Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress

Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress

Oh my gosh. Where do I even begin? From 1 to 10 my stress level is at about a 6. Um my stress level today is probably in-between a 7 and an 8. Can I want that please? Well my phone was just a stressful situation. I dropped it, I lost all my contacts. Cause I just came out of court and just trying to relax, trying to get away from all that stress. I want to study. My recent break up is a little bit of a stress. I’m an independent contractor and I work for myself. One thing that brings me stress is deadlines. It always seems like it is going to fall apart at any second. I drove to Arizona and back yesterday. The top three things that stress me out is not having enough time..*kid squeals* All I want to do is relax. I just don’t know how. *exhale* Welcome to this guided meditation. Are you ready? Let’s begin. Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. *Inhale* And as you exhale, let you body begin to relax. Listen to the gentle purry of the happy kitten. Purrr Purrr Purrrrr Now open your eyes. Meow! *Cheerful music starts* *Music Pauses* *Dog Wimpers* *Cheerful Music resumes* You can’t be stressed after sitting in a box full of kittens. Being around young creatures just reminds you to take it easy. It was great, unexpected and adorable. Can I do that again? You want to do it again? Yeah Right now? Yeah!

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  1. I cried a little. Animals are the most beautiful gift from God and they have more compassion then humans ever will

  2. There is nothing quite like the warm thrumming purr of a kitten, and being captivated by their innocence and curiosity. It's been proven so many times that bonding with animals lowers blood pressure, offers unconditional love, helps the elderly and lonely feel needed, and can even help draw autistic and schizophrenic people out of their 'own' world for a while. I love this video of kittens providing a much-needed break from stress!

  3. this seems like it would be very relaxing. i also have had great success using a stress balm made by "foliage aromatherapy".

  4. I went into therapy for my anxiety today, and on the way to the clinic I had an encounter with the fluffiest little kitten ever. When my session with the therapist started I opened with "Well, I came here for therapy but I saw a kitten on the way here so I think I'm okay now."
    (Yes of course we still had the session, but it was a nice ice-breaker).

  5. OMGosh, you guys should totally bring back Kitten Therapy, the whole of the U.S. could totally benefit. We love it! When I can't sleep or I've just had a tough week I watch this again and it always makes me happy. I know other people feel the same way. Thanks for Kitten Therapy. Happiness is hard to find.

  6. The fact that i wrote 'cat box video' into the search bar shows how stressed i am lately lmao

  7. This makes me miss my kittens,Luna,Shadow,Bevus,Tiger,and Stevie 🙁 Tiger and Stevie are alive but they got adopted to my Tia(Aunt) the rest got possibly eaten by coyotes or owls

  8. Dr. Jordan Peterson recommends petting an encountered feline when the opportunity presents itself. Little wonder, it is rejuvenating for you and proves some sense of altruistic value in your capacity to give relief and comfort to another organism that casts no judgement save perhaps the jaggedness of your fingernails. The next time you lot see a pussy, remember to pet it. Give that furry thing a stimulating rub and don't let up until it's purring in ecstasy.

  9. being a first time cat owner, I can say that i am believer in the cat's stress reducing abilities. My little buddy out f nowhere will jump on my lap and purr and purr as he demands affection. It cheers me up on days where I had a crappy day at work or in general.

  10. This is a wondelful experience for everybody, I have 22 cats in my house and every day is a singular experience, but I am a strees free person for more than 20 years because of them, love cats forever

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