Kids Ask Awkward Health Questions! | Doctor Mike

Kids Ask Awkward Health Questions! | Doctor Mike

– Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ask Doctor Mike. We have three special
guests joining us today and I can’t wait them for to come– – You’re doing my show? – Yeah! Oh no! (slow beat hip hop music) – Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ask Doctor Mike. I’m here with my special guests: – Ari, I’m 11 years old. – Daniel, 14. – Steven, I’m 14. – Let’s get it started. ♪ Be whoop! ♪ ♪ Be whoop! ♪ (laughing) (slow beat hip hop music) – You mean because of all
the Instagram girls that are – Yeah, like what’s the– – Why? Are you trying to do that? – No, I don’t, I don’t… – A lot of the girls on Instagram they have a lot of these exercises that build the back muscles.
– (murmurs) The squats and stuff?
– Squats, leg extensions. So they do all these
exercises in hopes that their butt will grow and that’s a thing, because guys find butts attractive. – Yeah. (laughing) – But what I’ll tell you right now is, I’m gonna spoil this for you, ’cause I’m on Instagram and I go to these fashion events and all that? There either all fakes,
– It’s the angles. – Photoshop, angles, whatever it is, and the ones that are healthiest don’t look like these crazy… It’s not realistic, or natural for a waist to be this tiny
and then the butt to be huge. But the amount of people that you see on Instagram with that? – Yo guys. – Unless you have a surgery. – Drop a comment, see if
you wanna do a butt review. (laughing) (slow beat hip hop music) – Okay, so when you’re in a car your balance center of your brain, which actually happens within an area called the semicircular canals. It’s inside your ear. It’s kinda crazy that your
balance is within your ear. – Like the fluids?
– Yeah, so the canals, you have the fluids, you have the calcium. – That’s why when you spin it hurts. – Yeah, exactly.
– You get dizzy. – You get dizzy, so people, some people, genetically, out of their control, are more sensitive to the motion when you’re in a car:
stopping, starting, all that. And because of the excess activity there, they start getting a little nauseous. – I don’t feel so good. (slow beat hip hop music) – Take down your pants and stuff, feel the testicles, I hate it. – Why do you hate it? What’s bad about it? We all have, I mean we
all have it; guys have it. – Yeah, I think it’s unnecessary. Like if there’s a problem
there, go to a specialist. – You got yourself in a little
trouble with me on that. Cause he said go see a specialist, why do you need to see a specialist? Why can’t you come see me
as the family med doctor? – No I’m saying, I know, I know you don’t like that,
cause you think you should always go to the doctor. They
know your history and stuff, – Yeah. – There’s no need to, you
know be lurking down there. I used to think the same
thing way were thinking now, and then as I was in med school, I started seeing patients
and I would ask them, you know, anything wrong down there? And they would say no. And then I would check, and something bad would be going on there. And they may have been
uncomfortable to tell you, and that happens all the time Dan, it’s crazy but it happens! The harm of looking at it and making someone feel uncomfortable is outweighed by the benefit of, we could save them and find something, and give them the treatments so they don’t have to deal with that. (slow tempo hip hop music) – You know, meeting new people, and I guess being in
a healthy relationship – Like socially? – Or like intimate with someone, – What we’ve seen is
people who are married and long-term, in good relationship, they have better health outcomes. It doesn’t mean you have to get married, in order to get those benefits. It is just something we
have seen after looking at periods of time and
giving people surveys. If I was to tell someone,
should you be in a relationship? The question would be
A) Do they want to be in a relationship.
B) Are they happy in that relationship? And only from there I can give them some sort of advice. That being said, humans
are social creatures, we like hanging out together. In fact, if you keep any animal or human in isolation for too long, we go crazy. Why do you think in jail
one of the worst punishments is solitary confinement?
What’s your favorite thing? Isn’t it hanging out with your friends? – Yeah.
– Right. Who doesn’t like hanging
out with their friends? [Dr. Mike] Do you?
– Not me. – [Dr. Mike] Ari, you
don’t like hanging out with your friends? – I hang out… no I
hang out with my friends – Oh, oh, here we go, – I said I agree with you.
– Fake friends. – Your friends are going to see this Ari, – Maybe I don’t have any.
– Is that true? – No, he has friends.
– I have three maybe. – Okay, that’s a lot of friends. You don’t have to have a million friends. If you have three really close friends. – I have a lot of
friends, but I don’t know, again, it’s just all about trust. – I actually had an issue with my neck, do you think you can diagnose it? – No, I can’t diagnose on camera, but I don’t want to get
off his trust thing. – Okay.
– No. Different topic. – No, I just want to make a comment on it. Am I allowed to make a comment? – Did you get a new shirt.
– Thanks. – It’s so nice.
– Thank you, I trust you. – Okay, new topic: shirts. (laughter) – No one can make you feel happy or sad. – Only you can make
yourself feel happy or sad. Do you agree with that? – Kind of, because other people
can have that impact on you. – How, tell me.
– Like bullying. – Okay, bullying. Let’s say someone says something mean to you.
“That green shirt is ugly.” Now, who decides if that upsets them. – Me. – Do you see where I am going with it? I right now can close my eyes, and think one really bad thought about you and one really good thougt about you. If my eyes are closed and
I don’t say it out loud. Will it change how you feel right now? – Probably not. – Probably not, or not. – Not.
– Not. (slow beat hip hop music) – You know how if you
are arm gets chopped off, it doesn’t heal? (laughter)
– What? – Why doesn’t it heal? (laughter) – “When your arm gets chopped
off, why doesn’t it heal?” – Yes.
(laughter) – If you put your arm back,
and reattach it, it will heal. – It does?
– If you put plates and screws – Yeah, it will just be a little floppy. – Yeah, you can reattach a
finger. I’ve seen that before. – I don’t see how we this
video came to the trust thing, to big butts, to cutting arms off… – Who doesn’t like trust and big butts? (slow temp hip hop) – Any guesses what a heart
attack is? Why does it happen? – I don’t know I was going to
think that someone scares you but I feel like it’s not really that. – Well it could be because – It could feel like that. – No, but there is some truth
behind getting a heart attack based off a scare.
– Sure. – If you have a lot of plaque. They say, a lot of plaque is
the size of a grain of sand, and if it starts building up that means blood flow is constricted. Then if it breaks off that
plaque and then all the blood cells start to going on
to it and start clotting. – You are on the right track.
So you are really close. The heart supplies blood
to the rest of the body, but it also needs blood for
itself. It’s a muscle, right. So the heart has very
little blood vessels, like the tunnels that deliver the blood, also that go to the heart,
those little tunnels. But those tunnels are much smaller than the big ones that
deliver blood everywhere else. So they’re more susceptible
to getting blocked off with plaque. Plaque is
what happens when you eat unhealthy, when you don’t
exercise, it’s basically these fatty waxy substances that build up on the walls of the
tunnel, that continuously get bigger and then can
block off the blood flow going to your heart. If your
heart doesn’t get enough blood, there’s a heart attack. A
heart attack is literally your heart being in pain
because part of it is dying. So does that make sense
how heart attacks work? – Yeah, for sure. – It’s because its tunnels, its plumbing. – So, if you have a busted
plum, then (laughter) – A busted plum? My man
what is a busted plum? All right guys, thanks
for watching our video. If you want more content
with these crazy lunatics, drop it down below in the
comments. Smash that like, and subscribe button with
the notification what? – No.
– He told me not to ask that. But I wanted to ask it
anyway. So, as always, Stay – Happy
– And – Healthy. I stole your line. – That’s tough.
– Wait do it again. – No, I say “Stay”,
you say “happy”, he, no – So I’ll say, – Stay, happy and healthy. – I am going to say “As Always”, “Stay Happy, and Healthy.” – You stole my line though.
– My bad, we’ll do it again. – Okay, Okay.
– All right, are you ready? – As Aways, – Stay
– Happy – And
– Healthy.

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    arkward to ask directly. If so it might've been better to talk about it,
    the foreskin, and about how it can indeed be healed to a certain extent
    by pulling on the skin of the shaft of the penis.

  8. There's a good chance some at least of them have actually lost a
    bodypart some Steven's question might relate to but he felt was too
    arkward to ask directly. If so it might've been better to talk about it,
    the foreskin, and about how it can indeed be healed to a certain extent
    by pulling on the skin of the shaft of the penis.

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