James Randi – Homeopathy (EN/NL subtitles)

James Randi – Homeopathy (EN/NL subtitles)

I can be convinced for
much less than that. I’m going to talk about something
which that illustrates very well. I would like to see hands, please,
and holding your hand up isn’t like this but it’s like this,
so I can really see it. If anyone can give me just- it doesn’t have to be detailed or
scientific or anything like that, just give me an idea what they
think homeopathy is all about. Does somebody have a notion?
Yes, sir, this gentleman down here. – Yes, homeopathy is the promise that diluting something past
the point of having any atoms can still have an essence
that will heal people. That’s essentially it, yes. The gentleman said, in case
you didn’t hear him, that diluting a substance down
beyond the point where it’s actually present in the solution anymore,
can still have some efficacy. And they base it on theories
of vibrations, you see, the vibrations of the original
medicine that was there. I’m going to give you the four rules of homeopathy,
which should blow you away, I’m glad again that you’re seated. I’d hate to see people fall over in
hilarious laughter and damage themselves. Homeopathy started over 200 years ago. It was started by a man named Hahnemann. Samuel Hahnemann came up
with a wonderful idea. Now, 200 years ago, medicine was
not then what it is today. Today, it’s an art and science,
back then it was essentially an art. There was very little science to it. They were barely out of the age
of Paracelsus, and Paracelsus – though a disagreeable chap, I never
knew him, I’m not that old… yet – and Paracelsus came up with this
really rather smart idea. The idea was that you don’t have
to use natural substances, such things as weeds and bark
and things like that, in order to heal diseases, you can use simpler, non-organic chemicals. And he started up by using things like
mercuric chloride, lead acetate, arsenic sulfide, few things like that,
and the diseases… my golly, the symptoms went away like that,
and unfortunately so did the patient. But they were the best looking corpses
in the cemetery, I can tell you that! It usually cleared it up
the symptoms right away. Mercuric chloride was used for a long time,
even into Victorian days, and it’s a deadly poison, but it was
used in very small quantities, so they didn’t die right away,
and they could pay the bill, you see. Now, this is what Paracelsus
introduced to medicine. So you can imagine, at that time that
people who could afford doctors had a much greater chance of dying
from the disease -or the treatment- than people who couldn’t afford doctors, and indeed that seems to be supported
by the statistics of the day. So Hahnemann came along with an idea, that he would prepare medicines that
wouldn’t poison people like that. It was a good intention, but… I want you to know the four rules of homeopathy. Each increasingly more embarrassing. The first one is that you do
what they call a ‘proving’. A proving in homeopathy, and I’m not
going to go into all the details, that would take me three nights here, the proving consists of taking a substance,
we’ll call it a substance X, and you give it to a patient who is well,
that is to a person who is ‘well’. Now, that definition isn’t arrived at,
maybe somebody who can walk and sit down and stand up again and is warm, would be
a person that’s ‘well’, I don’t know. But you give it to a person who is well,
and that person develops symptoms A, B and C. Now, we’ll say that the substance is…
the milk from milkweed, oh that must taste awfully bad,
sap from milkweed, bleh! You give that to a well patient
in a proving, and in this proving, the patient
develops these three symptoms: A) face gets very, very red, B) head swells up round like a balloon, C) and every twenty minutes he falls down
on the ground in a dead faint. Now those are symptoms you’d be likely to notice.
I think you’ll agree with that. So they write that down in a book. That’s called the proving,
that’s the first rule of homeopathy. Second rule of homeopathy is… suppose you have a patient
walk into the office, and the patient sits down and says:
“Oh… am I sick”, and the homeopath looks to the patient
and notices that the patient has head swollen up like a balloon,
and it’s bright red, and the homeopath says: “Hmm… every twenty minutes you fall
on the ground in a dead faint?” And the patient looks at his doctor:
“You’re wonderful, yes I do!” – “Wait a minute!” You go through the book, you find out
what caused that in a well patient, and then you give them that medicine,
and that reverses the effect. Don’t look at me, it’s their idea! People out there go “Whaaaa…?” It’s their idea, not mine,
I’m just telling you what it’s all about! Third rule of homeopathy says:
you don’t do that. I told you they got sillier,
as they went along. Third rule of homeopathy says
that you give them a highly diluted mixture of that substance. You haven’t heard ‘dilution’
until you hear this… I’m going to step over to the board here. This is a simple mathematical lesson, OK? 10 to the power of 1 is… 10.
OK, we knew that. 10 to the power of 2 is 100. It’s the number of zeros after
the 1 that the index refers to. OK, so 10 cubed, 10 to the
3rd power has 3 zeros, and it goes on and on like that, OK? Now, in homeopathy, to prepare a solution,
you take 1 part of the substance and you put it in 10 parts of water,
and you succuss it. That we will call a ‘1 solution’. They never use that. Far, far too strong. Now, what they do to prepare it, is they take
the substance, put it in the water and then they succuss it. That means,
shake it up and down ten times… …sideways ten times… …and back and forth ten times in three different dimensions,
ten times each. That’s called ‘succussion’, I call it ‘shaking it’. But I’m not scientific, so what do I know? That’s a ‘1 solution’.
As I say, they never use that. Then they take 1 part of that solution
and put it in 10 parts of water and chucca chucca chucca
the whole thing all over again, and they get a ‘2 solution’,
1 part in 100, do you follow now? Then, they repeat it one more time, 10 parts,
and they get 1 in a thousand, but that’s far far far too concentrated. No! They prefer dilutions of 1 in 10
to the 20th parts of water. That’s 1 with twenty zeros after it. That’s what I call dilute. ‘Attenuated’ is the term they use. ‘Attenuated’. That’s really ‘attenuated’! And the fourth rule of homeopathy,
as if you weren’t ready for it, the more dilute the medicine is,
the stronger it is. I told you they get sillier
as you go along. Now, I happen to have some homeopathic
medicines here on the table- No, I have homeopathic *preparations*;
I won’t dignify them by calling them ‘medicines’. This one is called “Cold and Flu Relief.”
This is a spray. Oh, it’s got a rebate offer.
Damn, I missed that. “Breakthrough medicine! No side-effects!”
That’s true. My question is, are any other effects there? It does remove that dreadful lump from
your wallet, because it’s very expensive. “Active ingredients” folks,
listen to this now. “Active ingredients”, ooh… You see,
the one that is listed first, is the one that’s the most
prevalent in the compound. “Arsenicum album.”
In brackets it says: “arsenious acid”. Not to be confused with Arsenio Hall… of course. Arsenious acid. Hmm.
What concentration…? 30X. That means, 1 followed by
thirty zeros parts of water and 1 part of arsenicum album. I wouldn’t worry about it! I wouldn’t worry about it at all, friends,
because that’s what 30X means. Now, wait a minute,
we passed a certain point here. It’s called a sort of the point
of no return I suppose, but a fellow named Avogadro
came up with a thing called Avogadro’s limit and Avogadro’s number.
He was very awkward, but he was right. What’s that? Sorry? I was just about to tell them that, yes.
You’re padding your part. You’re the one that runs on
in flames after, isn’t it? Yes, 10 to the 23rd. Once it gets
to 23rd solution there, if you can call it a solution at that point,
there’s only a chance of there being one molecule or atom of the original
substance present in the mixture. So by the time you get
to the 10 to the 24th, you’ve got 1 chance in 10 of
there being one molecule there. I’m going to illustrate
something for you, you see, I have here also a box of
another homeopathic compound. This is Calms Forte, a sleep aid.
“Non habit-forming.” I’ll bet. “100% natural, no side-effects!”
You see, again they tell us this. I see… Now, there are 32 capsules in here. Not too long ago, I did a
demonstration for the US Congress, a group of congressmen
and congressional aids, and I started the lecture by going to
an aid sitting in the front row, and I gave him a twenty dollar
bill, and I said, “I want to you run across the street
to the Kurt’s Pharmacy over there”, big pharmaceutical chain, and I said
“I want you to buy me two boxes of this”, and I gave him the original box and
he came back with the two boxes, and I’d open them up, and pour
the 32 pills and 32 pills that makes… …64… and… put them in the glass there,
put them in a glass and I told the congressional aids
and congressmen there what this was all about
and I downed 64 of them, took a glass of water,
swallowed them down. They’re in a base of lactic acid,
which is lactose, and tastes about like packing
material, I would suggest. Sort of like plasters, and it
gets a really bad taste. It says on package, it says:
“Maximum dose 2 tablets every 8 hours,” “in case of an overdose,
call your poison control center.” (laughter) I’m still here, Charlie! I took 32 tablets, and though some of the congressmen
fell asleep, I didn’t! I’m still here! And I do this regularly. Except that lactic acid really
tastes awful. It’s nasty stuff. But there’s nothing in these tablets.
Oh, what is the active ingredient? Come on, you should be able
to tell me by now. Caffeine! You got it. The sleeping pill. It works the opposite wa…
don’t look at me, it’s their idea, not mine! This is what homeopathy is all about!
But wait, it gets better! I said that the more diluted it is,
the better it works, right? Ha-ha! Guess how high they go, folks! They go up to 10 to the power of 1500. I’m not going to start writing
all the zeros, I tell you that. Those zeros would run right
out of the room, I’m sure. That’s really powerful stuff
when you get to that extent. Now, I asked my good friend Martin Gardner,
formerly of Scientific American magazine, I said: “Martin, do a little
math for me, would you?” “It’ll save me some time and I’ll
have it from an authority like you”, I said “what would that be equivalent to?” And he said, “You need some
sort of a metaphor?” And I said, “Yes, some sort
of a figure of speech,” because I’m talking to
technically-minded people, scientifically-minded people,
and the laymen, and reasonably intelligent folks, who can grasp something if it’s made
a little easier for them. And figures like “one thousand
and five hundred dilutions”… I don’t care how scientific you are, you can’t get a notion unless it’s
simplified for you, and here it is. He said: “It’s equivalent of taking one
grain of rice -that’s one, uno, eins- one grain of rice,
crushing it to a powder, and dissolving it into a sphere of water
the size of the Solar System… (laughter) …with Sun at the center and the
orbit of Pluto at the outside. Wait a minute… What about chucca chucca chucca…? I don’t know, it’s their problem, not mine. And then repeating that
process two billion times. Now if that ain’t dilute,
I don’t know what is. But folks, sure, you can laugh at this,
we all laugh at this, it’s comical, it’s juvenile, it’s asinine!
There’s no other way to describe it! But these medicines are being sold
in leading pharmacies today, in pharmaceutical chains across the country! And just recently, just three or four
days ago, they came up on the Internet offering people who are worried
about terrorist attacks, homeopathic medicine that they say
are antidotes for radiation poisoning, bubonic plague, smallpox, and anthrax. Now if this isn’t taking advantage
of people’s grief and their need for some sort of relief, I don’t know
how else you can determine that. You can’t label it any other way. These are swindlers, liars, cheats,
frauds, fakes, criminals! Come on, sue me! No, they won’t sue me. They know damn well their case won’t
stand up in a court of law. It doesn’t stand up in science
at all. It falls apart. And they say: “Well, we’ve got these affidavits!” Yeah, and Nixon said he didn’t
know about Watergate too, and he was president of the
United States, remember? Now, am I understandably
angry about this thing? Have I got a good cause to be angry?
And to run this foundation in Florida? And try to attract people to it, so they subscribe to the foundation
and help to support it? It’s what I’m shamelessly doing
for you right now.

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  1. Nobody would try homeopathy for a specific problem, if a solution could be prescribed by a doctor of conventional medicine which could solve that problem and would be cheaper. People is not stupid. But homeopathy and other aternative medicines still exist nowadays because conventional medicine is not a panacea, unfortunately.

  2. i have witnessed 1000s of cases over 25 years of homoeopathy having a 100% complete success. In fact the majority have been instantaneous.

  3. i have witnessed 1000s of cases over 25 years of homoeopathy having a 100% complete success. In fact the majority have been instantaneous.

  4. believe what you want to believe. i have a lot of experience in this field. most of you haven't witnessed results because you haven't been there. all you wombats do is hear of stories and claims and watch these idiots pump out ignorant youtube videos.

  5. believe what you want to believe. i have a lot of experience in this field. most of you haven't witnessed results because you haven't been there. all you wombats do is hear of stories and claims and watch these idiots pump out ignorant youtube videos.

  6. Not that I want to disagree with James, but that is NOT exactly what Avogadro's number is. It's the number of units in a mole. Larger factors than 6.02 * 10^23 don't mean a unit doesn't exist. It just means you have to have a larger mixture.

    Of course when you look at it, it's probably impossible your solution contains anything at all, but Avogadro's number, I don't really feels portrays anything except as an illustration.

  7. Read the label on Calms Forte bottle you dumb old fool. It says it takes an hour to kick in. This vid isn't even 15 minutes long. I'm sure he slept well that night and secretly continued to take more Calms Forte every night because it worked so well 😉

  8. https://youtu.be/64VbSkwWjD4 go thru this video and you'll get the answer.
    If science can't explain it that doesn't mean that its not working

  9. Homoeopathy is not a placebo. In fact I will say it is superior than medicine & surgeons knife. Non genuine scientists not doing fair with their conscience.
    plz refer

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