Johns Hopkins Medicine | Aplastic Anemia

Johns Hopkins Medicine | Aplastic Anemia

[MUSIC] Aplastic anemia occurs when the body’s
immune system becomes confused and begins to attack cells that
perform critical functions. [MUSIC] The cells affected in this condition are
the red blood cells, white blood cells, and
platelets. [MUSIC] Red blood cells are needed because they
carry life-giving oxygen to the tissues of the
body. [MUSIC] Platelets are important because they work
to promote blood clotting. [MUSIC] Lymphocytes are white blood cells that act
as the first line of defense against tumors
and viruses. [MUSIC] Neutrophils are another type that works to
prevent infection and disease. The low counts of red blood cells, white
blood cells and platelets are indicators that aplastic
anemia has set in. This important collection of cells
originates inside human bone marrow. They start life as stem cells that mature
within the bones before passing out into the blood
stream. When suffering from an autoimmune
disorder, such as aplastic anemia, lymphocytes
become confused and attack the stem cells being
created in the bone marrow. A promising treatment for this condition requires high doses of cyclophosphamide,
or HiCy, an agent that eradicates the immune
system, causing it to reboot like a computer. Once rebooted, the lymphocytes no longer
attack the stem cells. [MUSIC]

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  1. My mother has this disease and it's horrible. She is going to get treatment very soon, maybe next week and I hope and pray that it works as it's supposed to as explained in this video. Very good vid.

  2. @kimfeilgood Yeah, I think my bone marrow was damaged from exposure to Toulene and Xylene when I was painting my car. Have had low red and white blood cells for a long time.

  3. Sir,

    An 8 years old child Owais Khan is suffering from Severe Aplastic Anemia in NIBD karachi, His Plateltes are lowered to alarming 9000/ only.Doctors say his cure would cast 1800000 Rs (1$= 84 Rupees). His father is mere teacher in local college and earns no more 18000 Rs monthly. He can't afford such an expensive cure. No If there is any God-Fearing rich person who can contribute in cure it would save the life of intelligent and beautiful boy.

    His fathers contact

  4. my younger is diagnosed with this disease. from month of April up to this august of this year, we brought him to the hospital. monthly, he is attacked. please tell me what are the best drug for his medication.

  5. my brother was diagnosed during the end of summer and got his bone marrow transplany. he has not shown signs of improvment but if you want to see some clips of what we have gone through, look at my channel and see a smaaall bit of what weve had to live with for what seems like an eternity. this is a good video describing the main points of aplastic anemia. so thank you for that.

  6. the Stem cells may first be antigenically altered by exposure to drugs, infectious agents, or other unidentified environmental insults. The stem cell then express new antigen which provokes a cellular immune response, during which activated TH1 cells (lymphocytes) produce cytokines such as interferon-γ (IFNγ) and TNF that suppress and kill hematopoietic progenitors(stem cells).

  7. There are so many natural ways to cure cancer!
    I also like Suzanne Clegg's energy medicine approach at Spiritgate(dot)com.
    She cures people without chemo or radiation.

  8. i went through this and it is very hard. i was in the hospital for six weeks and recieved a bone marrow transplant from my brother and today a half year later im still alive and i am very greatful

  9. I wad only 5 when I had it know im 10 I know how I got it when I coffed up bload until I met my doner mark randomly all the medication they gave me failed when they first gave it to me then I merocosly I made it and this helped why I had to have part of my vains removed

  10. I recently got diagnosed with aplastic anemia and it's been a hard time just learning to manage my delayed brain activity (or so it seems from my perspective, as well as friends who keep commenting how illogical I am being). Are there easy exercises I can do to keep neurons moving while circulation is low?

  11. 5 months ago i was diagnosed with severe plastic anemia . 2 Months ago we started the ATG and it sucks. I am now taking cyclosporine. My blood cells began to go up but now stopped . Life sucks

  12. well but hey I could have died because my hemoglobin was 4 when we went for a appointment they immediately sent me to emergency room … but I'm still here fighting. I just hope it doesn't relapse as a leukemia

  13. this disease made me miss all of high school but i survived thanks to bone marrow transplant im glad that part of my life is over

  14. My aunt had this, it took her a year before finally succumbing to the disease, I remember every 2 weeks she undergoes blood transfusion

  15. m watching this video my grand mom is also suffuring from this diseases please give me idea so that i could take step for treatmrnt m from nepal

  16. My Dad went thru a treatment where he got horses' antibodies, he takes medication every day he has been able to live almost a normal life so far.
    I just hope someone finds a cause for this rare illness.

  17. My father also recovered after 4 months eating the concoction that was sent by Dr. Eliza.
    Hopefully Dr. Eliza can also help others to be able to recover from this disease amen … And hopefully Dr. Eliza is always healthy so that she can help heal people who suffer from aplastic amnesty which is actually hard to heal. But for the power of God through his concoction medicine healed …
    Make friends who also want and interest in trying with him just contact him. This is his washtapp 0822-9498-9494 Indonesia

  18. I was extremely pale, very bad concentration, I always chew on random things and my breathing gets crazy sometimes, I never knew what to do? Some colleague suggested to try an Ayurvedic.way and made me land at #planetayurveda and I received an Anemia Care Pack and certain diet plans that I followed precisely. I came out with flying colors, WOW!

  19. My daughter has sevear aplastic anaemia she is taking treatment of atg injection today is her 2nd day of treatment please pray for Jessica

  20. Best foods for anemia are liver, kidneys, and clams, all high in iron. Liver is high in pretty much all vitamins, and minerals, and also contains the same proteins as our liver like transferrin, ceruloplasmin etc. Butchers or supermarkets sell lamb or chicken or cow liver all are good.

  21. how do i convince my Dr to test me for this. he wont listen i have all the symptoms and my lab results would concur.

  22. Video was easy to understand and scary. My husband was diagnosed in August 2018 with ITP , MDS-RS-MLD , and then AA. His blood counts are all very low. At 65 and with kidney disease I don't believe he would be a transplant candidate.

  23. Are you tell that how to cure Aplastic Anemia without surgery.
    Because Surgery charge is very high.
    my younger brother is facing with this when he was of 8 year old
    And now he is 13 year old .
    But we haven't much money for surgery .
    So plz tell me are any things are possible for curing .
    Other than allopathy example
    Homeopathy, ayurveda etc

  24. Anemia is a very serious condition and my friend suffered from anemia. She was on medication since long but had no relief. Then she tried "Anemia Care Pack" that is an Ayurvedic treatment for anemia. This care pack is offered by "Planet Ayurveda". This really worked on anemia and my friend is now fit and fine.

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