me ur mbl no.. I am from karnataka.. Can I get ur branch in Karnataka..?

  23. Hi,sir. My name is Anu Dey. Iam frome Bangladesh. I was suffering from this problem befor 3 years. My age is 20. My platelets count was alaws ups and downs. Sir, My resent platelets count is 16.00K/ul. sir, please contect me in this number0164860212.

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