Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage — The Physics of Emotions | EU2017

Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage — The Physics of Emotions | EU2017

I want to thank the organizers of this
conference for inviting me. It’s a little bit unusual,
I think, to have an eye surgeon speaking to physicists but
nevertheless I’m honored that you would allow me to come and share some thoughts with
you about the role of voltage in the body. Now, I always start my lectures
by announcing that I’m not speaking with my Texas MD license. The Medical Board in the state
of Texas does not allow its physicians to talk about anything that’s
not standard of care medicine and of course standard of care medicine is
pharmaceutical medicine, surgery, and physical therapy and obviously what I’m
talking about today involves other thngs. So I’m speaking today with my
Arizona homeopathic and integrative medicine license. I want to acknowledge certain
people that have contributed greatly to much of the information I’m
going to share today. This is the Tennant Institute staff
and we have dr. Marr and dr. Hyde in the audience with us and if
there are those of you who become intrigued by some of the things we’re
talking about, they’ll be happy to help demonstrate to you how all of this works. In addition, I want to acknowledge Eileen
McKusick whom you heard speak this morning and her major contributions to this area
as well, so thank you Eileen. So what are emotions? Well, people talk about having them
but most people don’t have a real, good definition of what they really are
and how they work. In addition, as in the over 50 years I’ve
been in medicine, people have talked, sort of in passing, about the mind-body
connection but I found it was difficult to get anybody explain to me what that meant. How does that really work? Well, they say well, you know, if you have
emotions it makes you get sick okay? How’s that work? And I found it difficult to find any
solution or answer to that question. So the reality is that none of
us can get through life without having emotional events. We have losses; loved ones die or
disappoint us, our dreams go unfulfilled, we go bankrupt, we have car
wrecks, we suffer injuries, all sorts of things happen and then of course we now
have this big epidemic in our country of soldiers returning from war and
committing suicide. So this business about post-traumatic
stress syndrome is of course, become a major issue for us
and nobody really knows very well how to handle it and here’s a list of all of
the various things that can happen with that but we find that more and more
people that aren’t soldiers are having post-traumatic stress syndrome as well. So we need to get a handle on how to
deal with that. Now, when this Time magazine
cover came out, we were only losing one soldier a day, now it’s up to
20 a day so 20 of our veterans a day are committing suicide. So we obviously need to figure out
a way to deal with that. Now, the reality is that deployment and
suicide are not necessarily related, in the studies that have been done. But the important point,
I think, of the military suicides is that pharmaceuticals
are not very effective. Most people know that and
the studies have been done to show that there’s really not a pharmaceutical that
does very much in helping deal with suicides and the emotions that go with it. And then I’m just passing through to the studies that have been
published about that. Now in my observation, if you
have treatment failures it usually means you’re using a wrong paradigm and so
I’m going to suggest to you a different paradigm as we go through the day.
But I’d first like to tell you how I ended up sitting in this chair.
I’m trained as an ophthalmologist and an ophthalmic plastic surgeon and I
did the majority of the research for the laser that’s used in lasik surgery by the company called Visx and I had a lot
of fun doing that research but unfortunately we didn’t know at the time
that the laser wouldn’t kill viruses so as I would be treating eyes and
particularly I treated this one fellow from India that had scars on his corneas
and I used the laser to remove those scars but he had leukemia. Well, we didn’t know that the laser
wouldn’t kill viruses and so the viruses came up, off his eye through my mask into my nose and into my brain and
I developed encephalitis. And so I, the result of that
was that I could see a patient and know what was wrong with them but I couldn’t
remember how to write a prescription. And I’d, in addition to that, I developed
spastic movements so I’d be sitting there and do something like that which
doesn’t work really well if you’re operating inside somebody’s eyeball. And so, for all of those reasons I had to
quit working at the end of November 1995. So I spent about 16 hours a day in bed
sleeping and I had two or three hours a day in which I could think clearly
enough to understand a newspaper and there like a light switch would go off
and I couldn’t understand it anymore. So during that 2 or 3 hours a day I could
think, I had to figure out how to get myself well because the best doctors I
could find at NIH in Boston and New York and wherever just said well you got
three viruses in your brain, we don’t know what to do about it, go home and don’t
call us, we’ll call you. So during that two or three
hours a day that I could think, I began to try to figure out how to get myself
well and I began to think about the fact that all the cells in the body work very
much the same even though they look different but that if I could figure out
how to make one cell work, I could make them all work. And so I went out and bought
10 or 15 books on cellular biology and started to reading them
which I hadn’t done for about 30 years. And one of the things that resonated to me
with those various books was that each one talked about the fact that
cells are designed to run at a pH of 7.35 to 7.45. And so I didn’t really know
too much about pH, I remembered there was something about, have to do with
acid-base balance but I didn’t really know a great deal more about it. So as I began to look at pH,
I began to realize that pH describes voltage in a liquid. So if you think about the wires that are
bringing the voltage into these lights and to your computers etc, that’s
conductive electricity of course with electrons flowing through a copper wire. But if you talk about a solution,
a solution has the opportunity to be either an electron donor
or an electron stealer. So in order to figure out which
it is, use a sophisticated voltmeter, or so to speak, called pH meter. And when you measure a liquid
with a pH meter, it will give you either the pH or you can
flip a switch and it will give, read it out in millivolts. So the reality then is, voltage in
a liquid we call pH and by convention, if you find that the solution
is an electron stealer, you put a plus sign in front of the voltage and if it’s
an electron donor, you put a minus sign in front of it and then you convert the
voltage that you measure with a logarithmic scale going from 0 to 14 and
call that pH. So plus 400 millivolts of electrons
stealer is the same as a pH of zero whereas minus 400 millivolts of electron
donor is the same thing as a pH of 14. And if it’s neutral, if it’s neither
electron down or electron stealer, then that’s a pH of seven. So when we say that cells must
run at a pH of 7.35 to 7.45, we are saying, cells must run between minus
twenty and minus 25 millivolts. Well, that was a wowser for me, guess what-
-cells need energy to work, that makes sense. Now by the way, people sometimes get confused
with these numbers because if you take a cell in a petri dish and you put an
electrode inside the cell and one outside the cell and you measure across
the cell membrane, you’ll get about -90 mV but hopefully not very many of you
have your cells in Petri dishes. But in the environment of this
body, they’re designed to run at minus 25 minus 20 to minus 25 millivolts. So one of the things that you will find is the
characteristic of essentially all chronic disease is that you have low voltage
going to that organ. So we are constantly wearing ourselves
out and needing to make new cells. So what I’m seeing here is,
one slide behind that one apparently. OK, so we are constantly
wearing ourselves out and having to make new cells so the macula in your eye
today is only 48 hours old, in other words, you get new cells in the macula
every 48 hours. The lining of your gut is three weeks old,
the skin you’re sitting in today is six weeks old, your liver is
eight weeks old, and your nervous system is eight months old. So we are constantly wearing ourselves
out and having to make new cells. So it turns out then, the
chronic disease only occurs when you lose the ability to make new
cells that work. Let me say that one more time, chronic
disease only occurs when you lose the ability to make new cells that work. Well, if that’s the case then, we need to ask
the question, what does it take to make a new cell that works? Well, as I mentioned, it takes
minus 25 millivolts for a cell to run but to make a new one, takes
double that, it takes minus 50 millivolts. And then, in addition to having the
voltage to make new cells, we have to have all of the nutrients to
make a new cell. So if your house gets blown down
with a tornado and you have to build a new one, guess what? You have to have everything
you need to ‘bake’ it. You can’t build a new house with door
knobs and bathroom tiles, you have to have shingles and rafters and doors and
windows, it’s that you have to have everything it takes and this is a big
mistake people make when they’re trying to get well as they try one substance at a time saying that well,
I want to see what works. Well it’s not going to work
because you have to have everything, all at one time, to build a new cell. So we have to have minus 50 millivolts of
energy, we have to have everything it takes to make a cell and then we have to
deal with any of the toxins that are hanging around that damage cells as
fast as we make them. And the most common toxins we
have to deal with are heavy metals like mercury, toxins coming out of
our teeth and GMO foods with the pesticide called RoundUp or glyphosate. Now, the body actually has four different
battery packs because the human body is a portable electronic device like all
electronic devices it has to have a battery pack or multiple battery packs. And so, the reality is that we have these
four different packs. Now the largest one of
all is our muscles. Now our muscles are piezoelectric
and for those of you who aren’t physicists that word, funny
word piezoelectricity means that if you stress a substance and it emits
electrons, that’s called piezoelectricity. So when I move my muscles, I’m generating
electrons which is by the way why exercise is so important because
exercise is the way the human body is designed to recharge your own personal
battery pack. But the reality is also that
our muscles are rechargeable batteries and so we have then these
large muscles which are our main batteries and then these muscles battery
packs are all hooked to our cell membranes. Now, cell membranes are capacitors so
what is a capacitor, well, capacitor is a small battery and the way our cell
membranes are designed is with a couple of opposing layers of funny fats called
phospholipids and these fats have a ball and then two legs. Well, the balls are electron conductors
and the legs are insulators so when you put them like this, you have two
conductors separated by insulator which by definition is a capacitor which means
it stores electrons. And then inside the cell, we have
mitochondria and inside the mitochondria we have another
rechargeable battery system. When that battery system is charged up,
we call it ATP and then as it gives away its electrons and discharges, we call it ADP. Well, because we have a rechargeable
battery system inside our mitochondria, guess what else we need in there,
a battery charger and the battery charger inside the cell is called the citric
acid cycle or the Krebs cycle. So the Krebs cycle runs on primarily fatty
acids and so as you put fatty acids through the Krebs cycle, it creates
electrons and for every unit of fatty acids that you put through the Krebs
cycle, if oxygen is present, you get enough electrons to charge up 38 of
these ATP batteries. Now in addition we have the DNA. Now DNA inside of ourselves, we
generally tend to look at it from the side and we see, looks like we took
a couple of steps, stepladders and twisted them but if you look
at it from the top, it looks like this. And every circle of DNA is golden mean
and what that means is that it’s 1.618 times, the diameter is 1.618 times the
the height and so forth. And any place in the universe
where there is something that’s golden mean or in the shape of platonic solid, it will cause implosion of scalar energy. So because our DNA is golden mean
then scalar implodes into it and gives it its charge so it has the
energy to do its job. So then we have, our muscles then
are stacked one on top of each other in a very specific order like stacking
batteries in a flashlight. And so, surrounding these, the stack of muscle
batteries, we have a substance called fascia which is very much like a stacking and
of course, fascia is that shiny stuff you see when you carve the Christmas turkey. Now the interesting thing about
fascia is that fascia is a semiconductor. So what in the world is a semiconductor? Semiconductor is a
collection of molecules arranged in such a way that electrons move through it at the
speed of light but only in one direction. So we have then this
continuous stack of fasciae going from our toes up to our brain, from our
fingers up to our brain and surrounded by this stacking which serves basically
as the wiring system for the body. So we have then the stack of muscle batteries
surrounded by the fascia, so that every organ in the body has its own battery pack. Because every organ in the body has
its own battery pack, then we have the ability to isolate, measure that voltage and
figure out why that organ is malfunctioning. Now, a stack of muscle
batteries it’s what’s been called an acupuncture meridian. So an acupuncture meridian is simply a
stack of muscle batteries. Now, so this is an example of
an acupuncture meridian called the spleen meridian and the spleen meridian… (oops, go back the other way,
there you go). So the Spleen Meridian starts down in the
big toe, goes up the inside of the leg and then it goes, there’s a special
branch, as you can see, goes over to the female genitalia, then it goes around the
back where it gets the adrenal glands, the spleen and the pancreas, then it goes
on, up into the neck and makes a loop and hooks into what’s called the stomach
circuit, and then the stomach circuit gets the macula of the eye so by the way
if anybody has macular degeneration, it’s because you have low voltage in your
stomach circuit. It powers the frontal lobes which
is the thinking part of your brain, then it gets the thyroid,
the breast, the stomach, the male genitalia and then back down to the big
toe so it makes a loop. So we have six of these loops
of muscle batteries that provide the 25 millivolts you need for
the organs to work and the 50 millivolts to repair them. So chronic disease occurs when one
of these muscle battery packs won’t hold a charge. So then that leads us to the
question well, why won’t that battery pack hold a charge? Well, there is a checklist that you can go
through to try to figure out why it won’t hold, why it won’t hold a charge
but basically you have to look at thyroid hormone because that the thyroid
hormone T3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body and T2
controls the voltage in the mitochondria so you have to be sure that
the thyroid hormone level is correct. Then, if you were to put a scar across
one of these circuits, so if you put a scar across one of these muscle battery
packs here, it’s going to short it out and it’ll drain off some of the voltage. So scars are, can be a significant
problem but the only scars that really take you completely down are those on
the main line on your main cable. A scar across your knee or something will
generally just lower it a few millivolts but enough to cause some problems. In addition, emotions are stored in
the body as magnetic fields so if you have a magnetic field that’s stuck in
one of these muscle battery packs here, it’s going to block the voltage so it
won’t go through. And then finally, dental infections are a significant problem because each of these circuits go through very specific teeth. So here you see that we have this main
cable that goes up the back and down the front, and then from that main cable you
get the voltage coming from our arms and our legs and they come up to these
lateral terminals and then from those lateral terminals they go to this central
one and then it starts looping around the body and as it loops around
the back, it has the option then of going out and attaching to the ganglia that
are up and down the spinal cord which we call the autonomic ganglia and then from
the autonomic ganglia it goes to every organ in the body. So that’s the human body’s wiring
system and battery pack system and so, whenever you have chronic
disease you will have failure of one of these electronic systems. So you simply have to start out whenever you have some
sort of illness asking the question, so what’s the battery pack to that illness? So if you have heart disease you would say
what’s the battery pack for the heart? Well it’s obviously the heart muscle battery pack. There are others that are
not as as obvious, for example there’s the example I gave you, a spleen stomach. The spleen stomach circuit is the power
supply for the entire endocrine system, the entire reproductive system in both
males and females, the macula of the eye, and the thinking part of the brain. And of course, when that system goes out
which is that one of the more common ones to go out, then you start having
failure of those organ systems. So how do we know if the voltage
is low in a circuit? Well, we have the ability to
measure it with certain acupuncture points, using what amounts to a
specially-designed ohmmeter. Now, as we began to then identify the Power
Packs that is not working correctly, we have two things in front of us, one is to
figure out why that battery pack won’t hold a charge and then the second is to
try to recharge the battery pack while we’re figuring out how to fix the reason
that we got into trouble in the first place. So we have developed this device called
a bio transducer that puts out both electromagnetic and scalar energy and if
you simply aim it at the failing organ you can begin to recharge the cells in
that organ itself and then you want to come behind it and you want to charge
the muscle battery packs and these diagrams that we have here, where you see
the red and the black dots, show you where to put the polarity because every
battery pack, like every other battery you’re aware of, has its as terminals and
polarity so you take patches and you stick the patches on to where the other
terminals of the battery pack that doesn’t have enough charge, hook it on to
the bio modulator which is a little portable device that looks a bit like a
computer mouse and it puts out waveforms that are designed to implode energy and
transfer energy to the cells and recharge your muscle battery packs. So you’re recharging the organ and the
muscle battery packs while you’re working on figuring out well why won’t that battery pack hold a
charge in the first place. Now, one of the interesting
things is that our bodies are wired up like many circuit boards. As you know, many electronic circuit
boards use Tesla resonating circuits. A Tesla resonant
circuit is a combination of a capacitor and a coil wired in parallel.
And when you do that, it has the ability to communicate with other systems that are a
combination of Tesla resonating circuits. So in the body, the lung is
always wired to the large intestine, the heart is always wired to the small
intestine, the spleen and pancreas are always wired to the stomach, the kidney
is always wired to the bladder and the liver is always wired at the gallbladder. Each of these are screeds in a Tesla
resonating circuit and because they are Tesla circuits, they are able to
communicate with each other. So one part of our body knows
what’s going on in the other part of the body because we’re
wired up with Tesla resonating circuits. Now, all of these various circuits in the
body go through very specific teeth and so the teeth act like circuit breakers. So if you begin to have an infection in
one of your teeth, it will at first begin to reduce the voltage that’s in that
circuit and later actually switch it off. So the circuit we’ve been talking about,
the spleen stomach circuit is the one that you see in yellow here, it’s the
upper molars and lower premolars. And so if you have an infection in an upper
molar, then it’s going to begin to affect your spleen stomach circuit which means
it’s going to affect as I mentioned your entire reproductive system, your entire
endocrine system, the thinking part of your brain, and the macula of your eye. So most people with macular degeneration
have an infection in an upper molar. On the same side is their macular degeneration. Now, one of the issues then is how do
teeth enter into this whole system? Well, it turns out that the teeth
appear to function similar to the way that a lymph node does in the lymphatic system. If you have infection in your
lymphatic system and it goes up the lymphatics, it gets caught and trapped in
a lymph node. Well, emotions are trapped in the
body as magnetic fields and those magnetic fields tend to end
being trapped in teeth as well. And so, what you’ll find is that the majority
of chronic illnesses actually begins with an emotional event. Let me say it one more time,
the majority of chronic diseases actually begins as an emotional event and that
emotion is a magnetic field that starts blocking the circuit by getting caught
in one of the teeth and as it does so it begins to lower the voltage in the tooth. Now, Dr. Steinman showed that
every tooth has within it a pump that pumps fluid from inside the tooth to
inside the mouth and that’s what keeps you from getting cavities. Your kids will be happy to know
that it’s not snicker bars that are causing their cavities,
it’s the failure of this pump. So when their pump begins to fail,
then infection comes from the mouth into the tooth and
begins to cause decay. So, the emotion begins to lower
the voltage enough in the tooth that the pump begins to fail
and then you begin to get a cavity and then you begin to get a crown and then
you can begin to eventually keep going until you get a root canal and then that
leads eventually to having a malignancy. So again, most of the chronic diseases
occurs, begins as emotions. Now obviously there’s some circumstances
where that’s not the case. If you were living in Tokyo
when Fukushima blew up and you were radiated, obviously that’s
not necessarily emotional event in the sense that you may not have known you just got radiated, but it’s
going to make you sick. But generally speaking,
(most of the emotions) most of the chronic disease we have we can trace
back to the emotion that has blocked a particular muscle battery pack by
blocking the tooth that’s involved with it. Now, when you look at this particular
slide you might ask the question, didn’t anybody ever teach you not to put so
many numbers on one slide? Well, I did it on purpose because
I wanted you to get the gestalt of it. So what you will see is that the
relationship, you’ll see that here, that a pH of seven point three five is the same
as minus twenty millivolts; seven point four four is the same as minus twenty five. So that’s where our organ, our cells
normally run but as voltage begins to drop then things begin to get worse and
worse for us until we finally get down to plus 30 millivolts. All cancers occur at plus 30 millivolts
so what you see is that normal tissue is running at
electron donor which is minus 25 millivolts and as you go past zero you
have flipped the polarity, that is that every battery as you know has a
plus on one end, a minus on the other and as you drain a battery all the way to
zero, it flips its polarity upside down. And so, when the polarity reverses is
when, and it gets all the way down to plus 30 millivolts, it’s when malignancies occur. Now we don’t have time to really
go into that in much detail today but the amount of oxygen that will dissolve
in water is dictated by the voltage of the water so as the water inside of
ourselves has lower and lower voltage then the oxygen in the cell comes out of
the cell and disappears and when you finally flip the polarity, there is so
little oxygen capability in the cell that the stem cells recognize that
signal that hey, we just ran out of oxygen here, please help! And so stem cells go over and invade the
local blood supply and create a massive blood vessels that we call a cancer
which is indistinguishable from a placenta in a pregnant female. So basically all solid tumors are
placentas, that is the body’s way of responding to lack of voltage and oxygen. So if we begin then to think about the
the way that this works, think about my thumb. My thumb is a perfectly good thumb by the way. It’s running at what voltage? -25 millivolts. Now I hit it with a hammer and I destroy
some cells in my thumb. What’s going to happen is that
the thumb’s immediately going to go to minus 50 millivolts and
minus 50 millivolts causes the arterioles to dilate and the reason that
happens of course is we need the raw materials dumped at the curb there so to
speak so that we can rebuild the cells we destroyed with a hammer. Well when those capillaries dilate,
we get all the signs we normally call inflammation,
we have redness, we have swelling, we have heat, we have a pulsing pain, and it makes
you say bad words. So my thumb gets busy and it makes
new cells, it replaces those that I smashed with a hammer, goes back to
minus 25 millivolts and I’m a happy camper. But on the other hand if,
when I smash my thumb, if the power supply going to the thumb is inadequate
to provide the -50 millivolts I need to make new cells, then my thumb won’t heal and
I’m stuck in chronic disease, you see that? So I can take all the pills I want,
I can do all the surgery I want on the thumb, but it’ll never get well until I
do what–insert enough electrons to get me up to minus 50 millivolts. And so if you understand what I just told you
about the thumb, you understand basically my whole lecture so I can go home now. Oh no, wait a minute, it’s still a little
bit more but the point is that chronic disease occurs when you don’t have
enough voltage to make new cells and so as voltage begins to drop, then oxygen
begins to drop and when oxygen drops there are several bad things that begin to happen. The one of the things that, as
I mentioned earlier, is that you began to have less ATP which is the
voltage inside the cell that cell needs to do its business. Now I also mentioned to you that as,
because of the Krebs cycle being able to make, to recharge 38 of these
ATP batteries for every unit of fatty acid you put through the krebs cycle,
that’s only true if oxygen is available. If oxygen is unavailable, then for every
unit of fatty acid you put through the battery charger, you only get enough
electrons to charge up two batteries. So it’s a bit like having a car that goes from
38 miles to gallon to 2 miles the gallon. Your cells become very inefficient. Now in addition to having inefficiency of
the intracellular voltage, we have problems with bugs. Now the body contains perhaps trillion
bugs of various kinds and the majority of them are suppressed by oxygen
but as oxygen levels begin to drop because voltage drops, then these bugs
wake up and the first thing the bugs want to do is have lunch and they want
to have you for lunch. Now bugs don’t have teeth so that they can
take a bite out of you so instead they put out digestive enzymes to dissolve your
cells so they can get the nutrients. So think about having a sore throat. The strep bacteria on your tonsils having a
picnic and they’re having a good old time, but you have the world’s worst sore
throat, you have a headache, you have a fever, you have been vomiting, you have
diarrhea, your joints hurt, you have a miserable day and it’s because the bugs
are having their way by putting out these digestive enzymes to get their
nutrients out of the cells. Now one of the things is that as voltage
and oxygen drop more and more, these microorganisms lose their cell membranes
so they become what have been called cell wall deficient organisms or stealth patogens. One of the problems with that
is, first of all you can’t culture them. Secondly, you don’t see them with a
standard microscope, you need one of these fancy microscopes called phase
contrast or dark field microscope. And these bugs then put out various
toxins and begin to damage the local tissue and often what we call an
autoimmune disease is simply these bugs having their way with your local tissue. So as they put out their toxins, you get
the signs of inflammation and swelling and so forth but if you try to culture
anything or look at a biopsy of that area, you don’t see anything because
normal hospitals and physicians’ offices don’t use one of these microscopes so
where you can actually see them. In these images that you see on the screen,
you see these various cell wall deficient bugs inside red blood cells consuming them,
in the lower right you see where I took red blood cells, put it under a
coverslip on a microscope slide and let it sit there for a few hours and as it
consumed all of the oxygen, you see the Lyme spirochetes coming crawling
out of the red cells. So everybody in this room has
Lyme disease, it’s just whether or not your immune system has
the ability to deal with it, whether you have symptoms from it. So then as the voltage gets down toward plus
30 millivolts, then the cell wall deficient fungus shows up and you began to have
these kinds of cells, this is a blood from a fellow who had leukemia and you
can see the fungal forms in his blood that the fungus is always associated
with these kinds of things. So I’m going to skip past, this is just a
better microscopic view and I want to go to talk to you a minute more about teeth
because that’s terribly important in the understanding how to get people well. Now, if you look at the lower left image,
you see a car battery that has corrosion around it which means that the
alternator in that car is going to have trouble keeping that battery charged up. Well, the tooth just above it is attached
to a muscle battery but it also has corrosion and thus it also has trouble
keeping that battery charged up and then as corrosion in either your car battery
or your tooth gets worse over time, then it gets harder and harder and harder
and harder to keep your battery packs charged up and eventually in the car
battery the corrosion will come outside the battery itself and start corroding
through your battery cable which now means you have a total short-circuit and
your car won’t start. Well, this process occurs in the
body when the infection in the tooth moves out into the bone so
when you have infection in a bone around a tooth it actually works just like a
circuit breaker and shake takes down that circuit and then the two
circumstances in which that occurs is either a root canal tooth, which is of
course a dead tooth, most of you may know the way you do a
root canals, you drill a little hole in the top of the tooth and you put an
auger down and then you rip out the artery and rip out the nerve and kill
the tooth and then you fill it with putty. You know, the problem is that now the tooth is dead and all dead
tissue gets infected. The dentists are the only
physicians that believe you can get away with leaving dead tissue in the body. No other doctor believes that. So, one root canal tooth shuts down
sixty-three percent of your immune system. So and then what makes it worse is that it
then gets out into the bone and when it gets into the bone it shuts off that
circuit and so now the voltage drops significantly in that circuit and that’s
why you find in the, we looked at all the cancer patients we’ve seen in our clinic
and ninety five percent of them are associated with a root canal or an
infected bone where a tooth had been pulled, ninety five percent! So a leading contributor to cancer is having an
infection in the bone around one of the teeth. Now, in addition to root canals,
there’s a problem when teeth get pulled because teeth are held into the bone by
a ligament called a periodontal ligament. What dentists are trained to do is
wiggle the tooth, make it loose, take it out, put a stitch, and quit leaving the
ligament behind. When you do that, it’s very hard
for the bone to heal because of the ligaments in the way. And even if the dentist happens
to be one who takes the to scrape out that ligament, because the
mouth is such a dirty place, often times people get infection in the bone during
the first few days of healing once the tooths been pulled. So once you, and that’s called
a cavitation by the way, so whether you have infection from a root
canal or from a cavitation, it tends to shut down the circuit and one of the
problems is that infection in the bone then tends to move over and
take out the next circuit. So a huge problem is that
our kids are in high school and they go to the dentist and they say oh, you got
to get your wisdom teeth out. It’s that old thing of whether if you go
to Midas you get a muffler. So a study came out last year showing that 65
percent of root canal extractions were unnecessary. Well, nevertheless they get
their wisdom teeth pulled and now they start getting infection in
that area and the wisdom teeth circuit is heart-small intestine but listen, it’s
the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous system is
the body’s on-off switches. So all of a sudden, within days
after getting their wisdom teeth extracted, the kids have lost their
on/off switch which means they, their bodies doesn’t allow to control itself. Then, over time, it begins to move next door
and takes out the spleen-stomach circuit. Now remember that the spleen
circuit is the power supply to the adrenal glands so now, soon, they’ve lost
their control panel, their on/off system and then they lose their adrenals
so they can’t deal with stress and so they began to become what many people
say oh, he’s just a teenager. Well no, he’s not just a teenager,
he’s lost his ability, the whole but way the
body deals with stress. And so many of our kids hide
themselves within electronics because within the electronics they have an
on/off switch, in their body they don’t so they can’t deal with the real world
anymore and so they hide within their cell phone and their game boys or
whatever you call them. Nevertheless, this is a huge problem. Now when you lose,
I only got five minutes left, so when you lose your ability to make adrenalin, you
go down the following slippery slope, you have trouble going to sleep, you have
trouble dealing with stress, you have trouble with your memory and
then you can’t multitask. So you’re sitting,
reading a book or watching TV and somebody says hey, do you
want mustard or mayonnaise? You become very annoyed
because they have interrupted you but you don’t have the mental horsepower to stay
attached to whatever you’re doing so you detach, you pick mustard, you go back to
your book and now you can’t remember your place and you’re even more annoyed.
And then it gets to where you don’t like any stimulus so you don’t like loud
noises, loud music, rowdy crowds can’t be around people who are arguing and
eventually it gets to where you don’t even want to be touched you just want to sit in the corner and have people
leave you the heck alone. And then your sexual
equipment quits working and then you can’t go to sleep before 11:00 and when
you wake up you’re still tired, all of that’s due to the lack – loss of the
spleen power supplying the adrenals. Well, what I’ve just described
of course is very destructive. If you can’t deal with
the life or the world, you can’t be a good spouse and particularly if your
sexual equipment doesn’t work anymore then that’s a big problem in a marriage.
You can’t be a good parent because kids make noise and want something from you
and you have nothing to give, you can’t be a good worker, you can’t be a good
friend you can’t be good at much of anything so your life’s in the toilet
simply because you’ve lost the spleen circuit that goes to the adrenal glands
and that’s a huge problem in our society. Well now, Eileen McKusick spoke earlier
about mapping the field of emotions and this is the traditional Chinese
one so that the various circuits have these various sorts of emotions get
stuck in these various particular places or in the teeth that are associated
with these, Dr. Banis published these and of course Eileen has published
hers which is this group of where things get stuck. And as far as the erasing emotions
are concerned, because emotions are magnetic field, you can
erase them with a stronger magnetic field. One of the laws of physics is, if
you take any magnet and you put a stronger magnet over it, then the weaker
magnet assumes the characteristics of the stronger one and so when you have
these emotions that are stuck, you can begin to erase them in a
variety of different ways. Now there are various
groups over the years that have looked at this subject and tried to figure out
how to do it, EFT, Psych-K, Emotion Codes, Psychosomatic Energetics, etc, etc, but
certainly we have developed one where you can, if you can think about emotion
while holding onto these hand grips with your bio modulator you could erase the
emotion but when we did that we were doing one emotion at the time and of
course, Eileen talked to you this morning about using her tuning fork to do it
which is very effective. What I have recently found is that,
if you treat the wisdom teeth, which treats your autonomic
nervous system, then you can begin to knock out, you can not only change the
polarity in all of your various circuits at one time but also knock out many of
emotions automatically. Now a pendulum is actually a, like a single
string on a guitar and the weight on the pendulum makes the string taut so when you move,
when it’s moved it’s actually resonating with whatever frequency the string is. So what you do is you hold this pendulum
over the small intestine, heart-small intestine autonomic system and you take
the bio transducer and simply put it over the wisdom teeth and you watch the
pendulum and it’ll always be spinning backwards if the voltage is low, counter-
clockwise, and you keep holding it there and pretty soon it’ll slow down and then
it’ll start spinning clockwise, and then you do the same on the other side again
holding the pendulum over the heart-small intestine
circuit, put the bio transducer over the autonomic system at where you can access
it at the tooth, watch it spin backwards and in the correct way and now when you
go back and check all of the circuits you’ve corrected the polarity in every
circuit and many of the emotions that you had found out in the bio field are
already gone as well. So, unfortunately I don’t have the
time to talk to you about how we’re wired up with polarity
and how our bodies are golden mean and how implosion occurs. If you’re
interested in those subjects, then we have some videos that will help you in
that area, plus we will be giving some demonstration if there are any of you in
the audience who happen to have any emotion, anybody here? We’ll be doing some demonstrations
in the breakout room. So what I’ve hoped to accomplish in these
few minutes I had to talk with you is to help you understand that the body is
an electronic device which has a multiple battery packs and the chronic
disease occurs when those battery packs won’t hold a charge and that getting
well involves you identifying which battery packs are failing, you
identifying the reason that they’re failing you and fixing that so that it’s
basically, what we’re doing is like you coming home from work and opening the
fridge and it’s hot in there and the lamp in the living room won’t turn on,
the TV in the bedroom won’t turn on, and you go out in the garage and flip the
circuit breaker–now everything works. Well that’s the way we do medicine now. As we figure out which circuit breaker is
out, go fix it, turn you back on and let your body heal itself which it does very
well if it has the voltage, the nutrients and deal with the toxins. Thank you for allowing me to be here!

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  1. Thank You so so much. I am having a Gist-cancer on liver and I had 4 wisdom teeth removed even they would have had Space To be In My mouth as a teenager and at the age 37 I was diagnosed cancer while having very stressful Job and… So Everything You say makes sense…

  2. I work for Monsanto and I swear to God that RoundUp is perfectly safe.
    Don’t worry about RoundUp.
    Just enjoy your GMO soy burger.
    Delicious !
    You’re welcome.
    Anyway, how are we going to feed 7.6 billion people without taking a few shortcuts ?

  3. I'm in my 60s lived in a very poor part of the south. We used to walk around barefoot all the time even going to school sometime w/o shoes. Being sick was almost unheard of. We also didn't drink water with floride and never had a cavity until we moved to the city.

  4. And vaccines. I've been sick since getting given 5 vaccines at once. I thought I only had one vaccines that day and only found out that it was 5 vaccines eight years after. I got sick within the hour of getting the vaccines and couldn't balance or focus. The vaccines caused brain inflammation. My regular doctors claim it was just coincidence. The natural doctors say it's due to vaccines.

  5. His research is backed up by traditional Chinese medicine. For years I’ve been telling people to make sure to clean out their bowels if they have any respiratory issues. My young daughter gets a dry cough which will disappear after being treated for pin worms.

  6. This is incredible, this guy is a genius! My 75 year old father had some major dental work done almost 4 years ago. Doctors found 5 tumours on his bladder two months ago. Hmmm. I had my wisdom teeth pulled at 23, nearly killed myself half a dozen times in the following two years, have scars all over my forearms. Had a cesarean section in 2006 and developed adrenal exhaustion by 2012 which took YEARS to recover from. HMMM!!!

  7. Hello, I just want to mention, that your explanation seems to corroborate something that I have found very recently, I have begon to use the wands of Horus, witch also almong other things allow to charge ourselves and also heal ourselves, just the fact that 2 cylinders that you hold in your hands, one of copper and one of zinc already make a batterry with a differential of 0.5 to 1 volt is interesting but this technology is thousand of years old… very intersting…

  8. Peripheral neuropathy…

    Plus breast cancer..
    Bilateral mastectomies..
    What can I do …everything you have said I can relate to. ..i don't go anywhere I just stay home in isolation…

  9. This presentation answered a lot of questions I have, this is the science that was suppressed for a long time to keep people stupid and remain under control of the Devil.

  10. Dr T proves (view his CV under show more) that there's a crime being committed every day, You see the way we look at things is exactly how our life presents itself to us. For things to change or to gain perspective, the way we look at Life must change. Limiting Beliefs = Limiting outcomes aka Ground hog Day ! Read between the lines, the message is clear. You're a community of (on average) 50,000000000000 cells and that community is striving for balance our community communicates using energy/voltage to achieve homeostasis / balance. Therefore, if the circuitry is corrupted /blocked then so is the communication / voltage to 'the community' creating Imbalance and dis – ease and possibly leading to all out disease !

  11. Cancer is a viral disease. Virus destroys mainly end cells (matured cells in Q compartment), to which the organism responds with chronic inflammation and increased proliferation to restore the organ and clean the debris. In this chronic inflammation tumor may emerge. When stem cells are hit, the entire Tissue Proliferation Unit disappears, to which the organism responds with dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, carcinoma, etc… According to the hypothesis of professor Zajicek MD, tumor protects against cachexia (muscle loss, wasting manifested as fatigue and weight loss). Every cure, which silences the disease driver, namely virus, cures cancer. Muscle loss is seen in all cancer types. Cancer is one disease. Example: Fever is a defensive mechanism. Plus two degrees protects while plus five kills. As long as tumor does not block any vital function or causes pain, it should be left untreated. Patient should keep her tumor as much as possible (more info in professor Zajicek site). Some people find alternative treatments, like Ann Vigmor diet, very helpful. With a treatment strategy of tumor dormancy and with host resistance to virus , only minimal doses of medication may be required. Tumor dormancy is a state:when tumor shrinks or stop growing. In any case patient feels healthy.

  12. What a clear explanation of the body connection! Have gotten this in bits and pieces before but never like this! That needs to be taught in kindergarten so that the point is everlasting to every individual!

  13. Wow! As a practitioner of Qi Gong 4 years, finally a scientific explanation of Qi which the Chinese knew 6000 years ago.

  14. It will be evident GOD is in control perhaps one R will surfice to reclaim the natural WAY TRUTH and LIFE of U S one and all as nature takes its course . Keep it SOVEREIGN and work it out .

  15. Wow at 22:50 … when I was way young I was accidentally shot and I had to go through physical therapy. While I was in physical therapy they had put my hand in this type of bowl filled with water and I believe with some type of conductor that conducted electrons which made my hand twitch when the switch was pressed. This was in1990 And I had no use of my left hand at all. After tons of therapy , that conductor ,and physical training I got my battery packs back… Not 100% but at least 80%. I have been training since …This video put life into a different perspective for me. When you think of life think energy vibration and frequency…Tesla

  16. WOW!! I'm sure that this is true, I have personal experience of treating viruses using frequencies, the problem I experience is the 'die off' or Herxheimer reaction due to the heavy pathogen load I have accumulated! I also believe that mental health issues are caused by viruses, or rather the inflammation they cause, or both. Anyone with Lyme will probably know of Rife treatment, similar theory.

  17. What Machine or physical apparatus can be inventd to electrically recharge the Body with out causing damage? And what is the Normal electrical voltage of the Human body?

  18. What causes the Deficiency in voltage in a Specific system! and does one system deficient in voyage will effect other system. My guess is Yes!

  19. What Emotion can cause ED? what is the the amount voltage deficiency? Can the Brain be charge to effect there disease in other Organs bodies? What Voltage is Needed to Cure Cancer or any other disease? Then Again how can one create the voltage Needed to give the body the Proper amount of voltage that is Non chemical and Keep the body Healthy."

  20. In 2016 I was pursuing a relationship with a young woman who I fell in love with at my job in 2006. She is 1000 miles away and we texted every day sharing many deep things with each other. We were exchanging I love you messages and talking about either me moving to where she lives in Montana, or her moving here to Minnesota. August 2016 I started talking about visiting her January 2017, which is when she started saying “I don’t know”. We keep texting every day until the middle of December 2016 she texted: “I’ve been afraid to tell you but I have been dating another guy for several months and it’s getting serious”. I don’t text for a few days and then we resume for two weeks during a time she gets really sick from something and she texted me saying “I want to crawl into a hole and die”. That’s when I emailed her mom because I was alarmed. January 3rd 2017 she sent her last text and says ………….that’s it!!!
    Middle of the summer 2017 my health suddenly gets worse and in order to function and be able to work I had to start taking Turmeric and Curcumin supplements. So a huge emotional issue lead to a decline in my health in 6 months.
    Also if someone you know really deeply loves you don’t lead them on for 6 months while you are dating another person.

  21. 1. Raw vegan diet of predominantly fruits which has the highest angstroms
    2. Meditation of some description
    3. Nature, barefoot, breath work, silence, sunlight & awareness
    4. Keep your hair long, eat own grown foods, pray to food n thank it for nourishing you
    5. Cut perfumes, deodorants aerosols, fluoride, chemicals in shampoos handsoaps etc etc
    6. Exercise (use it or lose it)
    7. Clear the clutter in your life it drains energy & that includes family n friends that dont uplift or understand you.
    8. Emf blockers preferbly silver saturated shungite (am personally using) research 5g etc
    9. Fun. Joy. Love. Warmth. Peace & Unity


  22. This guys brain lacks a couple of megavolts, must be the virus in his amigdala… Go figure… Don't buy anything of this guy, it's a fraud !

  23. God our creator can recharge you. He gave you your first charge that gave you life. Worship (praying talking singing listening to God ) will keep you charged and healed. He made you in His image and He wants you to be healthy and happy. We live in a fallen world and sin is all around us and in us when we are born into this sinful world which separates us from God our energy source. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior that God your father sent for you will hook you back up with Him who will keep you charged up. Also reading the Word (Bible) will charge you up, heal you and repair your emotions and all scars. Try God through Jesus. You have nothing to loose and eternal life with Him to gain and a peaceful time here on earth. Love and be loved. Hope is also full of healing power and Hope was created by God. God will make a way where there is no way. I know because he has done this for me and He continues to give me what I need everyday as I am bombarded by the problems that attack me. So we can all have victory in our lives. Peace is also from God. Don’t miss out on this.
    Blessings To All

  24. This is the way forward. Our own body and immune system is stronger than any man made solution and if we can keep that charged up then we give ourselves a good chance of a healthy life. It would be interesting to know if we can still run our bodies at over -50mv, no matter how old we get.

  25. The golden mean is the constant acceleration to zero point in a magnetic field.
    the "Electron" is the emotional content of a given specific.

  26. This guy is a quack and his theory is off-the-wall insanity not based on any science. There has been Regulatory Action against him in Texas (2017) where he is licensed to practice medicine.

  27. Here is the future of medical theory and power I hope it can fully be developed..

  28. Idk that working with the FDA gives you positive credibility bc of the corruption behind their ethics giving a pass for corporations to distribute foods and products that are a detriment to ppl. FDA is in pocket of big faceless corporations. Great research. But saying most ppl don’t know about how the connection between emotions and cells work is only true in the scientific community not in the spiritual light worker community.

  29. Tesla said everything is frequency! They are hiding his knowledge to Humanity.
    They also make fun of tree huggers… I dont hug them but I place my hand on trees and flowers very often… I'm just attracted to it and gained that insight by making the correct assumption that they are very linked to us since they already provide us with oxygen and convert the carbon dioxide we exhale…so there must be more! Touching them because they are benevolent and alive must also do something healing to us too. Non poisonous ones of course.
    Walking barefoot is good from the grass but also most importantly because we connect directly to the blessed Earth (who is also a gargantuan creature) and connect to its frequency. All is Alive. All has frequency which are praises to the Creator. The Holy Quran says: The seven heavens and the Earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth His praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Most Forgiving.
    Frequency…the Electric Universe(s).
    Thank you Sir for a great presentation.
    Last, they destroyed us with mercury fillings too! Stay away from aluminum based deodorant and plastic bottled water and Morton salt. Eat Himalayan sea salt to keep your body electricity. The more colorful the more minerals in it.. good for you!
    Read the Quran… you're reading bs stuff daily anyway…so why not..oh! Because they, the same devil ones, tell you not to. That's exactly why I read it…woke me up.
    Love ❤?⚘?

  30. Dr. Berg talks about how scar tissue after removing the appendix causes right knee and other problems on your right side: . Everything is designed to keep people sick, tonsillitis, antibiotics, etc. When i had gallstones, the hospital brought in two doctors to try to convince me to do the surgery to remove my gallbladder. They were trying so hard like salesmen. I didnt though.

  31. This video answered a ton of questions for me but now I have even more questions, is there another video with more information? Or anything with more info??

  32. This video is terrible. It uses bait and switch logic by stating something scientifically and biologically axiomatic and then subverting the statement with something that is unproven or inaccurate under the same umbrella of truth as the first statement. For example, when you somewhat correctly; albeit semantically, explain pH as potential energy because of electron transfer and cell voltage, but then state that illness is because of low voltage when not all cells are designed to respond to voltage.

    Edit: nevermind. By the 30 minute mark, nothing is factual.

  33. This work is so inspirational and so rich on valuable information!!! Gratitude to the maximum. is there anyway to receive the slides via email? we can’t really see full details. please let me know. thanks

  34. Just wondering why the part where he says you should drink water with a pH level of 7.3 to 7.4 was edited out

  35. Excellent. I don't agree with all of it, but I haven't studied the connections as extensively as you. I would recommend this be introduced in a health class.

  36. So how are we suppose to reverse tooth decay? With a biomodulator device? That is very, very expensive. Is there any other, more affordable way?

  37. Science matches Scripture in every way except for explaining Emotion. I really appreciate your exploring the fringe edge of scientific knowledge to encompass it. Its a real challenge for no one has a way to quantify emotion. God is light, God is a consuming fire, God is a Spirit.. that's stuff I can work into Scientific terms.. but emotion.. thats tough.
    John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    2 John 6 This is love, that we walk according to His commandments. This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it.
    1 John 4:7-8 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.
    1 John 3:24 Now he who keeps His commandments abides in Him, and He in him. And by this we know that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us.
    Galatians 4:6 And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!”
    Romans 5:5 Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

  38. I have been doing research to see if people can grow teeth back like sharks. I have ran across a few people who say they have. But really any information will be great. Nagitive comments welcome alot with positive comments both are needed for a healthy conversation.

  39. This starts good. Then I think his ideas (with all due respect to the author) need a bit of grounding in Chinese medicine.

    The muscles do store energy (he describes them as battery packs) but they are no way near as powerful as the organs. Proof of this lies in that people happily have full lives without limbs (eg thalidomide). Rather, the organs create the channels or, more precisely, the organs are condensations of energy within the channels.

    Still, nice to see!

  40. I do not believe the the electron like a small ball is traveling at speed of light….
    in the organism the water is organized and is in coherent state.

    All my life I have been interested in the electromagnetic fields of humanity since I discovered that I was able to feel them in an electronics trades class when i was 16yrs old with a laboratory assignment concerning a Grid Dip Oscillator (GDO)!!!
    That was 1982 and i have had to deal with children and post-natal depression while i searched and theorized ever since… i've gone into Reiki while i've continued to find what i could in the scientific realm…

    This man was able to do what I never could as a good mother!

    Thank you man XD 😀

  42. Sounds like another symptom treatment to me. Doctors know a lot and yet they they do not know what a disease is or how to take away the cause. The answer is simple, it's in the food we take in.

  43. WTF is with all these godtards? We're trying to have a scientific and intellectual conversation and these boneheads completely erase any possibility of that ever happening. |t"s everywhere for christ's sake! I'm just sick of the stupidity. Religion is like a penis, all fine and dandy to have one but you shouldn't take it out and wave it in public!

  44. …this guy wouldn't happen to be trying to sell his patented $2,750 Synergy BioModulator by any chance???? Follow the money…. :-/

    Also of interest:

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