Jake Totally Doesn’t Need Therapy – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)

– Oh, that guy looks like
he’s wearing a skin mask over his own face,
so I’m guessing it’s Dr. Tate. – He has a normal man’s face,
Jake. – Yes, he does have
a normal man’s face, stretched out
over his own face, because he is a Hannibal. Hi there.
Dr. Tate, I presume. – Yes. Hi, nice to meet you. Uh, which one of you is
in charge? – Let the mind games begin.
– Excuse me? – Sorry,
I am Detective Peralta. This is Detective Boyle.
He’s in charge. – Dr. Tate, have you heard
anything from Mrs. Buckley? – No, I haven’t,
and I’m quite worried. I received a frantic, disturbing call
from James yesterday. He was afraid
he’d done something horrible. I asked him where he was, and he said he was in the park
near the Zen garden. I suspected he was just
experiencing delusions, but when they didn’t show up
for therapy today, I became very concerned. – So you think he killed her and dumped her body
in the park? – Sounds like
couples counseling is going really great
for them. – Sorry, my partner
doesn’t believe in therapy. – Oh, that’s fine.
It’s hard for some people. – Title of your sex tape.
[exclaims] – Are you normally so cavalier
around murder investigations? – Yes, we see a lot of darkness
in our line of work, and humor is one
of our coping mechanisms. It’s self-preservation
through disassociation. – What the [bleep]? – It’s something
I’ve been working on with my therapist. – Well, I act like this because I’m cool and fun and
people like being around me. – I’m so sorry.
I didn’t mean to trigger you. – Okay, Doc,
you’re not in your office. You don’t have to use words like “triggered”
or “in denial.” – I didn’t say “in denial.”
Are you in denial? – No, I am not,
and before you say anything, I don’t want to sleep
with my mom either.

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