11 Replies to “KCAL9 News at 8pm”

  1. you wearing tampons when you was a baby where you going to campus now Donald Trump

    blow up every mother fucking thing

  2. We want "Jerry Brown" and "Xavier Becerra" locked up..
    Along with "Pete Aguilar" ..
    And "Kevin De Leon" ..
    For crimes against the state..
    . "LOCK THEM UP"
    Vote 4 Travis Allen 4 governor of California
    Eric Early 4 Attorney General of California
    And Omar Navarro 4 the 43rd district of California..
    Let's take California back in November and make California great again..
    Stop the Hollywood pedophile Elite from silencing our voice..




  3. I think somebody should look into this Roger Turner guy..
    Below my other post..
    It seems that he's threatening to blow up everything..

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