ITP – Low Platelet Counts Treatment in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

ITP – Low Platelet Counts Treatment in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Hello, Mr. Ashwinder Hello sir. Sir today you are here in Planet Ayurveda center for medicines. So I would like to ask for what you are taking the medicines. I came from Dharun. My brother Shailender had the problem of ITP which was reoccurring from a longer time. For this I visited AIIMS and Rajiv Gandhi institute in Delhi. Treatment was going from Dharun but due to the reoccurrence there was no relief. Last time when I came to the doctor then his platelet count was 30,000. Doctor suggested to use his medicines and told that they will help to provide relief. Now it’s around six months my bother has been taking the medicines and there is good improvement. Platelet count is coming in Normal range that is between 150,000 – 450,000. I am very satisfied with doctor’s treatment. Ok. So what is age of your brother who has the problem of ITP? Sir, he is 32 years old and 1st time got this problem in 2007. After five years this problem again happened in 2012 and subsequently re occurring in 5-6-7 months. In that case, was there transfusion of platelets? Yes, but the lifespan of platelets was only for 2-3 days. After the transfusion body was not responding to this therefore formation of platelets was there but they couldn’t sustain. What were the levels of Platelets generally? It was used to 3000-4000 when admitted. After taking the allopathic treatment it got accelerated to 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 but tough to exceed above this. Ok, they had been doing platelet transfusion along with medicines which raised the platelets count only to 30,000. Then again it fell down. Yes then it got down. For how long you were taking the allopathic treatment? Until he came out of danger zone, I took the treatment for him. Later I realized that there is no treatment in Allopathy then moved to Ayurveda. How did you come to know about Dr. Vikram? There is the site by the name of Planet Ayurveda where I was searching and talked with Doctor. He explained the things in a satisfactory way. Then I came here and got completely assured by words of Dr. Chauhan that its treatment is possible. When you have started Ayurvedic treatment? Now it has been approximately six months. What is present condition of your brother? Sir, now it’s stable. What is platelet count at this time? It’s around 1.3 lakhs These days it’s generally lies in the range of 1.3-1.5 lakh for even those people who are not sick. Now he is fit and fine. If it is 1 lakh then nothing to worry because according to recent times its normal. You brother is performing his day to day activities. Yes. What kind of Ayurvedic medicines are there? Any changes in life style or home remedies are also suggested by Doctor? Doctor advised a natural way of taking meals. Try to avoid fast foods and non-veg which can aggravate the pitta dosha or it would be better to stop such things completely. Use giloy (Tinospora) or have such things which create the calmative effects in body. Hence, things suggested by doctors have been a great relief. Have you faced any side effects by using the medicines of Planet Ayurveda? No, best thing about the Ayurveda is that it has the negligible side effects or we hardly see. If it would have happened then we were unaware. In short there are no side effects. Really that’s a great thing. So now your brother is able to do all his routine activities along with medicines. Yes, he is doing well. That’s great. Would you like to convey any message to viewers? I want to say this to all that try to connect with nature and Ayurveda. In any case if you face problems then take advice from intellectual doctors like Dr. Vikram. Don’t rush to any one, only follow the well-known specialists. I think that Dr. Vikram has the good understanding of Ayurveda and his way of explaining the things is good. Therefore I want to say that one must consult him. Thank you sir. Thank you very much.

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  1. sir i am pakistani i can not coming india i am very poor my wife itp patien plz give me solve problem give me number

  2. sir mere leg mai red patches hoo raha thaa too maine Kolkata ke medical hospital(college)mai doctor ko dikhaya too unhone bataya ki ye ITP hai sir mai 7 years se dawa kr raha huuu pr koi aaram nhi hooo raha haii plz plz plz sir khuch solution bataye

  3. Doctor please send me your distributor number in Dubai UAE I will contact him because l am suffering ITP since 2 year please help me

  4. Sir ham itp ka Prasad hai ham tablet lerahu tablet omnacortil 10mg letahu har roj our ek tablet Aazoran lerahu Lang bang 3 saal huaa hai lekin kuchh pharak nahi hai tablet omnacortil latahu tab tak thik rate hai PLT 2 lakh rati hai

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