Jeremy Sherr – Homeopathy for Health in Africa: Mary’s Story

Jeremy Sherr – Homeopathy for Health in Africa: Mary’s Story

Mary is one of those patients that comes to mind because I love her you know she’s great I think she’s patient number one zero three which means she wasn’t the first day that I went to the first village and that day will always stick in my mind being being the first day and we got to this place and the whole age group was waiting for us about twenty windows and Mary was the third patient and I just remember her sitting there crying you know in the clinic and that made us cry because other than all our physical problems if I recall it was extreme weakness it was pains in the bones inability to walk a long way poor sleep appetite the stuff now that we’ve seen a thousand times you know but she was so sad cuz her husband had died from AIDS and she was left alone with the kids she had zero money and zero work and zero ability to work it was just heartbreaking really to see her like that a new burner – I love the saying give me pull up you choker choker saying give him back okay yah yah yah Parmenio cat unipampa had a mini c5 like you talkin opens up to me is eleventy-seven and highly awaited macaw named mine and she did so remarkably well after a month I always remember her coming back and so happy and saying I feel so much better we want you here we love your medicine and she was almost dancing and singing in the clinic you know it was such a big difference between that sad woman you know full of aches and pains and can’t eat and everything else and the person who have seen now for five years on a fairly regular basis doing so well you know cd4 up and healthy and you know hardly any problems at all she survived but after I’m great at up with a circle fitness and cashing buh-ba-ba-bah nearly sell Nika if I’m a jockey non-pom economy number was a bubbly personality AIDS virus is a very simple virus yet very sophisticated and that’s homeopathy it’s simple and sophisticated and it takes like to treat like and homeopathy just gently stimulates the immune system but by touching exactly the right point in the patient people have been eight healing power but it just sometimes has to be directed properly and stimulated properly and bang off it’ll go and they’ll start getting better

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  1. Homoeopathy and Snake Venom

    Snake Venom is
    our most powerful remedy.

     Acuteness of all problems, perfect/ rhythmic
    seasonal appearance, mentality perfect time to do every duties without
    delay–no laziness always hurried,

    Relief from lying on painful symptoms
    (may common in chronic case) with insomnia.

    Scanty sweat (common in
    hypothyroidism), yellow stain of sweat.

     Dreams of anxiety, of past events, suffocation.

     Desire for warm (common) cold –Elaps ,
    salad,/ row onion pepper , external warmth though sun-heat and summer, tight
    clothing aggravates

    Constipation, hard stool, causes pain in
    rectum relieved by external warmth (ars, ratanhia, muratic acid) {constipation
    with fissured rectum <> nat. mur.; fluoric acid, prunus, ; Kali. Carb;
    tuberculinum bovinum/ cons <> burning rectum – graph}

    Loquacity, extreme degree (Stram)

    Aggravation during sleep ( epilepsy,
    cardiac or brain stroke at sleep

    10) Where the acute sensitivity is present > , where; where
    sensitiveness is absent / not prominent > Crot Hor

    11)  Disease originated from
    fright- to attacked by a robber, see a theft/ pickpocketer/ — fear with
    suspiciousness, which may happen again,  
    suppression of menstruation,  by
    any means or hysterectomy followed by mental disease…… Summer / or diseases
    when changes to seasons specially Autumn , 
    suppression of skin diseases,                                                                                             acute
    cold -rhinorrhoea suppressed by drops, oils short/ orthodox medicines even asymptomatic
    Bryo/ Mag phos followed by ACUTE VIOLENT BREATHING DISTRESS< >  ASTHMA; 50 milisimal 10 minutes interval ,

    12)  Cardiac complains with
    Hypertension > Lach; Bradicardia > Crot Hor (heart block/ convulsion);
    valve- heart disease > Naja; Ear, stomach Peptic Ulcer syndrome > Elaps ;
    Stroke —unable to talk > Bothrops, I verified everything's very effective

    13) Better to lie on painful side > Lach / sciatica, otalgia;
    Better to lie on painless side > Crot Hor; external warmth (except inner
    throat problems where relieved by cold)

    14) Following / alternating remedy > Thuja

    I have cured many
    thousands patients by those totality, and I learned the technique mainly from
    Dr S.P.Dey (Homoeopath of the Era), and different writings of Dr Vitholcus
    respected sir.

    (cteindiahomoeopathy) practicing
    troublesome pain striking, brain-puzzling yet ever-benevolent process of
    Classical- Hahnemannian – Anti miasmatic-Constitutional- process of prescribing
    of Homoeopathic System of Medicine from the begging (20 April 1983)

    *Ardhendu Sekhar
    already attended, cake active part to Homoeo- Seminars’ more than thousands
    time. Published 300+ more articles in his mother languages’ Hindi and English
    throughout the globe!

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