ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura) Testimonial, Low Platelet Count – Ayurvedic Treatment

ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura) Testimonial, Low Platelet Count – Ayurvedic Treatment

Greetings, Dr. Vikram! Greetings! Today, there is a patient with you. I think his son was seeking treatment from you? Yes! Please tell us about your son and what problem did he has? My son had this problem since last 3-4 years and it was a very serious problem. We got him treated at PGI and then in Rohtak. What was the problem? He had Platelet abnormality. First, he got tiny eruptions on his body, we misunderstood it for chicken pox. But when we took him the hospital, they took some samples to test from his Spinal cord. The doctors said he is suffering from ITP. How old is your son? My son is 16 years old. How did you come to know about Dr. Vikram? I got to know from mobile. From Internet. So what all kind of problems your son was facing. He was like, got very serious problem. He used to receive platelets within 8-10- 15 days. He was well for 10 days after transfusion of single dose of blood platelets. After that when we again went for blood transfusion, doctors said like blood does not grow on trees, have to bring someone to donate blood. It was such a critical condition and we were in very helpless condition. My son was asking, Papa from where are we going to get blood. It was last time. We asked in every place in Delhi and other place, there was no cure for this problem. The situation was like…he will survive till he is getting blood supply. Then my son searched on internet about this clinic and we came to Mohali to meet doctor here. Here we got very good result. How much were platelets earlier? Before, it used to be around 10,000. Doctors tried a lot. They did transfusion of around 8 packs of bloods and then discharged, but after 3- 4 days again same problem appeared. So when you started the medicine, how much and how long it took to get result. After taking Ayurvedic medicine, it was like putting oil in a lamp, there was great improvement. Initially it was 20,000- 30,000 and it reached to 90,000 within 15 days of medicine. Then it came to 1.5 lakhs and now with god’s blessing it is 2.5 lakhs. Did it ever reached to 2.5 lakhs before Ayurvedic treatment? No. never. Whenever we went for platelets transfusion, if it was 30, 000 and they transfused 5 packs, after test platelets came to be 25,000. We got upset in such situation, what will happen now? Once my son just removed the cannula from his vein and said like Papa why are you getting upset, you know I will die. Its ok, don’t get disheartened. What treatment was suggested by Dr. Vikaram Chauhan? He will be fine now. Doctor is like god, he saved him. Doctor Vikram, what did you suggest in his case? My son asked, when, I will be alright? They said till you are getting the medicine and blood, you will be alive. Did they use to give him steroids? Yes, they use to. He became fat with that. Is he taking now? No, we stopped the day you told to stop. Doctors said that if you stop using steroids then we do not give you any guarantee. Steroids are totally stopped? Yes, no medicine is being used now. We are giving only yours medicine. Since when you are taking treatment? I think it’s been 3 months? It’s been 3-4 years when we noticed this condition.

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  1. बहुत जबरदस्त डोक्साब आप सच में बोत बढ़िया काम कर रहे हो

  2. Dr I amm suffering from top last three can be cured . I have only faith on u.iwant to know how long will be the treatment. when I see it can be cured.Plz tell me

  3. namaskar sir.. mere papa ITP k patient hain.. mene unki reports mail ki hain aur bahot bar contact b kia but koi response nhi mila.. sir please help.

  4. sir before last 6 months my father s platelates not increasing is staying around 35-40 thousands Dr declared thrmbocytopenia pls help us

  5. Hello sir good evening I would like to request
    Drs planing for splenectomy but v r refused
    IVG INJCTIONS GIVEN PERDay 8 vails for 5 days but no improvement kindly help us we r in Hyd

  6. aoa dr vikam chauhan sb . sir mere sister k bhi platert leat boht kam hn 10000 hazaar hn .. on ki body per bhi halky nilay laal rang k dhaby ban jate hn plss sir muje muje bhi es ka treatment batin me boht pareshan hn .. on ki sari medical report aap ko send kr do ga .. mera wathaap no# 00923074473917 is my cell no# plss sir aap apna watapp no# send karin .

  7. Dr sab namaste meri beti ko itp hai or ilaj Mumbai mai chal raha hai or platelets nahi bad rahi hai abhi platelets 14000 hai meri madad kare mai mp ka hoo

  8. Sir mere ko 2 Saal se platelets na bhadne ki problem hai mere platelets 40,000 se 90,000 tak rhte hai mujhe kya krna chahiye please help me

  9. Hello sir I'm suffering from itp from last 2 month my platelet are 10000 only doctors are giving me steroids but there is no progress
    Please try to help me out
    I'm just 18 yrs

  10. I get an plate shot once a week that stimulates the bone marrow. My count is fluctuations from 30,000-100,000. If I do not get this injection they drop fast. Ive been in the hospital 3 X's now with a count of 14,ooo. I have to go to a cancer institute every week:( Help

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