Kabz ki Ayurvedic Aushdhi ‘PANCHASKAR CHURNA’

Ayurvedic medicine for constipation ‘PANCHASKAR CHURNA’ How to make Panchaskar Churna? This is available ready made in market, many ayurvedic companies produce it but if you want then you can make it easily at home and it will more effective for this you need Senna Leaf 100 gm, Dry ginger, fennel seed, and rock salt each 25 gm and small terminalia chebula 50 gm This is Senna Leaves This is Dry Ginger This is Fennel seed This is Rock Salt This is Terminalia Chebula small grind all and make fine powder and keep in jar Senna Leaf comes with some junk, so remove junk and use only leaves not its branches and roast Terminalia Chebula before grinding, it will be better How to use Panchaskar Churna? Take this powder 3-6 gram before sleeping at night with luke warm water or milk you can use it twice daily if having hard constipation This is classical medicine of Ayurveda which has been used from centuries this is one of best medicine to remove constipation If you have any question then feel free to ask through comment. Thank you

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